Komodo Sailing Trip And What To Expect

Tourists say the Komodo sailing trip is a unique experience that you should enjoy while on vacation in Indonesia. The Komodo Islands are included in the Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara. Komodo Island offers spectacular natural beauty, an underwater paradise, and is home to the rare Komodo dragon. To take a vacation and explore Komodo National Park, you have to go on a sailing trip.

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How to book a Komodo sailing Trip?

Believe it or not, when you arrive in Labuan Bajo, there will be many Komodo sailing trip operators offering travel packages for you. Labuan Bajo is indeed the starting point of your adventure to Komodo National Park and its surroundings. The reason is, you will not have time to find an experienced and trusted operator when you go show.

If you are on a solo Komodo dragon sailing trip, it will certainly be very easy. You can fill the empty slot that will be leaving soon. What if you go with a lot of people or groups? The best recommendation is to surf and look for a Komodo sailing trip operator before arriving in Labuan Bajo. The goal? You can read reviews, get information on amenities during your trip, arrange an itinerary, or even negotiate prices. For sure, you will not miss a satisfying boat and sailing trip.

How long is the ideal Komodo liveaboard trip?

Komodo national park itinerary

Actually, your Komodo sailing trip depends on how long you want to vacation. Ideally, you can go on an adventure in Komodo National Park for about 4 days and 3 nights. If you are a dive lover group, your dives will be very satisfying. If possible you can do night dives in the Komodo area. Diving on the island of Komodo is also very suitable for micro photographers. If you do not have a diving certificate, you can snorkel in several dive spots that are safe from strong currents.

What does include in your luxury Komodo liveaboard?

komodo sailing trip cabin

During the sailing trip to Komodo island, all onboard facilities are included in the total cost. Komodo liveaboard has a comfortable cabin complete with an air conditioner and bathroom. You will find many open spaces during the Komodo sailing trip, such as the dining room and sunroom. If you don’t like shared bedrooms and bathrooms, a private tour might be a perfect choice. The operator also provides snorkeling and diving equipment which you can use at no additional cost.

What does not include the Komodo liveaboard budget?

Komodo national park entrance

Travel costs to Komodo exclude flights to Labuan Bajo. You also have to pay the entrance to Komodo National Park, and a ranger fee. This is why booking a Komodo sailing trip is better before you arrive in Labuan Bajo. Detailed travel information will make it easier for you to design a Komodo dragon liveaboard budget. Make sure you bring cash to pay the entrance fee to Komodo National Park.