Bali long term villas agreement for foreigners

Anyone who lives in Bali for a long time will consider buying property. Bali is very attractive to many foreigners with an excess of natural beauty, beaches, and atmosphere. But, is it possible for foreigners to have a property in Bali? As a foreigner, acquiring property, especially villas, is a very complex matter, due to the restrictive policies adopted by the Indonesian government. Are there other alternatives? Bali long term villas offer a solution for temporary ownership for foreigners.

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Bali long term villas with a certificate of “Hak Pakai”

Based on PP No.103 2015 Article 5, foreign nationals may only be allowed to own property with certificates of “Hak Pakai”. Whereas in another article the certificate of “Hak Pakai” is valid for 30 years, which can then be extended to 20 years and renewed for another 30 years. The length of time a foreign citizen can stay with property purchased with a “Hak pakai” is 80 years. After completion, it will automatically return to the owner of the property.

Have KITAS (Limited Stay Permit card)

This permit can only be issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The requirement to have this card is not easy either. Foreigners must work in Indonesia and can be extended after 2 years. The fact is that the total number of permits for foreigners to work in Indonesia is 6 years, while the “Right to Use” property or Bali long term villas are up to 80 years.

Bali long term villas for a simple way

Renting is a very easy way for foreigners to use the property. There are advantages and risks that foreigners must understand before finding the best Bali long term villas. Many things must be taken care of before signing the agreement. Tenants’ rights and obligations must be explained in detail to prevent future disputes.

How to prepare a rental agreement?

If you have found the suitable Bali long term villas, you should immediately negotiate the terms that benefit both parties. After reaching a negotiation agreement, the two parties sign a valid contract in force in Indonesia. It should be noted, to make a lease transaction or buy property, you should use a notary service. Why involve a notary? Aim at all legitimate and accurate transactions. The lease agreement must contain the following details:

  • Payment Deadline
  • Long agreement
  • Payment terms and methods
  • Rental considerations
  • Security deposit

Anyone who tries to buy property in Bali will most likely be overwhelmed by bureaucracy. Especially foreign workers may not own land or houses using their names. Mistakes will often occur when trying to meet the “Right to Use” requirements. Or if you are a stranger and want to have a “Right to Use” seeking agency property is the perfect solution. They will help from the selection of Bali long term villas to the management of documents. If possible, why not try it?