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Tips For Managing Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Having exposure on online platforms can be beneficial to your brand in many ways. The more exposure you get, the higher the chance for your brand to be recognized by more people. Being talked about by millions of people is something to be excited about when you are trying to make your brand more known. However, it is also important that what the online community say about you are something nice. Managing online reputation of your brand can be overwhelming but you can do it with the right steps. 

Tips For Managing Your Brand's Online Reputation

Ways to manage your brand’s online reputation

  • Monitor your footprint on social media platforms. It is suggested that you perform searches in your brand name, product, or services on social media platform regularly. Hence, you get the idea what people are talking about the most. You will also be able to respond accordingly by knowing what it happening around your brand. 
  • Give fast response to an issue you find online about your brand. When you build a social media presence, people expect you to be easier to reach out. They expect for fast response from you. Even if you cannot deliver solution as fast they expected to, at least acknowledge their issues. This is a way to cultivate healthy, long lasting relationships with your online community. 
  • Ask for reviews from the people who have made a purchase of your product or service. Ask them politely if they can leave reviews on Google or Yelp and share their experience there with others. Encourage them to give honest reviews and express their views. You can drive more people to leave reviews by offering giveaway or creating a competition. 
  • Build strong advocates to grow your online presence bigger. Give your audience a reason to follow and engage more with your brand. Encourage them to share your content they like withe others. 
  • Be authentic and transparent when managing your brand’s online reputation. Only then you can build a strong online presence that is based on trust. Keep in mind that your online footprint is traceable and you will get exposed easily if you are trying to cheat your way. Practice honest communication and be responsible of any of your action. 
  • Get to know your audience better so you know how to manage your brand’s online reputation better. You know what your audience really wants and needs so you can deliver the right content, an cultivate the  relationship better.

The significance of online reputation

The majority of consumers do a research before deciding to make a purchase from a brand. They look up the reviews from previous buyers, research the brand in general, as well as looking into the brand’s reputation online. Therefore, what people are saying about your brand online does matter. Consumers today are getting smarter and savvy. They value the opinions of other customers than what the brand says itself. They are more willing to pay more for a service from a brand with higher ratings and reviews. Hence, you need to take your brand’s online reputation more seriously.

Applying Green Architecture Towards Sustainable Building

Global warming has become an environmental problem that has existed since the late 19th century. In the world of architecture, the sick building syndrome phenomenon appears. This means that health problems and discomfort due to air quality and air pollution in occupied buildings affect the productivity of occupants. With poor air ventilation and lack of natural lighting, 30% of the world’s buildings experience indoor air quality problems. The concept of green architecture & sustainable building is an architectural planning approach that seeks to minimize the various negative impacts that arise from a residence.

Green & Sustainable building implementation

‘Green’ is a building that is in harmony with the environment in which it stands, can be sustainable, environmentally friendly, and uses recycled or ecological materials. Green architecture can also be applied to reduce energy use, for example, buildings that have many openings so as to minimize the use of lights. This concept also requires that the building can have a positive impact on the environment and nature.

Buildings that are built must maximize existing natural resources and not use excessive amounts of building materials. The application of green architecture and the green building itself is usually associated with efforts to implement sustainable architecture. Sustainable Architecture is a concept that supports environmental sustainability, by maintaining natural resources to last longer. 

Sustainable is more as a way to influence everything to know that the first thing to consider in designing is environmental and global. Benefits of implementing green architecture to achieve sustainable building:

Energy use efficiency

  • Utilize sunlight to reduce the use of electrical energy.
  • use natural ventilation instead of artificial air conditioning
  • Using ventilation and openings, cross-ventilation and other innovative means
  • The concept of efficient use of energy such as natural lighting and ventilation is a specific concept for tropical climates
  • Land use efficiency

Use land efficiently, compactly, and integrated.

The green potential of plants can be maximized with various innovations, such as rooftop gardens, Hanging gardens, hedges, or areas around buildings that can be filled with plants.

