Productive Collaboration Efforts During Remote Work

The situation with global pandemic has brought a shift in the way we work to run business. It is not an easy change especially when telecommuting has been implemented yet in the way you run your business. However, those who can survive and thrive during the crisis is those who pivot. Being able to adapt with the situation given is a must. Therefore, it is not impossible to still have creative, innovative, and productive collaboration with your team even when working remotely. 

Remote working and productive collaboration

While working in the office, ideas are often bouncing around. However, different setting can make different way in thinking. Sometimes, being at home makes your brain feel uninspired. It is possible to not being able to think creatively. However, collaborative efforts are possible and can be essential factor to achieve your business goal even during remote work. Working together while working remotely can be a successful effort. 

With how the work environment has changed, it is also important that you make some changes to the structure of your team. Old way might not be inapplicable anymore with the new setting hence the change. You need to build a team consisting of different people with different strengths or skills. You need your team to be agile during this tough time. You don’t have to build a team consisted of too many people seven to eight members are enough as long as they are self-organizing, autonomous, and dedicated. By rebuilding the structure, you will have more agile team which is more reliable in creating productive results with their diverse strength and discipline which encourage more creativity.

Remote Work

You and your team don’t have to sit in the Zoom meetings to brainstorm. Sometimes, ideas come when your brain is the most relaxed. Formal meeting often block your brain to think creatively. Therefore, it is good if you can arrange more casual meeting with your team members. Also, make sure to encourage yourself and your team members to take a walk, hike, run, or do their exercise outdoor. It can help them fish for brilliant ideas especially when their body is moving but their brain is relaxing. You can also arrange a walk-meeting when you and your team members discuss ideas while doing your own outdoor activities. Different setting can generate more diverse ideas.

Before having a Zoom meeting as usual, it is recommended to have a meditation session with your team members. You can do it for 10 minutes. You and your team members can use guided meditation app if you any of you don’t know how to do it properly. It can be calming and relaxing. Hence, you can start your meeting with more relaxed mind and happy mood. All the stress you have before the meeting can be removed through meditation. Do not underestimate the power of 10-minutes meditation. Collaboration and distance sound unfit. With distance, collaboration seems harder to do. However, you can try the tips above to make it happens successfully

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Bali Tattoo Studio: Tattoo Deposits, Drawing Fees & Rescheduling Appointment

Your Bali tattoo studio will charge a deposit – those who charge a fee once you showed up for your first inking appointment is an exception rather than a norm. And the best tattoo places in Bali obviously does this too. So expect a tattoo deposit charge once you’ve sealed the deal with your Bali tattoo artists or studio. 

studio tattoo bali

Why do your Bali tattoo studio charge tattoo deposit?

There’s a whole process of drafting, drawing, finding references, refining sketches, and an entire workload that goes into the process of tattooing whether it’s tattoo Bali or at any other tattoo destination, even at home. Tattoo artists are not paid by the hour. That awesome-looking finished tattoo piece did not come out of the blue. There’s no way your tattoo artist started drawing on your skin without prior sketches. So remember, that tattoo deposit charged by your Bali tattoo studio is for something. 

Remember that tattoo deposits protect the tattoo artist. You’re putting that money down for a piece of art with a good faith that you’d show up. 

My tattoo artist didn’t even show me any sketches! Should I ask for a refund?

You want to see some sketches? Ask. You may think that artists giving you progress shots or sketches is a common practice, but sadly it’s not. Unless of course,  you told them beforehand that you’d like to see one. 

professional bali tattoo artist

Some of the best tattoo artist Bali that we know stress the fact that they do not accept refunds. While you might expect there is a written statement about it, don’t count on it. If an artist or a studio has a website, then make sure that you read their website carefully. Inquire first on what is their deposit policy. Really, headaches could be avoided if you’d just ask them to make everything is clear first before you make any real and put your money down. 

bali tattoo studio

Consider rescheduling instead of cancelling tattoo appointment 

Most Bali tattoo studio are completely okay with rescheduling. That is of course, given that you adhere to their policy of reschedule. Here are some of the most common practices that you can find of tattoo artists everywhere: 

Studio tattoo in Bali: Rescheduling time period 

Tattoo rescheduling should be done maximum within a specified amount of time. Many Bali tattoo artists and Bali tattoo studio require you to give them a notice of maximum 72 hours period before your time of appointment. You won’t lose your money and will still be able to get your tattoo if you reschedule during the specified amount of time. If you want to get the best tattoo in Bali then make sure that you plan out your tattoo session well with your holiday so that you won’t have to bear the stress of rescheduling or canceling in the first place. 

