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Things To Consider To Design Your Workspace At Home

Remote work is one of the shifts happened caused by the sudden global in 2020. Some people may find it a blessing to finally work from home so they can do it while taking care of their family. However, it can be challenging for some people since the line has become blurred. You cannot fully concentrate working when your kids running around or when your pet keeps sitting in your lap. Therefore, designing your own workspace at home can be a good alternative. 

Considerations before designing a workspace at home

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to design a workspace at home is the lack of resource. Hence, it is harder to bind high design with high functionality. So here are few things to consider if you plan to design your own workspace at home:

Sustainability is one of the most important factors to consider in designing home workspace. By holding to this key factor, you will be able to select the right materials, lighting, and everything else. Make sure that you stay conscious of the environmental footprint. Besides, the work situation now is still considered temporary. Nothing is settled yet and you may be called to work in the office again in few months. So make sure that the workspace will still be usable even after use. Maybe you can make it as a makeshift mini studio or hang out spot. 

Reliable feature is also important especially because remote work requires high-tech to support the majority of the process. Therefore, it is important to be considerate when it comes to high-tech features selection. Choose them based on what you consider as thoughtful and meaningful investment while supporting your daily operation. 

You may also have to consider natural materials since you want everything to blend seamlessly with the existing materials you have. Make sure that the materials you choose won’t overpower the property you have to work with. You may have to consider the material that will go along well with your architectural identity. 

Design is also not less important than any other factors when it comes to creating a workspace at home. You can choose a design that can work wonderfully well with the overall property. You can maintain a clean line to make it blend naturally with its surrounding. However, it is not a problem either if you want to create completely different vibe with your workspace. Hence, you can really tell the line between workspace and personal space. 

Natural light is a factor that is often forgotten when it comes to construction or renovation. In designing your workspace, make sure that it has enough source of natural light. It allows you to have maximum visibility. However, make sure that the light source is not blinding. Therefore, avoid harsh, direct sunlight. By having enough natural light, you don’t have to add extra electrical usage. Aside from keeping the environment safe, you can avoid paying higher energy bills. Therefore, it is a win-win solution that you can take advantage of. 

Fun Family Things to Do Around Villa Sanur Bali

There is an abundance of the best place to see and explore in Bali, which you can visit while on vacation. One of the great places to visit is Sanur. Connected to Bali’s most amazing places by excellent transport links. Sanur is a perfect place for you to relieve stress and relax. Not only for you, but it is also a family-friendly destination. As it provides a lot of comfortable hotels, resorts, and villa Sanur Bali. If you are traveling with groups or a big family and want to spend some time in Bali’s calmer corner, Sanur has everything you need. Take a look at these five fun family things to do! 

Fun Family Things to Do Around Villa Sanur Bal

cycle around villa sanur bali

Take a walk or cycle along Sanur promenade

One of the perfect areas of Sanur is its coastline. This ideal spot is extremely popular with families. Joggers and cyclists are the two most popular things to do in Sanur at all hours of the day. Also, along the seaside promenade, you will find many stalls, quiet cafes, colorful fishing boats, and local warungs. Take a little break for refreshments anytime you wish, and take in the beautiful panoramic view.

Eat good local food at The Sanur Night Market.

Who doesn’t love the idea of late-night snacks? Pasar Sindhu Night Market is one of Sanur’s focal points coming alive after dark. It offers travelers a wide selection of souvenirs and delicious local street food. There’s a variety of traditional snacks and cuisine available from vendors along with the night market. Prepare for a mouthwatering experience as travelers stroll among stalls of delicious food vendors.

Watching the sunrise 

Sanur beach is one of Bali’s most beautiful places, with a long strip of pristine golden sands that are lined with waving palm trees. So get up early, then head on down to the beach to gaze at this spectacle of nature. Be sure to bring your phone and snap some fantastic sunrise!

