Increase Popularity of Your Villa with Instagrammable-Design Tips

Sure, owning a coastal villa in Bali is nice. Especially when your gorgeous home holiday can be a source of income. But so are hundreds of other villas, too. Bali has undoubtedly significant growth to hospitality. Each year, dozens of new hotels, villa, guesthouse, and apartment raised on the island. This means tighter competition for the hospitality industry, and that includes your villa, too. Though stream of vacationers run steady, you still need extra effort to turn their eyes to your villa.

These days, mainstream advertising will not let you reach wider and more potential audience. You need to get along with the trends. And that current, hugely beneficial trend is Instagram. This platform is just perfect to consistently show visually appealing decoration of your villa and lure the eyes of a traveler. What’s more, it encourages guests to take gorgeous photos of your villa and create cost-effective, chain publication. Villa owners, it’s time for a serious redesign.

Coastal Decoration

People come to Bali to enjoy it coastal vibes. Create special beach vibes through accessories and decoration to make guest really feel like every day is a beach day. You can adapt strong nautical theme with all the stripes, anchor, lighthouse, and other iconic symbols. For authentic beach-y feeling, choose basic white and beige color, and add depth with driftwood or bright color for accent.  Alternately, you can bring home tropical fun by incorporating bold, bright, and vibrant color with sandy coloured wall which represent color of the flowers and plant that naturally grow in that environment.

A Chic Wall

A self portrait with photogenic wall as the backdrop is what people love. It add great character to the humble portrait. Assigned one of the wall at your villa and put your imagination to decorate. You can be creative like sticking a bunch of shells in organised pattern, at one bright yellow wall to create 3D wallpaper, seaside style. Arranged postcards or pictures at a wall also make eye-catching graphic. Be creative!

Plenty of Natural Light with Stylish Window Pane

Do you know how important lighting is to make a good photo? No one likes to snap a picture inside  a gloomy room, it’s not visually appealing. Natural light is the best, so be generous with windows and doors. Install big, lined up windows in the wall to allow as much as light inside, rolling doors, or even glass doors. Make after-dark photos possible too with creative lighting and trendy hanging lamps design.

A Room to Another World

Want to make the photograph game into the next level? Create themed rooms where you can assign exceptional theme to the room. Instead of constant design throughout the house, give surprise with a twist of modern pirate bathroom with rowboat-shaped bathtub, yacht-like guest room, or lush tropical porch. It will encourage guests to explore the room and take as many photos as possible, as they are given different experience at each. Just be careful to not going overboard and maintain harmonious, connected vibes.

Maintain Order and Cleanliness

It’s easy to get carried on when you are decorating the house. Know when to stop. There’s no need to add ottoman if the room has occupied with large set of sofas and rugs. Completing a theme with matching item is fun, but having too much will make your villa looks cramped. A spacious room will not only bring relaxation to the guests, but also look pleasing in the eye.