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Five Quiet Beaches Around Komodo Island

Komodo Island and its surrounding is just magical. Separated by the Flores Sea from the main island Flores, this small island is the last sanctuary of the dragons. Komodo and Rinca are the only place in this world where Komodo dragons roam free in the world. Yet, the islands is not just about the dragons. Series of remote islands in Komodo National Park are few of the best-kept hidden gems of Indonesia. Plenty of sugary beaches line up the coastal border, most of them are left pristine and untouched.

Five Quiet Beaches Around Komodo Island

If Bali’s beaches start to feel too crowded for you, it’s time to fly to Komodo. Here are five gorgeous beaches in Komodo Island that live up as the epitome of Neverland.

1. Pink Beach of Komodo Island

Who can resist the temptation of Pink Beach? Rare and beautiful, Pink beach is one of the best place to visit during a travel to Komodo Island. The one in Padar is the most famous one, but luckily we have quite a few blushing shore around. Thanks to the presence of red coloured corals along the National Park. When it breaks off, it get swept to nearby shores, resulting in some rosy-tinted beaches in the area.

2. Pink Beach of Mawan Island

If the Pink Beach in Komodo and Padar doesn’t really meet your expectation, head to Mawan. This small island is just a stone throw from Komodo Island. The pink sands here are truly vibrant with the best hue! At the other side of the island, you can find sugary white beach that blends seamlessly with turquoise water. Mawan is alive with small fishing villages. It means you can find humble shelter and a pitcher of fresh coconut in the island.

3. Pretty in White in Seraya Island

The Seraya Kecil, which famously known as just Seraya island, have one of the most serene beach around Komodo Island. The charming small island calls independent travelers to marvel along its empty shore. Under the sun, the white beach is gleaming, line in contrast with the tranquil ocean. The calm water, rich marine life under the waves, and high visibility make it perfect for snorkelling too. Bring your beer from the boat. It’s time to chill in resort of nature.

4. Kanawa

Crazy. Blue. Water. That’s what you’ll find in Kanawa’s beaches. The beaches are, needless to say, white and pristine. But the water will left you in awe. The turquoise water is high in visibility, showing house reef right beyond the offshore. Walking along the shore gonna give you plenty of delightful surprise. Almost anywhere along the beach, you will find sea stars, fragments of corals, and other sea critters chilling in the calm water.

Lies beyond the beach, Kanawa is full of healthy marine life. Even snorkelers can meet school pf fishes, see turtles, and reef sharks at any given day. Some dolphins often come to greet stunned travelers!

5. All You Have is Beach—Manta Point/ Makassar

Famous as a spot where manta rays regularly pass through, the Manta Point keep its own hidden beaches. Rise just next to Manta Point is Taka Makassar, a tiny island consist entirely of beach. A stunning, crescent-shape white sandbar sits in the middle of open blue sea. Taka Makassar is the dreamiest beach of all. Sunbathing in the soft sand is not only thing you can do in the sandbar. As the surrounding water is super calm and shallow, anybody can just float in the water! Hands down, the otherworldly Taka Makassar is definitely the best beach to visit around Komodo Island.

Restaurants In Seminyak, A Perfect Option For Luxury Cuisine

Balinese food can be enjoyed anywhere, from roadside stalls to fancy restaurants. Many foods are worth discovering and enjoying while on vacation in Bali. As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, culinary is the main one. Seminyak has a lot to see, do and enjoy. If you are going to visit Seminyak, immediately find your favorite search engine and book your vacation in Seminyak.

restaurants in Seminyak

Seminyak, Where Delicious Food Present to Pamper Your Taste

As one of the world-class tourist destinations, Bali provides its guests with high-quality dishes. If you surf the internet, there are many recommendations of favorite restaurants for tourists. You can see the highest review and try it, both low and high-level restaurants. Low-level restaurants may look simple. But do not judge by the cover. They have amazing dishes.

Bali is eat, love and pray, like international film titles. And indeed, in fact, Bali is an exotic island with amazing scenery and culture. Travelers will not be bored enjoying the Seminyak area. There is a lot to do and explore, especially restaurants Seminyak, for foodies.

You will love variety and diversity in Seminyak. Breakfast at restaurants in Seminyak is right. You can take a walk, see the daily activities of local people. By late afternoon, restaurants in Seminyak provide outdoor for you to enjoy the sunset and the best afternoon dishes.

The luxury restaurant in the hotel is probably the most comfortable choice. But the charm of the Seminyak area cannot be avoided. Rows of Restaurants Seminyak with interesting dishes and themes are ready to spoil you. This is a choice! Do you prioritize luxury or enjoyment of a dish? In Seminyak, you get the luxury, atmosphere, and delicacy of cuisine.

