Staying in Luxury Villas Bali for Long Term: A Guide

Look for facilities that you want in

If you come to Bali and planning to stay in this tropical island for a month or some, you might not want to choose a hotel for your base. Hotel and resort are not the most economical option for long-time tourists. Renting affordable luxury villas in Bali is the popular options. Some people decided to live a year and two in Bali and renting a home is not just financially make sense, but also give them total freedom to live the life how they like it. Save money and get more in touch with authentic local living by renting a villa. But how you can find villa in Bali and how to avoid being schemed? Here’s a detailed guide to help you settle in a nice home in Bali.

First and foremost, decide on your rental period

It’s important to know that a lot of luxury villas in Bali are only available for year-round rental. This means that the full year’s rent must be paid in advance to the property owner by the beginning of the renting period. If you’re looking for anything for a shorter period of time, do checkout for monthly listing. Think if you want to move location in the middle of the year. Some travellers enjoy moving to different part of Bali during their stay. For example, you might want to spend few first months around Canggu, then move to Ubud, and enjoy some total seclusion in Jimbaran.

Please keep in mind that if you want to rent on a monthly basis, the monthly rental fee will be greater than the yearly rate because the yearly amount will be divided by twelve months.

Take time to search the perfect luxury villas in Bali

Look for facilities that you want in

There are more than 10,000 villas in Bali. Vacation rental in Bali is vast and wide. From luxury oceanfront beach house that looks like million-dollar celebrity houses, shabby chic surf B&B, minimalist villas in the middle or rice paddies, to rustic bamboo villas surrounded by lush rainforest, there will always be something for everyone. So, take your time and look up every listing of luxury villas in Bali with patience. Eventually, you will find the right one for you.

Arrive first before booking your villa

Never book a long-term villa in Bali without viewing it first. You may be tempted to book a villa for a few months online, but resist! It’s best to see a place in person before making a selection if you’re looking for a place to stay for a few months. This way, you can test the internet speed, see how roomy the rooms are, and see if the amenities meet your expectations. The first step before arriving in Bali is to secure temporary lodging (for two or three nights) in the area where you intend to relocate. You can book a room on any website, including Traveloka or When you arrive in Bali, you can begin looking for your ideal future house.

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Look for facilities that you want in

Look for facilities that you want in

Use the advanced filter on many online villa rental providers’ websites to cut down on your search time. If a swimming pool is important to you, type in the keyword swimming pool and only properties with a swimming pool will appear. Use the key words to narrow down your search to only the characteristics that are relevant to you. Don’t try to narrow down your options too much; keep it to the things that you definitely cannot live without.

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Setting up your budget to rent luxury villas in Bali

To save time on your search, use the advanced filter on the websites of several online villa rental providers. If you’re looking for a home with a pool, type in the term swimming pool and only homes with a pool will emerge. Use key words to focus your search on only the aspects that are important to you. Don’t try to limit your choices too much; stick to the items that you absolutely cannot live without.