Open design with spaces that open to the garden

Use of new technology and materials

  • utilize the potential of renewable energy such as wind energy, sunlight, and water to produce electrical energy
  • utilizing new materials through new discoveries that are globally

How To Know If Your Customers Are Not Good For Your Business

There is a saying that goes ‘ customers are kings’ or ‘customers are always right’. How true are those sayings? Those kind of statements have been used in business industry for so long with the purpose to make excellent customer service. It is true that attracting prospective customers to become our loyal customers is not that easy. Hence, many businesses tend to do everything to make their customers stay. However, there are times when you should know when to let go of unworthy customers. And here are ways you know if the customers are not good for your business:

How To Know If Your Customers Are Not Good For Your Business

Customers who are abusive and unpleasant to work with

Working with customers or client is not always a smooth thing. Clash here and there is normal but make sure to know when to draw a line. In customer service, it is pretty common for customers to be aggressive and abusive to the staff. And this is not something you should normalize. In fact, let go of these types of customers because abusing your staffs is a no line. Your business needs more loyalty employees than high-maintenance or abusive customers even though they are paying well. 

Customers are being reasonable

Every customer may have different issues and concern regarding to your brand. It is aso pretty common for customers to be impatient. However, there are also customers who want instant results and expect everything to be done now without any consideration whatsoever. It may be understandable if a customer being like this once. However, you should not hold onto customers who keep being reasonable and disregarding you, your employees, or other customers. You can politely tell them you no longer able to cope with their needs.

Customers keep interfering your work

Working with a client is something you are excited about. It is also normal for you to want your customers in the loop so they can give their suggestions. However, it is being too much when customers you’re working with keep interfering your work by micromanaging you. Micromanagement is expensive and if your customers keep interfering you so you do thing their ways, it will end in frustration. Not to mention that the customers will never feel satisfied with anything you would’ve done. Hence, you’d better let these types of customer go for good. 

Customers putting a threat on you

It is also pretty common in business industry especially in customer service department to receive threats from customers who are saying they are going to take their business elsewhere. This is actually kind of tactic for you to compel to their demand. They are being insistent and saying others can do a better job than you. When you find this kind of customer, it is better to let them go. If you are in the right, do not hesitate to stand up for yourself. When customers being unreasonable with their demand along with delivering various threats, they are no longer customers but bullies. Hence, there’s no need to keep them.

Komodo Diving Season, Meet The Sunfish & Manta in Komodo National Park

The feared Komodo Dragons live on Komodo Island, which is well-known. These massive lizards are the world’s largest and were known to live on the island long before humans arrived. It’s also worth noting that the Komodo Dragon is named after the island of Komodo, rather than vice versa. The island is well-known for its diving spots, in addition to being the home of the Komodo Dragons. All year, the waters are known for their excellent diving conditions. The Komodo diving season is an excellent time to see Manta Rays and Sunfish, which like to swim in the crystal clear waters.

Komodo Diving Season, Meet The Sunfish & Manta in Komodo National Park

Komodo diving season – Manta Ray season

Manta Rays can be seen in Komodo during the Manta Season, which runs from December to February. The water temperature in the South is lower than in the North at this time of year. The plankton bloom is also in full swing, attracting the majestic Manta Rays to feed on them.

Divers can observe the Mantas feeding on the tiny planktons and even swim alongside them to appreciate how beautiful and gentle they are. Divers should exercise caution because the water will have strong currents that are better suited to experienced divers.

Komodo diving has two distinct dive areas: North Komodo and South Komodo. Even though they are geographically close, these areas are frequently worlds apart in terms of conditions.

Scuba diving Komodo – Mola mola season

One of the world’s most recognizable pelagics is the Ocean Sunfish. Divers enjoy seeing it because of its broad shape and docile nature. Their name is derived from their peculiar behavior, as they like to float near the surface during the cold season to bask in the sun’s rays. Divers can see the Mola – Mola Sunfish during August, when they can be seen resurfacing from deeper waters.