Some recommendations for restaurants in Seminyak are as comfortable as Sea Vu Play. Sea Vu Play comes not only as a family restaurant but also as a bar and club. You can enjoy breakfast calmly. Enjoy coffee and sunset. Towards the evening, the music from international Dj made the atmosphere even hotter.

If you want a formal and romantic dining experience, then there are many choices of restaurants in Seminyak. Sarong is one of the restaurants in Seminyak, with cuisine heavily influenced by street food recipes. Sarong is designed with trendy and unique themes. Samosa, Peking rolls and others are favorites. The ordered drinks come with complimentary tempeh chips and mint chutney.

Whatever you want to enjoy, from street food to luxury food, Seminyak is the place. Regardless of your culinary budget, there are always restaurants in Seminyak with delicious food and affordable prices for you to enjoy.

Lightweight Hiking Hammock is Make Sense to Bring

So, you do love hiking, don’t you? And if you are travelling so much and love doing some fun and adventurous activities, then you may have heard and also bought the lightweight hiking hammock before, right?

Hammock makes a lot of senses to me when bringing it on my next hiking schedule. But mostly, not only we could takes it to the mountain but also to bearly anywhere you want. Name the places or spots such as beach, hill, park, front yard, bedroom, anywhere.

Surely i can’t mention all of the points as above because that would really need a lot of times.

If you have been hiked a mountain before, you will know that most of the trails have an abundance of trees since the first time we are stepping our foot into the forest or after an hour of walking. The point is, big chance we will easily find the trees while hiking. And it sounds like a good news to me and maybe most of the hikers as well because my own lightweight hiking hammock can be very easy to setup.

Lightweight hiking hammock is make sense to bring

It is also helpful for us because we don’t have to bring the hammock’s stand that may add weights to our luggage. So that I usually considering that bringing the parachute hammock while camping is make senses although there few laws which prohibit hammocking.

Hiking a mountain is not only full of the freshness things or as if feeling that your body is experiencing something that feels healthier and a marvellous landscape view, but also comes with the dangerous you may face. I don’t want to make you afraid about hiking, but there’s no wrong in reminds you about anything that possible to happen.

You have known that in the jungle, you will meet various of animals. From the small and venomous of Goliath Bird Eater Tarantula Spider to the wild boar, coyote, and the big size of bears. They can coming at you while sleeping or chasing on you for some reasons, and hope you are ready for that, although i hope it will never happen to you.

Still, we are talking about the probability where it might happening. So that, if you are sleeping inside your lightweight hiking hammock, especially you have brought accessory like the mosquito net for covering you from the small animals or insects, then you can be safer than before. So that when you need to run faster, the hammock you have took can’t be burden you a lot of weights.

For one or some reasons, I know that hammock itself is not that perfect and none of the perfect products in the world made inside the manufacturer. Nope. So, it has also the disadvantage especially when comparing your hiking hammock with the tent or a tarp. One of the obvious problem with the hammock is its spacious although you can get the single, double size up to mammock size that enough for even more than 5 person. Still, its space can’t beat what the tent or tarp has.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to left your parachute hammock at your home and decided to bring the tent. It’s not the point. It is still make any senses where there are many of the benefits you can get from it such as its lightweight, save more space in your backpack, durable, portable and many more.

So put yourself together and using the lightweight hammock for your next hiking schedule although you have to sleep like a banana.

Going to Komodo Island? Here Are Things You Need to Take Notes

Going to Komodo Island? Here Are Things You Need to Take Notes


Are you planning to go to Komodo Island this summer? The world’s most popular lizard is rising in popularity nowadays, and with it New 7 Wonder of the World and UNESCO Heritage status, it successfully appeals many travelers to see the last living dragon in the wild. Added with the dramatic landscape, sweeping beaches, lush bed of grass, and remote location, the Komodo National Park is a perfect gateway destination for any wanderers.

Before you go, however, we got a few tips to ensure your holiday run as smooth as possible.

1. The Komodo Island Has No Airport

It’s a small island in Indonesian frontier. In the tip of East Nusa Tenggara, separated by the  Flores Sea. The closest airport, Komodo International Airport, is located in Labuan Bajo, Flores. Getting to Komodo Island requires you to take Liveaboard and sail for approximately for 2.5 hours before reaching the island. While you can book your own ranger on the spot, it’s best to spent some time researching online Komodo tour to compare prices and facilities. I personally recommend Hello Flores—I have met the owner and their boats are just impressive.

