Decorating Your Villa in Canggu: How to Make It Look Luxurious

Decorating Your Villa in Canggu- How to Make It Look Luxurious

For many, owning a seaside property in Bali is a dream come true. Many people are now eyeing beach villas in Canggu, one of the most popular area in Bali among tourists. Having a vacation house in Bali’s popular area is not only good for yourself; it can also make a nice profit if you rent it out.  

However, there is a common blunder made by beach house owners. They believe that simply being close to the beach will attract the greatest customers and allow them to charge a greater fee. Your beach house should always have a comfortable, airy feel to it, whether it’s a cozy, surf-vibe cottage or a high-end, sophisticated getaway. Guests will want to stay in a spot where they may extend their beach experience.

When it comes to decorating a rental home, the best advice is to imagine yourself in the shoes of your guests and consider what you would want to find in the home you rented. A decent balance of usefulness and art will almost certainly persuade your guests to endorse the experience. Here are some suggestions for how to decorate your beach rental holiday home and make your visitors’ stay unforgettable.

White Looks Good for Canggu Bali Villas

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White is a fantastic neutral hue to use in your home decor. It brightens the space and transforms it into a soothing, flowing, airy paradise where you may rest your body and mind. And, fortunately, it makes decorating a little easier because you can match it with another color to create a theme or complement it with bright colored accents.

When renovating your villas in Canggu Bali, you can go with white hardwood floors, white walls, or white wood elements. Also, when purchasing furniture and textiles for the inside, keep white in mind.

Combine the White with Big Statement Art

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your vacation rental beach house, invest in fascinating artwork that stands out and gives the space a distinct personality.

Play around with colors and don’t be scared to throw in some bright highlights here and there while still maintaining the overall balance. Color accents will be easy to add to a neutral background, such as the usage of white we stated earlier, and they will instantly tie the entire space together.

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Source from the Locals

Source from the Locals

Making environmentally friendly decor choices is one of the finest ways to exceed your customers’ expectations. Using locally-sourced materials and decorations for your vacation rental is usually a wonderful idea. Bali’s craftsmanships is exceptional. Try to incorporate rattan and wood furnitures made by Balinese carpenter. It will adds distinct Bali rustic vibe to your villa and difference stay experience than what guests might have in, say, the Balkans or Maldives. 

Incorporate Local Attractions

Surfboards or kites might be used as decor if your beach house is in a region where water sports are popular. For the dining table, use local fresh fruit, and for the garden, use local plants. Choose light, acceptable materials for your beach house, such as driftwood, sand, terracotta, and bamboo, since these will assist the house become a natural extension of the destination itself.

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Make Sure to Have Ample of Outdoor Lounge

Make Sure to Have Ample of Outdoor Lounge

The majority of beach houses are designed for relaxing in the salty wind, taking in the sun, and listening to the birds chirps. Guests love to spend their time in outdoor area during their vacation, especially if your Canggu villa is equipped with private pool and little garden. Guests will not want to spend time at your beach property if it lacks an enticing outdoor area, and they will feel less connected to it.

Maintain the same level of attention to detail in the porch band and garden in your vacation rental as you would in any other room of the house. Make your guests spend some time on the patio before travelling to the beach. Your home will become an important element of their whole experience. Cafe lights quickly change any outdoor environment, and they’re available at almost any retail market. Use the earth as well—plant a row of beach grass or box ferns that can also serve as a space-divider. Make sure you have the correct furniture for your outdoor space as well. On those hot summer nights, your guests will need a place to relax.