What is Virtual Home Staging and What are the Benefits?

Home staging is a crucial step to marketing a house; and for some, it’s an integral process. There is the matter of cost and practicality, however, when sometimes, the traditional method of home staging is simply not a viable option. This is where virtual staging come to play and help you do most of the weightlifting in making your home presentable, and beyond that, desirable.

Staging at its core is done in order to assist both sellers and buyers. Through home staging, sellers are able to showcase their properties at the best light, with the right help. Buyers benefitted from the sense of livability and in envisioning how their furnitures would fit best in a room; it’s a good start in getting the sense of scales of the house, even before actually stepping foot into it.

Virtual home staging help sellers show the potential of their real estate properties, and consequently, they help buyers see the potential of the listing. In a highly competitive market, home staging is simply a sensible thing to do. Empty rooms on photos simply look so much less appealing on a listing—and there are possibly hundreds of similar houses with similar rooms; without staging, it’s often difficult to stand out.

Home staging has been known to significantly increase listing’s traffics. It’s reported that 30% rise on web traffic to the listing’s page occurred after a virtual staging. Virtual staging are not simply capable of filling an empty room with well-placed furnitures and lighting; staging virtually also allows you to remove existing furnitures on your photos with new ones. That is, without the cost of a new furniture, of course. A lot of services allow you to chose furnitures or even furniture styles from their pre-existing libraries to improve your home listing. Some allows you to order custom furnitures altogether. Virtual staging in itself is highly customizable across every aspect.

Home staging is way cheaper

Compared to traditional staging that often cost anywhere between 2,000 USD to 5,000 USD depending on the project, virtual home staging is tons of times cheaper. Prices range between 65 USD to 75 USD per photo, more or less, sometimes depending on the service or on the company that offered it.

No heavy lifting

Literally no heavy lifting on your part as everything is all done virtually. Preparing a home for sale before you move out can disrupt your routine by a large degree. Virtual home staging allows you to have your usual routine without being bothered by activities such as moving furnitures, re-painting, wallpaper applications et cetera. You also won’t have to keep your furnitures rotated for a long time like the case with traditional home staging, as it takes sometime for a transaction to come to a close.

However, you need to remember to label your listing photos correctly. Honestly mention that the pictures showed in your listing are virtually staged. Be transparent with your potential homebuyers. They’d value it a lot during their home search.

Bali Diving Packages, A Great Budget For Enjoy Underwater

Bali diving packages take you to discover the amazing underwater panorama and mystery. Quality diving providers with dedicated diving facilities offer an unforgettable experience. Bali is the best diving destination in the world that you should not miss. A variety of beautiful and unique underwater species will accompany your dives. What are the benefits of Bali diving packages?

Bali Diving Packages

Diving is very troublesome. This is true. There are many things that must be prepared before diving. You have to carry a tank, mask, regulator, buoyancy compensation device, frog legs, and many others. This is the reason why Bali diving packages are very important.

Bali diving packages are widely offered through the dive center. Each dive center offers packages at different prices. Diving packages are also a way to improve your diving abilities. The more you dive, the better your diving skills will be. Don’t get the wrong Bali diving packages. Although it’s easy to find a dive center, not all provide the best facilities.

There are times when the dive center only chases profit without paying attention to the diver’s satisfaction. This makes a bad image for the world of diving. They are not given the opportunity to explore the science of diving as well as possible. What they give is just a module, practice the pond and go to the open sea. A highly recommended dive center that is able to make divers understand unlimited diving skills.

Bali is one of the best Asian diving spot icons. For those of you who have never dived, Bali is the right place. The calm waters of Bali are very safe for beginner divers. Some spots do have strong currents but do not rule out the possibility of diving, especially for professional divers.

Bali diving packages provide many benefits. Dive centers will provide all your diving needs. Pick-up and drop-off from or to the hotel, tanks, diving equipment, boats, guides, and lunch. All are included in the Bali diving packages.