2. There’s No Accommodation in Komodo Island

Yup. As much as you wish, you cannot spend the night in the island. The boat will be your hotel and means of transportation for the next three days (or a week, if you wish). See? This is the importance of booking a good liveaboard that provides you with comfy cabins and lounge. Unless you want to go frugal and sleep in an open boat, you can go ahead. The closest hotels are mainly in Labuan Bajo, but you can find secluded bungalows in nearby island, such as Sebayur or Angel Island.

3. Have Enough Cash Handy

Speaking about lack of accommodation, never expect to find an ATM machine in Komodo Island, as well as debit machine. You need to make any purchase with cash. Withdraw your money in Labuan Bajo and make sure you bring enough Rupiah to pay the rangers and buy food, drinks, or souvenirs on the island. 

4. Lot’s of Awesome Island to Visit, Plan Your Route!

Your travel to Komodo Island will be packed with lots of awesome places! Beyond the dragons, lie beautiful islands, wonderful underwater life, and a number of stunning beaches. With the liveaboard, you have a chance to visit the surrounding island—and each of them holds unique charm. Padar, Rinca, Kanawa, and Kalong (where you can see thousand of flying bats on sunset) are just to name a few. Do your research and arrange your itinerary to make the most of your trip~

5. Count Your “That Time of The Month”

The Komodo dragon island is full of blood thirsty giant lizard, and this should be a great caution for the ladies. They can smell slightest hint of blood form 12 miles, and it can trigger their aggression—even though they just swallow a meal the morning before. Some tourists happened to be followed by a dragon because one of the woman in the group didn’t admit that she was having her period. If the period unexpectedly comes during your travel, it’s best to talk to the ranger, as embarrassing as it sounds. They will advise you what to do depend on the situation.

6. Have Digital Storage Readily

Komodo Island and all the surrounding islets is full with natural beauty. From the majestic dragons, to the jaw dropping landscape, dreamy beaches, and the otherworldly Pink beach, every corner of the National Park is worth a picture. With so many photographic spots around, you will need extra digital storage handy.. Make sure you have empty the camera and storage before embarking on the awesome journey!

How To Plan Your Komodo Island Tour

Getting close to the Komodo dragons may not a dream for everyone, but surely it will be an unforgettable adventure in your life. If you have a big curiosity about what’s going on at the islands, then you must prepare the plan for your first Komodo Island tour. This is really a matter to me for planning the visit so there won’t be any chance that I or maybe you to feel the regret for something you didn’t do when traveling.

And to guide you for making your own plan, especially if this is the first time for your Komodo dragons adventure, I will listed down all the needed things that will help you in enjoy your Komodo Island tour.

Planning your first Komodo Island tour

Plan for Komodo Island tour

I won’t getting too much specific in explaining what you need to be done. But, I’ll make sure that even I will inform them all in short descriptions, you will still get the beneficial and valuable information related to the Komodo Island tour. Moreover if you are the first timer. So, read and follow along all the lists below to get the best adventure ever.

1. Getting to Komodo Island

I think most of the travellers that were coming to Komodo Island mostly take a flight from Bali and Jakarta. And then, the flight will be landed on the Labuan Bajo airport where this small city as the first or even the main gate for your Komodo Island tour.

Most of the adventure will be started from Labuan Bajo and also ended there.

2. Rent a boat from a month before

If you are not using the travel agent for your Komodo Island tour, then it is better to get the information about the boat’s owner or operator. It is because the Komodo Island itself located at the different island from where your flight is landed. But not only that, since many of the islands are surrounding the Komodo Island, you will also have more chances to visit them if you could rent a boat.

You don’t need to rent a boat just for yourself since it will be more expensive. So, simply find the boat operator online and make sure your name is in their list for the next. It means that you will share the space at boat with other visitors to get more cheaper in cost.

Why you need to rent the boat a month before? There might be many visitors at the same date with you later, moreover on the high season where even the available boats could not serve all the travellers. So, the sooner you make a deal with your transportation operator, the higher chance you will exploring the Komodo Island for later.

3. Find the Komodo liveaboard package

Since your Komodo Island tour will involve many or least some of the islands around, it will be better to stay, sleep, live and explore the islands on the boat. There are many of the Komodo liveaboard packages on the web, but the only one of my recommendation would be the travel agent from Hello Flores. You will be provided with various, unique, and traditional boat designs to accompany you while exploring through the islands. And also could help you in making your own itineraries in case you may find it confusing.

4. Decide about what will you do there

Regardless of your itineraries, you should make your own priority about some main things to do while experiencing the Komodo Island tour. It is because there are dozens things you can do at there. You can do diving and snorkeling, monitoring the Komodo dragons, visiting the waterfall, get yourself to Manta Point and many more. The things are, all of them are so much interesting that will make you may confused.