Komodo Island is truly endowed with some of Indonesia’s most exotic animal species. Its waters also provide excellent diving conditions for divers to see Manta Rays and Mola – Mola Sunfish.

Komodo island scuba diving condition

Every dive site has very strong currents, so diving in Komodo is mostly reserved for experienced divers who are comfortable with drift diving!

There are some calmer dive sites for beginners, but you may miss out on the incredible action of big fish swimming into the current.

In some places, the current can reach 8 knots. It is influenced by tides, so choose your dive site carefully and plan ahead of time. The Komodo and Rinca islands act as a bottleneck between the Indian and Pacific oceans, causing this current. This current is responsible for the clarity and abundance of fish in Komodo waters.

Dive Safety

If you are planning a dive trip or traveling to Komodo Island, it is a good idea to invest in scuba diving travel insurance because you never know what could happen or when you might need it (accidents do happen!). I recommend this diving insurance because it provides worldwide coverage and focuses on providing quality insurance and medical assistance to scuba divers.

How To Pursue An International Digital Marketing Campaign

Today, it is possible for every type of business to reach international target audience. With how advanced technology has become, there are more sufficient tools and methods to use to make this happens. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds because you still have to choose the best strategies to make it work. 

Social media marketing network communication mobile phone app

Targeting international digital marketing campaign

With the aid of digital technologies, you can produce and distribute digital marketing materials across multiple online channels such as websites, social media, emails, games, video streaming, and many more. The thing with the internet is that you don’t really have a limit on who you are distributing the content. You can reach an audience worldwide seamlessly. 

Using the right method

Reaching prospective customers using social media or any other online channels is possible and considered convenient. However, you still need to craft your plan so that the results will be more optimized. And the first thing you need to consider is the right method to use. There are so many methods but not all of them are suitable or bring the same effectiveness of each one. You need to focus more on what you are trying to achieve. SEO or Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing are the most effective methods you may consider to use. 

Be more specific with your target

Even though you are targeting international target audience, you still have to be more specific with your scope. Do not try to reach all or too many international markets at the same time. You don’t have to target all countries at once. Instead, you can identify the top markets that are potential for to give you new customers and focus your marketing strategy on them. Also keep in mind that different countries may adopt different localization and specification. And if you target them all at once, it is more risky than promising.

Apply adaptable and flexible digital marketing strategy

It is important for business today to be flexible and adaptable because the world keeps changing inevitably. Adopting flexibility and adaptability allows you to pivot accordingly. When reaching out international prospective customers, you need to be flexible with your approaches because international market is never homogeneous. Always monitor the situation on the ground before taking any approach with your international digital marketing campaign. Also, make sure to make your approaches more scale-able following the situation in the market. Make your approaches easy to expand without involving major changes n your product pitch. 

Start building connection with target audience

Even though what you reach is international scale, you need to make it intimate and personalized. Make sure to emphasize on your connection with your target audience. Make your target customers feel special so that they have the urge to buy from your brand or use your service. Build a strong relationship with prospective customers by being responsive, attentive, and impressive. Then, monitor and evaluate your journey on this international digital marketing campaign to see the progress more objectively for later improvement.

Concrete Construction and Sustainability: Can They Really Coexist?

Concrete and sustainability are two words that are frequently thought to be incompatible. Concrete is the most commonly used manufactured material on the planet. It has inherent advantages such as resistance, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility. Concrete construction is popular use in buildings and infrastructure forms the foundations of cities and connects communities. It will continue to play a vital role in providing solutions to the challenges of the future, especially as cities must respond to a growing global population. With cement as a key ingredient, it also has several environmental costs, accounting for at least 8% of global carbon emissions in a climate-change context.

Concrete Construction and Sustainability: Can They Really Coexist?