Also read:

You can’t reschedule several times 

tattoo deposits bali

It’s rare that a Bali tattoo studio would accept it if you give you a chance for a second rescheduling if you happen to have to cancel your initial appointment twice. Some tattoo studios may specify how many times you can reschedule, but they’re exceptions rather than a norm. If you’re really unsure about whether you’ll be able to get inked in Bali tattoo studio, it’s best that you don’t make an appointment in the first place rather than risk losing money and getting frustrated over not getting your tattoo deposit back. 

Relieve Your Stress With The Lightweight Backpacking Hammock

Each problems have their own levels. For some issues, you may can solve them faster. There won’t be much times to spend on them so you can focusing on doing something else. But for the others, the problems may need more times and even money that will lead you to get more stresses and maybe anxiety. Later, what you are thinking can be your own burdens that you take anywhere before they are being solved.

So, how those stresses and anxiety can even relate to the lightweight backpacking hammock? Furthermore, I was even write that they can be relieved?!

In answering the both questions, I am going to guide you first to the benefits of the travelling. I won’t talk too much about the trip advantages but the simple ones. Travel can change the way you are thinking and sharpening your mind!

Camping using the lightweight backpacking hammock at the forest can relieve your stress

I think that both benefits are experienced by most of us. Have you ever stopped jogging in the morning for awhile and then later you were deciding to start doing it again? While you were jogging, sometimes you will get the new point of view without thinking too much. Even you will get the idea (suddenly) of how to solve your problems?

The idea that you have never thought about before!

When you are exercising, you are getting rid of your body’s toxic. You will see the scenery that you have not seen for long, meet the new faces, and stuffs. Magically, those things you are see, hear and feel will contribute in unimaginable way to stimulates our brain to see the thing in different way. More exactly, we are seeing things positively—at least, you may say to yourself that “I am blessed.”

Those activities that are possible to be adopted and will really suits us with the use of the lightweight backpacking hammock.

For example, the lightweight backpacking hammock can’t be separated with the camping activity, at least until today. I am sure that many of us are encouraged to find the best spot for camping and experience all the surround.

You are possible to walk to the camping ground where you can sweat a lot. You are actually exercising with the lighter gears in your backpack including the hammock. And when you have reached the spot, setting up the hammock, you can give yourself a bit of rest for minutes.

The interesting thing about backpacking with the lightweight hammock camping is not only about getting out the toxic from your body through the sweat, but also can help you to sleep in highly comfort and a chance for a deeper sleep.

Science told us that the deep sleep is a mysterious state whom many or even most of us are experiencing it several times every night. Yes, sometimes you can get a deeper sleep more than once.

Benefits for us are we could restore our energy while doing nothing, will help our cell regeneration, strengthening the immune system and many more. In short, if you were into the deeper sleep a night before, you’ll wake up refreshingly.

Another mysterious thing related to the lightweight hammock is; it will helps us to sleep faster than before even if you have insomnia.

You can use the lightweight hammock both at the outdoor or inside your hammock and you will still get the same change to make your body and mind even better. That’s how you will also experience that your stress, anxiety and the others that bothering your mind will be relieved.

Therefore, get your own lightweight backpacking hammock right now!

New Dimension of Relaxation With the Parachute Hammock

We are tiring everyday because of sitting hours at the office from the morning to the afternoon, not to mention if we are also working overtime regularly in a week. Later, some of us are also experiencing the back pain because of that. You are the one who really know how many times you are exercising in a week. If you are also even never spend your time for that, then you will need more times for stretching and relaxing your body. You can buy the expensive electric massage chair for that, but there is actually another fun, interesting, and affordable way to get better. It is to use the parachute hammock.

Parachute hammock for the new dimension of relaxation

For many people, the parachute hammock is usually being used while travelling or camping. It is the lightweight gear with only around 500 g in its weight or less. The hanging gear that allowing the travellers or campers to sleep up on the air wherever spots they are in love with.

