How to Maximize Holiday Vibe in Your Villa

After some adequate time spent living in Bali, you might find it’s difficult to forget its beauty or just the vibe hanging on every corner of the island. So much that you want to repeat your visits over and over again. When this withdrawal syndrome happens, buying or taking a long term lease villa in Bali will be a wiser decision rather than breaking the banks multiple times for booking a hotel.

How to Maximize Holiday Vibe in Your Villa

While thousands of villas are up for sale, leasing, and rent in Bali, finding one can takes a lot of time and research. With the right arrangement, you can feel all year round holiday while keep working and making money in reality.

Choose A Spacious Villa

Not all villa are built in large island. Some of them stands on limited land. However, spacious honest always mean physically large. You can have relatively small villa but still enjoying a relaxing stay, thanks to a roomy design. To ensure a casual living ambianece, your villa should feature open floor plans designs, which will allow lots of air flowing freely between the rooms. Instead of confined by walls, your living room, kitchen, and dining room should be flawlessly transition to each other.

Walls are out, and more fresh air are in. The minimalist approach is the new leisure.

A Holiday Home with Garden & Refreshing Pool

Most of the times, a lush garden doubled as thick, natural fence, forming a protective shield for optimal seclusion from the outside world. The garden will be your backyard oasis up a notch, making it a truly private escape where you can relax and recharge.

In the middle of May to June, Bali could reach it hottest temperature as the sun will be very close to the equator. In a day like this, you’ll want have immediate refreshment nearby, and nothing can beat swimming in your own pool, sipping juices under the bright sky. Or just soaking up the tropical sun at patio chair beside the water. In a home holiday, the presence of a pool is almost mandatory.

For the best stay, choose a villa with rooms wrapping around the pool, especially if you cannot afford a beachfront villa or that kind of home holiday with superb view (as they do have higher rate!). It will be nice to wake up to a blinking pool and fresh green garden on one fine morning through your own bedroom. In the other side, the pool will reflect additional light to your open space living / dining room, which also display a quite serene scenery across the room.

Let Big Furniture Out

Your holiday home shouldn’t feel cramped. Don’t let chunks of unnecessary wardrobe or other furniture blocking the sunlight. Remember, with lots of airflow, comes a peaceful mind. Less furniture will allow a lot of traffic flow, especially if you are staying with kids or another family members.

Furnish with The Right Decor

The big works are over! After a successful purchase, now it’s time for the dun part: decorating! Lucky for us, Bali has hundreds of furniture and homeware shops for every needs, every style. From modern, stark white furniture with sleek design, to the quirky one featuring rustic feeling, you can find it all across Kuta, Seminyak, Kerobokan, and Tegallalang village in Ubud. Don’t get easily swayed by any interesting homeware (and you’ll get swayed a lot!). Stick to two to three main style and complementary color to keep your villa nice and clean.