Portable Camping Hammock Size: How To Choose

If you have not get any of hammock yet, but your saving is more than enough to purchase one, you may have been thinking before about the right size for your body related to the usage of portable camping hammock. Yes, I will keep saying it as portable as its portability that allows us bringing it almost anywhere. Whether you wants it or not, the way how it is easy to pack and re-pack it and its lightweight for sure that support its portability.

Talking about a size, it is important for picking the right portable camping hammock since it is also our own personal preference. “Does it suits me?”, “Is it possible for the shops or manufacturers if I change the size later?, “does the size of camping hammock affects its carrying capacity and also its comfortability?” and many more questions that sometimes I myself taking it as the unneeded doubts.

But still, it is really recommended to know your own right size so the portable camping hammock is not too small or too large. Moreover, saving money is never this hard today. Anyway, how long did it took for you to save the money for the hammock? You’ll let me know in the comment below right?!

Related to the size, the first thing you should be ensure is; Is it for the personal (single) usage or you may need to use it with your friend as well? You know, commonly there are about 2 types of the portable camping hammock according to how many person will be used it. They are the single and the double hammock.

The single hammock intended to be used by a single person alone. Although you may could also used it for more than that, it all depending on the people size and their weights. While the double camping hammock is pretty large for many people and quite the opposite with the single one, it is recommended that it is intended to be used by 2 person as maximum.

And there is also even a single+ size for the portable camping hammock. So now you’d better remember all of the 3 sizes of it. or should I included with the mini hammock that is perfect for the kids?!

To be exact for some of the specific sizes, I have taken an image from Ticket to The Moon as one of the best manufacturer in producing the camping hammocks for years to provide the best quality hammock for the travelers around the world. See the below image for details.

Sizes of portable camping hammock

Some of portable camping hammock sizes. Image taken from ticketoTheMoon.com

From above image, I have highlighted the 2 sizes of camping hammock as explained before. And by seeing above image, the first question is which will be the one to be yours? I am talking about the size for an adult person.

To answering that question, I simply could suggest to get the camping hammock in size that close to your body size when doubling it. I mean, if your height which in this case will became the length of the hammock is 180 cm, than it will be better to get the hammock in about 360 cm if possible. But getting the 320 cm as well as on the single size from above image is also more than enough.

I choose to double the size because the closer your face and body to the hammock’s surface, the more likely you will feel the cold air. Doesn’t it makes sense to you? And so with the width, IF POSSIBLE.

So far, that’s all I know how to choose the right size of the portable camping hammock. If you find this article useful, feel free to share it. Thank you.