So, what actually you need and want from your Komodo Island tour? That’s the true question. I mean, you may not experience all of those things in only few days that you have. But if they are possible, then you are good to go.

That’s all I know about how to plan your Komodo Island tour. And actually, I have also have been posted about the tips for your Komodo trip before. So, make sure to read it as well to get more information. Thank you.

Seminyak Villas With Private Pool And Close To The Beach

I insist to think that everyone needs to traveling to Bali. Who doesn’t want it, right? And just like other places to visit, you have to plan about where to stay. So that for your accommodation, if you have to find a place to stay in Seminyak, especially the Seminyak villas with private pool, luxury services and also close to the beach, you are lucky for have found this article.

There are at least two reasons why I’ve bold the sentence “seminyak villas with private pool.” The first is to show you the location of where you will be stay: Seminyak, a village consists of two cultural areas and one of the most popular area in Bali for many tourists. And the last reason is, in case you may need the private pool because you have pictured yourself taking into the pool under the hot and sunny day. Another best part that you will be experienced for later is, the villas is close enough to the beaches.

This airy and luxury seminyak villas with private pool is presented by the Hu’u Villas Bali as their commitment to provide the stylish and comfort accommodation for all the guests.

Stay at Seminyak villas with private pool

Soothing and smooth! That also another way how I will describe the villas design, whether the one or two bedroom villa to the three bedroom penthouse. All of them have their own private pool so your will experience more great vacation. Getting this seminyak villas with private pool is also a really of my main recommendation, especially for those who are traveling with someone they love. A couple in their honeymoon should never missed to stay at Hu’u Villas as well.

Beside that, there are also other facilities that what the Balinese hospitality and services are provided such as the Hu’u Bistro that presents the iconic dishes from around Asia’s region. And, you could also enjoy at Hu’u Bar that has been serving at the forefront of Bali’s club scene since 2001.

Anyway. I have said earlier that this seminyak villas is close to the beach, and I am not making up that story. You will only need about 2 minutes walk from your villa. It is because the Hu’u villas is located in the heart of Seminyak at Petitenget where the area is still famous for its fabulous shops and restaurants. So, you are also surrounded by the beneficials buildings in case you want to buy the souvenirs, eating at local restaurants, and many more.

So, now you have known where to find the Seminyak villas with private pool. A villa that feels so comfort and even as cozy as your home. And now it is the time for you to ask the one you love, where both of you will be landed in Bali to experience all of those? There are many surprises await for you to be visited in here and you won’t never know until you try them by yourself. Have a great life and hope one day you could be here very soon.

Bali market, The Perfect Place To Shop Souvenirs

Buying souvenirs while on vacation is a tradition. Although this tradition is not all countries do it. Most Asian tourists buy souvenirs for colleagues or relatives.

Bali market is the place you should visit while on vacation. They sell a variety of unique Balinese souvenirs. Starting from the Barong t-shirt, key chains, refrigerator magnets, to the typical Balinese arak. Do not be surprised if the gift shop is flooded with local and foreign tourists.

Explore and Bargain For Cheap Price

When you hear Bali, then immediately think of a beer star. Beer star is very liked by tourists. To satisfy the tourists, you can buy a lot of souvenir beer stars such as t-shirts, key chains, or other. When visiting one of Bali local market specifically sell souvenirs, then you will get it.

There are many souvenirs you find in Bali market. When you visit Kuta, then you can visit the art market of Kuta. If you have a schedule to visit the area of Seminyak, then you will not be confused to find a souvenir shop. Lots of information that Bali Seminyak market sells souvenirs with high prices. If you know the trick to buying souvenir then you will get cheap price.

In Bali, the market is not just a market that sells vegetables or food needs. Bali market sells everything you need. What is unique, you can visit the Sunday market Bali. Seeing his name, then it is certain that they are only open on Sundays. Seminyak area is always a sweet surprise for tourists.

Sea Vu play, one that organizes Sunday Bali market consistently. When you have long vacation, you can visit Bali Sunday market. Sea Vu Play is not just a Sunday Bali market, but also a comfortable hangout place. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to pamper your tongue. Various souvenirs can be found at Sunday market Bali. You can bring your family, play and relax.

To get the price souvenir with cheap price. The trick you have to do is to bargain. No need to worry because the Bali souvenir merchants do not give unnatural prices to foreign tourists. For foreign tourists do not need to be afraid to shop and be deceived with high prices. There are many Bali markets you can visit and explore to compare prices and get the cheapest. Bali is where you can get everything cheap, start from cuisine, souvenir and other extreme activity.

