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Staying in Luxury Villas Bali for Long Term: A Guide

Look for facilities that you want in

If you come to Bali and planning to stay in this tropical island for a month or some, you might not want to choose a hotel for your base. Hotel and resort are not the most economical option for long-time tourists. Renting affordable luxury villas in Bali is the popular options. Some people decided to live a year and two in Bali and renting a home is not just financially make sense, but also give them total freedom to live the life how they like it. Save money and get more in touch with authentic local living by renting a villa. But how you can find villa in Bali and how to avoid being schemed? Here’s a detailed guide to help you settle in a nice home in Bali.

First and foremost, decide on your rental period

It’s important to know that a lot of luxury villas in Bali are only available for year-round rental. This means that the full year’s rent must be paid in advance to the property owner by the beginning of the renting period. If you’re looking for anything for a shorter period of time, do checkout for monthly listing. Think if you want to move location in the middle of the year. Some travellers enjoy moving to different part of Bali during their stay. For example, you might want to spend few first months around Canggu, then move to Ubud, and enjoy some total seclusion in Jimbaran.

Please keep in mind that if you want to rent on a monthly basis, the monthly rental fee will be greater than the yearly rate because the yearly amount will be divided by twelve months.

Take time to search the perfect luxury villas in Bali

Look for facilities that you want in

There are more than 10,000 villas in Bali. Vacation rental in Bali is vast and wide. From luxury oceanfront beach house that looks like million-dollar celebrity houses, shabby chic surf B&B, minimalist villas in the middle or rice paddies, to rustic bamboo villas surrounded by lush rainforest, there will always be something for everyone. So, take your time and look up every listing of luxury villas in Bali with patience. Eventually, you will find the right one for you.

Arrive first before booking your villa

Never book a long-term villa in Bali without viewing it first. You may be tempted to book a villa for a few months online, but resist! It’s best to see a place in person before making a selection if you’re looking for a place to stay for a few months. This way, you can test the internet speed, see how roomy the rooms are, and see if the amenities meet your expectations. The first step before arriving in Bali is to secure temporary lodging (for two or three nights) in the area where you intend to relocate. You can book a room on any website, including Traveloka or When you arrive in Bali, you can begin looking for your ideal future house.

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Look for facilities that you want in

Look for facilities that you want in

Use the advanced filter on many online villa rental providers’ websites to cut down on your search time. If a swimming pool is important to you, type in the keyword swimming pool and only properties with a swimming pool will appear. Use the key words to narrow down your search to only the characteristics that are relevant to you. Don’t try to narrow down your options too much; keep it to the things that you definitely cannot live without.

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Setting up your budget to rent luxury villas in Bali

To save time on your search, use the advanced filter on the websites of several online villa rental providers. If you’re looking for a home with a pool, type in the term swimming pool and only homes with a pool will emerge. Use key words to focus your search on only the aspects that are important to you. Don’t try to limit your choices too much; stick to the items that you absolutely cannot live without.

How To Avoid Solo Travel Hurdles

How To Avoid Solo Travel Hurdles

Travelling on your own without any companion is exciting even though some people find it a bit challenging. There are many benefits you get from travelling solo. And the biggest perk is the freedom you experience. You are free to plan your trip however you want. You are free to visit any place you’d like. And you are also free to spend your budget. However, it is also true that solo travelling is quite challenging in some ways. 

Challenge of solo travelers discrimination

One of the biggest challenges of travelling solo is discrimination. Most of the time, solo travelers face discrimination from the travel industry itself such as hotels, and any other types of accommodations. Most hotels prioritize couples and family when it comes to room booking. 

Challenge of solo travelers discrimination

Solo travelers are also often given less favorable room. Not to mention that they have to pay full for a room meant for couple. Even though there are  few travel agents who have already made slight changes to the system that tend to discriminate solo travelers, it is still far from being accommodating. It is important to be smart and make yourself comfortable during your solo adventure. 

