Hammock Camping: 12 Reasons Why You Need to Have One

Can you imagine adventuring to the new place such hiking to the mountain and still bringing a tent as a place to take a rest in the afternoon or night? What if I remind you that bringing that tent is an exhausting hassles themselves. And those hassle’s reasons actually are being answered by why you should switch and start the hammock camping right away. Why you should owning a hammock.

Hammock camping adventure

If you have been thinking about swinging in the light breeze between the trees, far away into the dense forest with your friends in summer holiday, then hammock camping might be the right and a better choice for you, so far. Or, what about to appreciate the shade of trees on summer day?

You might think that it sounds ridiculous or too good to be true, right? But here’s the things; Hammocks for your camping ideas come in all shapes, colors, materials and sizes, also with the supported gears or accessories. Much different from tents that tend to be made of thin fabrics without any support gears. And mostly are like that.

Why this innovative hammock camping needs to be in your next trip?

You know well that I have mentioned some of the reasons why you should take a Hammock Camping at least once in your life. Also why you should also buy a hammock. But, you are still not convinced yet, right? Look! There might be endless reasons for that. Reasons about why using and also owning a hammock will give you more benefits than a tent or any other related tools in the market.

Whoever you are; a mother of two children or an outdoor enthusiast who always seeking for the wild adventure, you will likely to read about the reasons I have listed about why this innovative hammock camping needs to owned and used on your next trip. At least, most of us now are might all agree that until today, using hammock when camping is a better way to combine the adventure itself and sleep outside with comfort and safe.

1. Hammock is lighter than a tent

Frankly, exploring the nature needs more of your energy. Because of that, many of us are likely thinking about how to carry more lighter loads in our back. And bringing hammock in your backpack will help you to reduce the loads without being weighted down. I mean, who’s the foolish one want to carry a heavy tent if he or she is capable to buy the hammock. You can even needn’t to bring the tent poles and stakes. Nope. You are no longer need them.

2. Quick and easy to set up and use

Hammock camping have already set up

Yeah, I know that setting up a tent has its own struggle. Not to mention that the location to place the tent is also specific. Surely that hammock itself needs some gears or accessories to makes it to be quickly and easily set up. But as long as you find the vertical surface especially in secure the ends between the trees, than you are good to go for testing in which positions you are comfort to sit and sleep. For the short, I’d like to say that; you don’t need to be a pro when dealing with hammock.

3. It’s cheaper than a tent, you know!

Such any other high and best quality of products in this world, but the special different is, hammock camping that you need to buy for your next trip comes with lower price than buying a tent. It’s cheaper to accompany your adventure. And that is one of the luxury you’ll get.

Although you could choose to go simpler with just a hammock and a tarp, actually you could also get some more gears as needed such as mosquito net 360 degrees, hammock backpack, moonquilt for your warmth from below, etc. Best site like TicketoTheMoon.com even allow you to customize your own hammock with color you want, adding other gears and accessories you need, and some more. Simply visit and give it a try!

4. No more worries about rain, bugs or mosquitoes and other insects

I also have just mentioned about the tarp and mosquito net above. Although you need to spend more of your money, but “more” doesn’t always means that the accessories or gears are not cheap. I mean, on the site above, most are likely affordable. Especially when dealing with how to avoid or not to get caught by the rain or get bitten by the bugs, mosquitoes and other small insects in place like forest, etc.

5. Less damaging way for camping

We are human that keep on leaving traces on some things and places. Some of us even so disturbing and ruining the environment which we know that shouldn’t be done. By using the hammock, it is also one of the less damaging way to take a rest and enjoy the beautiful nature for now. At least you are contributing in saving the planet. Not like a tent that will make us worry about crushing the trees or vegetation, hammock camping will allow you to leave the site exactly like you found it before. As simple as “leave nothing but footsteps.”

6. Experience the new way of enjoy the nature

Sitting while monitoring and sleeping when camping in nature usually right above the soil. But now, you will experience for being between the land and the sky. Yes, you are in between. Floating in the air, literally. And it sounds not like a dream anymore. You can even enjoy the beautiful view of nature between the cliffs or above the river stream.

7. Portable, compact and ideal for emergencies

You can take the hammock everywhere in your school or even campus backpack after the lounging class without being hassled. It is because, both the hammock itself or the straps could take only a small amount of room and also capable to be compressed even smaller. We also hope that there’s nothing wrong will be happening when we are on the trip. Although, hammock is also useful when you are at the emergency situations. The hope is that this never happens, but hammocks are ideal for facing an emergency situation. Especially when you have the hammock in bright colors and has the big blocks of fabric in different colors. That will make your hammock camping to be used as signal flag to help you being founded by the rescue team in case you are missing.

And since you will hang it between the trees or in the air, you are actually have been anticipate not to being attacked by the wild animal if exist.

8. Bringing friends or family members together

Hammock camping with family

Hammock camping couldn’t just be used into the wild. You could always take it when holiday with your friends or family on the beach and even to your backyard then playing and enjoying the moment while together. And I think that hammock camping with your friends never be a bad idea, right? And doing it with your child behind the house or in your house’s park is also fun for them while seeing on the stars up in the night sky.

9. Unique way to be with someone you love

Relationship takes many things to do. Even you are required to be creative and being unique to treat the one you love. Since hammock comes with different sizes, you can also get the doubled-size one to enjoy the moment with her or him. Go find a place, the romantic one to be with your lover and this might be the one of the most special in both of your life. A beautiful view and moment, plus hugging one another and a romantic talk in the air, sounds interesting, right?

10. Experience the new comfortable sleep

First, you might think that laying your back inside the hammock will hurt or uncomfortable. Wait until you give it a try. Yes, I mean it. Sleeping inside it is not that bad as you are thinking. In fact, you will be surprised when you set your own and find the right position.

Believe me that you’ll sleep much better. Especially you won’t feel the rocks and roots on the land when tossing around. If you are using a tent, you know that sometimes you’ll hurt your back when turning around in sleeping.

11. Easier to camp anywhere; up the water, between the cliffs, etc

Hammock camping on the river

Portable to be brought anywhere and also could be set up the hammock camping in almost any possible spots. Even the impossible ones such as above the river or swimming pool, between the cliffs, etc. And I think, just by hammock camping between trees or poles, then sleeping, is also a great moment to achieve.

12. Camping in cold weather?

Says who that you are not capable to do it? First, I have mentioned earlier that you can even use the tarp to avoid the rain. It also mean that there are also other tools to deal with the cold weather. I also have mentioned about how to get warmth from below by using the Moonquilt from Ticket To The Moon that will also makes you move freely in your hammock. By using the synthetic underquilt it can also be zipped up to completely covering you from cold air and water.

Nevertheless, hammock camping during the cold weather is never a great idea. I mean, just saying that is possible. Especially in snow season that will likely makes you sleepless. Just in case you want to get rid off the cold while sleeping on a trip, simply put a blanket and make as your own bed or using the sleeping bag to avoid the cold crawling up to your backside all the night.

It’s all up to you whether taking a part in experiencing the hammock camping, simply just as the better way in hanging out with friends at the end of the weeks, or having fun while enjoy the moment with family or someone you love. Whether inside your lovely home or at the middle of nowhere in the deep forest you are in for your lifetime’s adventure. Remember this; Owning a hammock is a smart way of spending your own penny. Simply take it as a smart investment for a great adventure await.

So, get your own hammock camping now at the above site I’ve mentioned. Thank you.