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How Your Small Business Can End The Year Strong

For small business all around the world, it is time to face the pressure of the year end. It is time to closing with great record and start strong for the new year. It is not easy for small businesses to keep having great record during the end of the year especially in the first few years. However, it is not impossible for you to end the year wit such strong performance and minimal stress. And here are some tips for your business to end the year strong and ready to embark new success for next year:

How Your Small Business Can End The Year Strong

Take stock of your current sales figures

It is important to take stock of your current sales figures and then compare them to what you did in the previous years. This is a way for you to know your own track as years pass. It is also key to guide you to more profitable quarter and year. Your small business’s historical data plans also allows you to predict success because in the data you can see repeat behaviors. Hence, you will be able to create formula that will lead to even bigger success.

Rely on local inputs

Near the holidays, many customers are worried about the spike of prices due to global supply chains being backed up. With this, you can offer selling experiences that rely on local inputs, keeping the order levels high. At the same time, the anxiety of the customers will be reduced. You can create particular events or offerings to create local experiences. Plan events that can bring joy and happiness to the customers. Hence, it can increase their buying experience. In return, your sales will increase and your business can close the year with great performance. 

Recognize the challenges

Facing the last quarter of the year can be intimidating and puts a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs and business owners. Businesses should hit their targets to end the year with more peaceful sleep. It is not easy because as the year ends, the workload is increasing. There are also many common problems such as labor shortages, increased demands from customers, etc. When demand increases but your staffs also need to have their holidays, it can create a major headache. 

Be patient and kind to yourself

To face these challenges, you need to stay sane. It means, be patient and kind to yourself. Try to stay as cool as possible during extreme pressure. Have a conversations with your staffs and family about the demand on everyone’s time. Then, make the best plan to solve the problems while creating the most ideal situations for everyone. Communication is key in this matter because it involves not only you and customers but also your employees, your families, etc. 

Holiday season is just started and you are still busy dealing with your business instead of enjoying your holiday. Follow the tips above to help your small business finish the year with excellent performance. With the right planning and you can deal with all the pressure smoothly.

Explore the Best Dive Spots in One of the 7 Wonders of the World

If you are planning a vacation to view Komodo dragons and their relatives in their natural habitat, you should assume that you will be departing from Jakarta without using any travel or tour services. If you wish to visit Komodo National Park, the first place you should travel to in Labuan Bajo, a small town on Flores Island’s western coast. With the simplicity of ordering online, you will have no trouble finding Komodo trip packages. Although it is relatively difficult to find a Komodo trip operator in Labuan Bajo, it is preferable to place your order before arrival.

Aerial view of a saiboat parked by secluded beach in Komodo National Park.

Komodo tour packages, Explore one of the wonders of the world

Komodo dragons are indigenous animals that can only be found on four islands: Komodo, Rinca, Padar, and Motang. The Sape Strait separates these islands from Sumbawa Island, which is located to the east. The four islands of the Komodo Archipelago, located in East Nusa Tenggara Province’s West Manggarai Regency, are part of the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.

The Komodo dragon, a type of enormous meat-eating reptile, originated on Komodo Island. This unusual and endangered species, which lived 40 million years ago, grows to be 2-3 meters long and weighs up to 165 kilograms. Around 2,000 Komodo dragons, the world’s largest reptiles, live in open areas such as savanna meadows, white sand beaches, and tropical rain forests. With a big physique resembling that of an ancient beast, sharp nails, scaly skin, and a forked tongue that always sticks out, Komodo appears frightening. Many microorganisms are found in the saliva of Komodo dragons. 

Komodo Dragon sticking out tongue inside the rainforest of Loh Buaya on Rinca Island.

On the Komodo tour, you can start trekking to climb Mount Ara as high as more than 500 meters above sea level. While trekking, tourists can see other animals such as horses, deer, various species of birds, snakes to monitor lizards. Because it’s better to use boots because there are snakes that live underground. Tourists will also pass through the water hole, which is a place for dragons to drink and rest while trekking. Tourists can see Komodo dragons drinking and taking shelter under trees around the water hole.

The length of the trekking trail varies from 1 to 8 kilometers, depending on the trekking route chosen, which includes short, medium, long, and adventure. Tourists that opt for a lengthy and adventurous walk will be able to see gorgeous forests, rivers, and hills. Meanwhile, the excursion ends on top of the hills with a great view of the bay for short trekking. The four trekking paths, however, all travel past the water hole.

