How To Know If Your Customers Are Not Good For Your Business

There is a saying that goes ‘ customers are kings’ or ‘customers are always right’. How true are those sayings? Those kind of statements have been used in business industry for so long with the purpose to make excellent customer service. It is true that attracting prospective customers to become our loyal customers is not that easy. Hence, many businesses tend to do everything to make their customers stay. However, there are times when you should know when to let go of unworthy customers. And here are ways you know if the customers are not good for your business:

How To Know If Your Customers Are Not Good For Your Business

Customers who are abusive and unpleasant to work with

Working with customers or client is not always a smooth thing. Clash here and there is normal but make sure to know when to draw a line. In customer service, it is pretty common for customers to be aggressive and abusive to the staff. And this is not something you should normalize. In fact, let go of these types of customers because abusing your staffs is a no line. Your business needs more loyalty employees than high-maintenance or abusive customers even though they are paying well. 

Customers are being reasonable

Every customer may have different issues and concern regarding to your brand. It is aso pretty common for customers to be impatient. However, there are also customers who want instant results and expect everything to be done now without any consideration whatsoever. It may be understandable if a customer being like this once. However, you should not hold onto customers who keep being reasonable and disregarding you, your employees, or other customers. You can politely tell them you no longer able to cope with their needs.

Customers keep interfering your work

Working with a client is something you are excited about. It is also normal for you to want your customers in the loop so they can give their suggestions. However, it is being too much when customers you’re working with keep interfering your work by micromanaging you. Micromanagement is expensive and if your customers keep interfering you so you do thing their ways, it will end in frustration. Not to mention that the customers will never feel satisfied with anything you would’ve done. Hence, you’d better let these types of customer go for good. 

Customers putting a threat on you

It is also pretty common in business industry especially in customer service department to receive threats from customers who are saying they are going to take their business elsewhere. This is actually kind of tactic for you to compel to their demand. They are being insistent and saying others can do a better job than you. When you find this kind of customer, it is better to let them go. If you are in the right, do not hesitate to stand up for yourself. When customers being unreasonable with their demand along with delivering various threats, they are no longer customers but bullies. Hence, there’s no need to keep them.