Tips and tricks to solo travel more smoothly

Discrimination against solo travelers cannot be avoided completely for now. However, there are alternatives in which you can soften the blow or avoid the big hurdles. Here are some of the tips and trick you can try for smooth solo travel:

Choose more comfortable time to travel solo

Avoid travelling solo during peak season because it is when people including big families and couples have a vacation as well. The chance is, the hotels will prioritize them than solo travelers because they are more promising for their business. Meanwhile, you can enjoy greater negotiating power if you travel during low season. Hotels tend to be more willing to waive a single supplement for solo travelers. 

Share a room with fellow solo traveler

Share a room with fellow solo traveler

Instead of paying fully for your room, you can instead split the bill with fellow solo traveler you meet and share a room. This is also a great opportunity to make new friend. Even if you just want to share a room without doing any activities together throughout your stay it is okay too as long as you both agree to it. 

Do not hesitate to ask or negotiate

The hotels might not offer special option for solo travelers. However, it won’t hurt to just ask if they can provide an incentive to lower their cost for you. Asking for a waiver doesn’t have to make you feel embarrassed because you are a solo traveler. 

Choose casual dining-outlets

If you don’t want to be bothered by dining alone, choose more casual place. In fact, casual outlets are often visited more by solo patrons. Hence, you won’t be looked down, bothered, or commented by eating alone. You also won’t feel out of place and get to enjoy your meals to the fullest. 

Signs That You’ll Have a Great Time at Nusa Dua Resorts

Signs That You'll Have a Great Time at Nusa Dua Resorts

Do you prefer to spend your time at a resort? Let’s be honest. Resorts cater to all ages, from the young to the elderly, single travelers to families, junior travelers to seniors. Despite the fact that resorts are designed to appeal to all, the reality is that they will not be able to satisfy everyone. So, the next time you visit Bali, would you choose to stay in a beachfront hideaway like the Nusa Dua resorts or would you prefer a more adventurous lodging? Here’s how to know. 

To Avoid Travel Dramas, You’ll Enjoy a Stay at Nusa Dua Resort

If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of travel, Nusa Dua resorts are ideal. We’ve all been there: choosing the wrong guide and being taken to the wrong place, being scammed, getting lost, or eating poorly prepared food. Private beaches, restaurants, pools, and cultural exhibitions are all available at resorts. It’s an all-in-one holiday where you don’t have to go somewhere else if you don’t want to.

You aren’t necessarily daring

You just want to relax on the beach, which the Nusa Dua Resort does.

Not everybody is able to go off the beaten path in search of adventure. Alternatively, you could sleep in a shady hotel in exchange for more money to spend on adventures. While this may sound like a lot of fun for some passengers, it may be a little much for others. You’ll love your time at a resort if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like detailed holiday planning and time spent on the road.

You want your stay to be full of amenities and activities

We just want to do something fun during our vacation to take our minds off the daily grind. Fortunately, the resort is fully prepared for this. At the Nusa Dua resorts, you can participate in a variety of activities such as playing games in the game zone, biking around the neighborhood, or learning to cook an authentic Balinese dish. Alternatively, because you’re in Nusa Dua resorts, you can book some water sports (think banana boats or paragliding), sailing, or golf through the receptionist! In the meantime, you can unwind on the private beach or indulge in some spa treatments. There’s no need to go down the road in search of the ideal masseurs. It’s just a fast call to the receptionist and everything will be handled by the staffs. 

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You just want to relax on the beach, which the Nusa Dua Resorts does

When you’ve had enough of life, sometimes what you want from a vacation is a complete break. Like a vacation where you don’t have to go somewhere else to enjoy yourself. To simply relax and unwind by the pools when reading or sunbathing on the private beach. Although resorts lack spontaneity and a sense of adventure, their absolute simplicity makes them one of the best places to spend a relaxing, blissful vacation.

