Got Villas in Bali? Here’s How to Level Up Your Vacation Rental Game

Got Villas in Bali? Here’s How to Level Up Your Vacation Rental Game

As vacation become part of the lifestyle, expectations from guests are growing. High standards are starting to prevail, especially in a popular resort island like Bali. They are looking for  that is more luxurious than their own. They want to live the dream while on vacation. Let them have their dream! These days, guests want WiFi and comfortable bedding. Overdeliver on their expectations. Include features that guests want but that few homes in your neighborhood offer. This will set your vacation rental in higher position than other villas in Bali and increase bookings.

Let the  Unique Selling Point of Your Villas in Bali Shine

Display the Best Feature or Potential of Your Property
This beachfront vacation rental optimise the ocean view as its primary appeal

Look carefully at what you are presenting. What makes your rental unique aside from other villas in bali? What does it contain that you might not be able to get locally? Your vacation home should now have a feature that sets it apart from the other 100 or even 1000 villas in the neighborhood. 

Your USP will be obvious if you’ve sufficiently honed in on your niche. Your target niche will be drawn to you because of your USP. For example, a protective fence surrounding your swimming pool and plenty of toys for families with young children or equipment and a fish cleaning station for fisherman. Whatever it is, be sure to recognize the distinctive qualities of your house and emphasize them in your marketing.

Spice Up Your Outdoor Area

Spice Up Your Outdoor Area
A nice patio in the garden with a touch of Balinese elements

Guests want to relax during their vacation in Bali. Not just lounging in the living room or resting in the bed, but also soaking in Bali’s sun.

Beautiful outdoor spaces with chairs and perhaps a table where guests can eat or drink can help your guests enjoy the outdoors while they get ready for the day or speak in the evening about the day’s experiences, weather allowing, if your property permits it. Think of using your imagination with a charming garden, a tent for the kids in the backyard, or just spice up your poolside.

Guests love a tropical Bali villa when they come to this island, so you can try to add tropical elements like palm trees and rattan furnitures to create a nice outdoor space.

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Cater for the Remote Workers

Want to make your rental outshines other villas in Bali? Create a workspace within the house. As the pandemic spread, more and more people were given the option to work from home. Even some businesses have made the transition to remote work permanent. And the majority of businesses that anticipate welcoming more workers back to the office still intend to offer greater flexibility than in the past. Travel is becoming more popular as a lifestyle due to this change. More people are making longer reservations in their preferred locations with the intention of working while they are there.

Having a dedicated office space with a cozy desk and chair configuration and a speedy internet connection can help you draw in these digital nomads.

Provide Luxurious Furnitures and Amenities in the Villa

Provide Luxurious Furnitures and Amenities

Guests booking a luxury property generally take it as a given that all the amenities will be top of the line. But a more affordable property boasting luxurious furniture, bedding, and decor can command attention and truly stand out among other properties where all these features are merely adequate. 

Swap your standard toiletries with a slightly more luxurious one. You can, for example, order hotel toiletries in coconut and green tea scent in bulk. A bottle of soap with nice scent of coconut give a deeper impression of tropical vacation in Bali to your guests, and this can make a different to their overall stay experience. 

Create a luxurious environment, even if your property is more midrange, and potential guests are sure to take notice. 

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Include Extras to Your Bali Villa

When you consider additions for a vacation home, you might consider things like beach chairs, kid-friendly beach toys, and puzzles and games for rainy days. Those are certainly lovely additions, but you might want to consider going above and above to really boost the appeal of your home. Is the area where your property is located pleasant? Bicycles may be a good addition for Bali villas that are located in a quiet coastal neighbourhood, like Sanur or Nusa Dua. 

Your rental can be transformed from a house into an adventure with the appropriate accessories for the right property.