Do some watersports

Besides cycling along the Sanur promenade, the tourist area of Sanur has many choices of exciting family water activities. You can do many water activities at the beach of Sanur, such as jet-skiing, sea-kayaking, parasailing, and swimming. But, kitesurfing and windsurfing are the two most popular water sports in Sanur. Sanur’s steady wind and consistent currents create the perfect conditions to speed. 

Leave your worries behind at Villa Sanur Bali! 

There are so many more fun things beyond the above-listed but do take a moment to plan your perfect accommodation. Your Sanur stays experience will elevate your overall family holiday experience. If you are a family seeking a suitable and relaxing vacation, then villa Sanur Bali may be what you are looking for!

Productive Collaboration Efforts During Remote Work

The situation with global pandemic has brought a shift in the way we work to run business. It is not an easy change especially when telecommuting has been implemented yet in the way you run your business. However, those who can survive and thrive during the crisis is those who pivot. Being able to adapt with the situation given is a must. Therefore, it is not impossible to still have creative, innovative, and productive collaboration with your team even when working remotely. 

Remote working and productive collaboration

While working in the office, ideas are often bouncing around. However, different setting can make different way in thinking. Sometimes, being at home makes your brain feel uninspired. It is possible to not being able to think creatively. However, collaborative efforts are possible and can be essential factor to achieve your business goal even during remote work. Working together while working remotely can be a successful effort. 

With how the work environment has changed, it is also important that you make some changes to the structure of your team. Old way might not be inapplicable anymore with the new setting hence the change. You need to build a team consisting of different people with different strengths or skills. You need your team to be agile during this tough time. You don’t have to build a team consisted of too many people seven to eight members are enough as long as they are self-organizing, autonomous, and dedicated. By rebuilding the structure, you will have more agile team which is more reliable in creating productive results with their diverse strength and discipline which encourage more creativity.

Remote Work

You and your team don’t have to sit in the Zoom meetings to brainstorm. Sometimes, ideas come when your brain is the most relaxed. Formal meeting often block your brain to think creatively. Therefore, it is good if you can arrange more casual meeting with your team members. Also, make sure to encourage yourself and your team members to take a walk, hike, run, or do their exercise outdoor. It can help them fish for brilliant ideas especially when their body is moving but their brain is relaxing. You can also arrange a walk-meeting when you and your team members discuss ideas while doing your own outdoor activities. Different setting can generate more diverse ideas.

Before having a Zoom meeting as usual, it is recommended to have a meditation session with your team members. You can do it for 10 minutes. You and your team members can use guided meditation app if you any of you don’t know how to do it properly. It can be calming and relaxing. Hence, you can start your meeting with more relaxed mind and happy mood. All the stress you have before the meeting can be removed through meditation. Do not underestimate the power of 10-minutes meditation. Collaboration and distance sound unfit. With distance, collaboration seems harder to do. However, you can try the tips above to make it happens successfully

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Real Estate Bali Seminyak is the Best Investment for 2021

Bali travellers and investor usually have their own financial plans, and Real Estate Bali Seminyak will always be ones to favourite. The reasons for this is because bali real estate investments will always have as strong and predictable cash flow. In addition, Makes investors’s future financial align more straightforward. Also in general, this investment will provide a higher return because of the uprising demand and positive leverage.

Real Estate Seminyak Bali

Much preferably, the Seminyak area which consider as top destination for travel and leisure. This area provide a never ending loop for leisure and entertainment for its visitor. This indicate that more visitor are willing to live in Seminyak area for short term and even a long term residence.So what else support this as a best investment?

Appreciation in the Market

This is an interesting indicator, because after the covid19 pandemic hit Bali’s tourism really hard. It seems that now the industry are slowly recover from the bottom hole. Furthermore the depreciation levels of real bali estate have risen significantly during these past month. And we could see a strong stimulus in the market until the end of 2020.

