Double Hammock For Fun Camping With Your Beloved Partner

If there is a single hammock for camping, then there must at least for the double one. The double hammock surely will makes more fun for your camping activity especially its presence that could be a swinging bed for the two people. A couple. Thinking about to use it with your friend or someone you love? That must be awesome.

And somehow, it might will be the trend among travellers someday. Furthermore, it would be add more exciting for your outdoor adventure.

But, what’s a double hammock actually is?

I just know the term of a single hammock not so long ago. But i think that many of us considered that the hammock itself might be used only for a person, not more than that. With or without saying it is the single hammock, many have thought that it really only for one. Am I right or the opposite?

Unfortunately, even a hammock itself could be used as the double hammock. Used by two people. or even more? You’d be the judge.

Double hammock for camping with partner

Looks! My weight is not more than 45 kg. And even the single hammock itself could carry the capacity up to 200 kg. Then, it is not only could be considered as the double hammock, but even the quadruple according to my body’s weight. Sounds like a room to me.

Double hammock is actually a very common “bed” and you won’t need to worry if the hammock will add more weight to be carried. Nope. Not even will reduce more rooms of your backpack when you decide to bring it.

In fact, the double hammock might help you in saving so much of weight and also the rooms especially when you traveling with someone. Let’s say you are hiking up to the mountain with your friend, then one of you won’t have a hammock in his or her bag since another one person has been dealing with it without having to trouble him or her.

Think about that the double hammock would replace the 2 mattress for two people or the heavy of the tent. And no matter how light the mattress and the tent is, both of them keep making us exhausted, right? Even makes our traveling getting slow and add more times to reach the destination.

A double hammock will also help you in dealing with the cold of the weather. If it will be used by 2 people, the first benefit will be sharing the warmth of the bodies. Let alone the hammock has been developed with the supported materials and gears plus accessories to keep warmth inside it.

Not many differences with the single one, even the double hammock likely has more common things with the opposite one. Its setup is always easy and quick. And surely that it will be less expenses. Although each of you might also capable to have one.

A double hammock itself will discourages you to have an extra baggage so your traveling will be as light as it could get and still ensure you to move comfortably.

But I will admitted that when two of us sleeping in a double hammock, it might need sometimes to find the best position than each of us using the single hammock. But, you know, like any other experiences, I think that it also worth to have one.

I am thinking about using a double hammock in a camping group. Could you imagine how exciting it would be?