How to Determine Bali Villas for Rent Value?

Do you plan to rent or lease a villa? With the increasing demand in the market for villas and real estate in Bali, it’s no wonder so many people are interested to take part in the business. And leasing or renting is less complicated than freehold sell, given how you still retain the ownership of the property. That’s why there are more Bali villas for rent rather than sell.

Bali villas for rent with a private pool

But then comes a question, how do I figure out the value of my property? It’s not something that you can easily compare with other property because there’s a lot of factors that affect how much it’s worth. But do not worry, as we are here to help you determine your property value to make sure you get the most profit from renting it.

Check the market for similar Bali villas for rent

Consulting the market would be the very first thing to do when you are clueless about the price of something. Seeing other villas rate can at least give you a price range about how much you will charge your tenant. It can also give you a sight on what aspect of your villa should be highlighted. Make sure you understand the strength of each Bali villas for rent that will attract people to take an interest.   

Where is it located?

Location is one of the key things that makes whether a property can be popular among buyers or not. A strategic location means easier access to many places, which is really helpful when you are planning to stay for a long time. For villas, beachside or near the forest are the most sought location, villa located in the center of the city tends to be less popular among foreigners due to the noise. But fellow Indonesian tourists might like it because it’s close to the market.

What does the villa offer?

The building and the facility is usually the second thing that people consider before investing in a villa. Unlike a house, people don’t really prioritize looking for a villa with multiple floors. Especially in Bali, where there are not many tall buildings around because of the cultural restrictions. The main attraction of the villa is the lounge and the outdoor areas. Most of the time, a villa with a comfortable bed, a cozy lounge, a garden, and a swimming pool is enough to guarantee a high price.

How is villa maintenance?

After checking the location and facilities, potential tenants usually ask the condition of the building. Doesn’t matter how luxurious the villa is, if the owner is neglecting the maintenance of the villa, it will affect negatively on the property value. So, try to keep your villa in check every day. Clean the rooms, garden and swimming pool, then check the condition of the appliances and lighting. You will need your villa to be in its best condition when you are showing it to your tenant.

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