Komodo Island Trip Guide

Komodo Island is a small island in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. It’s located in the Lesser Sunda Islands and is known for being home to the endemic Komodo dragon, as well as a variety of other amazing wildlife species on land and in the sea.

Komodo National Park consists of three main islands: Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island (together with smaller surrounding islands), with approximately 5,000 Komodo Dragons dwelling on Komodo and Rinca.

This interesting island is volcanic in origin, as it is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Gazing at the massive brown and green volcanic mountains that rise from the confluence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

komodo island trip

The best way to get there

Traveling around Komodo Island is pretty simple, but getting there requires first flying to Bali, then flying or boating to Labuan Bajo, and lastly Komodo Island boat tour.

By plane

A few local airlines travel from Bali to Flores Island’s Labuan Bajo. The best and nearest base location for exploring Komodo Island is Labuan Bajo. Indonesian Air Transport (IAT) and Trans Nusa Airlines (TGN) both fly to Labuan Bajo on a daily basis.

By Water

Budget travelers visiting the area may be enticed to take a ferry from Bali to Labuan Bajo, but don’t get too enthusiastic just yet. Ferries on this route normally take roughly 36 hours, though you’ll save money on lodging for one night.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the journey can be dangerous. It’s a lengthy, arduous trip through shallow, rocky waters. This is not a recommended option unless you are a frequent traveler. On the plus side, it’s a lot less expensive than flying, and it may all be part of the fun.

Start From Labuan Bajo

labuan bajo tour

Unless you can afford a helicopter, the only way to get to Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo is by boat. The boat voyage is normally roughly 2 hours long.

Another alternative is to lease a boat in Labuan Bajo and go on your own private Komodo Island trip. This is an excellent method to ensure that you see exactly what you want, learn about the archipelago, and snorkel in the wonderfully clear seas surrounding the island. If you’re a scuba diver, you can cruise throughout Komodo on a dive boat.


The climate in Komodo is unmistakably tropical. Rainfall ranges from 79-100 cm (31-39 inches) throughout the rainy season, which runs from December to March. During the rest of the year, the weather is usually dry and arid. The air temperature varies from 24-31 degrees Celsius throughout the wet season. Temperatures range from 25 to 34 degrees Celsius during the dry months.

Water temperatures range from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, making it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

When is the best time to go?

The tropical island of Komodo has two seasons: rainy and dry.

The rainy season lasts from December to March. If you’re considering a trip during these months, check to see if particular boat/ferry companies are operating, as some choose to close their doors during this time.

The wet season ends in April and June when the flora bloom and the island comes alive with color. If you’re a diver interested in diving with whale sharks, now is the time to go. The temperature is a little cooler during this time, and you might have a few wet days here and there.

July and August are the most crowded for tourists. The island is generally overrun with people, and the temperature is scorching.

The best time to do Komodo island trip is between September and November when the weather is still pleasant but there are fewer people.

Scuba Diving Komodo

scuba diving komodo island

Why wouldn’t you dive in one of the world’s most gorgeous dive sites if you’re a scuba diver? Diving at the Komodo marine reserve is feasible almost all year. However, the best diving conditions can be found from March to October.

The rainy season, which runs from December to March, is the optimum time to dive with the spectacular manta ray. If you’re planning a vacation around that time, do some research and contact dive businesses ahead of time, as some dive boats don’t go out during the rainy season.

From November through January, underwater visibility is at its greatest.


Komodo island trip snorkeling is as breathtaking as you’d expect. It should come as no surprise that nearly all of the dive companies offer snorkeling trips to this area, with beautifully colored coral and a wonderful assortment of marine life. It is vital to remember, however, that anyone going snorkeling should be a good swimmer, as conditions can swiftly change.

You have two alternatives for snorkeling on Komodo Island: you can join a group and choose from one of the several dive companies on the island, or you can stay on a liveaboard and snorkel from there. You may also rent a boat and travel around the island, stopping at the best snorkeling places with your friends and family.

If you go snorkeling with a dive company, make sure they travel to Pink Beach (see below), as this is where you’ll find some of the best snorkeling.