What to Wear for A Night in Seminyak Nightlife

Widely famous as an upscale area with sunny beaches, classy boutiques, and surfing beaches, the sophisticated Seminyak is bursting with lively Seminyak nightlife once the sun sets. The streets are alive with robust music and flaring lightings. Bars and pubs begin to fill up by tourists from all around the world wanting to booze up one drink or two.

Don’t be intimated with Seminyak’s classy title, however. Even though many bars, pubs, and restaurants are offering their best performance—such as Sea Vu Play restaurant who’s always displaying dancers in sophisticated costumes—you can just go all casual and still be okay! If you are wondering what’s the norm, here’s the best outfit for enjoying the nightlife in Seminyak.

Sandals/ Flip-Flops/ Casual Shoes

What? Sandals for going to a night party? Don’t get it wrong. Being as laid back, as usual, any kind of sandals is perfectly acceptable in almost all of the bars. Men can just easily slip in their beach sandals or favorite sneakers, where girls can opt for cute fringe sandals or gladiators.  You can ditch your heels at the hotel. Bars are often standing side by side along the popular streets at Seminyak, which may attempt you to go bar-hopping. And who wants to do such adventure with agonizing heels?

Casual Dress / T-shirt/ Polo

In contrast with urban cities, here in Bali Indonesia nightlife, you can be all dressed up and feel out of place. Even at the trendier places, people are mostly wearing their nice t-shirt or polo shirt either for clubbing or a casual drink. For girls, you can experiment with cute backless tops, flirty dresses, tank tops, or just that eclectic ethnic gown you just bought at the town. There are always few numbers of people who actually wear the fancy outfit, but they are a minority. Just keep it simple and don’t go overboard; leave the blink-blink and glitters unless you are going to a specific-themed party.

Denim, and Short Pants

Following the casual attire, you can just go with whatever clean bottoms left on your suitcase to the nicest nightlife Bali in town. While denim can never go wrong, men can always safely choose short chinos or even capris. Girls can just wear casual skirts or short pants, and that’s totally bar-approved.

With its humid temperature and laid-back lifestyle, you can forget the semi-formal style you used to wear for clubbing back home and just go back to the casual basic. You can even go straight from the beach to the nicest bar of Seminyak nightlife and no one will judge you! While in doubt, stick to the rule of thumb: Don’t be too formal and you are good to go.