Own A Sea Side Villa? Here’s Some Way to Strengthen the Coastal Vibes!

Who wouldn’t want to stay at a peaceful home holiday, sitting right next to the beach? Instead of an alarm, natural light of the sunrise will wake you up. Next, you’ll be hearing sounds of lapping waves, soothing your first-morning routine before shifting into another busy day.

This calm and collected air is everything, and this is what your guests will feel every time they stay at your accommodation. And with the right decoration, you can make your villa an extension of the coastal line, making it the most comfortable nest on the beach that no one ever wishes to leave.

Put Color of the Beach Inside

A peaceful, easy breezy lifestyle is what you feel when you are staying near the beach, and you don’t really need a bright color to help you feel relaxed. Look around the beach and put the natural color back inside the home. A crisp white paint is an excellent backdrop for a coastal home, as it reflects the light and makes the room overall brighter, promoting the sunny ambiance.

You can also opt for the color of the sands for the wall, which evoke casual simplicity of the beach. Combine the muted basic tones with a pop of soft blue, navy, muted greens, and any color of the sea in pillow, cushions, and furniture. Make them as a constant theme through the entire home.

Open the Space

Introduce open plan living space, which usually extends from kitchen, dining room, to living room and sometimes even to screened porch. This kind of floor plan boosts the open and airy atmosphere inside the house as what you feel at the beach outside. To achieve this look, incorporate vaulted ceiling and large, retractable windows. This will allow lots of breeze coming inside the house and make the indoor appears virtually seamless.

Wooden Floor

Living aside of the beach means you gotta deal with lots of sands. Practically, every day. As bothersome as it is, minuscule grain of sands are prone to get caught off on some materials, such as fluffy carpets and sofas. That’s why, it’s best to limit the rugs and carpets to bedrooms or living room, and stick to the old and faithful wooden floor. The color of the wood can pop the grains visible to the eyes, and it’s a lot easier to clean.

Furniture of the Beach

As something that largely makes up the rooms, your furniture will determine an overall characteristic of the villa itself. Whitewashed cushions, wooden tables, and blue-hued chairs and decorations can make a day spent inside feel like relaxing at the beach, minus the stinging sunlight. Try to add some decoration which will conjure instant connection to the ocean, such as surfboard (it can be some actual, working surfboard that your guests can grab anytime the tide comes), aesthetic painting of the sea, woven swing, white rope hammock, to even painted boat to pepper up authentic coastal feeling.


Adding large and small plants to the room is great to break the lines between outdoors and indoors even more. Among the midst of white backdrops and ocean-coloured furnitures, a pop of green is very refreshing and soothing for the eye of the beholder. Wide leaf plants in pots is what you want to strengthen tropical character to the home, creating vibrant and lush look that put the coastal design in balance with nature.