5 Business You Can Start In Bali

Building a business in Bali is just like living in leisure island while generating steady source of income. Flowing tourists in all seasons flourish business, which is the reasons why the south part of the island, the busiest tourist hub, is huddled with hundreds of hotels, entertainments, and all kind of shops.

5 Business You Can Start In Bali

Growing up with tourism business, Bali might not be capable of providing right climate for start up business, which sits on the current trend. While apps and tech development rise plentifully at metropolitan cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, or Surabaya, it might not work very well on this island. Bali on the other hand, is an oasis for hospitality and lifestyle business.

If you are keen to start a business at the heart of this holiday destination, here are 5 ideas that you might want to try.

Accommodation Rent

From a single room of Air BnB to a whole luxurious villa, a place to stay will always be on demand. Tourists are coming from numerous backgrounds and needs. Some of them brings along the whole family and need a large bungalow to be privately used for themselves. Some of them are just armed with their backpacks, and a single room (or even, a bed) is just what they need.

For a starter, try running a villa for rent or guesthouse rather than going all out with hotel, unless you have adequate experience beforehand. Running a small scale accommodation gives you  chance to test the waters and learn what’s best for your business without risking much. And when it comes to low-season, you can always use your villa for yourself—or renting it at considerably lower price for your relatives.

Restaurant Supplier

Forget cafes and fancy restaurants. Every month, a new restaurant is opened—and some are closed forever. It is true that a need for delicacy is always high, but so is the competition. If you are interested in this business, a restaurant supplier can be your best choice. You can be a food and beverage suppliers, who distribute meat, cheese, vegetables and fruits, or even coffee beans. Another option, you can open a wholesale retail selling kitchen and dining equipments, such as serving plates, colorful ceramics dinnerware, wide range of cups and mugs, to tableware sets. Hotel and restaurant owners will be looking for you, and they will always buy in bulk for their business.


With the blooms of hotel, villas, cafes, and restaurant, comes a huge need of furnitures. Bonus point if your furniture have distinct style that sets you apart from other furniture shops and make your shop easier to recognize. Just like fashion, furniture is always driven by style and trends. Chair sets heavily infused with beach style, for example, will be perfect for most beach-side restaurants or seafront hotels and villas, while a fusion of modern and rustic furniture can give a fresh breathe to a cafe.

Designer Shops

What is holiday without shopping? While in holiday, a good outfit is an important feature during traveler’s tropical gateway. You can count on travelers’ never ending desire to own a new pair of cute summer outfit, a major favorite in this sunny island. As people are always find a reason to shop, opening a clothing or jewelry shops with your distinct style is definitely a good idea.