Improvable Real Estate Bali Seminyak

You can purchase an almost empty real estate bali seminyak, and with enough repairment, you can change it into something luxury masterpiece. So imagine that you invest in the unit for $40,000, and you budget to spend $20,000 to add extra rooms in which add up the unit interior and make it more modern. Not to mention you could also add additional unique features to it.

Real Estate Seminyak Bali

Furthermore, whenever you finish repairing your property, you could compare it to the market and state that the value is now worth multiple times than before.  That’s an effective small investment and time for a huge return. Besides directly selling it, consider to renting out instead. You would make more return investment back over the years. Not to mention, the family would have been proud with this kind of investment.

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Retirement Planning

Another point that makes invest in real estate bali seminyak is an interesting business is that usually by the time the unit close its investment, all of the real estate that you own with mortgage will be paid off. Furthermore, with this indication your cash flow is likely to increase for a long period of time.

Investor often consider state as a forced saving practice. In addition, you will get a passive income and significant amount as the time goes by. In which, someday you will need those amount to provide you the best treat for retirement. This is why real estate bali seminyak most likely a perfect investment for retirement.


Unlike stocks and shares that you find it difficult to predict the interest and rate of cash flow you will get from your portfolio. Investing in bali real estate provide a huge different than those stocks and shares. In addition, you can easily predict the return you will get from your real estate portfolio.

Real Estate Seminyak Bali

Cash flow is the net spendable income that given by the investment portfolio after its operations, and mortgage payment. What we discussing here is at least greater than 10% investment ratio

Lessons Every Business Owners Should Take From Covid-19

Lessons Every Business Owners Should Take From Covid-19

2020 is surely the year of the big storm even for business industry. There are many businesses who couldn’t survive the waves and shut down completely. However, there are also few of them who have survive and keep on thriving through the waves. Those who survive have been forced to pivot. Adapting is the only way for a business to keep going during this tough time. Those who are not willing to pivot and will be left swallowed by the waves. 

Valuable lessons to learn from covid-19

Surviving crises is part of running business but the situation with covid-19 has hit very hard that it has forced many to closed down entirely. However, it is possible for many other crises in the future to happen. That’s why it is important to take lessons from the covid-19 to help you and your business more ready to face the future. 

Crisis happens

The first lesson is that crises happen and sometimes they are inevitable. Even if you have prepared your business from the bottom to the top, there will always be possibility to face crisis in any form. However, it is not about avoiding crises but more like responding to crises. It is best to make the best plan for your business but be prepared for the plan you need for the wors case scenario. It means you you plan for the worst but hope for the best. Anticipating crisis will allow you to think creatively and flexibly. 

Strong company culture can be a great asset

Lessons Every Business Owners Should Take From Covid-19

Strong company culture is also a great asset for your business to keep steady even during crises. This is what a few business had when they survived the waves of covid-19. They have mutual trust and understanding with their team members allowing them to find the best solution together while adapting to work remotely efficiently,and productively. Therefore, it is time to build strong company culture in your organization so everyone has solid foundation to face the unknown of the future in unity. 

You need strong communications

Strong communication is also a great lesson you have to take from covid-19. it doesn’t matter if you choose to be over-communicating. It is important to keep your communication steady with your customers, employees, as well as partners and suppliers. You can use various platforms from conventional to modern to maintain communication. 

Saving is important 

Save your cash. It is also a great lesson to take from covid-19. At least, you have cash that can help your business survive for 6 months. During that period, you can plan strategies to adapt with the crises without letting your business falling. Try to maintain enough resources so your business will still have full fund for operation when a major disruption hits. 

Innovation is your help

Innovate is like major lesson to take from covid-19. those who are unwilling to innovate won’t survive any crises. When you can innovate and reinvent quickly, your opportunity to stay steady during major disruption is higher. Innovation helps you to adapt to any changes with more agility, helping your business find its way to keep thriving.

