Bali Holiday Villas Guide: All About the Swimming Pool

I mentioned in my previous article that a villa without a swimming pool is like a car without a radio. It can work, but definitely missing out a lot. That’s why every Bali holiday villas are always included with a gorgeous swimming pool to complement the villa. But do you know that there are many kinds of swimming pool types that each villa offers the buyer?

Bali holiday villas with a perfect pool

Picking Bali Holiday Villas

Depending on your preference for the swimming pool, it can affect your decision on which villa in Bali that you wanted to invest in. Whether you wanted the aesthetically pleasing one or the budget one, it totally up to you to decide. To help you know a bit better about swimming pool types, here are some of the types that usually build in villa:

Architecture Pool

Probably the most common one among luxury villas, the architecture pool is made at the same time as the house. The design of the pool is following the house architecture and has the same structure and material as well. The pool is designed in the same layout with the house by the architect so the end result would be amazing,

Recreational Pool

A standard swimming pool that you can find on a normal house, a recreational pool can be shaped like the classic rectangular design, circle, oval or even the free from one where it doesn’t follow any geometric pattern. This swimming pool usually has an additional slide or dive trampoline on the side.

Infinity Pool

Speaking of aesthetically pleasing, this kind of pool is definitely taking the top spot for the best one. An infinity pool or also sometimes be called a vanishing edge pool is a pool with a clear glass used as the edge to make an illusion of the water is spilling from the pool. You can find this type of pool in 4 or 5-star hotels that are built on the top floors to enjoy the view.      

Indoor Pool

Basically a recreational pool but built inside the walls. This pool can be useful in bad weather where it’s not possible to go out.  Aside from that, the indoor pool is also simpler when it comes to maintenance. They are easier to clean because the pool is not exposed to the outdoors, and also easier to maintain the heating because the temperature is kept within the room.

Natural Pool

This pool is built to resemble a pond or river, in order to make the pool area look natural. Natural pools usually surrounded by large smooth rocks and trees with a small waterfall came from a huge stone formation. But while it looks like a lake from the outside, the inside of the pool is still equipped with standard pool tools. This kind of pool is suitable for those who enjoy a natural theme for their home.   

Choose Wisely!

Okay, so that was some type of the pools that are built alongside the villa. We can see that each of the pools has a unique design that makes your swimming experience better. Next time you want to browse for Bali holiday villas, don’t forget to check out the pool as well!