Why Renting Apartment is A Reasonable Option When You Are Staying Long term

When you are traveling for more than a month, costs for a stay can be higher when you are renting a room which rent rates count on a daily basis. The reason for long-term stay can be varied from leisure to business, but the need will usually be the same: overall cheaper price and better experience. Long-term travelers have two option of stay, renting a villa per year or go for apartments. While you can be assured that the two are fully furnished, a villa usually comes with private pool, vast space, and generally more complete facilities, thus the higher prices. When a villa exceeds your budget or feels too large to live alone, the apartment can be a choice.

Here’s the reason why you might want to stay in the apartment for a long time travel:

You Got the Privacy You Need

Once in a while, maybe you won’t mind to mingle with other tourists who are staying in the same hotel as you. You will share breakfast in the same room, and the rest is just confined to your room with limited access to everything. Well, with only bed and bathroom, what else can you do?

Generally, a hotel is meant for sleeping, not for a living. When you are staying for a long time, you will want to do your usual routine in a much flexible way, such as making your own cup of coffee in the morning or decide at what time you gonna have to breakfast without being forced to stick on hotel schedule. Privacy doesn’t always meant secrecy, it’s living independently like the way you want to live.

More Room for Everything

An apartment usually grant you more rooms to do daily stuff other than sleeping, featuring kitchen, dining table, working space, living room, even to guest room. Being able to move to different room for different activities will make you feel more like at home, living in a less formal setting.

You Can Cook Your Own Meal

Dining in various restaurants and cafes is great while you are in vacation, but it can grow old pretty quickly when you are staying for a long time. Plus, it can rapidly dries out your wallet in no time. Having your own kitchen will be very practical at this time, as it means lots of money are saved for meal costs. You can cook a simple meal for breakfast or recreating your favorite food from home. Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar need.

You Can Do Your Own Laundry

Some apartments are equipped with laundry machine, and this is a another huge saving costs for sure. Cost of laundry at hotel can pay a decent meal, so an opportunity to do your own laundry can be a huge benefit.

Traveling in a long time means that you’ll soon leave the touristy habits and going back to your usual self. Maintaining independent life at reasonable cost is important, especially when you are going with groups or children where living costs can double due to food, laundry, and basic necessities. Apartment can tackle this easily, plus giving you a more settled place that you can call (temporary) home.