Diving & Snorkeling Komodo Island

Trekking without a guide is not recommended! When the Komodo dragon attacks, rangers will protect tourists. You’ll also be given a stick with a forked end to use as a weapon against Komodo dragons. Your Komodo vacation package will almost always include diving and snorkeling. Komodo Island’s underwater habitat is one of the top dive spots in the world. There are 70 different types of sponges, green turtles, whales, sharks, and dolphins to be found.

The majority of Komodo Rinca trip providers will take you to your favorite diving sites, such as Batu Bolong, castle rock, manta alley, large Tatawa, and little Tatawa. There are several additional excellent dive sites nearby, including Samsia Rock, Shops, and Crystal Rock. You can choose which destinations you want to visit on private Komodo tours. June is the best month to go on a cruise because the weather is pleasant. The best time to dive in crystal rock waters is from March to December. When diving, the direction of the wind, the temperature, the current, and the season all have an impact on visibility, which is regarded as good for that month.

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Optimizing Email As Marketing Tool To Boost Your Sales

There are many tools and strategies you can use to boost your sales more effectively. However, one of the main tools you cannot leave behind is email. It is probably considered as old tool. However, people, especially those who are involved in business still use email to navigate their communication. It seems that email will stay for longer. Hence, it is a must to find opportunity from it to maximize your marketing. 

Maximizing email to boost business

What you need to understand is the change in email marketing approach so you can garner the best response from your customers. And here are some marketing strategies you can do using email as the main tool:

Scheduling annual reminders

With so many things in your plate, sometimes it slips your mind to send important emails to your customers. Meanwhile, there are seasons where it should be done. Therefore, it will be very much beneficial if you schedule annual reminders to send emails to your customers or clients. For example, your customers buy certain items regularly during winter. Then, schedule sending email related to what they usually buy for winter next year. Automate this schedule email to make your work easier. 

Have higher management to send a ‘thank you’ email 

Your sale representatives are the ones who usually interact with customers. However, you can also consider having your higher management or representative to send a ‘thank you’ email to your customers. The content of the email is just to show appreciation to the customers, as well as checking on them if there is any potential issue between customers and sales reps. This way, you can find the best solution to gain customer’s trust. 

Target your client with customized email

Your customers leave traces of what they have browsed or purchased. You have the records and you can optimize your e-marketing by customizing email. If there is certain group that share same interest of your products or services, make an email mailing list. Hence, you know what kind of email to send to particular group. This will be beneficial for a long term marketing. 

Maximize your email format

It is important to send regular email to your customers to keep your visibility. However, do not send email that will be considered spams by your customers. Instead, send informative purposeful emails to them that can be about your take on current events, your latest collaboration with other brands, etc. Keep your customers updated of your business and industry to keep the engagement. 

Simple, specified customer survey

It is important to conduct survey to know what your customers need, what problems they want to solve, and what they expect from your brand. However, most customers find it time consuming to complete a survey form, especially if the questions don’t align with what they want to voice out. Hence, make the prompts of your survey more specific. For example, ask questions related to the products your customers often buy. This is considered more efficient in many ways.

Wayag Island, Explore Paradise in West Papua

Traveling to Raja Ampat, particularly to see the Wayag Island, has become a must-do for nature lovers all over the world. The Wayag Islands are the most well-known and iconic of all the islands in Raja Ampat. The archipelago, which consists of a group of islands in Raja Ampat, West Papua Province, presents an exotic landscape with turquoise-colored lagoons and small islands of karst rocks that surround each other, creating unique and beautiful characteristics. Wayag Papua Raja Ampat is a must-visit for individuals who enjoy diving. Because the underwater beauty of a 155-hectare area is quite appealing.

Wayag Island, Explore Paradise in West Papua

Wayag Island: Several colors of sea water

Beautiful beaches with unusual karst islets that seem like mushrooms emerging out of the sea can be found on Wayag Island. This is what gives the coral islands their appearance of mountains lined up neatly in a green tone. The seawater is clear and comes in a variety of shades, including light blue and dark blue, depending on depth.

Schools of fish swimming form a beautiful view of the underwater world. Coral reefs that live on the seabed are part of Wayag Indonesia which offers the best diving experience that you may have never experienced so far.

