3 Instagram-Worthy Decoration To Boost Attraction to Your Villa

These days, people are not coming into the villa to just stay and sleep. When nowadays our life is justified on social media, more traveler is looking for scenic destinations and photogenic stay—where they can snap an Instagram-worthy picture to create perfect holiday depiction on their social media.

Some traveler even chooses accommodations based on how attractive it is and how it can provide the aesthetic backdrop to their holiday photos. That’s why adding photogenic spots to your villa will definitely be a plus value in the eye of today’s traveler. Here’s some coastal item to turn your villa into a chic beach gateway spot.

Plants and More Plants

Yes, you heard it right. Plants are superb to make any space look bright and lively. While you may have planted some trees and flowers in the garden outside, few plants in pot indoor can make a gorgeous display. Create a small, green oasis to adorn your villa, as a place for visitors to rest, doubled as a refreshing spot for a portrait in the morning. For indoor decorations, choose trending plants such as monstera, assorted cactus, and succulents, or ferns which add strong character and textures to the room. These plants are a huge hit in social media back in 2017, following the year’s Pantone, greenery. Lot’s of people considered these plants as aesthetic decor, making a portrait with monstera at home (as well as with its’ shade!) really popular. While not everyone is taking a portrait behind the leaves today, the greenery trend is still beloved by many today.

Woven Rope Swings/ Hammock

A white rope swings hanging in the porch is just perfect to conjure idyllic slow living holiday. This is just identical with the image of Bali, where visitors can associate a peaceful day in the island with the presence of the item. Traveler love to take photos of themselves lazing around in this woven swings during the sunny day, as this is not something they normally enjoy in every other hotel or resort, creating a sense of simple, luxurious relaxation. And when this simple enjoyment is up on traveler’s Instagram, don’t be surprised if your villa is suddenly flooded with inquiries.  


Can your villa be even more tropical? With some surfboard, it definitely can! Casually displaying a surfboard will boost coastal living inside your villa, making visitors feels like they are staying in the heart of Bali. A surfboard is very flexible, they can just simply lean against the wall for a relaxing and natural look, or stack some of it up on the wall to pop beach vibes and liven up space. These surfboards decorations are just enough to create impressing holiday photos, especially when combined with perfect OOTD (outfit of the day).

As Instagram is popular among millennials and a younger generation, and being Instagram-worthy is just as meaningful as an elaborate marketing effort, if not more. A beautiful spot is just too good to be missed. Good photos drive the strong desire for sharing, and with it, large exposure to a wide audience. So, by taking efforts in creating photogenic spots in your villa, you are helping yourself for cheaper promotion through your very own visitors. Cause, surely, people want to have a holiday in style.