3 Things People Expect When Looking for a Luxury Villas Bali

It’s not news anymore that demand for a villa in Bali is way higher than any other place in Indonesia, Jakarta. Some people even willing to abandon their life in the city just to enjoy a second home on the island of gods Bali doesn’t matter how many it will cost them.

But what exactly makes villa in Bali so luxurious that attracts people so much? Here are a few things that people hopelessly search for every luxury villas Bali.

luxury villas bali for a great holiday experience

A touch of culture beautifies every luxury villas Bali

The Natural View

Jakarta or Surabaya might be famous for its advanced buildings and glamour lifestyle, but living in the middle of a busy city can be frustrating for the mind, especially after a hard day’s work. This frustration can turn into stress if one didn’t relax their brain once in a while.

Bali offers an escape to those people who have a busy schedule and forced to work tirelessly every day. Even now, most of the area on the island is still uninhabited and there’s plenty of forests, rice fields, and beaches all around.

Real estate developer takes advantage of this and starts to build residences far from the crowds, and close to the natural source like ocean and forest. Makes people who own the villa can feel a great feeling of being surrounded by mother nature, something that they wouldn’t get in the big city.

The Classic Balinese Architecture

Bali is really famous for its culture. From its strong religion from the locals, who often have unique ceremonies to their beautiful handmade art like paintings, bags, and carvings. This tradition also influences their style of house architecture, which ended up having their own style.

A villa with modern design is nice and all, but you can experience those luxuries anywhere else like hotels and apartments. Especially to people who live in the main city, there’s not exactly anything new for them to see.

Those villas with traditional Balinese design are what people seek. Nothing like wooden ceilings and pillars with beautiful carvings decorated with traditional paintings and wall art filled your villa interior. Most luxury villa in Bali adapts the traditional design to tempt not only foreigners but also local tourists.

The Local Food

Like every region in Indonesia, Bali, of course, has its own iconic food that makes people lining up just to have a taste. Babi guling, Ayam Betutu and Sate plecing are just a few tourist’s favorites that often served on many restaurants in Bali.

Those dishes are of course can be served with a more professional approach in every luxury villas Bali. When you rent or own a fancy villa, usually it comes with the staff including the chef who will serve you exclusive Bali’s traditional food to satisfy your appetite. It’s one of the aspects that people look for as well.    

Luxury villas Bali offers a different experience than any other place 

Well, they may be a bit more reasons that make villas in Bali so appealing to tourists, but most of them are subjective depends on each person. Meanwhile, those three points are the main reason why people would invest quite a fortune to be able to own a private residence in Bali. Another popular reason is probably the amount of expert tattoo artists available in Bali, try checking out their work sometimes!.