Bali is perfect for your vacation. When you need to enjoy the tranquility of a vacation, Bali offers Ubud as the right place for relaxation. When you need water activities, you can enjoy diving, skating or snorkeling. Bali is best for lovers of the underwater world, the treasure is hiding under a calm surface. Bali diving packages are best for divers, both beginners and professionals. Safety when diving is the main. Dive package instructors will ensure your safety and safety.

Closing the Best Deal with the Right Strategies in Property Business

Closing the deals for your property business is hard-achieving. Generating promising real estate leads is not something you can do overnight, it requires lots of hard work in the process. It is not only the best skill you need to have but also the right strategies.

Closing the best deal strategies in property business

Building skills and finding the most effective strategies can take years. Some investors may succeed faster or vice versa. There is no accurate calculation on how long until you reach your best skill in closing deals because there are many elements needed to be involved in the process.

Successful investors sometimes make decision to go in different path unlike the others. Instead of going with basic methods, they choose unconventional strategies in order to generate more leads for their property business. This is not unheard of and there is no fault if you do so.

Finding the right strategies to close as many deals as possible

Before implementing any strategy, it is also important for you to know that there is difference of marketing strategy between sellers and buyers in property business.

Where you stand decides the types of strategy you need to implement in your property investment. As mentioned earlier that there is no absolute rule or procedure in which you can successfully build your property business and close many deals. Every individual has their own way and skill to help them through.

However, the following tips can be a general view to lead you finding the right strategies to generate many potential and promising leads for your property business:

  1. The first tip is that you need to consider business auditing. This aims to build solid foundation for the sake of your business management. Using this procedure, you will be able to evaluate accurately your performance. This way, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of the strategies you implement. You will know how many contacts that can potentially generate leads and how many of them have resulted positively. This can be called as tracking. Thus, you know exactly how far your progress is.
  2. The next tip is to building the network. Growing network is not an easy feat. It requires little more hard work by sacrificing your time. It is important to build professional relationship whenever you have a chance. You can build your network by joining local property business club, attending real estate related seminars, etc. In building your network, it is best not to set any limit. You can expand your network to larger community so that your network will be solid and large. It is also important for you to share mutual relationship in maintaining your network.
  3. In generating leads, some may say that the quantity is more promising then quality. However, you need to think otherwise. Make sure that your marketing strategies have clear target in the market. Make sure that your message is clearly delivered through the campaigns you made via your marketing strategies. This will help you to earn as many leads as possible for your property business.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Website Design Agency at Bali

Sometimes, it is hard to distinguish which one is the tourist and which one is the businessman in Bali. It is because there are many of foreigners who have started up their business in Bali, so it is becomes a bit hard for the local people to identified them. And they are also blended into the community very well. Starting a business in Bali can be quite a challenge. But if you really decide to keep on going what you have started, make sure that you are also involving the website design agency at Bali.

Hiring website design agency at Bali

Since the website design agency can’t only be found at Bali, there may will be the pros and cons among the businessmen. Moreover, even if you are at the east end of the world, you can always choose to hire the agency at the west end of this planet. Thank’s to digital world that keep on developing.

Hiring the website design and development agency will give some of the advantages, either you are doing it in Bali or another region in Indonesia and even another country. You can get professional advice for your web design, SEO, its development for the future so you can get the right website as your business need.

You are also possible to get a brand and your business identity advices so your next business steps can really benefit you. At least, you may be told that you need to provide or change the existing logo of your business can be considered as the important move. You are talking to an agency, so you will hear many of what its has experienced. Not just the design of your new business site.

Many of the pros and cons related to the website design Bali are possible came from the foreigners. If they are new in Bali, they may don’t know much about the law of the country and the region. But if they have lived for years in Bali, they may also have understand the cultures and how the business is going on.

Pros of hiring the website design agency at Bali

Currency exchange rate is always helpful for they who came from US, developed countries at Europe, or even the Australians. When you have Dollars, Euros, or Poundsterlings on your hand, it will be really a profitable exchange for you when you change them into Rupiah (Rp). Later, the website design Bali agency you are hiring can be cheaper.