You Wish to Spend Your Holidays Somewhere Remote

If you prefer to vacation in a remote location, a resort vacation would suit you perfectly. The majority of the resort takes pride in its distance from the city’s hustle and bustle—surrounded by pristine nature and offering excellent private moments. You don’t always go see things to fill a vacation. A peaceful moment in a secluded hideaway can often be enough to recharge one’s exhausted soul.

Will You Get Bored for Staying at Nusa Dua Beach Resort?

Will You Get Bored for Staying at Nusa Dua Beach Resort?

Resorts is not always the primary choice of stay for travelers when they come to Bali. Fear of boredom might be one of the factor why travelers are reluctant to make their stay at an all-inclusive resort. Is that true though? Could a beautiful resort like the Nusa Dua beach resort drives you to boredom?

Yes… If You Spend Any Waking Minutes at the Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Just because everything is readily available at your resort, doesn’t mean you don’t have to leave it. If you are adventurous at heart, listen to what you want and go venture the town! Visit the temples, find Bali’s hidden beaches and other gems, try out the local warungs, and live out your vacation days to the most. See the local sites! Don’t just stay in the resort 24 hours for the rest of your days or you will be eaten alive by the boredom.

The Nusa Dua Beach Resort is Not Inclusive, and That’s Good!

The convenience of an all-inclusive is the very same thing that usually repels adventurous visitors from staying at a resort. An all inclusive resort includes the lodging, three times meals per day, soft drinks and basic alcoholic drinks, gratuities, and other services in the rate. While it can be a super convenience for other, it could come as restraining. For the fear of wasting the money they have spend on the all-inclusive rate, they feel reluctant to go out from the resort and yet feeling confined because they feel like cannot going anywhere. 

However, the Nusa Dua beach resort is not an all inclusive. For people who find an all-inclusive restraining, having the luxuries of a resort while you can still be “free” going out and exploring the island surely feel awesome!

Some of Us Just Want to Sit Back and Relax

Some of Us Just Want to Sit Back and Relax at the Nusa Dua Beach Resort

There’s a reason why resorts is most popular among mature travelers, families, and elder vacationers. It’s not about the money; it’s about the ultimate convenience that the Nusa Dua beach resort offers for a hassle-free holiday. Not all vacationers want to go round and about exploring every nooks and crannies of their destinations. Some holiday-makers just want to spend their hard-earned holidays with doing nothing, relaxing, and enjoying life. Surrounded by simple luxuries and delectable cuisine, holiday at a beach resort really come easy. It won’t be boring at all if your main holiday purpose is to take a moment of pause from the hustles and bustles of busy life. 

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So Many Things at the Resort to Keep You Entertained

Okay. So you feel tired to the bone and going for a day exploration sounds too much for your poor soul. All you want for the holiday is some refreshment but you don’t want to stay at your room all day long. In this beach resort, you don’t have to ride 15km in motorbike to have fun. Right at the resort’s backyard is a private beach where you can go sunbathing, reading, or building sandcastles—anything you like without being disturbed by random beach vendors. The three oceanfront pools are hare for refreshing swim or just a casual chill. The fitness centre helps you to keep yourself fit and stay productive during the holiday. Resort centre and the games zone are teaming up to keep you entertained with pool table, board games, dart boards, and the Nintendo Wii. And when you want a deep relaxation, the resort’s Tea Tree Spa is ready to give you a rejuvenating massage and heal your distressed body and mind. 

So, do you still think that staying in a Nusa Dua beach resort in Bali is boring?

Komodo Trip: Visiting the Ancient World?

Komodo Trip Visiting the Ancient World
Image: Instagram/ @sequoia_yacht

Have you ever think that you can actually travel to the land before time? At this Komodo trip, you can. This is not a trip to movie set or whatsoever, but to actual place in the corner of the earth where the jagged lands is covered with golden savannah meadow and dotted with high palm trees. Everything in these mini archipelago let out prehistoric vibes. And that includes the endemic ancient Komodo dragons that has been roaming these islands since 4 million years ago, well before human arrived. 

From ancient dragons to stone age traditions, here’s how trip to Komodo brings you back to the age before time. 

