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Develop Skills of Finding the Best Opportunities for Your Business

It says that many entrepreneurs have some kind of sixth sense for opportunity. It means that they are able to tell what opportunities will pan out and what opportunities won’t be a good fit for their business during networking event for example. Some entrepreneurs can casually visualize an opportunity’s journey from start to finish. The problem is, not all entrepreneurs have that kind of skill. Some of them find it hard to even decide which opportunity that will be a good fit for their business. 

Develop Skills of Finding the Best Opportunities for Your Business

How to develop the skill

If you consider yourself as one of those entrepreneurs who don’t have the sharpest skill to find the best opportunities for your business, you are not alone. Besides, this skill is achievable through constant learning. With practice and dedication, you will gain the skill and have your business grow even greater. And here are some tips for you to develop the skill of finding best opportunities:

Never let your eyes closed

The thing about opportunity is that, it can come anytime even when you least expect it. Hence, it is crucial to keep your eyes open. For example, when you first connecting with a person through LinkedIn, it may not seem to be potential for successful opportunity. However, you may find potential for collaboration or partnership when you look deeper. Every time you meet new people, ask them about their experience, their goals, etc. Hence, you can see if their answer align with your own vision. When you keep your eyes open, it means you look for opportunities in every places even in the most unexpected ones. This way, you will develop sharper sense of finding the best opportunities that will work.

Have the right mindset

Even if you keep your eyes open all the time, you may not be able to find the best opportunities if you don’t have the right mind. Hence, it is important to keep your mind primes, meaning you feel open and willing to try new things in order to take your business in directions you have not considered before. If you have closed mind, you won’t be willing to pursue the opportunities that don’t fit your certain goals. Being stuck in the same mindset often make give you less opportunity to grow and success. It is because you limit yourself to find something that may actually be your breakthrough. 

Keep practicing

Keeping our eyes open and having the right mind cannot be done in just one try. The best thing to do is to keep practicing them until finding the best opportunities become your natural sixth sense for you. Remind yourself to look for opportunities in unexpected places and situations to keep your eyes open. Also, remind yourself to stay open-minded by not easily dismissing idea even if it sounds new for you. Try thinking through different ways you can play out the opportunity to see if positive outcomes if you pursue it. 

Terrain & Materials to Know Before Building Canggu Villas by the Beach

Terrain & Materials to Know Before Building Canggu Villas by the Beach

So, you’re going to build villas in Canggu? One of the most gratifying locations to live is on the beach, and Canggu is one of the prime beachfront locations in Bali. Having a villa near Canggu’s excellent surfing beaches also come with huge profit. Afterall, this little coastal town is highly desirable among tourists and its popularity is skyrocketing within the past 10 years.

However, constructing in such a coveted area comes with its own set of challenges. Building a house in coastal region will be different from building one in the city or mountain. So, here we have compiled some tips you need to consider before building your dream tropical house in Canggu. Aside of that, we also recommend working with a local architect or designer, as well as local engineers that have expertise constructing in coastal conditions, to ensure you get the most value out of your investment.

Building Canggu Villas Near the Water

The oceanfront will always be a prime location that sells fast—especially as a vacation rental. However, being in the frontline of the beach comes with a challenging terrain. If your location happened to be in the sandy area, you might need a special foundation design. Post and pier foundations are great for oceanfront Canggu villas. Your seaside vacation house will be protected against water damage and harsh weather conditions with a post and pier foundation. These raised beach cottages are ideal for locations that are prone to floods. When you’re on the upper deck, the raised flooring will also provide you a better bird’s-eye perspective of the surroundings.

Building the Villas in Former Rice-Field Plot

In several parts of Bali, new structures are being constructed on the sites of old rice fields. Especially in newly developed region like Canggu. To prepare the ground, paddy fields are covered with a layer of white coral stone that is typically 1 meter thick and on which the structure is constructed. If the home being constructed is very large, the fill may not be compacted well and may subside (many are these days). The expansion and contraction of the muck in the paddy is the most common cause of difficulties. Paddy fields’ muck has been worked to retain as much moisture as feasible. It compresses significantly during the dry season before expanding again during the rainy season, which is not ideal under a home. Thus, you will need specific strategies to build a house in such terrain.

