Reasons Why Bali Villas Investment Is Highly Profitable

The instruments most interested investors for a short-term or long-term property. Investment opportunities in many countries, especially destination countries are an increasingly wide tourism destination. Bali is one of the best tropical islands that provide fresh air for investors.

Many considerations before investing Bali villas. Need to know, the benefits of investing related to the development of investment in related areas. Consider and look for climate information on investment conditions in Bali. Bali bomb tragedy that ever happened to make the property business climate in Bali decreased drastically.

However, the award of an American magazine has revived the property business in Bali. Increased property prices could reach 30%, especially in some strategic locations. If you can find a good and safe location then the value of an investment will be more profitable.

No doubt that Bali is getting crowded. Tourist arrivals are getting higher, foreign workers are working more and more. Not to mention those who came to try their luck and work in Bali. Bali is getting crowded with tourist arrivals and requires a lot of comfortable accommodation.  

Strong Business Property Climate

Based on the property consultant’s report, the number of property prices experienced improved stability up to 25%. The increase is expected to continue for the next 2-5 years. Judging from the statistics, land prices have experienced a drastic surge. Some areas such as Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Pecatu, Nusa Dua and surrounding areas have increased 400% after the crisis.

Increasing Residential Villa

In 2007 the hotel and villa occupancy rate reached 60.58% with the length of stay of foreign and domestic tourists reached 3.34 days. The level of achievement this year is not as high as before the Bali bombing tragedy. At least Bali has risen and improved the quality and number of tourist arrivals. This could be one of the reasons why Bali villas investment provides a high profit.

Number of Increasing Foreign Tourists

The arrival of foreign and local tourists is increasing. Some positive reviews from diving magazines have brought Bali’s name as one of the best diving destinations. This provides the advantage of increasing the demand for occupancy, whether hotel or villa.The short-term or long-term investment of Bali villas is appropriate when the Balinese economy is getting stretched and profitable for you.