What You Need To Do Before Open Up Your Villa for Rent


The best thing from owning a home holiday is that you can turn your property into your own holiday-fund source, at any times you are not using the villa for a personal vacation. Lucky for us, technology nowadays allows even the most newbie landlord to choose a suitable platform for their villa advertisement and navigate easily in accommodation and hospitality market. Before jumping on the water, however, pay attention to this basic preparation to ensure your villa renting business run smoothly.

Mark the Calendar For Yourself

What’s the use of owning a pretty coastal villa if you cannot enjoy it for relaxing weekend gateway? What if your mom suddenly comes for a week to the town and asked for a stay at your gorgeous house? To prevent the business interfering with your personal matters, block some weekends when you’ll likely spend the day at the villa, minimum a month prior the dates.

A Double for Everything

Sheets and pillowcases of the bed need regular change, especially during peak holiday season when your villa welcome guests for almost every day. Buy a double for everything, so you the housekeeper can change them right away when the used is being laundered. This common housekeeping regulation should apply to curtains, tablecloth covers, and most household items including cutlery and tumblers.

A Photo of Every Room

Don’t let your decorating effort go into waste. After some busy rental season, it’s not uncommon to find changes in decoration and misplaced accessories throughout the room. Take a portrait of every room and, if possible, details of every nook and cranny as a guide of the housekeeper to rearrange the room.

Keep Glassware Away

An accident can happen anytime. Your special-chosen wine glasses and colorful ceramic cutlery can break anytime in the hand of clumsy guests or rowdy children. Replace your delicate glassware with more durable materials. Take a look at hand-carved Bali wooden kitchen utensil which will add more character to your villa as well as provide long durability. You can also opt for stylish melamine or acrylic which will last longer in the kitchen.

Insurance and Deposits

You might need to ask for a deposit for guest, and the deposit value can be double up for a long-term stay. Deposit money is very useful to cover any damage or loss items occurred during a guest’s stay and prevent you from huge financial loss. You can return the deposit money back to the guest if, upon check-out checking, your housekeeper find everything in place. It’s also important to sort out insurance to protect your property and make sure content of the insurance know your intention.

Take Your Own Confined Space

You’ll most likely go back to your home holiday from time to time and enjoy some time there. It can be troublesome to keep bringing back belongings and a car packed with holiday bicycle or surfboard. After all, you own the villa, and you have the full right to put your belonging there. Build a personal storage to keep items you’d like to use during your stay, but are hidden from the renters.