The Most Happening and Dining Option Restaurants Seminyak Bali

For the foodie tour in Bali, Seminyak is the best place to enjoy various types of food from different countries. The famous international chef is ready to serve an appetizing meal. The area of Seminyak is popular with the best bars, cafes, and restaurants.

restaurants Seminyak

Restaurants Seminyak that is happening, always fast popular and visited by tourists. The social media mania of course always send photos of food while visiting various best restaurants in Seminyak. Various theme restaurant and design enchanting become the main attraction for the tourists, ranging from romantic themed restaurants, sporty, beach, up to the Halloween-themed.

The Seminyak area is not only popular with popular restaurants but also the best hangout place while waiting for the sunset. Some recommendations for restaurants in Seminyak you can visit and happen in Seminyak:

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta is a restaurant in Seminyak that provides a different experience for you. Experience enjoying dinner by the beach with a romantic atmosphere. The food served can give an unforgettable impression.

No wonder if Ku De Ta including one of the perfect restaurants Seminyak and visited by many tourists. Do not be surprised if you have to wait for the queue to get in and enjoy their best wine or food.


If you are looking for Indochinese and Chinese dishes then Sarong is the right place. This one focus restaurant offers Indian, Thai, Srilanka food so it is only natural that many tourists want to try the delights of the dishes here.

Sea Vu Play

Restaurants Seminyak with a beachfront theme, a blend of Melbourne theme and the pier at Santa Monica are worth a visit. Sea Vu Play the right place for you to visit every day with diverse dishes. You can choose a light meal or the main menu, with a combination of professional bartender drinks. Hangout and watch soccer matches in Bali with a Bintang beer can be the best moment to spend your night.

If you decide to vacation in Bali then the best restaurant line in Seminyak and start looking for a list that you can visit. The most happening and dining restaurants of Seminyak are easy to find as there are many reviews from the foodie tour for you to enjoy the perfect moment in Bali.