Visiting Karang Island

To enjoy the view of Wayag Island to the fullest, you can climb to Karang Island which is quite steep up to a 90-degree slope, so it takes a lot of energy to get there. Takes approximately 30 minutes. However, the tiredness will pay off when you reach the top and enjoy its beauty.

How to get to Wayag Island? 

You can rent a motorboat from Sorong. The trip to the Raja Ampat dive site will take about 4-5 hours. cost actors are the most important to consider. If you are from outside Papua, then you will arrive at Domine Eduard Osok Airport (DEO). Arriving at the port, decide to immediately continue the journey to Waisai. 

Waisai is the capital of Raja Ampat Regency. If you really want to go directly to Wayag Island without the need to stop at Waisai, you can use a speed boat from the port in Sorong. The cost of renting this speed boat is Rp. 9 million per day. The trip from Sorong to Wayag Island by speed boat will take about 5 hours. Live onboard can be the best option to explore Wayag Papua and the surrounding islands. Liveaboard operators offer a large selection of boats with super-premium facilities. Private boats give you the freedom to arrange itineraries and determine the destination you want.

Understanding What Type Of Business Leader You Are

Understanding What Type Of Business Leader You Are

Building a business takes time and there is no such thing as instant success. Not to mention that all challenges and risks are often make many entrepreneurs give up with their entrepreneurial journey. Each successful entrepreneur may have their different secrets of how to build successful business. They may have out of the box approaches that work only for them. And one of the key ingredients on successful business is the leadership quality. 

How you lead your people while building your business

Every individual has characteristics that differ them from the others and affect how they lead other people especially in professional settings. Understanding the type of leader you are can be beneficial for you to recognize yourself and how you manage your team. There is no such thing as perfect leader because after all, leaders are still human. However, good leadership can help team to grow better. So what type of a leader are you?

Letting employees bloom on their own

There is a the type of leader who like to let their employees flourish on their own. They still give support and offer resources and tools for their employees to utilize. However, they don’t make themselves too involved in their employees’ learning process. It is not that they don’t want to help but they believe that this kind of support will help employees flourish while giving much needed space. The downside of this type of leader is that they are often being viewed as less assertive leaders who don’t like confrontation. 

Leader with million ideas

There is also a type of leader who likes coming up with ideas. They are focused on reaching long-term goals with their future-oriented thinking. They like being engaged with their employees to get them onboard with their ideas. This type of leaders tend to be very creative, imaginative, and often impulsive on making decision. They are also the type of leaders who seem so easy to approach. The downside is that they sometimes get easily distracted and need help to implement their ideas. 

Detailed and analytical leader

Next is the leader who tends to be analytical in almost everything. They like to plan everything to detail to process the information and make accurate calculation. They like reviewing things thoroughly to make sure they don’t miss any important point. This type of leader tend to be more organized and like hearing feedback from their employees so there is a sense of inclusiveness. The downside of this type of leader is sometimes they are being risk-averse and not comfortable in making quick decision. 

Dominant leader

There is also a type of leader who tend to be very dominant. They tend to adopt military style in their leadership. They are also good in making quick decision because they are quick thinker and great strategist. They don’t have problem working under pressure and are more resilient during crisis. They like to set into real action without explaining too much and care alot about the end result. The downside of this type of leader is, they tend to be seen as insensitive, impatient, and lack of empathy.

Why Owning Bali Property is A Smart Investment Move

Why Owning Bali Property is A Smart Investment Move

Why Owning Bali Property is A Smart Investment Move

Property prices have soared in Bali over the last five years, and the island is now regarded as one of the top real estate markets in the world. In a published analysis of the 2012 global luxury property market by Knight Frank, prices in Bali’s top residential districts have risen sharply in this period, with price hikes averaging 20% in Bali, tied with Dubai. Last year, prices in Jakarta and Bali increased more than anyplace else in the globe, owing to a growing middle class in Indonesia and the region, which sees Bali as a relatively inexpensive but highly desired destination to live or own a second house.

Skyrocketing Price for Property in Bali

We have seen 20-fold increase in the value of Bali property from multiple house-owners when they sold it this year, from US$ 30 per m2 in 2008 to US$ 600 per m2 in 2013. This isn’t at all unusual. Today’s investors come from all over the world, and demand for all types of property, especially high-quality property, continues to rise.

