Understanding What Type Of Business Leader You Are

Understanding What Type Of Business Leader You Are

Building a business takes time and there is no such thing as instant success. Not to mention that all challenges and risks are often make many entrepreneurs give up with their entrepreneurial journey. Each successful entrepreneur may have their different secrets of how to build successful business. They may have out of the box approaches that work only for them. And one of the key ingredients on successful business is the leadership quality. 

How you lead your people while building your business

Every individual has characteristics that differ them from the others and affect how they lead other people especially in professional settings. Understanding the type of leader you are can be beneficial for you to recognize yourself and how you manage your team. There is no such thing as perfect leader because after all, leaders are still human. However, good leadership can help team to grow better. So what type of a leader are you?

Letting employees bloom on their own

There is a the type of leader who like to let their employees flourish on their own. They still give support and offer resources and tools for their employees to utilize. However, they don’t make themselves too involved in their employees’ learning process. It is not that they don’t want to help but they believe that this kind of support will help employees flourish while giving much needed space. The downside of this type of leader is that they are often being viewed as less assertive leaders who don’t like confrontation. 

Leader with million ideas

There is also a type of leader who likes coming up with ideas. They are focused on reaching long-term goals with their future-oriented thinking. They like being engaged with their employees to get them onboard with their ideas. This type of leaders tend to be very creative, imaginative, and often impulsive on making decision. They are also the type of leaders who seem so easy to approach. The downside is that they sometimes get easily distracted and need help to implement their ideas. 

Detailed and analytical leader

Next is the leader who tends to be analytical in almost everything. They like to plan everything to detail to process the information and make accurate calculation. They like reviewing things thoroughly to make sure they don’t miss any important point. This type of leader tend to be more organized and like hearing feedback from their employees so there is a sense of inclusiveness. The downside of this type of leader is sometimes they are being risk-averse and not comfortable in making quick decision. 

Dominant leader

There is also a type of leader who tend to be very dominant. They tend to adopt military style in their leadership. They are also good in making quick decision because they are quick thinker and great strategist. They don’t have problem working under pressure and are more resilient during crisis. They like to set into real action without explaining too much and care alot about the end result. The downside of this type of leader is, they tend to be seen as insensitive, impatient, and lack of empathy.