Komodo Trip: Visiting the Last Dragons in the Lost World

Komodo Trip Visiting the Last Dragons in the Lost World
Image: Instagram/ @sequoia_yacht

Not to exaggerate or anything, but the landscape of Flores itself resembles a set of the Lost World films. Totally separated from the external world, just reachable by the ocean, with scene celebration that is still entirely unadulterated from the hands of current mass turn of events. While the terrain Flores is ruled with rainforests and fog covered mountains, the islets on Komodo National Park are overflowing with undulating savannah slopes and spiked, terminated volcanoes that just blasted out from the blue sea. Exactly when you were astonished by Komodo’s stunning magnificence, you will before long understand that everything was a simple foundation, however brilliantly amazing. See, this is just barely the start of Komodo excursion to the lost world. 

Inside two of the National Park’s greatest islands, the Komodo and Rinca, wanders the greatest dragons on earth. Additionally being the last species to endure. These goliath reptile is a genuine strolling fossils. They are immediate relatives of megalania, a types of goliath screen reptile that used to wander the world on Pleistocene period. The Komodo probably won’t be a dinosaur—as individuals frequently might suspect—however they are similarly as more established. Also, their million years venture proceeds until the current day. 

Komodo Trip outside the Komodo: to the Megalithic Tribes 

Until as of late, Flores was exceptionally difficult to be infiltrated. On account of the rough and troublesome territory, Flores’ indigenous clans could safeguard their antiquated culture with no cutting edge intercession. Two significant standard religion—Catholic and Islam—spread by Bugis moslem sailors and evangelists, however their conviction to genealogical soul are still profoundly rehearsed comparable to the “official” religion. 

Clans from the Age of Stone

Bena Village, Hidden in the Shadow of Mountain
Image: instagram/ @my.travelsinpics

Flores has various antiquated clans who still carefully hold fast to gigantic convictions. The Ngada clans, who live somewhere down in the valley of precipitous Bajawa locale, accepts that the progenitor soul remain on the town square, long after their demises. Your Komodo trip to this district may stun you of how massive customs—that you may just observed on Disneys and motion pictures—are a lot of alive. Female soul are spoken to by the little hovels, while the guys are spoken to on ngadhu stone columns. At whatever point an untimely life fall, the dark blood of wild ox would be spilled to pacify the malevolent soul that cause the passings. 

Bena Village, Hidden in the Shadow of Mountain

Ngada Clans from the Age of Stone
Image: instagram/ @_kuba_sp

The Bena Village, another Flores’ massive clans, sets under the shadow of a volcanic mountain. Residents stay in high covered rooftop houses that sits in two columns—most are enhanced with various bison skulls, an image for abundance and force. The one with most bison skulls are effectively perceived as the most compelling individual on the town. In the town stands a massive entombment site, where the clan interfaces with the heavenly domain and speak with predecessors. 

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Wae Rebo Village in the Cloud Town

Wae Rebo Village in the Cloud Town
Image: instagram/ @servasardo

Disengaged in fog covered top of mountain is the Wae Rebo town, made striking by their huge cone-formed houses. Numerous voyagers make the remote town as the end excursion of their Komodo trip, an ideal spot for last reflection prior to returning to the buzzing about of the world. Was Rebo is the last town to keep up Manggarai’s customary cone shaped houses, that in any case will has for some time been totally wiped out. 

Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to find the old, since quite a while ago failed to remember world with awe-inspiring Komodo trip?

Dragon Island in Komodo: It Ain’t A Dinosaur

Dragon Island in Komodo: It Ain’t A Dinosaur

Upon looking the scaly and monstrous Komodo Dragons in TV or encyclopaedia, one would instantly think of dinosaurs. And as they are declared as the last dragons on earth, once again one mind’s would wander into the possibilities of humanity saving the last dinosaur. Located far in the corner of the world and totally secluded from modern developments, people start imagine the Komodo island as the Lost World, an archipelago that just frozen in time. But what is Komodo, really? And what makes this island seems so mythical? 