But that will not only be the benefit you can get, because the business you will be started at Bali can also get the same benefit. In case you aren’t interesting to work with the web agency and finding the freelancer yourself, the wages can also cheaper for even counted per hour rate.

The freelancer or the team of an agency are also really welcoming and friendly. Sometimes, they will usually give you the extra service like working any related website design field without even need to wait for your order. They are pretty much understand about that.

Now, it’s time for the cons!

Although there are many of the foreigners in Bali, doesn’t mean that there will be many of them who are working as the web designers or developers. In fact, surely that the Balinese and other local people from around the Indonesia will fill the position. One thing that you will not want is, they may don’t understand you very well.

It is about the communication, the language you are using. Some of the web designers are fluently in English, and some of them don’t. So, that will be a challenge for you. Finding the freelancer may be cheaper, but there are also many of the agency team in Bali that are good in speaking for several languages.

Language may the simple thing in business, but you have also need to make sure that it won’t draw you into the legal issue.

Since many of the Indonesians are also being part of the website design agency at Bali, it is feared that the target of finishing the website will not be in accordance with what was agreed at the beginning. I mean, there is term called as the “rubber time.” So, you may need more times to get in touch with the agency.

But, there are actually some of the web design companies in Bali that are owned and ran by the foreigners, so you will needn’t to fear about the above cons.

Many people have become examples as the successful businessmen and women in Bali, either as the foreigners or the local people. You are also have the same chance to get the same achievement or even more. To begin your successful journey, find the right website design agency at Bali can be part of it.

Build Your Property Business by Working Smart

To achieve your goal, hard work is essential and everybody agrees with this. However, there is something more effective to achieve your goal aside from working hard. It is work smart that will help you reach your goal in your business. Working hard is important but working smart is efficient. Surely working hard is useful but it doesn’t guarantee your achievement. Meanwhile, working smart will help you work efficiently without wasting much time to achieve your goal. Besides, working smart today is not impossible because technology has made it easier for you to do so. You can pick your ideal shortcuts to reach your destination in property business.

How to work smart in building property business?

Working smart doesn’t necessarily need superior brain. Having high IQ is not what work smart supposed to mean. For more understanding about how to work smart in building your property business efficiently, here are some useful tips you can try to implement yourself:

  • First important thing to do is to make list of what you should do and need in order to build your business. It is essential that you list things from the very bottom to the very top. By focusing in making list, you will be able to notice many things in details. The list includes plans, strategies, possible issue, solutions, relation, connection, and many more things you consider important to be included on the list. You need to take your time in making list so that you don’t miss any aspect.
  • Determine the right order of priorities you have based on the list you have made earlier. After making the list, it is time for you to arrange them in the right order based on the urgency. You need to mark which one hold highest priority and which one that you can push aside for a while. This helps you focus in finishing tasks efficiently without wasting too much time. You will be able to work productively by knowing the priority. It is more accomplishment when you can tackle down one major task instead of tackling dozen small tasks. What is the point of working hard if you cannot accomplish any of important tasks?
  • Do things that you are best at and let others handle what they are best at as well. It means that you should be able to delegate in accomplishing tasks related to your property business. This way, you can reach your goal efficiently. If you force yourself to try finishing the task you are not good at, you just waste precious time. You should try to trust your partners in this matter.
  • Instead of trying to do many tasks at once, it is better to finish one task at a time. Carrying too many bags in one step won’t lead you anywhere because you cannot focus on your step. Therefore, try to finish what you start then you can go on to another task after. This will also help you more focus because you won’t think of another task while finishing the one at your hand.

Does Scuba Diving Bali Price Worth To Get A Great Pleasure?

Highlighting the development of the diving world is certainly related to something expensive. When diving hasn’t boomed as it is now, they are indeed expensive activities. In fact, scuba diving offers an amazing experience. Many people dream of doing it but caring about a question is the same. What is the cost of scuba diving? This question is indeed a factor that needs to be considered.