Preparing the Former Rice-Field Plot for Your Canggu Villas

Preparing the Former Rice-Field Plot for Your Canggu Villas

The first step you need to take is to ensure that the ground is stable. It should be adequately compacted if it has been filled. If the area used to be paddy fields, having the muck cleaned before filling the site is a smart idea.

After that, you need to ensure that the foundation is solid. It should be planned properly by a technically competent individual, and construction should be continuously monitored to ensure that the design specifications are met. Reinforcing steel should have the diameter required by the engineer, and concrete should have a suitable cement content. Keep in mind that to save money, local builders may frequently reduce the size of reinforcing steel or the cement content in concrete.

Lastly, ensure that the building has a well-designed integrated structure that allows it to function as a single unit. If the earth shifts, the home will shift as well.

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Choosing Materials for Your Villa

The corrosive tendency of sea salt is another problem for coastal buildings, and it may influence many external material choices. Therefore, material selections is very important if you want to build a high-quality, durable villas in Canggu.

Woods & Composite – Choose materials that can endure exposure to sea air and are naturally resistant to harsh weather, such as decay-resistant woods or composite materials that require little or no care.

Metal – Metal is a robust and durable material. However, it is sensitive to salt air if left exposed. Cedar and concrete are both excellent choices since they are both durable and weather resistant while also being attractive.

Non-Wood Composite – Non-wood composite materials such as fiberglass and non-cellular PVC plastic, which are more weather resistant, should be used for all external trim and siding.

Seam Metal Roof – This material is indeed more costly. However, they can provide superior wind and corrosion protection. Standing seam metal roofs also give off a strong architectural appearance, which can be a plus for a luxury ambience it gives to your villa.

Ensuring Positive Outcomes Of Closing The Deals

Closing the deal successfully is what every business wants. The time and effort you put into the preparation is no joke and things still can go wrong with the deals. Hence, it is a must to know how to handle the situation in order to get to the point of closing successfully. You may need effective negotiation tactic to minimize the risk of your deal going sideways. 

Tactics you need for closing the deals successfully

Negotiation tactics are essentials when it comes to closing the deal regardless of how big or small it is. You need to negotiate well to get what you want. Also, keep in mind that there are many factors you should consider when closing the deals. Preparation is a must but not the only key for the deal to be closed successfully so here are some tactics to consider:

Let your client talks

It is often that we overlook the ability to listen. Meanwhile, it is important in negotiation. When you try to close the deal, you tend to keep speaking when you want to counter an objection. However, it is best to let your client talk first and say what their problems are. Let them open up while you prepare for the solution. Or, you can also prepare for the possible objection in advance. 

Know what your counterpart look for

Understanding your counterpart is a must when it comes to negotiation for closing a deal. When you know what they want or are looking for, you know what to do to cater their need and present it through the lens of your company. You can show them how your company can meet their standards. Always get yourself informed by taking the time to do your research. This way, you can find the best ways to deliver what your counterparts need. 

Focusing on your counterpart’s motivation

When you get to the process of closing the deal, it means your clients have seen your potentials. They just need the right push to close the deals. Every client may have different reasons of what hold them back from signing on the deals. However, you can always get to the finish line by refocusing to their motivations for considering your offer in in the first place. Remind them gently and consistently what your value they saw in the first place. Hence, they will keep their focus on the benefit of closing the deals instead of their doubts. 

Consider adding urgency trigger

You can try instilling urgency into the deal to get immediate action because human brain basically is a natural procrastinator. Hence, adding urgency trigger can persuade them to take action immediately. You can give your clients a limited-time offer such as a discount if they sign today then let them make their own decision. They will calculate the most obvious benefits as well as risks. However, note that it is not manipulative tactic. It is as simple as persuasion and it has no risk of ruining the relationships between you and clients.