Dragon Island in Komodo: It Ain’t A Dinosaur

Dragon Island in Komodo: It Ain’t A Dinosaur

Upon looking the scaly and monstrous Komodo Dragons in TV or encyclopaedia, one would instantly think of dinosaurs. And as they are declared as the last dragons on earth, once again one mind’s would wander into the possibilities of humanity saving the last dinosaur. Located far in the corner of the world and totally secluded from modern developments, people start imagine the Komodo island as the Lost World, an archipelago that just frozen in time. But what is Komodo, really? And what makes this island seems so mythical? 

Dragons on Komodo Island: Not Daeneries Babies

Dragons on Komodo Island: Not Daeneries Babies

People love to called this ancient giant reptile as dragon. Not that they are related to the mythical creature, albeit being just as majestic, but because of the description made by Alan Cobham, an English aviation pioneer, back in 1962. In his description the pilot were telling “Story of Dragons” where he saw “two on Komodo Island (which) resembled fabled monster slain by St. George”. The saint referred there was an English patron saint that was depicted killing a man-eating dragon. Cobham claimed that the Komodo he saw was similar to the dragon killed by St. George and were apparently “direct descendants of the prehistoric monsters of legend”. 

So now you know why does the resident of Komodo Island were called dragons. Hyperbolic description and mythifying exotic animals might plays huge factor on this. However, now it’s clear that the dragons has nothing in common with the mythical winged lizard. And they are definitely not the babies of Game of Thrones’ Mother of Dragons, Deaneries Targaryen. 

It’s As Dangerous As A Walk to Jurassic Park 

Have you saw the Jurassic Park movies? What was started as scientific experiments and curious expedition ended in tragic disaster, much due to human’s carelessness. Similarly, walking to the Komodo national park, home of the dragon, is just as dangerous as an adventure to the Jurassic Park. It’s safe as long as you followed the protocols and get accompanied by the park ranger. Once you wander off by your own, you are bound to be a delicious snack for the dragons.

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Komodo Island: A Fantasy Meet Reality

Komodo Island: A Fantasy Meet Reality

The dragons is not the only thing that seems like fantasy in Komodo Island. This little archipelago in the tip of Indonesia is dominated with Jurassic-esque landscape; high volcanic island rising from bright azure sea, jagged islands covered with golden savannah grass, and absolutely empty lands from any kind of civilisation. The islands within Komodo National Park truly inspires the land-before-time kind of vibe. 

Tips To Increase The Loyalty Of Your Customers

Building a reliable customer base is crucial for a business. Without loyal customer base, it will be harder to reach your goals. Therefore, it is essential to cultivate your customers’ loyalty as well as give your audience a reason to keep coming back to you. Retaining loyal customers is not an easy thing to achieve in business. Many are still struggling. In fact, retaining existing customer is proved to be harder than acquire a new one. 

Increasing the loyalty of your customers effectively

Increase customer loyalty can result in many good thing for your business such as boosted sales, stronger customers relationship, and more. Loyalty is something that you can improve of your customers. Using the most effective strategies is needed. Here are some of the tips of increasing customers loyalty you can consider:

Improve your customer service. Customer service is just as important as the product or service quality. Make sure that you know how to provide your customers of what they need. An innovative line of products can attract customers. However, excellent customer service will get you their loyalty, making them keep coming back to you. Excellent customer service is one of the most important ingredients in driving your revenue as well.


Excellent customer service can be accomplished by giving quick response to your customers’ problems, make them feel appreciated as human being, and improving services or features. For example, you can add a live chat feature so your customers can ask their questions and get the answer directly without having to wait for it days later. Make sure that your customer service department consists of people who have great communication skills, empathy, and patience.

Reward customers who make repeat visits. It is a way to make them feel noticed and appreciated as customers. When they keep buying your product or using your service, it means a great opportunity to build long lasting relationships. Thus, do not hesitate to reward them. There is wide variety of programs you can use as a reward system for your customer. Point system is one of the programs you can use to reward your customers. The more they make purchase, the higher their points, and the more rewards they possibly get. 