Dragons on Komodo Island: Not Daeneries Babies

Dragons on Komodo Island: Not Daeneries Babies

People love to called this ancient giant reptile as dragon. Not that they are related to the mythical creature, albeit being just as majestic, but because of the description made by Alan Cobham, an English aviation pioneer, back in 1962. In his description the pilot were telling “Story of Dragons” where he saw “two on Komodo Island (which) resembled fabled monster slain by St. George”. The saint referred there was an English patron saint that was depicted killing a man-eating dragon. Cobham claimed that the Komodo he saw was similar to the dragon killed by St. George and were apparently “direct descendants of the prehistoric monsters of legend”. 

So now you know why does the resident of Komodo Island were called dragons. Hyperbolic description and mythifying exotic animals might plays huge factor on this. However, now it’s clear that the dragons has nothing in common with the mythical winged lizard. And they are definitely not the babies of Game of Thrones’ Mother of Dragons, Deaneries Targaryen. 

It’s As Dangerous As A Walk to Jurassic Park 

Have you saw the Jurassic Park movies? What was started as scientific experiments and curious expedition ended in tragic disaster, much due to human’s carelessness. Similarly, walking to the Komodo national park, home of the dragon, is just as dangerous as an adventure to the Jurassic Park. It’s safe as long as you followed the protocols and get accompanied by the park ranger. Once you wander off by your own, you are bound to be a delicious snack for the dragons.

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Komodo Island: A Fantasy Meet Reality

Komodo Island: A Fantasy Meet Reality

The dragons is not the only thing that seems like fantasy in Komodo Island. This little archipelago in the tip of Indonesia is dominated with Jurassic-esque landscape; high volcanic island rising from bright azure sea, jagged islands covered with golden savannah grass, and absolutely empty lands from any kind of civilisation. The islands within Komodo National Park truly inspires the land-before-time kind of vibe. 

Why You Would Love the Nusa Dua Family Resorts

Why You Would Love the Nusa Dua Family Resort

What do you want if you are taking holiday to Bali? You want to have a nice retreat; a quiet stay with nice scenery. Preferably a bit secluded from hustle and bustles of the cities—away from everything. And if you have kids tagging along with you, you’ll want a place where your family feel welcomed. This is why you’ll love the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa, a Nusa Dua family resorts where vacation with kids feel as easy as breathing. 

A Nusa Dua Resorts That Knows How to Treat Family 

How often you find a holiday accommodation that actually accommodate your family? Where the kids don’t need to adapt to adult’s world and the adults don’t have to worry about the kids. This Nusa Dua family resorts knows how to keep a family happy. They designed some of the best family room, build the best pool where kids would spend hours swimming, playing, and giggling, cook delicious—and attractive—foods even for picky kids, and they have tons interesting activities in the premise. 

Kids Room with Kids Amenities and Decoration 

Kids Room with Kids Amenities and Decoration

This Nusa Dua family resorts thinks connecting rooms is not enough—and that’s actually a brilliant idea. They translate a family holiday into a connected kids room and adults room; where kids actually have a room for their own. While their parent’s room are a typical modern-designed suite, their room are actually very playful. Blue walls with ocean-themed beds and frisky shelfs decorate the bedroom. Stickers of seals, “Nemo” fish, and algae breathe live to the kids’ bedroom, where they can sit back in their own kids bean bags or play games with the PS4 console. It’s easy to 

They never forget about kids’ needs, and this extend to kids-special amenities. You will expect standard toothbrush sets in small boxes and resort soap-and-shampoo waiting for you in the sink counter, like usual. However, you might be pleasantly surprised to see that the kids have their own toiletries specially catered for them! You will find baby soap and lotions from a big kids brand provided for the little ones. Unless your children have special allergies, all of this kids-special make packing be much easier.