Labuan Bajo Cruise In The Komodo National Park

The opportunity to dive in Indonesia, which is rich in marine biodiversity, has always been a privilege. Imagining the underwater world in the waters of Komodo National Park and its surroundings makes you amazed and amazed. The opportunity for a Labuan Bajo cruise with a traditional phinisi boat, complete with luxury facilities in the style of a five-star hotel, offers a unique and memorable trip. 

labuan bajo cruise

Labuan Bajo Cruise, Exploring Dive Sites Komodo Island

For those who have dived in the waters of Komodo, imagining the dive sites in Komodo National Park and its surroundings makes you want to visit again. Komodo waters always offer endless underwater diving spots for you to explore. Plan your Labuan Bajo tour by paying attention to the best time to explore Labuan Bajo and its surroundings as well as diving in the waters of Komodo.

Reba Festival (January – March)

reba festival - labuan bajo cruise

On your Labuan Bajo cruise in January – March, you will see the Reba Festival. The Reba Festival is a traditional party of the Langa community in Ngada Regency. The purpose of this festival is to express gratitude to the Creator. This festival also aims to respect ancestors so that they are blessed with wealth and good harvests. The culmination of the festival usually lasts for three days with various ceremonies and ritual activities.

Super Beautiful Natural Scenery (April – May)

If you want to see super beautiful natural scenery, you have to take a Labuan Bajo cruise in April – May. Towards May, the vegetation in Labuan Bajo begins to turn yellow. You can see the stretch of white sand under the sea from the surface.

A Labuan Bajo cruise in June brings you to see a traditional boxing show. People call it Sagi or Etu boxing. The traditional boxing show is an expression of gratitude for the blessings given by the ancestors throughout the year.

Komodo Mating Season (July – September)

komodo mating season - labuan bajo cruise

The range of July – September is the Komodo dragon’s mating season. You can find them easily around Loh Liang National Park. Pay attention to the ranger’s directions when you see Komodo dragons mating, to prevent things that harm you.

Enjoying Underwater Life (October – December)

Komodo diving national park

The sensation of the Labuan Bajo cruise and exploring the waters of Komodo brings tourists to see various marine life. October – December is the best time for you to take a Labuan Bajo cruise and explore the underwater world.

The weather in October is quite sunny, the sea waves are calm with cool air. The underwater scenery of Komodo waters is extraordinary with various types of fish passing through the coral reefs. You can be satisfied with snorkeling and diving activities. October is also the best time for night diving.

In December the weather begins to change and humans at night. The fish began to appear on the surface of the water. If you take the Labuan Bajo cruise in December, be prepared to dive and snorkel during the day.

Tips For Entrepreneurs To Overcome Burnout

Running a business can take a toll on you physically and mentally. In entrepreneurship, there are high and lows you experience. Those can be exhausting and and experiencing those constantly can lead to burnout. It is a condition of physical, emotional, and psychological exhaustion. If it is not dealt with, your well-being and your business will be in jeopardy. It is important to know when to pause and overcome burnout when the signs show up. 

How entrepreneurs can overcome burnout

Running business is full of pressure. You need to constantly on edge because you have to make sure everything is running well. Being in that position for long without proper care and support can lead to burnout. And here are some tips to overcome burnout for hardworking entrepreneurs:

Do not neglect the importance of restoring your body. To be able to function, your body needs to restore through a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can mess up with your hormones and all. Hence, it won’t function properly. Physical exhaustion can lead to emotional one. Hence, make sure to get enough sleep especially during the night and it is better to wake up early than sleep late. Stay away from things that distract you from good sleep such as your phone, gadgets, etc. 

Treat your body well. It might be strong but without proper care then it will be left vulnerable. Just like an engine, your body needs regular maintenance to maintain resilience and stamina. Hence, you need to take care of your body by knowing what foods your body needs. Avoid consuming too much processed foods. Make sure to eat foods packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for your body. Good food can help in restocking your system with vital cellular ingredients. When your body is healthy, you can perform well with your business. 