Scuba Diving Bali Price

If you search on the internet, there are many diving packages that when this offers reasonable prices. For beginners, the initial costs can vary according to the level and equipment requirements. Bali is the choice of many amateur and professional divers. Many dive centers are under the world’s popular dive organizations to make your dives valuable.

Many factors make scuba diving Bali price varied. Starting from the price of training, rental of equipment, up to the price of the dive tour itself.

Scuba Diving Bali Price For Training

This is the initial fee that comes into play for beginner divers. Initial training consists of a basic understanding of diving sessions, practice in the swimming pool and diving in open water. After completing all three stages, you will get a diving certificate. After that, you can upgrade the level of different training costs. Total of scuba diving Bali price for beginners ranges from $ 300 – $ 600. The price of each dive center will vary. For this reason, comparing one dive center to another helps save your initial costs.

Equipment & Boat Prices

This is the beginning of scuba diving playing with the actual costs. Scuba equipment is not cheap and requires the best equipment for diving safety. The best when you want to dive through packages from the dive center, including diving equipment. This fee will be cheaper. Compared to buying diving equipment, you have to pay $ 750 – $ 2000 depending on their brand and quality.

The advantage of scuba diving Bali price from dive centers cheaply is always there. Each dive center has the best offer for each package. This includes diving, boat, lunch, drop off and pick up equipment from or to the hotel. Try to find a dive center with the all in the package. If not, you have to pay $ 75 to $ 150 for diving two basic tanks. Or you are required to add to pay for diving insurance.

The best dive center is to provide prices without deception. The price offered includes all diving equipment, transportation, boats, lunch, insurance, tubes, and others. Make sure you get Bali scuba diving prices without adding any cost. Scuba diving Bali price is worth you pay for the greatest pleasure.

Out Of The Box Strategies In Property Business Marketing

In every kind of business, marketing strategy is important and its role plays significantly. It is just the same when it comes to real estate business. Marketing strategy is one of the most important keys you should have and should not lose.

Out Of The Box Strategies In Property Business Marketing


Before going further to find out the most effective marketing strategy in property business, it is important to know what it really means by marketing. It is a term used by many people in various subjects. No matter how wide or complicated the meaning of marketing is, you can always grasp to the most important point of it. Marketing means to introduce your brand. That is the main point but it is not the end of the process of marketing. There are many things involved before it is called as successful marketing strategy.


Out of the box marketing strategies in property business

In many circumstances, it is often that businesses focus more on the solution instead of the problem. While it is not totally wrong, there is another alternative to think the opposite. When you focus more on finding the solution, you must have not realized that the problem may reoccur someday and the same solution may not be as effective as the first time you use it due to different circumstances. Meanwhile, you can find more innovative and creative results when you focus more on the problems. This will lead you to find more effective strategies in dealing with business property issues.

Having edgy marketing strategies doesn’t mean you leave the conventional ones. The traditional strategies are still important to use as fundamental though. However, having edgy and out of the box strategies may give you more benefits in building your business. Thus, there is no hurt to use unconventional ones.

One of the most out of the box strategies is submitting an original content to more powerful outlet besides your own business’s webpage. Most people use social media as the best tool to raise brand awareness. However, it is not a bad idea to trust larger outlet. You can write something original related to your industry. You will be able to link back from the outlet site to your business webpage. Thus, it drives the traffic to your site in return. This strategy is effective and you should try it especially when you have ability to write well.

Next out of the box strategy in marketing your property business is flaunting. What should you flaunt? Well, you can flaunt your success by showing what you have achieved. It doesn’t mean you have to be obnoxious. The point is, you show the world that you are a capable person and you have gained success by your own effort. This is a way to how off yourself in the market. While you flaunt yourself in social media, make sure not to drag down others by belittling other’s achievement and just focus on yourself. This is also effective to show others that you are confident in your business and it will surely attract potential leads or clients.


