3 Types of Alternative Accommodation Your Villa Can Actually Do

Do you know that your villa saves greater potential than it is? Usually, a villa serves two general purposes; as a private home holiday for the owner or a source of income by renting it as luxurious accommodation.

A villa actually can be very flexible as a profit maker for its owners rather than operating it as it is. With lots of creativity, you can turn your estate into another type of popular lodging alternatives for travelers.


The guesthouse is a popular alternative for many travelers. It’s cheaper, friendlier, and gives travelers more touching experiences. They can interact with owners, make friends with other travelers, and are made to feel like home.

What’s an originally living room can be turned into half-waiting room and receptionist? Bedrooms should have been built with bathroom inside, so your guests can maintain their privacy into maximum. Your kitchen and dining room will be there the guests have their breakfasts, so it’s wise to ditch the large table and set some sets of smaller tables with chairs instead.  


A hostel is largely favorite among backpackers, budget travelers, and college students traveling in groups. Rather than an individual room, hostels feature bunk bed, sharing communal rooms, and even shared bathrooms. But again, backpackers come to hostels to meet with another backpackers from all around the world.

One bedroom, if large enough, can cater 6-8 guests with bunk beds. Don’t force to install more bunk beds, your guests don’t want to feel packed. Equipped your hostels with lockers where guest can safely store their belongings. Roll out rugs and some small sofas inside the bedroom where guests can chill and enjoy talking to each other.

As normal hostels can be quite boring, it’s time to step up further and amp up into a boutique hostel, where hostels meet luxury. It might be a little bit pricier than normal hostels, but curated hostels can make a whole different experience for your guests. Chic doors, flat TVs, and rooftop jacuzzi/ cafes can be installed when you are turning your villa into hostels which will pleasant your guests and boost the promotion.


A homestay is essentially similar to a guesthouse, only that the owner actually stay at the house and personally greet their guests. If you have lived in your villa and yet it feels empty to you, then it’s time to set up a homestay. Many homestay owners think of setting up this kind of accommodation business as bonus income, as you will gain profit when there are guests and will not really suffer from a loss in a low season.

Travelers love it as it gives them a chance to live with the locals and have authentic experience f the city they are visiting. There’s a touch of home when they are away from home. That’s why you should not ditch your fridge, television, plates, and any other personal belonging.

Just add modern amenities that they can use for daily such as coffee maker, kettle, small bath equipment, and of course, wifi. If you are living under the same roof with your guests, be sure to keep away jewelry and valuable goods to somewhere safe, and give the guests lock for their bedroom to ensure safety.