To increase your customer’s loyalty, it is important to gather their feedback first. Make sure they you gather their honest opinions so you know if they have good experience doing business with you. You can collect data by sending emails, using social media, or reviewing your website analytic. 

Another way to increase the loyalty of your customers is by providing social proof. This is when you have someone endorsed with your products and shared their positive feedback. Your customers will see this and able to decide if your brand is trusted or not. Social proofs can be in a form of hiring influencers, providing testimonials from your previous customers on your website, showing ratings and reviews, and many more. You can choose one or combines different social proofs to maximize your effort in increasing your customers’ loyalty.

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Sustainable Bali Property House in Ubud

Investing in bali property house has always been a great deal. Enhancing with the potential of a huge financial income and sustainable lifestyle at the same time. However, the investors are shifting and in aware state of the importance of both social and environmental aspect.

Bali Property House

This usually comes when choosing a desire property and mostly that promoting more sustainable living. In addition, the properties that meet those aspect will have a good attempt on making the world the better place.

What Sustainable Property Stand For?

Sustainable properties and everything that implement environmental aspect are stand apart from daily property projects in a various of ways. For instance, including the laws and regulations that must be adhere. Also the methods used in the project and the end results which provide a positive impact to surround environment.

The implementation of double glazing, solar panel, loft and cavity wall insulation, water and waste recycle and management and other alternative energy approach are considered the most. Sustainable properties are mean to build for a long period, and to provide little impact which could lead to a bigger one.

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Meanwhile, potential investors and stakeholder should mind to get acquainted on bali property house they are buying and study its eco-credentials. If these aspect are met and looks good, and there is strong evidence that it follows the laws, you could secure the deal directly with the agent.

Why Shift to Sustainable Bali Property House?

Sustainable bali property house is becoming a trends. Nonetheless, it would take the time to finally fit the market and supply meets demand. Furthermore, this means that investing in environmentally friendly unit could pose a huge return over a long term. Especially by the fact that sustainable properties tend to offer higher monthly expenses.

Bali Property House Open View

For investors who consider to do a renovation, alternative choice could be purchasing a bali houses for sale that needs a repairment and build eco-friendly themself. They could impelement thermal insulation unit with eco white goods, solar panels, and new windows.

Sustainable Concept Ubud Villa for Sale

This amazing villa with sustainable concept is enclose to Ubud area. Located in a great local neighbourhood with great rice paddies view, rain water harvesting facility and proper elevation. Furthermore, astonishingly features 3 eco-cozy bedrooms with two bathrooms. Semi furnished in every corner which gives the opportunity for buyer to set up and decorate themself. Moreover, to satisfy their needs according to their taste and concept.

Bali Property House

Greatly offers 2 levels, sustainable living area , 9×2 m swimming pool , complete dining area and kitchen, good water source, electricity 3.500 W and amazing garden in the house. This is a perfect option available for Bali property house in the real estate market. Enquire this property on bali now with the available to buy on leasehold for 19 years.

Mobile Marketing For Your Business

Mobile marketing is getting more and more popular especially with how the world growing. It is because mobile devices are part of daily essentials for many people around the world. The growth of consumer behavior have developed significantly after the mobile devices come through. However, not all business are willing to adopt a mobile-first strategy even though there are many benefits to gain. 

Mobile marketing

Using mobile marketing to optimize business

Today, people own at least a cellphone. People who live in more modern settings own smartphone and use it daily which means that a mobile-first world is growing. It is important for business to adapt to the changes and growth happening around. You can actively implement a strategy to boost your business significantly by adopting a first-mobile strategy. 

One of the main purposes of adopting first-mobile strategy is to understand your target audience. Remember that consumer live and breathe mobile so why don’t you take advantage of that? It is time for you to change desktop usage over mobile to maximize your marketing strategy. You may have known that many people, such as Americans use smartphone now and they always have online access to make sure they can perform many tasks with the help of it. 

