Bali Beyond the Bars and Beaches: Guide to Live Like the Locals

Some of you like a regal holiday, some of you love to get pampered in luxurious relaxation. That’s fine, you have waited for a while for this tropical gateway, anyway. It’s your holiday, and it’s time to pay all your handwork off. Bali can cater every type of holiday, even for the most splendid vacation. However, if you are staying for more than two weeks and your holiday only consists of beaches, shops, and parties, you are missing something.

Maybe this is time to explore the true Bali beyond the fancy restaurants. Bali is very rich in traditions, and this exotic island hides so many beautiful gems waiting to be found. That, only if you are willing to go further than the comfort of your bed and start walking off the tourist hub spots. Maybe, this is the time to start learning how to live like a local, and you’ll go back richer than before, with more than gorgeous photos and souvenirs to carry home.

Strip your touristy destination, walk deeper into the heart of Bali with these following tips:

Travel with Motorbikes

Forget your car. Though it’s air-conditioned and shields you from the dust and rain, Bali’s small and ingested roads clearly call for motorbikes. Renting a motorbike a.k.a scooter is far cheaper and more effective than a car, especially if you want to go off the beaten path. Everyone is using motorbike here, and you can actually learn few riding tricks from the locals you meet on the road. If you can’t ride one, catch a ride of motorbike taxis.

Wear Kebaya Bali or the Sarong

Your beachwear may be cool, but you need to try this Balinese traditional clothes to take a taste of the locals. They are vibrant and colorful, and the sarongs are adorned with high-skilled, elegant embroidery. The female Kebaya is just too gorgeous to resist—made from lace and hug your body tightly, almost as if it’s made to worship your silhouette. The Balinese, however, don’t wear them just for show. It’s very important for their religious ceremonies and special events.

Visit A Temple with Ceremony

Sure, you may watch Balinese dance and music performance in cultural arts at the beach town. However, there’s a huge difference between watching staged performance with the actual one,  when the entire performance is real and meaningful to the religious attendee. All the strong, spiritual vibes will surely leave astonished and speechless. Take nots that since it’s a real ceremony, people might feel quite uncomfortable with flash and snapping pictures in the middle of the event, so make sure to pay your respect.

Eat the Local Cuisine

Finally. What is a journey into a culture without tasting their local food? To get the authentic experience of being Balinese, you need to eat what the locals do. Come into warungs (street food stall) or local restaurant, and find joy in Balinese tasty satay, suckling pig, chicken betutu, or mixed rice.

Some say you’ve never completed your trip to Indonesia without having the infamous Nasi Goreng (fried rice), so make sure to order a plate of it. You’ve done your cuisine fiesta and bar hopping, and now it’s time to experience the comfort foods local people enjoy. Pro tip: the best local food warungs usually have a long line of people waiting to be served.

Sure, there’s a more fascinating cultural experience you’ll get once you get take a peek at the life of the locals. If you are willing to go further, try making a daily offering with your local friends, take a walk between the rice paddies, learn to mix Balinese herbs, or cooking the local cuisine. At the end of the trip, you’ll feel a deeper connection to the beautiful island beyond its bars and beaches.