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Delectable Indonesian and Western Delicacies 

Delectable Indonesian and Western Delicacies

It’s hard to be starving at this resort, and this is another reason why you’ll love staying here. Indonesia is famous for their seasoned, flavour-rich cuisine! And this resort know the best way to present these delicacies to unfamiliar tongues. From the safe yet tasty Nasi Goreng to a finger licking good Bebek Betutu (Balinese seasoned duck), everything from the menu is delicious and satisfying. However, you can always resort to western feasts; salmon, fish and chips, pizza, burgers, you choose. 

Huge Plus: Kids Eats for Free 

Have you heard that kids are VIP here in Holiday Inn Bali Benoa? If all the kids-special amenities is not impressive enough, wait until you know that kids eat for free. Yes, this Nusa Dua family resorts offers free meals—from breakfast, lunch, and dinners—for kids under 12 years old. They have special Kids Menu where these little travelers can order anything for free as long as they are accompanied by an eating adult. 

Komodo Liveaboard Journey: Witnessing the Caci Dance

Indonesia as an archipelago is divided into many races and ethnicities. Each one of them has its own culture, and they are all very unique to discover. Flores, as one of the main tourist destinations in the country especially with Komodo liveaboard also offers an amazing traditional culture. One of the most popular is the Caci dance, a unique war dance originated from the Manggarai tribe.

Komodo Liveaboard Journey: Witnessing the Caci Dance

Komodo Liveaboard Cultural Trip

Besides being introduced to many wonders on the seas, Komodo liveaboard also takes you to visit some of the historical and cultural places in Komodo and Flores. So if you are interested in Indonesian rich cultures, there will be even more reasons for you to join the liveaboard trip. Caci dance is one of the most unique local cultures that you can find around Flores. You can find this custom in the West Manggarai district, on the Ruteng for example.

The Caci Dance

Caci is a war dance. The name comes from the word “ca” meaning “one”, and “ci” meaning “test”, so the whole meaning is a one versus one test to prove who is the best. It is performed by two men, wearing white trousers with traditional Manggarai songket complete with knee and shin guards while leaving the torso open. Each one of them is also armed with a whip and a shield, and a helmet made from buffalo hides to attack and defend.

The dance begins when the music starts playing. Each dancer will take turns hitting the others, the whip is used to attack and the shield to block. The dancer has to avoid or block the opponent’s attack to prevent injuries, as they can bleed from the hit of the whip. Only the upper torso and head are allowed to target, the winner is determined when one dancer manages to hit his opponents on the face or head.

Komodo Liveaboard Journey: Witnessing the Caci Dance

Throughout the dance, the music keeps playing while the spectators will yell and support each dancer. The music consists of instruments like gongs and drums, as well as singing from a group of women. Just like sports, the spectators are divided to be the supporters for each dancer.

The origin of this dance came from an old tradition of Manggarai where two men will fight to test their courage and dexterity in a fight. After a while, the fight is getting choreographed and music is added to make it more artistic. This dance is usually performed to celebrate an event, such as harvest season, weddings or any ceremonies.

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See the Dance Yourself!

Lastly, the dance may look like it supports violence, but the truth is they just wanted to show sportsmanship and an honorable clash between two powers. No serious injury ever happened on this dance, and it’s always followed with a feast. Interested to see yourself? You can go to the Flores by yourself or join a Komodo liveaboard.

Enjoying Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard

You can do many things while on the Komodo liveaboard, relaxing on the decks while drinking and enjoying the view would be one of many things that you can enjoy. Other than that, you can actually do yoga to keep you busy before arriving on the island. There’s an open area complete with mats that can be used by anyone who wants to do yoga in their free time. You can also try yoga as soon as you arrive on the island. This activity is called a yoga retreat.

Yoga on Komodo Liveaboard Deck

Enjoying Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard

While doing yoga, it is best to pick a place that gives a quiet and calm area. On the ship deck, while may not be considered quiet, the feeling of ocean breeze and the sound of the yacht moving in the water can create a comfortable and calming atmosphere. This is why yoga is considered a favorite thing to do while on Komodo liveaboard. Relaxing on the bench is good, but yoga can make your whole body feel refreshed afterward.

