4 Remarkable Ubud Villas For Short and Long Vacations

This is something fun enjoying a quiet vacation with the surrounding natural scenery. It is also one of the reasons why many tourists love Ubud and often visit repeatedly. The scenery and atmosphere of Ubud are very popular throughout the world. Being 35 kilometers from the airport the international airport takes you on a short trip to see the crowds and activities of residents along the direction of Ubud. One that attracts tourists is the row of Ubud villas with super luxurious facilities and spectacular views. No doubt many tourists decide on vacation in Ubud to get the peace and comfort of a vacation. Some recommended Ubud villas that are perfect for your short or long vacation.

Traditional Ubud villas with spacious land

Traditional Ubud villas

What is the estimated budget that you have to prepare to stay in a five-star hotel with family for a long time? The price will be fantastic and make your wallet thin. Ubud villas lead you to a better solution for an economical and enjoyable vacation. Ubud offers traditional villa accommodation with spacious land with a variety of luxurious and complete facilities ranging from cable tv, Wifi, heating, dining area, kitchen to the gazebo. Or if you are retired and want to enjoy the old days in peace, then Ubud is the perfect place.

Relaxing villa with rice paddies view

relaxing Ubud villas with rice paddies view

The villa is surrounded by rice paddle views and is perfect for your vacation. There are times when someone has to pay more to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a calm. You don’t have to pay a fortune to get peace in Ubud. Ubud villas bring you to enjoy unforgettable views and a holiday atmosphere surrounded by a rice paddle view. You can enjoy the fun with your family with a private swimming pool, garden, and the availability of internet connection, living room, dining room, and others.

2 bedrooms sustainable concept villa

Sustainable concept Ubud villas

If most family vacations require lots of bedrooms, a 2 bedroom villa will be perfect for a small family or honeymoon couple. A villa with a continuous concert in a tenant area in Ubud is the right choice. The villa with a sustainable concept offers a spacious living room, beautiful garden, and stunning rice field views.

Modern villa with remarkable rice paddies view

Modern Ubud villas with a private pool

Ubud is often described as an area with a simplicity amidst the soothing views of the rice fields. There are many Ubud villas that offer a variety of concepts and one of them is a modern concept villa. Most modern concept villas are equipped with various facilities such as a private swimming pool, garden, a security post, gazebo, spacious living room, internet connection, cable tv, and others. There are many Ubud villas with various concepts that certainly provide many accommodation options for your vacation.