Concrete construction’s Potential in Sustainable Architecture

The demand for low-carbon materials in the construction industry is increasing exponentially as architecture continues to shift toward environmental sustainability. The concrete industry is no different. While improvements in manufacturing processes have reduced the material’s lifetime carbon footprint significantly, there is still a long way to go before reaching optimal levels.

Building with a carbon-absorbing type of concrete, carbon sequestration processes, and energy-efficient structures. If it’s combined with integral insulation are some ways to create more eco-friendly concrete structures

Concrete is reusable, which means that even after a project has been demolished, fragments can be used for pavement, landscaping mulch, oceanic reef inhabitants, or even to replace aggregates in concrete mixtures.

More durability with less cement

There are several methods for reducing the cement in concrete mixes – and thus lowering its lifetime carbon footprint.

Whether it’s by using larger, well-graded aggregates that leave fewer voids for the paste to fill, or by using high-strength concrete that allows workers to build elements with thinner sections. Furthermore, hardening or water-reducing admixtures can keep a concrete mix strong even after reducing its cement content, allowing for the most efficient use of the remaining cement.

In the direction of a more sustainable concrete construction environment

There are clearly many misconceptions about concrete, particularly regarding sustainability. Even though traditional uses of the material have had a significant negative impact on the environment, many technological advances and innovative products have the potential to put this notion to rest.

Whether through crystalline technologies, durability-enhancing methods, real-time monitoring sensors, or a variety of other intelligent solutions. Concrete construction is undeniably beneficial to sustainable architecture. This will only be possible if we continue to harness and leverage innovative products that will be critical to unlocking the sector’s environmentally friendly future.

Customer Tracking Methods For More Efficient Marketing

Tracking customer is one of the most common methods used for businesses to know who their customers are, their location, shopping habits, and more. It is not to invade customers’ personal space but to make more targeted offerings based on customers’ best interests. By gaining more data through customer tracking, businesses can craft the best products that services that are right what customers need. 

Tracking your customers the right way

When you track your customers, you find out how your customers interact with your brand and eventually know what they really want and need you will also find out more about what payment method they prefer, what style of communication they like, and what products or services they like the most. To put it simply, customer tracking allows you to understand your customers; experience with your brand. 

Methods used to track your customers

It is vital to know how to track your customers properly using the right methods, such as:


It is still the classic yet effective way to track your customers. Using an automated email tool, you can track opens, deletes, click throughs, and other things with your email marketing campaigns. You can use the information to craft better marketing campaign.

Social media

You can use social media to track your customers since it is one of the largest platforms many customers use to look for what they want to purchase. 

Website metrics

With website metrics, you are going to see what part of your websites that gets the most traffic and how customers behave. For example, track what web pages your customers visit the most, their journey from viewer/visitor to customer, and their pain points.

What to track from your customers

To gain more accurate information during tracking customers, you also need to know what to track in the first place. And here are several most important things to track from your customers:

Purchase history

Track your customers’ purchase history to find out their sopping habits as well as preferences. This way, you know what your customers spend money on. Hence, you will be able to provide the right products and services similar to what attract them.


Track what your customers download from your pages to see what interest them the most. Track downloads and opt ins such as freebies downloads from your websites to determine your customers’ demographics and psychographics. This way, you will be able to deliver the right content and products your customers actually want. 

Contact information of customers

You also need to find out your customers’ contact information such as email. It will help a lot for you to automate message for customers. You can send various information about your products and services that attract your customers via email. 

Traffic channels

When handling a business using online platform, you must use multiple channels to boost it. Then, track down your traffic channels to find out where you are getting your customers from. You can track this by delivering survey to ask customers how they found you.

Yacht Charter Bali, How To Get A Reliable Komodo Boat Tour Agency

Comfort is the main thing during your vacation. What do you imagine when your friend offers live onboard? The concept is to travel and stay on the boat for days. Maybe you doubt the ship’s facilities and have a certain fear. Tourists who visit the Komodo National Park area are certainly familiar with the Komodo boat charter tour. A popular destination that has been worldwide with the largest rare reptile animal icon that you can only see by cruising. To make your cruise tour easier, you have to take a Bali boat charter. Let’s take a look at the steps to get an affordable Bali yacht rental price. 

