Labuan Bajo Cruise In The Komodo National Park

The opportunity to dive in Indonesia, which is rich in marine biodiversity, has always been a privilege. Imagining the underwater world in the waters of Komodo National Park and its surroundings makes you amazed and amazed. The opportunity for a Labuan Bajo cruise with a traditional phinisi boat, complete with luxury facilities in the style of a five-star hotel, offers a unique and memorable trip. 

labuan bajo cruise

Labuan Bajo Cruise, Exploring Dive Sites Komodo Island

For those who have dived in the waters of Komodo, imagining the dive sites in Komodo National Park and its surroundings makes you want to visit again. Komodo waters always offer endless underwater diving spots for you to explore. Plan your Labuan Bajo tour by paying attention to the best time to explore Labuan Bajo and its surroundings as well as diving in the waters of Komodo.

Reba Festival (January – March)

reba festival - labuan bajo cruise

On your Labuan Bajo cruise in January – March, you will see the Reba Festival. The Reba Festival is a traditional party of the Langa community in Ngada Regency. The purpose of this festival is to express gratitude to the Creator. This festival also aims to respect ancestors so that they are blessed with wealth and good harvests. The culmination of the festival usually lasts for three days with various ceremonies and ritual activities.

Super Beautiful Natural Scenery (April – May)

If you want to see super beautiful natural scenery, you have to take a Labuan Bajo cruise in April – May. Towards May, the vegetation in Labuan Bajo begins to turn yellow. You can see the stretch of white sand under the sea from the surface.

A Labuan Bajo cruise in June brings you to see a traditional boxing show. People call it Sagi or Etu boxing. The traditional boxing show is an expression of gratitude for the blessings given by the ancestors throughout the year.

Komodo Mating Season (July – September)

komodo mating season - labuan bajo cruise

The range of July – September is the Komodo dragon’s mating season. You can find them easily around Loh Liang National Park. Pay attention to the ranger’s directions when you see Komodo dragons mating, to prevent things that harm you.

Enjoying Underwater Life (October – December)

Komodo diving national park

The sensation of the Labuan Bajo cruise and exploring the waters of Komodo brings tourists to see various marine life. October – December is the best time for you to take a Labuan Bajo cruise and explore the underwater world.

The weather in October is quite sunny, the sea waves are calm with cool air. The underwater scenery of Komodo waters is extraordinary with various types of fish passing through the coral reefs. You can be satisfied with snorkeling and diving activities. October is also the best time for night diving.

In December the weather begins to change and humans at night. The fish began to appear on the surface of the water. If you take the Labuan Bajo cruise in December, be prepared to dive and snorkel during the day.