If you aren’t really the one that is travelling occasionally, you can still get the parachute hammock to help your health condition. You can’t only used it at the outdoors but you are 100% possible to uses it inside your house. Be it the bedroom or living room. As long as you can set it up, nothing can stop you for using it.

An American Chiropractic Association (ACA) had been republished what the United State Bone and Joint Initiative (2018) found which was “back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year—that’s two work days for every full-time worker in the country.”

That is a massive work hours lost that you may just realised and surely will affect the productivity of the offices or companies. Today, another statistic is telling us that the low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Not to mention that 80% of adults are estimated to experience the back injury in their lifetime. What the facts! But those what they were saying and more related scientific discoveries that will blowing our mind.

You and me are possible to experience the back pain for various level of injury. And if you are the office employee like me, it is time to considering what next to do about this. The first option comes to my mind is the usage of the parachute hammock.

With only around $60 or even less, we can then use the parachute hammock as the healing tool rather than as the camping tool knowing that as the office employee, we haven’t much times for travelling.

If you are the one that always using the desktop or laptop at the house for working, you can always possible to make the parachute hammock as the main alternative to your chair. You can also think about using it as your own bed for some times since it will really great for your body. And sleeping in a hammock is actually the first and the only thing you can do to start your healing and recovering.

Nothing else to do but laying down and start closing your eyes inside the hammock. You are only need to find where to set it up and then find your best position in it. Then, healing will automatic started right after you are laying your head down.

Parachute hammock has been proven to help people with insomnia and back pain. If you are wondering around about how could people will get a better sleep in a curvy-shaped position, you will be surprised when you try it for yourself.

I realised that there’s still less of the researches about the parachute hammock how it magically can slowly heal and then get rid off the insomnia, back pains, etc. But even the experts have been using it for awhile and recommending it to the others. From the baby, adults to the older people are welcome in using it.

Either you will have to enjoy the free time and experience the relaxation while reading the favorite book or for health purpose, you can get both of the benefits while sleeping or resting inside the parachute hammock.

Pretty much affordable and fun way to relax your body after work. You can also using it for years so you will keep on relaxing for many times.

It doesn’t matter what you are working or what the types of work you are getting, if you are tiring for many times, try to heal yourself without medicines first. You may get healthy as soon as possible and you can always feels the same for some times. That’s what the parachute hammock is possible to do for you. The new dimension of relaxation and getting healthier every single day.

Who To Contact For Taking Your Wedding Photos In Bali?

Who doesn’t want to get marry in Bali? I know that there are many of the other beautiful and exotic countries and cities in this world for undergoing the happily wedding, but I am sure that Bali is also as the one that are dreamed by some people. At that wonderful moment, it is a common thing that the couple will find their own wedding photographers to capture all the beautiful moments. If you still wondering around about the photographers, I’ll tell you who you can contact for that special moment.

When thinking about the great images with unique concept, you will then do some online researches about the photographers that you will hired. You will scrolling down and clicking on some sites to see their portfolios. That’s a good start to find the one you need. But you can also doing it in different way. You can’t only searching for your Bali wedding photoshoot’s photographer, but you need to find the photography studio for that.

Find the Bali wedding photoshoot in a photography studio

Not many of the photographers are getting their own studio, but surely that the ones who are working in a studio will be the great photographer without any doubt. Experiences are all that I am talking about. I am not saying that they who don’t work in a studio is not the professional ones. Nope! But, they who are working indoor and outdoor for taking the pictures will be the photographers that I want to hire. I think that you have got it, right?

Finding the studio photography in Bali is also easy. You can find them through the search engines or from social medias. The professional one will be great in their social media portfolios and many times displayed uniquely.

Even, such the other cities in the world, there are also many of the Bali wedding photoshoot that the photographers are only focusing on that industry niche. It’s hard to see their other photograph concepts but a bunch of the wedding ceremonials, clothes and cultures and more.

For the photography studio itself that you can visit to talk about your Bali wedding photoshoot, I would like to introduce you about the Le Studio, managed by Kesato & Co. Located at Seminyak (Jl, Plawa) the studio is really easy to find.

