What is Virtual Home Staging and What are the Benefits?

Home staging is a crucial step to marketing a house; and for some, it’s an integral process. There is the matter of cost and practicality, however, when sometimes, the traditional method of home staging is simply not a viable option. This is where virtual staging come to play and help you do most of the weightlifting in making your home presentable, and beyond that, desirable.

Staging at its core is done in order to assist both sellers and buyers. Through home staging, sellers are able to showcase their properties at the best light, with the right help. Buyers benefitted from the sense of livability and in envisioning how their furnitures would fit best in a room; it’s a good start in getting the sense of scales of the house, even before actually stepping foot into it.

Virtual home staging help sellers show the potential of their real estate properties, and consequently, they help buyers see the potential of the listing. In a highly competitive market, home staging is simply a sensible thing to do. Empty rooms on photos simply look so much less appealing on a listing—and there are possibly hundreds of similar houses with similar rooms; without staging, it’s often difficult to stand out.

Home staging has been known to significantly increase listing’s traffics. It’s reported that 30% rise on web traffic to the listing’s page occurred after a virtual staging. Virtual staging are not simply capable of filling an empty room with well-placed furnitures and lighting; staging virtually also allows you to remove existing furnitures on your photos with new ones. That is, without the cost of a new furniture, of course. A lot of services allow you to chose furnitures or even furniture styles from their pre-existing libraries to improve your home listing. Some allows you to order custom furnitures altogether. Virtual staging in itself is highly customizable across every aspect.

Home staging is way cheaper

Compared to traditional staging that often cost anywhere between 2,000 USD to 5,000 USD depending on the project, virtual home staging is tons of times cheaper. Prices range between 65 USD to 75 USD per photo, more or less, sometimes depending on the service or on the company that offered it.

No heavy lifting

Literally no heavy lifting on your part as everything is all done virtually. Preparing a home for sale before you move out can disrupt your routine by a large degree. Virtual home staging allows you to have your usual routine without being bothered by activities such as moving furnitures, re-painting, wallpaper applications et cetera. You also won’t have to keep your furnitures rotated for a long time like the case with traditional home staging, as it takes sometime for a transaction to come to a close.

However, you need to remember to label your listing photos correctly. Honestly mention that the pictures showed in your listing are virtually staged. Be transparent with your potential homebuyers. They’d value it a lot during their home search.