Bali is the Ideal Overseas Holiday Destinations 

Many says Bali as the tropical paradise, and it cannot be further than the truth. It’s the ideal local and international vacation spot, just a short flight away from their home in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, or Perth, Singapore, or Bangkok. For the family’s second home or vacation resort, it’s close but different.

Bali is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions. In today’s Bali, you may find practically anything you desire or need. Great beaches, a diverse choice of stores and restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and a truly multi-cultural populace – a peaceful blend of Indonesians and foreigners – are just a few of the attractions. That is what makes it appealing to all. Its powerful, distinct culture, which is half devout Hinduism and partly warm, accepting Indonesian society, appeals to a wide range of individuals from all walks of life.

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Top Investment Location for Foreigners

Foreigners are the driving force behind much of the Bali real estate industry. They are drawn here by the prospect of establishing a successful business, whether selling their goods and services internationally or in the local market. Many visitors to Bali participate in the real estate sector, renting or selling rooms, apartments, and villas to tourists. The success of the property market as an investment and as a business is based on tourism. Many Bali villa complexes and hotels have returns of more than 10%.

Buying Bali Property for Expat Residences

Buying Bali Property for Expat Residences

Many Australian families, where the father works in one part of the country and the family lives in another, have relocated to Bali as a family. For example, say the father works in Western Australia and the mother and children live in one of the east coast cities like Sydney or Canberra, even Perth in the west. It’s quicker, cheaper, and a terrific experience to give kids early in life, which fits with many Australians’ adventure-seeking, outdoor culture. Businesspeople in Jakarta, Singapore, and even Hong Kong are in the same boat. It’s a little island, but it has a lot to offer visitors. Owning a property house in Bali for either permanent or long-term residence just make sense. 

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The Ideal Place for Investment for Indonesian Locals

Bali is the greatest investment island in Indonesia for domestic buyers. Property values have grown rapidly and are expected to continue to rise as a result of a growing middle class with rising earnings seeking an escape from the country’s ever-increasingly crowded cities. International demand is also increasing. Bali is regarded as a reliable investment with rapid profit development and stable capital gains. Indonesia is seen as politically stable by international investors, and Bali, in particular, is seen as having a beautiful laid-back lifestyle.

How To Be More Organized Within Your Own Business

Becoming an organized leader while still being flexible is possible. It benefits not only your self-growth but also your business. When you choose to be more organized, it is never a bad thing. Implementing your organized-self in your own workplaces will not only benefit you but also the people around. Also, being more organized allows you to focus more on what matters because you free yourself from distracting clutters. 

How to implement a habit of being organized in professional settings

Many people put too little attention on a habit of being more organized. Meanwhile, being organized will never impact you negatively. By being more organized, you know where to look when you need to find something. Everything looks in order so you can do your job more efficiently. 

Focus more on what matters and keep things to minimal

Within professional setting, it is important to keep your focus on what matters for business. Clutters here and there will only distract you because you see many things in a mess. Meanwhile, being organized allows you to see what’s essential. It allows you to keep things to minimal so you pay more attention to the quality over quantity. 

Know what to do and when to take a break

To keep your focus, you have to know your limit. When you are an organized person, you know how to plan your schedule. You try to find balance between work and life. Hence, you know when to put your focus on work and when to take a break and find your own leisure time. By being more organized, you know how to create healthy and balance system and routines that allow you to work optimally without draining yourself to the core. Taking a break and coming back refreshed and more focus contribute in increasing productivity. 

Use a planner and put more flexibility

By being more organized, you will become better at making plan. You will embrace calendar planning so you can also plan for the unexpected and for fun times. This way, you will also become great at implementing flexibility in an organized way. Sometimes, it is hard to find time for yourself and to overcome it, you can consider finding more effective strategies such as shortening some of your schedules. You may also consider color-code your schedule to make everything more organized in a nice way. 

Prioritize what matters 

When you are being more organized, you are more focused on achieving your goals at work. Distractions sometimes are inevitable no matter how hard you try to de-clutter your workspace. However, being more organized also allows you to prioritize what’s more important. if you find it still difficult to focus within your workspace, consider using additional tools to help you de-clutter and stay focus. 

To become more organized, recognize the value of time. This way, you will treat your time as something valuable and precious to just waste on something less important so carelessly. You can start with being more organized in spending your own time.