It is the photography studio that the photographers have been experienced in many fields, industries and cross-country and you are also able to hired them for your wedding photo shoot in Bali. Simply get in touch with the team by e-mail at or directly visit the site.

What you can get for using the services for your wedding photoshoot? Since the studio is also offering the various services such as photography editing and even for the video production, you can also use both of services for more better memorable event. Get a package and simply negotiating or asking the studio operator to send you the proposal. You have came to the right place to find the photographers.

Be aware that Bali is also full of the amateur photographers that are also offering some photograpy services in professional ways such as building the site for the business, making a great online portfolios so the couples will hired them and many more. In fact, the results are sometimes not as you have imagined before. The worst cases are, you will never get your money back and no images at all. You are scammed.

Bali is a place for everyone and each year is visited by many foreigners. You will also need to compete with the Chinese photographers, they are so many in Bali and most of the time their photoshoot services including for wedding occasion is so cheap than the others. That’s pretty much a worst news for the other photographers in the same business.

But let’s forget about it. I know that you are smart for finding your own photographer. And I believe that the studio is one of the trustworthy place to find the professional photographers for your wedding.

Best Bars Bali To Get Experience Beyond Your Imagination

The bar is common as a place to enjoy the bar, hang out with friends or have fun unwind. Wherever you go, you can enjoy the bar with a different atmosphere. Bali bar is popular among world travelers. The atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed and beer at cheap prices you can get easily.

Bar in Bali is not only visited during the weekend but also crowded during the weekday. You can get a beer with promo buy 1 get 1 at some bars in Seminyak. Enjoying the atmosphere of Seminyak bars can be a pleasure for some people. The atmosphere of Seminyak at night is very different from you look at during the day. Little tips on enjoying the sunset or spending the night at best bars Bali.

Enjoy Nightlife and Bali Bar To Get Experience Beyond Your Imagination


Woobar is not just described with the word Wow. You will be amazed to visit one of Bali’s best bars. The best service and employee friendliness are one of the reasons why Woobar is popular and many tourists visit.

Unlike some other places, Woobar does not set a minimum charge rate. It is a cozy, luxurious and finest place to enjoy the sunset. When the sun is no longer visible, you can enjoy nightlife and dance here.

BLU Restaurant Bar & Lounge

Stunning scenery around the Blu restaurant you can enjoy as much. International or Asian faith is available to satisfy your tongue. Being on the rooftop allows your eyes to see all directions and see the beauty of the night in Bali. This can be one of the recommendations to spend the night or just relax.

Sea Vu Play

Enjoying a night in Bali is incomplete if you have not visited Sea Vu Play. The bar brings a different feel from other bars in Bali. Toward night you can enjoy nightlife and dancing. Evening dishes and bartenders are ready to pamper you. Sea u play is part of Hu’u Villas group where you can make reservations to get a temporary residence while on vacation. Sea Vu Play as one of best bars Bali offering all the luxury, pleasure and sense of relaxation while spending your excellent night.

Whatever your destination to Bali, whether for business or on vacation, visiting Bali bar is a must. Enjoying the night, relaxing in Bali is a precious momentum and makes you want to enjoy it again after your vacation.

How To Cut Your Budget Vacation In Bali?

The island of Bali is a favorite tourist destination of the entire world. You can do various indoor or outdoor activities. Taking a vacation means knowing how much the budget should be spent. Diving, surfing, sea walker, banana boat, and various other water activities interesting to do. Other tourist destinations that have their own uniqueness and history such as Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple, Monkey Forest – Ubud, and many others.

Flights from or to Bali can be expensive, especially for those of you who want to vacation with a limited budget. You have to think about how much the budget for accommodation, transportation and more, How to vacation fun by visiting wherever the tourist destinations in order to maximize the holiday?

Promo Tickets, A Way To Bali

If you are accustomed to traveling backpacker style, you definitely know how to find cheap travel tickets. Some events organized by reputable airlines for those of you who like traveling hobby, Air Asia, Garuda Indonesia, Jet Start, Singapore Airlines, and many more. Air Asia sometimes gives free ticket promos, certainly not really free. You still have to pay taxes and more, but at least you can get a cheap ticket price than usual.

Garuda Indonesia Fair is held every 1 year 2x, July and October. You can use this opportunity to plan your trip and look for cheap tickets for Garuda. Garuda Indonesia is the best airline recommended for local or international businessmen.

