Enjoying Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard

You can do many things while on the Komodo liveaboard, relaxing on the decks while drinking and enjoying the view would be one of many things that you can enjoy. Other than that, you can actually do yoga to keep you busy before arriving on the island. There’s an open area complete with mats that can be used by anyone who wants to do yoga in their free time. You can also try yoga as soon as you arrive on the island. This activity is called a yoga retreat.

Yoga on Komodo Liveaboard Deck

Enjoying Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard

While doing yoga, it is best to pick a place that gives a quiet and calm area. On the ship deck, while may not be considered quiet, the feeling of ocean breeze and the sound of the yacht moving in the water can create a comfortable and calming atmosphere. This is why yoga is considered a favorite thing to do while on Komodo liveaboard. Relaxing on the bench is good, but yoga can make your whole body feel refreshed afterward.

The Benefit of Yoga

Yoga was originally created as a relaxation method that can cure fatigue and stress. The idea is to clear your body and soul while doing postures on a mat. The postures are some sort of medication that controls your balance and breathing technique to improve your body condition. Yoga is most popular among women who seek a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Retreat

Enjoying Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard

So what exactly is a yoga retreat? It’s actually just doing the same activity, but the yoga is performed while surrounded by nature while traveling to an exotic location. This is usually done while on a trip with other people. A yoga retreat trip by itself can cost around 1500$, but since you are already joining Komodo liveaboard you will get the benefit of yoga in one package.

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While on retreat, you can also learn a lot from the instructors and other travelers on how to do the proper postures or other tips that can benefit your body. Yoga in nature can make every part of your body feel as though they become one with it. Whether it’s on the beach or forest, a yoga retreat can be a whole new experience than normal yoga that you do in your house.  

So, How’s about Yoga in Komodo Liveaboard?

Although yoga is facilitated in Komodo liveaboard, it’s not as advanced as going on an actual yoga retreat trip. But if you just wanted to know how it feels to do yoga aboard the yacht and in the wilderness, it is worth trying next time you intend to go on a journey in Komodo.