Komodo Island Trip Guide

Komodo Island is a small island in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. It’s located in the Lesser Sunda Islands and is known for being home to the endemic Komodo dragon, as well as a variety of other amazing wildlife species on land and in the sea.

Komodo National Park consists of three main islands: Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island (together with smaller surrounding islands), with approximately 5,000 Komodo Dragons dwelling on Komodo and Rinca.

This interesting island is volcanic in origin, as it is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Gazing at the massive brown and green volcanic mountains that rise from the confluence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

komodo island trip

The best way to get there

Traveling around Komodo Island is pretty simple, but getting there requires first flying to Bali, then flying or boating to Labuan Bajo, and lastly Komodo Island boat tour.

By plane

A few local airlines travel from Bali to Flores Island’s Labuan Bajo. The best and nearest base location for exploring Komodo Island is Labuan Bajo. Indonesian Air Transport (IAT) and Trans Nusa Airlines (TGN) both fly to Labuan Bajo on a daily basis.

By Water

Budget travelers visiting the area may be enticed to take a ferry from Bali to Labuan Bajo, but don’t get too enthusiastic just yet. Ferries on this route normally take roughly 36 hours, though you’ll save money on lodging for one night.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the journey can be dangerous. It’s a lengthy, arduous trip through shallow, rocky waters. This is not a recommended option unless you are a frequent traveler. On the plus side, it’s a lot less expensive than flying, and it may all be part of the fun.

Start From Labuan Bajo

labuan bajo tour

Unless you can afford a helicopter, the only way to get to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo is by boat. The boat voyage is normally roughly 2 hours long.

Another alternative is to lease a boat in Labuan Bajo and go on your own private Komodo Island trip. This is an excellent method to ensure that you see exactly what you want, learn about the archipelago, and snorkel in the wonderfully clear seas surrounding the island. If you’re a scuba diver, you can cruise throughout Komodo on a dive boat.


The climate in Komodo is unmistakably tropical. Rainfall ranges from 79-100 cm (31-39 inches) throughout the rainy season, which runs from December to March. During the rest of the year, the weather is usually dry and arid. The air temperature varies from 24-31 degrees Celsius throughout the wet season. Temperatures range from 25 to 34 degrees Celsius during the dry months.

Water temperatures range from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, making it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

When is the best time to go?

The tropical island of Komodo has two seasons: rainy and dry.

The rainy season lasts from December to March. If you’re considering a trip during these months, check to see if particular boat/ferry companies are operating, as some choose to close their doors during this time.

The wet season ends in April and June when the flora bloom and the island comes alive with color. If you’re a diver interested in diving with whale sharks, now is the time to go. The temperature is a little cooler during this time, and you might have a few wet days here and there.

July and August are the most crowded for tourists. The island is generally overrun with people, and the temperature is scorching.

The best time to do Komodo island trip is between September and November when the weather is still pleasant but there are fewer people.

Scuba Diving Komodo

scuba diving komodo island

Why wouldn’t you dive in one of the world’s most gorgeous dive sites if you’re a scuba diver? Diving at the Komodo marine reserve is feasible almost all year. However, the best diving conditions can be found from March to October.

The rainy season, which runs from December to March, is the optimum time to dive with the spectacular manta ray. If you’re planning a vacation around that time, do some research and contact dive businesses ahead of time, as some dive boats don’t go out during the rainy season.

From November through January, underwater visibility is at its greatest.


Komodo island trip snorkeling is as breathtaking as you’d expect. It should come as no surprise that nearly all of the dive companies offer snorkeling trips to this area, with beautifully colored coral and a wonderful assortment of marine life. It is vital to remember, however, that anyone going snorkeling should be a good swimmer, as conditions can swiftly change.

You have two alternatives for snorkeling on Komodo Island: you can join a group and choose from one of the several dive companies on the island, or you can stay on a liveaboard and snorkel from there. You may also rent a boat and travel around the island, stopping at the best snorkeling places with your friends and family.

If you go snorkeling with a dive company, make sure they travel to Pink Beach (see below), as this is where you’ll find some of the best snorkeling.

Providing Value To Your Audience Through Content Delivery

One of the most essential keys for success is good relationship including in business. Your relationship with your audience, potential customers, and existing customers should be nurtured carefully if you want to make it long lasting and beneficial for both sides. Keep in mind that there are many ways you can stay connected with your audience such as through online platforms. You can open an official account of your brand in several social media platforms for example, and reach out to your audience even better.