Yacht Charter Bali, How To Get A Reliable Komodo Boat Tour Agency

Boat Charter Bali & How To Find Trustworthy Cruise Agency

Many tourists complain to boat operators about things they shouldn’t do on a cruise. Actually, it’s not entirely the operator’s fault when the boat you rent doesn’t live up to expectations. Tourists who want to choose a Bali yacht rental should ask for more detailed information.

The first step you have to do is surf the internet and look for many operators that offer Komodo cruise boat tours. The more you find boat operators, the easier it will be to compare Bali yacht rental prices and the facilities they offer. Sometimes many tourists are lulled by the photos seen on the website and ultimately find disappointing results. 

There are times when tourists arrive in Labuan Bajo, they will immediately choose a boat that is adjusted to the budget. The advantage is, that you can negotiate directly with the operator. The condition of the ship for your cruise is an important factor. 

If your time is limited and you can only order via the internet. How to find a trusted boat operator through the internet? Guest reviews can be your reference to get a Bali boat charter operator that suits your expectations. Usually, guests will write their level of satisfaction with the facilities and boats they rent during the cruise. This is an advantage for you to find the trusted and best boat operator to handle your vacation. 

Boat Charter Age

You need to pay attention to the age of the boat. Most boats have been built and operated for a long time. It is possible that they did not pay attention to the condition of the ship as a result, many guests complained because they were uncomfortable during the cruise. The old age of the boat is not a problem. The most important thing is that the shipowner takes care to keep the ship ready to carry tourists without any problems while sailing. 

Yacht Charter facilities

Different types of Bali charter boats are certainly equipped with different facilities. When you take a standard boat, the facilities you get are of course also standard. Don’t expect to rent a standard boat with super-premium facilities. Most boats, even though they are standard boats, will be equipped with air conditioning in each cabin. For the type of ship above the standard allows you to get more facilities. 

Parts Of Life To Focus On As Business Owners

Parts Of Life To Focus On As Business Owners

Your business is not made of one single pieces. In fact, you need many different pieces all together to work harmoniously toward your goals. It is easy for business to crumble especially with how unexpected things could be these days. Working hard for self-development is a must now to make yourself resilience and able to focus on the right things when reaching success. 

Focusing on your parts of life as business owner

When it comes to running business, you need to stay at the top of your game by making the best choices while inspiring people around you. Here are where you can start putting all the pieces together:

Improve your visualization skills

The skill to visualize scenario you wish to happen with your business and life in general can be helpful for you. It is because you can play the possible scenario and anticipate for possible things to happen. Hence, you can make better plan to make it work. It feels like playing prophecies when the reality is that you are used to your visualization practice. 

For outsiders, your success might be considered as pure luck or magic. While in reality, you are working hard to achieve it by improving your self-development, including through visualization practices. Use this visualization technique as a tool for you to identify and describe what you want in detail. With consistent practice, it will result in increased determination, confidence, and control. 

Be mindful with your time

Be mindful with your time

The amount you spend to complete your work doesn’t determine your level of productivity. It is still a waste when you spend 8 hours a day with no work done. Working hard and being proud with your busyness doesn’t guarantee a success. In fact, forcing yourself to work beyond your own capacity can be detrimental to your well-being, both physically and mentally. It becomes more impossible for you to become a great business owner who inspire other and perform excellently. 

It is not in nature of human being to work non-stop for 24 hours. You need micro and macro breaks from to time to function properly. Hence, always be stingy with how you spend your time. Make sure that aside from working hard, you also work smart to manage your time. Hence, you have time to work, play, and rest. 