Take stressors our of your system.  Burnout can be detected by the signs that show up. Hence, pay attention to yourself. If you feel yourself feeling irritated or experience mood swings, find the stressors. Or, you feel exhausted even after a good night sleep. Those can be the signs that you are suffering from burnout. Also, be mindful of external stressors such as alcohol, electromagnetic fields, etc. Limit your alcohol consumption and the use of computer, phone, and other gadgets that produce electromagnetic fields. 

When you feel like suffering from burnout through the signs that show up lately, it might be because you lose a sense of purpose with what you are doing. It is common in business that you are so caught up with handling many things and lose the purpose. It is said that purpose confers a protective feature against burnout. That’s why people who have a sense of purpose are less likely to suffer from burnout or any other chronic diseases. Hence, it is time for you to identify your purpose and fall back to it to regain strength. Your purpose will make you live with more feeling of fulfillment and passion.

Sailing on Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Liveaboard is a journey to complete an act of vacation revenge and to make up for the happiness that was delayed, to satisfy the eyes, mind, and certainly make us smile endlessly.

Sailing on Komodo Liveaboard

Natural preservation and local wisdom from the nature of Flores are very unfortunate if avoided or rejected. The time wasted on this island is worth it and not in vain, when you are on the Komodo Sailing Trip, everything around you seems so pleasing to be seen with big smiles and arms stretched out to greet the coming sea breeze.

But before you’re welcome on board, make sure at least you bring your medical equipment, swimwear, bug spray, shoes, and please do not litter in the ocean or the ship in the Komodo Island Sailing Tour.

Panorama from Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Liveaboard puts you in front of a stretching cluster of islands waiting for you to anchor there, even though you will later return to sail on the Komodo Island Sailing Tour. The beauty of the island of Flores is waiting for you to enjoy it, full of life warmly.

You can take pictures or videos with a camera or drone to look for a good aesthetic angle for personal satisfaction or social media, name it, all the same. But make sure your camera doesn’t fall into the water. Don’t miss the sparkling pink sky mixed with the blue silhouette.

Or watch the splendor of the star-studded night sky, while laying on your back and stretching out your arms over Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo.

Underwater tour on Komodo Sailing Trip

Lots of Komodo Diving Liveaboard on this island, but diving at the right current will lead you to find unique marine animals that are hiding from the currents that come behind corals and rocks.
In this current cycle, you can encounter surgeonfish, snapper, batfish, other small fish, grey reef sharks, giant trevally, tuna, barracuda, humble manta sharks, or large green turtles who are not shy about being photo models.

Or dive at sunset into the darkness of the ocean with a torch in hand to meet other ocean-watching creatures, then return to the Komodo Liveaboard from the chill of to bathe in warm water and join in for the dinner under the bright moonlight, whose light shines across some of the ocean.

Things To Consider To Design Your Workspace At Home

Remote work is one of the shifts happened caused by the sudden global in 2020. Some people may find it a blessing to finally work from home so they can do it while taking care of their family. However, it can be challenging for some people since the line has become blurred. You cannot fully concentrate working when your kids running around or when your pet keeps sitting in your lap. Therefore, designing your own workspace at home can be a good alternative. 

Considerations before designing a workspace at home

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to design a workspace at home is the lack of resource. Hence, it is harder to bind high design with high functionality. So here are few things to consider if you plan to design your own workspace at home:

Sustainability is one of the most important factors to consider in designing home workspace. By holding to this key factor, you will be able to select the right materials, lighting, and everything else. Make sure that you stay conscious of the environmental footprint. Besides, the work situation now is still considered temporary. Nothing is settled yet and you may be called to work in the office again in few months. So make sure that the workspace will still be usable even after use. Maybe you can make it as a makeshift mini studio or hang out spot. 

Reliable feature is also important especially because remote work requires high-tech to support the majority of the process. Therefore, it is important to be considerate when it comes to high-tech features selection. Choose them based on what you consider as thoughtful and meaningful investment while supporting your daily operation. 

