Making Your Villa Instagram Worthy and Gain Popularity

The traveler today have changed. As we are growing more and more digital, capturing moments—and for many, this is a priority. Taking aesthetic pictures and selfies presentable to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media is just as important as having a good holiday.

While the buzz of this lifestyle has just been growing stronger and stronger every day, you can definitely capitalize this selfie craze to gain wider exposure, reach an extensive potential market, and of course, increase booking inquiries. All thanks to aesthetic decorations which supports the selfie craze. When you’ve designed it right, the savvy millennials are just more than happy to spread the word.

So, how can you utilize Instagram for the benefit of your villa?

Gorgeous Interior Designs and Decoration

The gorgeous decor is a winner, every time. They are pleasing in the eye, draw immediate attention and boost photo-taking desire. Social media users love to feature stunning architecture or decoration—with or without themselves in the photo—as it draws likes and engagement from fellow digital dwellers. Create a photogenic environment for delicate snapping and maximize theme of your villa there. If you own a seaside villa in Bali, for example, you can strengthen the coastal theme by adding stripes, nautical accessories, and infuse calming vacation vibes to increase attraction. Visitors are compelled to impress people with their wonderful holiday, and if your villa can support it, the popularity is already at your hand.

Own Your Instagram

Your social media account will determine your presence and likability among customers in the digital world. These days, people love to check hotel and villa’s photos before deciding whether they will spend a night there or not. Many other times, our digital customer happens to stumble into a stunning villa which stole their heart through someone’s photos, so make sure your villa own an account to allow other tag you at their post. Owning a professional account also allow more room for digital marketing maneuver, which will definitely help to promote your villa.

Craft Special Hashtags

Our digital fellas love to play with hashtags! Get creative and craft your special hashtags that will make your villa stand out more. Display this hashtags at your every post, and encourage visitors to use this hashtags in their posts.

Create Campaign

Use your authentic hashtags to create a campaign, so visitors will be more compelled to use it. You can host a hashtags contest, where you can offer an appealing reward—such as a free night stay or a voucher—for the best photos or the most impressive story featuring the hashtags. You can also host selfie contest through the villa for an extended period of time, and give prizes to the winners.

Feature Guest’s Photos

People love to get noticed by a brand they love, and your gorgeous villa is no exception. Featuring the best photos of your visitors is another small rewards you can give to them, and keep the engagement high at the same time. This small gesture also shows that you care with your guests, which will result in more and more good photos of your villa being uploaded by future guests. Voila, you’ve establish your popularity in the digital world!