Are You Fit to Sail with Komodo Cruise?

Finally, you have enough time and resources to sail with your dream Komodo cruise after a long wait. You cannot wait to finally set your foot to the breathtaking Padar’s outcrop and meet the dragons. The stylish, nautical cabin you’ve been glared on screen for the past few weeks is waiting. After all the effort and hassles of tour arrangement, now you deserve the treat.

Are You Fit to Sail with Komodo Cruise?

Some people, however, somehow forget that everyone on board are in for a treat. Unless you are booking a honeymoon-style boat for two, you gonna share the boat with ±8-10 other people. For couple of days ahead, they will be your travel-mates, boat-mates, diving-mates, and all the like. Proper etiquette is very essential to maintain peace and relaxing atmosphere on board. Ask yourself; are you really fit for a sailing trip?

An Everyone’s Guide to Not Be ‘That Guy’ Onboard Komodo Cruise

1. Dominating The Favorite Spot on Board

Your dream Komodo cruise was perfect in everything. It has that chic boat chairs and cushions with all teakwood floor that’s gonna be perfect for enjoying the scenery. Or striking fabulous vacation photos. But you are not the only one who wanted to enjoy the spot. It’s okay to sit on the spot once in a while and give others a turn. Dominating the same prime spot all the time can bring jealousy into the surface, especially when others paid the same amount of price as you.

2. Sharing is Caring

Boat trip with Komodo cruise is all about sharing. If you cannot share, you simply cannot sail. You need to share spaces, foods, drinks, and toilet with everyone on board. Snacks—usually served after dives or hikes—are limited, so try to not munch them all to yourself. Sharing spaces, aside of communal one, is even more essential if share a cabin with 2 or more people. Some Komodo cruise of the lower class even have small space cabins cramped with tiny bunkbeds, which make it essential to share the limited space for everyone.

3. Late and Make Everyone Waits

A Komodo cruise excursion is almost identical with tight schedule. There are so much amazing places in Komodo National Park to visit and too little time available. Especially when you only take 3D2N excursion with all diving, hiking, and beach excursion included. Nothing can be more irritating than waiting for that persons who literally took their time taking photos, forgetting the arranged itinerary behind their head. They could be out on the way to catch the spectacular sunset in Padar—but no. They are still on the dock because someone hasn’t even climb down Gili Lawa’s hills.

4. Tidy Up!

We cannot stress more about the limited space on Komodo cruise with all the guests and crews on board. Try to not make a mess, especially in communal spaces. Whenever you spill a liquid keep everyone from stepping on it until it’s cleaned. Store things neatly after you use it, all the time. Do not leave any personal thing on the dock or communal quarters. No one wants to see your private belongings scattered all around as if you are the one who own the boat.

5. Complaining All the Time

How do you feel to be with someone who always find something to complain about? Being with chronic complainers is utterly exhausting. It can bring everyone’s mood down and emerge unpleasant atmosphere onboard. Complainers can quickly ruin the moment with their negativity and prevent happiness to stay for long. And in a long and tight-scheduled Komodo excursion, everyone’s energy can quickly drained and people feel tired sooner than usual. That’s why maintaining positivity is crucial—everyone on board must be responsible for the cruise’s peace.

Factors to Evaluate a City for Real Estate Investment

Purchasing properties for investment is one of the most popular methods in increasing your net worth and building wealth. Unlike other methods of investment, houses or properties cannot be moved, and therefore, location matters a lot. Geographical, societal, and economical factors all play a role in determining the value of the location, and therefore, the value of your properties. Location is arguably the most important factor when it comes to purchasing a property for investment. There are several common factors that could be observed when it comes to evaluating a region or a city for real estate investment.

It’s important to note that everything is linked. The aspects of value should always take into account aspects of human life. Things such as employment, population growth, city developments, and a wide variety of factors all play a role. Observing the market as a society a whole is key. Let’s start with some of the common factors in evaluating a city for real estate investment.