Cheap Transportation

Please note that Bali does not have adequate public transport. The transportation you can use while in Bali is to rent a car or motorbike. The consideration is whether you are on vacation alone or with family. If you are on vacation with 2-4 people without children, a motor can be the right solution. When you take a vacation with children, then you have to rent a car for convenience and security.

Find Cheap Destination

The tourist destination is not as expensive as you think. Double six beach, you only pay money for motorcycle parking, or cheap car parking money to enjoy the best sunset in Seminyak area. You are free to enjoy and sit wherever you are, without any interruption as it happens outside Bali. Some tourist attractions such as Pura Besakih, Uluwatu Temple are also cheap and popular destinations you should visit.

To pay a visit to Garuda Wisnu Kencana, you have to pay a little bit more but balance what you see. Kecak dance and colossal drama of Balinese history can be seen for free. You just need to adjust the show schedule. No need to worry because they started their show once an hour

Delicious and Cheap Foods

Local Bali food is popular among tourists, especially Chicken Betutu and suckling pig. The typical Balinese food is rich in a reef and a little spicy but this is the main attraction for tourists. Many restaurants, bars, and desserts flourish in Bali. Some of the things you should try are Gelato. You pay very cheaply for 2 scoop ice cream. 

Bali Beyond the Bars and Beaches: Guide to Live Like the Locals

Some of you like a regal holiday, some of you love to get pampered in luxurious relaxation. That’s fine, you have waited for a while for this tropical gateway, anyway. It’s your holiday, and it’s time to pay all your handwork off. Bali can cater every type of holiday, even for the most splendid vacation. However, if you are staying for more than two weeks and your holiday only consists of beaches, shops, and parties, you are missing something.

Maybe this is time to explore the true Bali beyond the fancy restaurants. Bali is very rich in traditions, and this exotic island hides so many beautiful gems waiting to be found. That, only if you are willing to go further than the comfort of your bed and start walking off the tourist hub spots. Maybe, this is the time to start learning how to live like a local, and you’ll go back richer than before, with more than gorgeous photos and souvenirs to carry home.

Strip your touristy destination, walk deeper into the heart of Bali with these following tips:

Travel with Motorbikes

Forget your car. Though it’s air-conditioned and shields you from the dust and rain, Bali’s small and ingested roads clearly call for motorbikes. Renting a motorbike a.k.a scooter is far cheaper and more effective than a car, especially if you want to go off the beaten path. Everyone is using motorbike here, and you can actually learn few riding tricks from the locals you meet on the road. If you can’t ride one, catch a ride of motorbike taxis.

Wear Kebaya Bali or the Sarong

Your beachwear may be cool, but you need to try this Balinese traditional clothes to take a taste of the locals. They are vibrant and colorful, and the sarongs are adorned with high-skilled, elegant embroidery. The female Kebaya is just too gorgeous to resist—made from lace and hug your body tightly, almost as if it’s made to worship your silhouette. The Balinese, however, don’t wear them just for show. It’s very important for their religious ceremonies and special events.

Visit A Temple with Ceremony

Sure, you may watch Balinese dance and music performance in cultural arts at the beach town. However, there’s a huge difference between watching staged performance with the actual one,  when the entire performance is real and meaningful to the religious attendee. All the strong, spiritual vibes will surely leave astonished and speechless. Take nots that since it’s a real ceremony, people might feel quite uncomfortable with flash and snapping pictures in the middle of the event, so make sure to pay your respect.

Eat the Local Cuisine

Finally. What is a journey into a culture without tasting their local food? To get the authentic experience of being Balinese, you need to eat what the locals do. Come into warungs (street food stall) or local restaurant, and find joy in Balinese tasty satay, suckling pig, chicken betutu, or mixed rice.

Some say you’ve never completed your trip to Indonesia without having the infamous Nasi Goreng (fried rice), so make sure to order a plate of it. You’ve done your cuisine fiesta and bar hopping, and now it’s time to experience the comfort foods local people enjoy. Pro tip: the best local food warungs usually have a long line of people waiting to be served.

