Safety Tips For Flying With Your Kids

If it is possible, it is better to stay at home during pandemic especially for kids and young children who are still developing their immune system. Travelling is risky because it outs you exposed to the public spaces where virus is most likely to be. You don’t know which person in the crowd infected with the virus and spread it. However, sometime travel is unavoidable and you cannot just leave your kids at home unattended. It brings another dilemma for parents.

Flying with kids safely during COVID

Ever since the stay-at home and lockdown orders have been lifted in some places around the world, people start catching up with their duties that require travel to different places. Flying with your kids might not be ideal now but you can always do your best to minimize the risk. Also, airlines are also doing their best to sanitize aircraft and implement health guidelines to keep everyone safe. However, you can still have some preparation for safe flying with your kids.

Even if your children might not be aware of the entire situation, talking to them is still necessary about the extra precautions to be taken especially at the airport and on-board. For example, talk with your children so they know to not touch anything and always wear their mask while staying close to you. Make sure to talk with them in calm manner as to not make them go into panic mode.

Before travel, always find as much as information about current situation and guidelines to follow for a safe travel. You can also contact your airline to know more about necessary safety measures. 

Bring necessary supplies and wear protective gears for safe travel. You can bring your own hand-sanitizer or disinfectant wipes so you can encourage your kids to sanitize their hands. You also need disinfectant wipes to clean the surface of where you and your kids sit during the trip. Face mask is essential you cannot leave for a trip. Wear it and pack some if you are planning for a long trip. Some airlines give out masks to passengers but if may not be in the right size for kids.

Plan how you and your kids are going to eat especially if it is a long trip or flight. Some airlines have limit in-flight meals to minimize the risk. You can opt for eating out before the flight. Or, you can also pack your own foods and drinks. You may also need to pack some snacks so you don’t have to go to the nearest store during a trip just in case your kids get hungry before mealtime. 

Get to the airport early to avoid crowd or long lines and always practice social distancing. If it is possible, have fewer bathroom breaks. Going to bathroom on-board increase the risk of exposure to the virus. If it is possible, go for bathroom break with your kids at the same time so you don’t have to go for it too frequent.