5 Tips For Your Komodo Trip In The Next Holiday

Komodo Trip – So you are now planning for your next holiday, aren’t you? Have you been thinking about visiting the Komodo Island before? If not, you’d better gathering all the needed informations right away. But as a brief for your “a dream comes true” vacation, I’ll let you know about the tips that might be included into your plan.

Komodo trip when traveling

Since the Komodo Island located in Indonesia especially at the West Manggarai regency, you will be pampered with various of adventures. As part of Komodo National Park and also included into the Flores Islands that famous with their komodo dragons or the biggest lizards on earth, you are likely not only will be experience the ancient species on their original habitat, but also the colourful and exotic underwater life. From some mesmerized beaches to the lush and green hills as well.

5 Tips For Your Komodo Trip

Dealing with the ancient Komodo dragons, surely it will be really different than spending your holiday at anywhere else since you need to treat yourself and also the lizards a different way. So the tips for your Komodo trip basically not only to help you to get the most out of your adventure, but also make yourself safe and secure.

1. When to visit?

Choosing the right time is not enough, you need the best one or two so you are really get the ultimate Komodo trip beyond your imagination. I am talking about the month(s) anyway. The only one question is, what to expect when you are at Komodo Island?

Komodo trip best time to visit

Mostly, from April to June, it is not a wavy season. In many chance, the sea is clear and also calm. The land is also beautifully green. So if you are interesting especially in exploring the marine life plus a mesmerizing landscape, this first range of months will be recommended.

If you are planning your Komodo trip in July to August, make sure you are patient enough because the island will be full of tourists. In any words, you may say that it is the high season of the tourism. But if you really need to traveling in this season, make sure to plan your visit very well. Especially when dealing with flight, accommodation and surely the budget.

Almost the same with the first range of month, from September to November is also recommended if you love diving and curious about the chance for the wildlife marine. You will probably meet the whale sharks, sperm whales, mantas and many other beautiful and rare species.

While in January to February you might not have a holiday after the new year, it is also could be avoided because the monsoon is coming. No wonder that many of the tour or travel agencies take a rest for awhile. Yeah, it is better to keep safe than selling the Komodo trip that has high and more risks.

2. Special for the ladies: Your menstrual cycle is matter

Not only for your health but also really to keep you SAFE in your Komodo trip. Why?

Komodo dragon is not only as an ancient animal. Not only rare to be found. It is also one of the wild beast that could smell blood in the distance of more than 10 miles. Yes, you are reading it right. Many have been inform that the distance even up to 12 miles. So if you really need to get the Komodo trip, I suggest you to keep that in mind. Always.

It is worried that the blood will becomes the trigger for the animal instinct where the dragons will be so aggressive. Another important thing you need to be remembered is this komodo is also a carnivore as well. You know well how all of that are related each other, right?

3. The tour operator will be used

When planning to visit the Komodo Island, you are also have a really high chance that you’ll getting close or even landed on the other islands. Not only one but you could explore some of the existed islands. That’s why choosing the right tour operator for your Komodo trip is also important.

One of the best way to enjoy the islands surely by sailing to them with safe, big, and a good designed boat. And to that issue, you could trust your Komodo trip to Hello Flores to get an ultimate liveaboard experience.

They have for about 8 boats that you could choose for yourself. And also helping you in making your own itinerary since there are some of beautiful islands and their destinations and attractions that are unfortunate to be missed. The boats are well-designed as well and inspired by the traditional Phinisi boat to make sure your Komodo trip will really be authentic.

4. If you are chased by the Komodo dragons

I really hope that you are safe in your Komodo trip, but when things going out of your control, you may need to know how to deal with it. Especially when you think that the komodo will likely to chase you.

The first anticipate thing to be done is keep on trekking in a group and never compromise with that because the animal mostly will attack the alone one. Also, never getting yourself far from the komodo’s ranger (you may say he/she is the tour guide) because they are have been well-practiced and equipped with various type of tools to survive.

If you are in condition that required you to runaway and this biggest lizard seems chasing on you, you could and should run in zigzag pattern instead going straight forward.

Komodo trip - running in zigzag pattern

Then try to find a shelter and if possible, never climbing up the tree since the Komodo also has that ability. But to be frankly, the dragons that could climb the tree mostly dominated by the small one.

5. Do not light a fire

If you are smoking, then you need to stop it when visiting Komodo Island. it is because you might pay your visit in dry season where almost all of the area are vulnerable to the fire hazards. Beside that, there are more things to do than light a fire.

All of the 5 tips above hopefully will help your Komodo trip one day. Although still written by combining the general and the specific tips, I still hope you will find them all useful.