It doesn’t mean that desktop usage is no longer important. You can still use it along with first-mobile strategy. However, you will miss out a lot if you just skip first-mobile strategy. It is because this strategy can help you understand more your consumer’s behavior and interactions. Mobile data will help you a lot in making decisions and assessing consumer. 

People look at their phone many times a day. According to a survey, Americans look at their smartphones 50 times day. It means that they spend their times in digital world a lot. You can attract them more through various digital and mobile strategies such as online advertising and brand engagement. This way, you can enhance the in-store shopping experience as well as in-store pickup options for your consumers. 

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As mentioned before that consumers spend a lot of their time on their smartphones. Then, it means they expect a good mobile experience. If you are not willing to implement first-mobile strategy, your consumers will have a bad mobile experience. It will affect your brand. They will complain or leave negative feedback in the review sections. Hence, always pay attention to your first-mobile strategy to improve high quality design and easy navigation for your consumers. 

You can use mobile analytics as one of the major reports to let you know what is happening with your consumer behavior and interactions. This way, you will be able to understand your consumers more without making baseless assumptions. This way, you are truly informed before making any decisions. Remember that understanding modern consumer can help a lot to translate insights into more actionable strategy. This way, you have more opportunity to achieve your success in running your business. If you are not familiar with first-mobile strategy, you can start learning it now. 

Seminyak Villas – Top Factor to Watch When Buying One

Enquire an offer for Seminyak Villas can force us into a very tricky situation. Often, we are overwhelm by the task of deciding a villa with just a little amount of time inspecting the unit. Because theres so much thing we should know about the villas while the unit is only open for a short time.

Seminyak Villas

Furthermore, simplify our thinking is good to avoid any red flags in the unit. So here are five factor to watch during the inspection:

Surrounding Neighbourhood

Encounter neighbourhood noise is something to be expected, especially if you move to crowded neighbourhood. Neighbourhood might be an external factor, but mind to take time time whenever you are inspecting the house. Ask the realtor on how the daily surrounding is going on and get an advice on how to lower the noise.  Because it will affect your future agenda in the unit, you might interrupted by the surrounding if you have no clue on how to tackle the issue.

Seminyak Villas Roof

It’s vital to inspect the roof for any damage that may happen inside your unit. You’ll have to ask the roof more details, for instance: its age, missing or damaged shigles or any structural damages on the support. It will be a huge blow whenever you miss this factor while buying seminyak villas. You could potentially increase your expenses in future for a new roof or a repairment services.

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The Foundation

Another factor you want to inspect is for any damage on villa’s foundation. There are several factor of serious damage that need to be repair, especially doors jamming or broken, cracks through the walls or flooring tiles, and any jammed windows and doors. These unnecessary problem isnt for buyer to fix, it will do more harm if we careless about this. After all, you should do a little research on how can you inspect the type of this problem.

Seminyak Villas Living Room

Water Damage

Among the most essential factor inside the unit, water system is the one to look for. Make sure there are no water damage inside the seminyak villas. Problem such as water stains, jammed tap water, drained pool, and moldy scent on the water damage. Basically its important to recognise the type of toxic mold, which will lead to a bigger problem if not handle properly. Furthermore, water damage is the type factor that we need to solve quickly before it can threaten the structural integrity our villa.

Methods to Hide Damage

Because your should be aware of any realtors outside, you should careful and consider any ‘hidden damage’ in the villa. Realtor often re-decorate and paint ove a mold to sell their unit more quickly, so you should keep an suspicious attitude. To avoid this trick of realtors, we should find the best and trusted realtors that offer us detail and clear condition of seminyak villas.

Seminyak Villas Bedroom

With a trusted realtors, you shouldnt spend your precious time to this issue even to responsible for the repairment. are one of the trusted realtors that provide you with the best Seminyak villas option. With the perfect condition of each unit, clear investment report and affordable price, its a complete package to whom prospecting a new villa soon.