Perfect Spot For 2-4 Days During Bali Scuba Diving Holiday?

Fun and adventure are important during the holidays. Fun while on vacation provides a distinct advantage for everyone. The holidays bring the effects of mental freshness, socially conspicuous function. Is your holiday short? Want something different and extreme? Bali scuba diving holiday the right choice! Adventure to see something new, fresh and different as usual, this is a great pleasure for you.

bali scuba diving holiday

Diving Bali Packages is designed for those of you who have limited holidays. Perhaps this seems impossible, exploring under the sea in a short time. Dive package with 9x dives will give its own satisfaction. But, to dive, you must be certified. You only need 7 days holiday and welcome to the underwater world of Bali.

With a certificate, you can dive with a minimum of 18 meters. Imagine finding something unique, mysterious and amazing at a depth of 18 meters. What to do and where for 2-4 days Bali scuba diving holiday? When searching the internet, you will see so many dive centers in Bali. Is it professional? Is it trustworthy?

Please note, you must not make a flight 24 hours before or after diving. This is important in the world of diving. Decompression disease caused by increased nitrogen bubbles in the body. The worst is that it can lead to paralysis and even death. Some diving spots you can explore for 2-4 days such as Tulamben, Amed, Padang Bai, Gilis, Menjangan Island.

Dive centers usually offer Bali diving packages including transportation, lunch or snack. No need to bother looking for transportation and getting lost in the dive spot. Price? You will get variant price quotes from each dive center. Carefulness and thoroughness of comparing and paying attention to, or finding a review dive center are important.

For convenience, dive operators usually offer safari schedules. You can match the spots you want to explore. If you want to choose a date, they will be happy to create a schedule or itinerary. Bali scuba diving holiday in the form of safari diving offer is the best way to explore under the sea in a short time. A brief, memorable and satisfying holiday.