Sure, there’s a more fascinating cultural experience you’ll get once you get take a peek at the life of the locals. If you are willing to go further, try making a daily offering with your local friends, take a walk between the rice paddies, learn to mix Balinese herbs, or cooking the local cuisine. At the end of the trip, you’ll feel a deeper connection to the beautiful island beyond its bars and beaches.

What Distinguishes Nightlife Bali With Other Countries?

Tourist destination cannot be separated with nightlife. We call it Bali, Thailand, Philippine, and many other destinations. Maybe some people wonder what differentiates nightlife from each other? Essentially they dance, enjoy an aperitif, and have fun all night.

Bali, an exotic island rich in culture provides a nightlife experience that is different from other destinations. When compared with Thailand, then this is the place for you to go to nightlife. Nightclub rows you can visit along the way. Seminyak is the center of Bali nightlife and has for years. Until now, you can easily find Seminyak nightlife.

Enjoy Nightlife and Amazing View of The Culture of Balinese

The development of Nightlife Bali is in Legian and Kuta. But if you want to visit the nightclub, bars are currently happening then you have to stop by to Seminyak. Some other areas with nightclub happening are Jimbaran and Sanur. Most nightlife in Bali features international DJs with big names.

Each Seminyak nightlife has a different theme. You can enjoy the evening with a different atmosphere in every place. What is Bali’s best nightlife? All is best, depending on what you are looking for and want.

If you are looking for nightlife in Seminyak to have fun with affordable food and drinks, then you can visit Sky Garden. If you want to enjoy the night in a luxurious and expensive place, you can visit La Favela. La Favela is not just a place to drink but a great place for you to enjoy yours after dark.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife Bali, the satisfaction of enjoying the night, the satisfaction of drinking alcohol, then is the right you visit Bali. In the morning you can enjoy the sunrise in Sanur area, and enjoy the sunset in Seminyak area. After enjoying the night by dancing and having fun, you can enjoy the serenity by going to Ubud area.

This is what distinguishes why between the nightlife Bali with other tourist destinations., in other countries Visiting Bali means you are offered a variety of conveniences and fun from nightlife, scenery, stunning beaches, to other luxuries. Bali Indonesia Nightlife is best for you to enjoy and spend the night with friends or dear ones.

Common Beginner Mistakes Did While Doing Scuba Diving Bali

This is the day when you are finally going to do your first scuba diving Bali. You have researched the best diving sites, you have watched a lot of youtube videos about Bali scuba diving, and you are building expectation at what you are going to see during your first dive. However, being a beginner as it is, everything will feel new to you, and it’ll easy to slip into one of these beginner mistakes. So read on, and do your best to avoid that.

Depend Too Much to Your Guide

Yes, your instructor is here to guide you. They will help you assemble your gear and suits, checking whether the currents are suitable for your level or not, checking the depth limits, and many other things for you. Though it’s good for beginners who know nearly nothing about diving and all of its complicity, don’t let this professionalism babysits you. Instead, watch what they are doing closely, and try to understand the reasons that lie behind it. This way, you can try it on your own when the next opportunity comes.

Investing in the Gears Too Soon

Yes, doing scuba diving in Bali can feel very exciting. So exciting that you might be tempted to browse the diving equipment and make purchases. After all, it will be so cool to wear your own, personalized gear! And who knows, the diving set at the diving center can be old and unreliable.

Wrong. You will be surprised that your diving center keeps very decent diving gears and diving suits for all sizes. Furthermore, the novice is prone to make an uninformed decision. Only after having enough diving experience, you’ll eventually know what you really need. Invest in good gears that will be very personal to you, but let experience enlighten you first.

Holding Breath During Scuba Diving Bali

During your first few dives, it will be easy to feel overwhelmed by the magical nature underwater. Upland, you are used to gasps and holding breath when you were totally amazed by something. You might be automatically holding your breath too when you are shocked and get panicked. This habit, however, is fatally dangerous while you are deep under the water. Remember your lesson to always keep breathing. And do always, always check your air consumption.

Not Listening to the Diving Brief

As petty as it may seem, failure to pay attention during diving brief is a very common mistake of beginners. This can result in ignorance towards diving plans, which is dangerous. Always pay attention at every detailed plan of your scuba diving Bali plan as explained by your instructors, such as time and depth of the dive, diving risks, sightseeing expectation, air supply planning, and many other things.

Have a good dive!