Bring in more value to your audience using high quality content delivery

When you decide to establish an online platform to keep in touch with your audience, you must know that you have to keep delivering content. However, it is not just random content but the ones with high quality to bring in more value to your audience. If you do it consistently, you will also attract more followers. And here are some tips to do it properly:

Share your company vision

Everyone must know already that every brand aims for making money. However, allow your audience to see another side of your brand. Show them that your company has its vision and share it with them. You can share your vision both with the existing and prospecting customers. When you share your vision, you allow your audience to know what your positive mission statements are. Audience who share similar values and interest will be more attracted to support your brand naturally because they can feel the connection.

Be consistent

Online content is king in today’s marketing strategy. Hence, you need to be consistent in delivering high quality online content through your platforms. Make sure that your contents can capture their attention, informative, and up to date. Do not always aim for your content to be viral because it is not a guarantee your audience will stay. Bring in more value to your customers with consistency instead. 

Provide availability and accessibility

Customers more appreciate brands that can be reached out easily to answer question and help fix their problems. Otherwise, your customers might just find another brand that they can rely on better. You can provide more availability and accessibility through various ways. But first find out where your customers spend most of their time. Today, most of them spend most of their time in social media. Hence, you can start by opening up direct message with your existing and prospecting customers. This is an attempt to establish seamless communication. Or, inform your audiences to tag you when they have a question you need to answer.

Seek out feedback and respond to it

Feedback from your customers either negative or positive can be used to improve the quality of your product or service. Instead of waiting for the customers to give their feedback, seek them out proactively. You can do it using polls, surveys, or posts that can utilize questions as well as call to action. Put the feedback you receive to use to grow your business better.

Komodo Sailing Trip And What To Expect

Tourists say the Komodo sailing trip is a unique experience that you should enjoy while on vacation in Indonesia. The Komodo Islands are included in the Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara. Komodo Island offers spectacular natural beauty, an underwater paradise, and is home to the rare Komodo dragon. To take a vacation and explore Komodo National Park, you have to go on a sailing trip.

Komodo Sailing Trip And What To Expect - outdoor

How to book a Komodo sailing Trip?

Believe it or not, when you arrive in Labuan Bajo, there will be many Komodo sailing trip operators offering travel packages for you. Labuan Bajo is indeed the starting point of your adventure to Komodo National Park and its surroundings. The reason is, you will not have time to find an experienced and trusted operator when you go show.

If you are on a solo Komodo dragon sailing trip, it will certainly be very easy. You can fill the empty slot that will be leaving soon. What if you go with a lot of people or groups? The best recommendation is to surf and look for a Komodo sailing trip operator before arriving in Labuan Bajo. The goal? You can read reviews, get information on amenities during your trip, arrange an itinerary, or even negotiate prices. For sure, you will not miss a satisfying boat and sailing trip.

How long is the ideal Komodo liveaboard trip?

Komodo national park itinerary

Actually, your Komodo sailing trip depends on how long you want to vacation. Ideally, you can go on an adventure in Komodo National Park for about 4 days and 3 nights. If you are a dive lover group, your dives will be very satisfying. If possible you can do night dives in the Komodo area. Diving on the island of Komodo is also very suitable for micro photographers. If you do not have a diving certificate, you can snorkel in several dive spots that are safe from strong currents.

What does include in your luxury Komodo liveaboard?

komodo sailing trip cabin

During the sailing trip to Komodo island, all onboard facilities are included in the total cost. Komodo liveaboard has a comfortable cabin complete with an air conditioner and bathroom. You will find many open spaces during the Komodo sailing trip, such as the dining room and sunroom. If you don’t like shared bedrooms and bathrooms, a private tour might be a perfect choice. The operator also provides snorkeling and diving equipment which you can use at no additional cost.

What does not include the Komodo liveaboard budget?

Komodo national park entrance

Travel costs to Komodo exclude flights to Labuan Bajo. You also have to pay the entrance to Komodo National Park, and a ranger fee. This is why booking a Komodo sailing trip is better before you arrive in Labuan Bajo. Detailed travel information will make it easier for you to design a Komodo dragon liveaboard budget. Make sure you bring cash to pay the entrance fee to Komodo National Park.