Common Beginner Mistakes Did While Doing Scuba Diving Bali

This is the day when you are finally going to do your first scuba diving Bali. You have researched the best diving sites, you have watched a lot of youtube videos about Bali scuba diving, and you are building expectation at what you are going to see during your first dive. However, being a beginner as it is, everything will feel new to you, and it’ll easy to slip into one of these beginner mistakes. So read on, and do your best to avoid that.

Depend Too Much to Your Guide

Yes, your instructor is here to guide you. They will help you assemble your gear and suits, checking whether the currents are suitable for your level or not, checking the depth limits, and many other things for you. Though it’s good for beginners who know nearly nothing about diving and all of its complicity, don’t let this professionalism babysits you. Instead, watch what they are doing closely, and try to understand the reasons that lie behind it. This way, you can try it on your own when the next opportunity comes.

Investing in the Gears Too Soon

Yes, doing scuba diving in Bali can feel very exciting. So exciting that you might be tempted to browse the diving equipment and make purchases. After all, it will be so cool to wear your own, personalized gear! And who knows, the diving set at the diving center can be old and unreliable.

Wrong. You will be surprised that your diving center keeps very decent diving gears and diving suits for all sizes. Furthermore, the novice is prone to make an uninformed decision. Only after having enough diving experience, you’ll eventually know what you really need. Invest in good gears that will be very personal to you, but let experience enlighten you first.

Holding Breath During Scuba Diving Bali

During your first few dives, it will be easy to feel overwhelmed by the magical nature underwater. Upland, you are used to gasps and holding breath when you were totally amazed by something. You might be automatically holding your breath too when you are shocked and get panicked. This habit, however, is fatally dangerous while you are deep under the water. Remember your lesson to always keep breathing. And do always, always check your air consumption.

Not Listening to the Diving Brief

As petty as it may seem, failure to pay attention during diving brief is a very common mistake of beginners. This can result in ignorance towards diving plans, which is dangerous. Always pay attention at every detailed plan of your scuba diving Bali plan as explained by your instructors, such as time and depth of the dive, diving risks, sightseeing expectation, air supply planning, and many other things.

Have a good dive!