The Benefit of Yoga

Yoga was originally created as a relaxation method that can cure fatigue and stress. The idea is to clear your body and soul while doing postures on a mat. The postures are some sort of medication that controls your balance and breathing technique to improve your body condition. Yoga is most popular among women who seek a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Retreat

Enjoying Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard

So what exactly is a yoga retreat? It’s actually just doing the same activity, but the yoga is performed while surrounded by nature while traveling to an exotic location. This is usually done while on a trip with other people. A yoga retreat trip by itself can cost around 1500$, but since you are already joining Komodo liveaboard you will get the benefit of yoga in one package.

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While on retreat, you can also learn a lot from the instructors and other travelers on how to do the proper postures or other tips that can benefit your body. Yoga in nature can make every part of your body feel as though they become one with it. Whether it’s on the beach or forest, a yoga retreat can be a whole new experience than normal yoga that you do in your house.  

So, How’s about Yoga in Komodo Liveaboard?

Although yoga is facilitated in Komodo liveaboard, it’s not as advanced as going on an actual yoga retreat trip. But if you just wanted to know how it feels to do yoga aboard the yacht and in the wilderness, it is worth trying next time you intend to go on a journey in Komodo.

Komodo Tours from Labuan Bajo: Why Should You Go?

Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo is slowly gaining popularity for those adventure and thrill-seekers, but the name Flores itself still has not ring a bell for most people. Going on a Labuan Bajo tour is something exhilarating thanks to its remoteness and the mystery of an uncharted territory. But why exactly should you go discover Flores? 

komodo tours from labuan bajo

Reach new exotic remote places with Komodo Tours Labuan Bajo 

Indonesia as a whole is not that well-explored. Especially when you consider that among the thousands of islands, only Bali is disproportionately well-known compared to the other islands, and Java is the most populated. Not many visitors have actually landed in Sumatra or say, Sulawesi. Then there’s Flores, a remote destination that’s located just east of Bali and until now, has deterred mass tourism. 

kalong island flores

Labuan Bajo Komodo tour is a great option to explore the remote destination of Flores. Before booking Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo make sure that you do your research on Flores as a destination first. The area is a remote one and is nothing like Bali or Java, as the most visited islands among the thousands of Indonesian islands. So make sure to prep well, and entrust yourself to professional resorts or cruise, whatever suits your travel style. 

See pre-historic dragons with your own eyes

You’ve heard many times that Komodo is the closest thing you get from a dinosaur. Before you get to the island yourself, this is simply a faraway concept for you. Seeing is believing, they say. And when it comes to the legendary Komodo dragons, you’re really going to have to witness them yourself to feel how it actually feels

What’s really good about it is that the Komodo National Park is entirely protected. So although tourism exist, everything is being kept as pristine as possible. You’ll be able to spot the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat in the wild. So much better than seeing it in some shady zoos. 

tour to komodo

Should you go cruising or staying at a resort? 

A big part of enjoying Flores is getting to enjoy the gorgeous oceans. Diving liveaboard is an excellent choice for those who are serious about their underwater photography. However, it’s worth noting that a cruise may not be for everyone. You’re going to have to take note that you’re going to live in the seas full-time. 

labuan bajo tours

Dive in some of the most renowned diving sites in the world 

The seas of Flores are something straight out of the fairy tales and you’ll find that both rookie and experienced divers alike would have Flores Indonesia included in their bucket list. Want to swim with the fabled manta rays? The majestic creature of the seas will certainly be the highlight of your  trip in Labuan Bajo. 

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A large part of Indonesia is a part of what is known today as The Coral Triangle. It boosts extremely varied, astonishing marine life, and the mantas are not the only sea folks you’re going to encounter. In a sea that only covers 1 percent of the earth’s surface, over 70 percent of marine species known to mankind exist in the area. This is thanks to the fact that the oceans in Indonesia is rich with the nutrients needed for these creatures to live.