Natural Stones for Your Environmentally Respectful Properties

Natural stones offer numerous benefits that simply shine compared to other materials. Not to mention, it is literally made of the earth—once buried deep, or formed in the surface of the earth. It’s been known that the costs associated with building houses from stones is far outweighs by the benefits of these houses as well as the efficiency that these house demonstrate. Conventional buildings often require more energy and water resources, which makes them inefficient and the opposite of cost effective. The usage of stones in your buildings when used right can help you address important issues of environment and efficiency.

Natural Stones for Your Environmentally Respectful Properties

Stones pass the test of time

Stone buildings are often a reminder of ancient civilizations. This is partly due to stone dwellings have been a part of the human history since the dawn of time. Down from megalithic period of prehistory, the existence of stones have been as close as it can get to human civilization.

There are numerous surviving buildings to this day—most of them are made out of stones.

Some popular examples include pyramids. A lot of stones are known to be heat resistance, and even under extreme weather conditions, stones take millennia to change appearance.


Stones are extremely durable

One of the most durable materials for any construction, be it buildings or furnitures, is undoubtedly stones. Stones, made out of molten rocks, some formed deep within the earth, is arguably the very thing that made Earth itself. There are plenty examples that can be witnessed in everyday lives where stone buildings survive. Stones lasts for generations, and simply put, stones are symbol of longevity.


Stones are low maintenance

It requires effort to make a permanent stain on a stone. The dense materials that made up the surface of stones make it difficult for stains to stay. Cleaning stones are generally very easy and usually require no more than a bit of soap water. Because of its durability, stones also require very little maintenance in terms of repair. Stones are also famous for being the solution to low maintenance kitchen countertops. A lot of stone countertops are non props as well as scratch resistant, making it a highly durable item that would last possibly for multiple generations.


Stones are great thermal mass

While stones are arguably not the best insulator, because of the pure mass of stones,

Both heavy and dense, stone is arguably the best thermal mass from natural sources.

Used in the right, strategic way, stones greatly help with maintaining comfortable temperature for your interior all year long.


With good insulation on the outside, the thermal mass brought upon by stones will absorb heat during the time the sun is out, and release the heat in a gradual manner, so a sudden drop in temperature inside your house is not something for you to worry about

The strategic placing of the thermal mass provided by these stones should also be well thought out. Putting thermal mass near a source of heat such as the fireplace is a good example. Another thing to note is to avoid putting stones on poorly insulated areas.