Bringing the Nautical Fun Inside Your Oceanfront Villa

What’s the best from owning a villa in Bali? You’ll easily feel like vacationing on eternal holiday, just by staying idyll inside the house. Bali is identical with its coastal lifestyle, particularly if your villa sits on the hip beach town on south-east area.

Living just minutes away from the sea means your home holiday is the best place to install seaside home living style with nautical accessories. Light and washed-out colors are popular to bring out coastal vibes, and they work very well with a blend of tropical and marine elements to evoke a subtle sense of adventure inside a peaceful residence.

A Swing

Swing away your stress from reality by hanging one or two rope swings at your backyard. If nautical looks are your goal, then stick to a simple plank and ropes types of swing. The simple ropes bring great effect to remind you of living in a ship.

Sling Chairs

Does your villa have a pool inside? Well, most of the seaside villa has one, and if you do have too, then it’s the time for our classic outdoor sling chair to show up on your patio. They are great for relaxing on a sunny day, and they come in great color, beach style.

Beach Umbrella

What is sling chair without a canopy to shield you from the sun? Enhance the touch of the sea with sun umbrellas above your sling chairs set in the patio. Washed white and colorful stripes usually dominate the design, which is good to remind you of classy beach clubs on the coastal line.

Marine-Themed Flags

Drifting a few sails away from the coastal lifestyle, swiftly insert a life sailor with this little marine-themed flags. They are great to hang above the kid’s room, between the beds, or just above lounging sofas in the living room. They come in a variety of designs, from the early 20th-century signal flags to the modern one. You can even put the name and logo of your villa to the flags to add more personal touch and of course, strengthen your villa’s brand.

Anchor Wall Hooks

Everyone needs something to hook on the wall, be it for jackets, playful beach hat. or simply some keys. While hanging affair can be quite a mess, why not make it pretty with anchor-shaped wall hooks that can double as eye-catching decor? The good news is, they usually come in set marine items, such as a boat, lighthouse, to hut plaque, to add more nautical character to the wall.

Stripes of Blue

Ah, the classic. A nautical-themed villa won’t get complete without abundant of white walls and lits, lots of stripes. By the way, do you know that you can illuminate the waves by painting stripes to the wall and the floor, consisting several shades of blue that make up the stripes? Surround the room with blue, including the window panels, then lay white-washed carpets with matching sofas on top of it to create an illusion that you are sitting in the middle of the sea.

Elements of the Boat

There’s nothing better than adding some elements of the boat to finish off your nautical setup. Decorate the wall with a hanging tire—and paint the name of your villa on it—wooden paddle, wooden anchor, or any other marine element. Get wild!