You may also have to consider natural materials since you want everything to blend seamlessly with the existing materials you have. Make sure that the materials you choose won’t overpower the property you have to work with. You may have to consider the material that will go along well with your architectural identity. 

Design is also not less important than any other factors when it comes to creating a workspace at home. You can choose a design that can work wonderfully well with the overall property. You can maintain a clean line to make it blend naturally with its surrounding. However, it is not a problem either if you want to create completely different vibe with your workspace. Hence, you can really tell the line between workspace and personal space. 

Natural light is a factor that is often forgotten when it comes to construction or renovation. In designing your workspace, make sure that it has enough source of natural light. It allows you to have maximum visibility. However, make sure that the light source is not blinding. Therefore, avoid harsh, direct sunlight. By having enough natural light, you don’t have to add extra electrical usage. Aside from keeping the environment safe, you can avoid paying higher energy bills. Therefore, it is a win-win solution that you can take advantage of. 

Fun Family Things to Do Around Villa Sanur Bali

There is an abundance of the best place to see and explore in Bali, which you can visit while on vacation. One of the great places to visit is Sanur. Connected to Bali’s most amazing places by excellent transport links. Sanur is a perfect place for you to relieve stress and relax. Not only for you, but it is also a family-friendly destination. As it provides a lot of comfortable hotels, resorts, and villa Sanur Bali. If you are traveling with groups or a big family and want to spend some time in Bali’s calmer corner, Sanur has everything you need. Take a look at these five fun family things to do! 

Fun Family Things to Do Around Villa Sanur Bal

cycle around villa sanur bali

Take a walk or cycle along Sanur promenade

One of the perfect areas of Sanur is its coastline. This ideal spot is extremely popular with families. Joggers and cyclists are the two most popular things to do in Sanur at all hours of the day. Also, along the seaside promenade, you will find many stalls, quiet cafes, colorful fishing boats, and local warungs. Take a little break for refreshments anytime you wish, and take in the beautiful panoramic view.

Eat good local food at The Sanur Night Market.

Who doesn’t love the idea of late-night snacks? Pasar Sindhu Night Market is one of Sanur’s focal points coming alive after dark. It offers travelers a wide selection of souvenirs and delicious local street food. There’s a variety of traditional snacks and cuisine available from vendors along with the night market. Prepare for a mouthwatering experience as travelers stroll among stalls of delicious food vendors.

Watching the sunrise 

Sanur beach is one of Bali’s most beautiful places, with a long strip of pristine golden sands that are lined with waving palm trees. So get up early, then head on down to the beach to gaze at this spectacle of nature. Be sure to bring your phone and snap some fantastic sunrise!

Do some watersports

Besides cycling along the Sanur promenade, the tourist area of Sanur has many choices of exciting family water activities. You can do many water activities at the beach of Sanur, such as jet-skiing, sea-kayaking, parasailing, and swimming. But, kitesurfing and windsurfing are the two most popular water sports in Sanur. Sanur’s steady wind and consistent currents create the perfect conditions to speed. 

Leave your worries behind at Villa Sanur Bali! 

There are so many more fun things beyond the above-listed but do take a moment to plan your perfect accommodation. Your Sanur stays experience will elevate your overall family holiday experience. If you are a family seeking a suitable and relaxing vacation, then villa Sanur Bali may be what you are looking for!

Productive Collaboration Efforts During Remote Work

The situation with global pandemic has brought a shift in the way we work to run business. It is not an easy change especially when telecommuting has been implemented yet in the way you run your business. However, those who can survive and thrive during the crisis is those who pivot. Being able to adapt with the situation given is a must. Therefore, it is not impossible to still have creative, innovative, and productive collaboration with your team even when working remotely. 

Remote working and productive collaboration

While working in the office, ideas are often bouncing around. However, different setting can make different way in thinking. Sometimes, being at home makes your brain feel uninspired. It is possible to not being able to think creatively. However, collaborative efforts are possible and can be essential factor to achieve your business goal even during remote work. Working together while working remotely can be a successful effort. 