Rearrange the clutter of your private life

Your private life can affect your performance at work. And when you have the responsibility to lead a business and a team, you  might feel suffocated. Hence, it is highly recommended to declutter your private world. For example, you have too many appointments to meet people in a month. Try to appoint someone to take your place. 

It is also recommended that you remove all the stressor coming from your life that is detrimental to your health. Remember that you need to be at the top of your game. It means you always need to be at your best condition. Hence, putting a premium on your personal needs is sometimes necessary. 

Decorating Your Villa in Canggu: How to Make It Look Luxurious

Decorating Your Villa in Canggu- How to Make It Look Luxurious

For many, owning a seaside property in Bali is a dream come true. Many people are now eyeing beach villas in Canggu, one of the most popular area in Bali among tourists. Having a vacation house in Bali’s popular area is not only good for yourself; it can also make a nice profit if you rent it out.  

However, there is a common blunder made by beach house owners. They believe that simply being close to the beach will attract the greatest customers and allow them to charge a greater fee. Your beach house should always have a comfortable, airy feel to it, whether it’s a cozy, surf-vibe cottage or a high-end, sophisticated getaway. Guests will want to stay in a spot where they may extend their beach experience.

When it comes to decorating a rental home, the best advice is to imagine yourself in the shoes of your guests and consider what you would want to find in the home you rented. A decent balance of usefulness and art will almost certainly persuade your guests to endorse the experience. Here are some suggestions for how to decorate your beach rental holiday home and make your visitors’ stay unforgettable.

White Looks Good for Canggu Bali Villas

Source from the Locals

White is a fantastic neutral hue to use in your home decor. It brightens the space and transforms it into a soothing, flowing, airy paradise where you may rest your body and mind. And, fortunately, it makes decorating a little easier because you can match it with another color to create a theme or complement it with bright colored accents.

When renovating your villas in Canggu Bali, you can go with white hardwood floors, white walls, or white wood elements. Also, when purchasing furniture and textiles for the inside, keep white in mind.

Combine the White with Big Statement Art

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your vacation rental beach house, invest in fascinating artwork that stands out and gives the space a distinct personality.

Play around with colors and don’t be scared to throw in some bright highlights here and there while still maintaining the overall balance. Color accents will be easy to add to a neutral background, such as the usage of white we stated earlier, and they will instantly tie the entire space together.

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Source from the Locals

Source from the Locals

Making environmentally friendly decor choices is one of the finest ways to exceed your customers’ expectations. Using locally-sourced materials and decorations for your vacation rental is usually a wonderful idea. Bali’s craftsmanships is exceptional. Try to incorporate rattan and wood furnitures made by Balinese carpenter. It will adds distinct Bali rustic vibe to your villa and difference stay experience than what guests might have in, say, the Balkans or Maldives. 

Incorporate Local Attractions

Surfboards or kites might be used as decor if your beach house is in a region where water sports are popular. For the dining table, use local fresh fruit, and for the garden, use local plants. Choose light, acceptable materials for your beach house, such as driftwood, sand, terracotta, and bamboo, since these will assist the house become a natural extension of the destination itself.

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Make Sure to Have Ample of Outdoor Lounge

Make Sure to Have Ample of Outdoor Lounge

The majority of beach houses are designed for relaxing in the salty wind, taking in the sun, and listening to the birds chirps. Guests love to spend their time in outdoor area during their vacation, especially if your Canggu villa is equipped with private pool and little garden. Guests will not want to spend time at your beach property if it lacks an enticing outdoor area, and they will feel less connected to it.

Maintain the same level of attention to detail in the porch band and garden in your vacation rental as you would in any other room of the house. Make your guests spend some time on the patio before travelling to the beach. Your home will become an important element of their whole experience. Cafe lights quickly change any outdoor environment, and they’re available at almost any retail market. Use the earth as well—plant a row of beach grass or box ferns that can also serve as a space-divider. Make sure you have the correct furniture for your outdoor space as well. On those hot summer nights, your guests will need a place to relax.