A Rustic Bungalow: Spreading the Warmth of Nature

When you are thinking about a home holiday, you are thinking about a resort close to nature. It could be in the middle of the green. It could be in a walking distance from the shore. When other villas are catching up with modernistic style, a rustic decor can radiate warmth and brings out the natural beauty of the house.

As holiday home promotes relaxation and airy feeling, a modernized rustic decor will breathe fresher air and simpler living to its dwellers. Using lots of natural textures and earthy colors, living feels more organic and grounded, and it’s easy to find peace inside the home.

What’s Best Time to Incorporate Rustic Decor?

While essentially rustic decor can be incorporated anywhere, the heavy element of exposed woods and natural color make it best for villas sitting on the hillside, mountain, Highland, or lakeside. Could you imagine looking to lines of dark pines across a lake from your large window, beautifully framed by dark ebony wood?

Let It Bare

The best way to strengthen your rustic decor is by keeping paint polish to a minimum. Let the house’s column, doors, and window pane show its natural color of the wood. Similarly, you can choose furniture made of raw materials and not cover it with colorful painting. A rustic decor means that you can see every detail of the furniture. Every wood strokes, every grain, and each slightly different colors matters. This way, you can identify kind of woods that are making up each furniture as separate and individual pieces.

Adding Highlight Color

You can limits colorful ornaments to two or three items, such as contemporary table lamp, as highlights of the room. When decorating, keep it mind to maintain the contemporary rustic style through all elements that make up the room.

Painting the Walls

As walls could make up to 50% of the house, it’s important to decide the color of the walls to maintain the cohesive rustic style. White walls will always be all-time favorite, as it’s excellent to pull out the great contrast to the natural colors. However, you can always play with other colors to add more in-depth characters to your rustic villa. While bright colors like pink, radiant blue, or grass green are clearly off, muted tones like rich mud brown, pine green, or deep dark blue can blend very well and strengthen the presence of nature. Whatever paint you choose, keep in mind to balance it with some white and lighter color to lighten it up.

Install Fireplace When Appropriate

When your villa sits in the middle of the highlands, where the temperature can be very cool at night, a fireplace will be the only thing that completes your life and the rustic decor itself. A fireplace is made up of all natural elements; the firewood stocks, the rocks that keep logs of firewood in places, and the bricks, which all radiates warmth and closeness to nature. Of course, this won’t be necessary if your villa is located within beach resort area, and you have more than enough warmth from the radiating sun.

Rustic is no longer intimidating. With the right styling, this new rustic can be your best place to dwell for a lifetime.