With how the work environment has changed, it is also important that you make some changes to the structure of your team. Old way might not be inapplicable anymore with the new setting hence the change. You need to build a team consisting of different people with different strengths or skills. You need your team to be agile during this tough time. You don’t have to build a team consisted of too many people seven to eight members are enough as long as they are self-organizing, autonomous, and dedicated. By rebuilding the structure, you will have more agile team which is more reliable in creating productive results with their diverse strength and discipline which encourage more creativity.

Remote Work

You and your team don’t have to sit in the Zoom meetings to brainstorm. Sometimes, ideas come when your brain is the most relaxed. Formal meeting often block your brain to think creatively. Therefore, it is good if you can arrange more casual meeting with your team members. Also, make sure to encourage yourself and your team members to take a walk, hike, run, or do their exercise outdoor. It can help them fish for brilliant ideas especially when their body is moving but their brain is relaxing. You can also arrange a walk-meeting when you and your team members discuss ideas while doing your own outdoor activities. Different setting can generate more diverse ideas.

Before having a Zoom meeting as usual, it is recommended to have a meditation session with your team members. You can do it for 10 minutes. You and your team members can use guided meditation app if you any of you don’t know how to do it properly. It can be calming and relaxing. Hence, you can start your meeting with more relaxed mind and happy mood. All the stress you have before the meeting can be removed through meditation. Do not underestimate the power of 10-minutes meditation. Collaboration and distance sound unfit. With distance, collaboration seems harder to do. However, you can try the tips above to make it happens successfully

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Real Estate Bali Seminyak is the Best Investment for 2021

Bali travellers and investor usually have their own financial plans, and Real Estate Bali Seminyak will always be ones to favourite. The reasons for this is because bali real estate investments will always have as strong and predictable cash flow. In addition, Makes investors’s future financial align more straightforward. Also in general, this investment will provide a higher return because of the uprising demand and positive leverage.

Real Estate Seminyak Bali

Much preferably, the Seminyak area which consider as top destination for travel and leisure. This area provide a never ending loop for leisure and entertainment for its visitor. This indicate that more visitor are willing to live in Seminyak area for short term and even a long term residence.So what else support this as a best investment?

Appreciation in the Market

This is an interesting indicator, because after the covid19 pandemic hit Bali’s tourism really hard. It seems that now the industry are slowly recover from the bottom hole. Furthermore the depreciation levels of real bali estate have risen significantly during these past month. And we could see a strong stimulus in the market until the end of 2020.

Improvable Real Estate Bali Seminyak

You can purchase an almost empty real estate bali seminyak, and with enough repairment, you can change it into something luxury masterpiece. So imagine that you invest in the unit for $40,000, and you budget to spend $20,000 to add extra rooms in which add up the unit interior and make it more modern. Not to mention you could also add additional unique features to it.

Real Estate Seminyak Bali

Furthermore, whenever you finish repairing your property, you could compare it to the market and state that the value is now worth multiple times than before.  That’s an effective small investment and time for a huge return. Besides directly selling it, consider to renting out instead. You would make more return investment back over the years. Not to mention, the family would have been proud with this kind of investment.

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Retirement Planning

Another point that makes invest in real estate bali seminyak is an interesting business is that usually by the time the unit close its investment, all of the real estate that you own with mortgage will be paid off. Furthermore, with this indication your cash flow is likely to increase for a long period of time.

Investor often consider state as a forced saving practice. In addition, you will get a passive income and significant amount as the time goes by. In which, someday you will need those amount to provide you the best treat for retirement. This is why real estate bali seminyak most likely a perfect investment for retirement.


Unlike stocks and shares that you find it difficult to predict the interest and rate of cash flow you will get from your portfolio. Investing in bali real estate provide a huge different than those stocks and shares. In addition, you can easily predict the return you will get from your real estate portfolio.

Real Estate Seminyak Bali

Cash flow is the net spendable income that given by the investment portfolio after its operations, and mortgage payment. What we discussing here is at least greater than 10% investment ratio