Employment growth

People’s capability to purchase or rent is highly dependent on their financial state that determines their capability of buying. Companies and businesses that grow are signs of an area that flourish. The growth of the percentage of the city’s number of employment each year is indicative of employment growth that often affect the real estate market greatly.

Population growth

The increase in population is something that clearly has a direct impact in the housing market. The population growth is observed annually, viewing the percentage in the city’s population each year. Migration trend is something to look out for.

Infrastructure development

An intrinsic sign that a city or a region is growing financially is changes on its infrastructure brought about by development. You may spot roads being built, or a brand new bridge just finished constructing, or even just several new houses in the neighborhood, that may indicate a high demand in housing in the area.

Rental Yield

Compared to the property’s market value, the profit of how much rental pays is a direct indication of how much an investor could obtain rental income. Rental prices may not always reflect home prices in many areas, so make sure to do your research and find out, and possibly observe what may affect the trend. Regions with a high populations of students or young workers are sometimes the cause of the high rental yield. Not to mention, due to inflation, although home prices grow slowly, rent prices may increase rapidly due to inflation. Rental and home family markets sometimes can be very disconnected.

Increase in home values

The increase in home values is observed through how long it would take for home prices to go up each year. The median value of the inventory in the housing market is commonly observed. The length of time homes are on an active listing is one of the indications in the speed of home value. The overall factors affect the resale value of a house.

Economic diversity

While employment growth plays an important role in the state of the real estate market, economic diversity may just be as important. Economic diversity is observed through employment rates across a wide range of sectors, as opposed to a region dominated by a single industry. Places with only a sole industry dominating the region pose higher risks in the long run. Regions with a diverse economic sectors are much less risky, especially those with established industries. The examples of economically diverse cities are California, Texas, Sacramento, etc.

Tasting The Profit Of Bean Bag Chairs Production

In today’s modern era, living and office spaces are increasingly limited. This is the reason why choosing the right furniture. The mistake of choosing furniture makes your home and office unpleasant. The atmosphere of home and office help shape the mood.

Bean Bag Chairs

A relaxed atmosphere at home, in the office or anywhere, can be easily created. Furniture is one of the determining factors in creating comfort and a sense of relaxation. The solution to choosing furniture is multifunctional. Bean bag chairs modern, trendy and multifunctional furniture solutions. Not only designed as a furniture but also as a beautiful decoration.

Bean bag chairs are tiny furniture, mobility, as a solution to fill your tiny space. They are a type of sofa without a frame that can be occupied flexibly following the user’s body shape. Shaped like a large bag filled with Styrofoam.

Some of the advantages of bean bag chairs:

  • Light
  • Moveable
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Water Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Trendy
  • Comfortable

Bean Bag Chairs As A Profit Field

Making bean bags can be done in 30 minutes. Is it true? If you pay attention, this is a large cloth sewn and filled with styrofoam. You can try making a bean bag pattern and looking for a convection to sew it. For filling, only requires 1 kg, where the price is very cheap.

Why not think about producing and selling it? This is a simple process that requires precision. The important thing to note is the quality of the cover material used. Considering they are indoor and outdoor furniture, then look for the type of material that is waterproof, fire resistant, comfortable and not hot.

To attract buyers, you can design bean bag chairs with 2 colors, so that it looks unique. Using 1 color will make bean bag chairs look elegant. Receiving customized bookings can help your sales market.

Prices of bean bag chairs on the market range from $ 70 – $ 100 and even more. While the material you need can be found cheap if you buy on a large scale. The margin you receive can reach 40% in a month.

You also separate indoor and outdoor types. Surely the cover material used will be different. For outdoor, it is better to use canvas fabric because it is strong and flexible. As for indoor, use velvet or other materials that are easy to clean. You can also look for designs for children. Bean bag chairs are perfect furniture for all ages. Bean bag chairs provide comfort for others and also huge profits for you as a seller.