Portable Camping Hammock Size: How To Choose

If you have not get any of hammock yet, but your saving is more than enough to purchase one, you may have been thinking before about the right size for your body related to the usage of portable camping hammock. Yes, I will keep saying it as portable as its portability that allows us bringing it almost anywhere. Whether you wants it or not, the way how it is easy to pack and re-pack it and its lightweight for sure that support its portability.

Talking about a size, it is important for picking the right portable camping hammock since it is also our own personal preference. “Does it suits me?”, “Is it possible for the shops or manufacturers if I change the size later?, “does the size of camping hammock affects its carrying capacity and also its comfortability?” and many more questions that sometimes I myself taking it as the unneeded doubts.

But still, it is really recommended to know your own right size so the portable camping hammock is not too small or too large. Moreover, saving money is never this hard today. Anyway, how long did it took for you to save the money for the hammock? You’ll let me know in the comment below right?!

Related to the size, the first thing you should be ensure is; Is it for the personal (single) usage or you may need to use it with your friend as well? You know, commonly there are about 2 types of the portable camping hammock according to how many person will be used it. They are the single and the double hammock.

The single hammock intended to be used by a single person alone. Although you may could also used it for more than that, it all depending on the people size and their weights. While the double camping hammock is pretty large for many people and quite the opposite with the single one, it is recommended that it is intended to be used by 2 person as maximum.

And there is also even a single+ size for the portable camping hammock. So now you’d better remember all of the 3 sizes of it. or should I included with the mini hammock that is perfect for the kids?!

To be exact for some of the specific sizes, I have taken an image from Ticket to The Moon as one of the best manufacturer in producing the camping hammocks for years to provide the best quality hammock for the travelers around the world. See the below image for details.

Sizes of portable camping hammock

Some of portable camping hammock sizes. Image taken from

From above image, I have highlighted the 2 sizes of camping hammock as explained before. And by seeing above image, the first question is which will be the one to be yours? I am talking about the size for an adult person.

To answering that question, I simply could suggest to get the camping hammock in size that close to your body size when doubling it. I mean, if your height which in this case will became the length of the hammock is 180 cm, than it will be better to get the hammock in about 360 cm if possible. But getting the 320 cm as well as on the single size from above image is also more than enough.

I choose to double the size because the closer your face and body to the hammock’s surface, the more likely you will feel the cold air. Doesn’t it makes sense to you? And so with the width, IF POSSIBLE.

So far, that’s all I know how to choose the right size of the portable camping hammock. If you find this article useful, feel free to share it. Thank you.

Double Hammock For Fun Camping With Your Beloved Partner

If there is a single hammock for camping, then there must at least for the double one. The double hammock surely will makes more fun for your camping activity especially its presence that could be a swinging bed for the two people. A couple. Thinking about to use it with your friend or someone you love? That must be awesome.

And somehow, it might will be the trend among travellers someday. Furthermore, it would be add more exciting for your outdoor adventure.

But, what’s a double hammock actually is?

I just know the term of a single hammock not so long ago. But i think that many of us considered that the hammock itself might be used only for a person, not more than that. With or without saying it is the single hammock, many have thought that it really only for one. Am I right or the opposite?

Unfortunately, even a hammock itself could be used as the double hammock. Used by two people. or even more? You’d be the judge.

Double hammock for camping with partner

Looks! My weight is not more than 45 kg. And even the single hammock itself could carry the capacity up to 200 kg. Then, it is not only could be considered as the double hammock, but even the quadruple according to my body’s weight. Sounds like a room to me.

Double hammock is actually a very common “bed” and you won’t need to worry if the hammock will add more weight to be carried. Nope. Not even will reduce more rooms of your backpack when you decide to bring it.

In fact, the double hammock might help you in saving so much of weight and also the rooms especially when you traveling with someone. Let’s say you are hiking up to the mountain with your friend, then one of you won’t have a hammock in his or her bag since another one person has been dealing with it without having to trouble him or her.

Think about that the double hammock would replace the 2 mattress for two people or the heavy of the tent. And no matter how light the mattress and the tent is, both of them keep making us exhausted, right? Even makes our traveling getting slow and add more times to reach the destination.

A double hammock will also help you in dealing with the cold of the weather. If it will be used by 2 people, the first benefit will be sharing the warmth of the bodies. Let alone the hammock has been developed with the supported materials and gears plus accessories to keep warmth inside it.

Not many differences with the single one, even the double hammock likely has more common things with the opposite one. Its setup is always easy and quick. And surely that it will be less expenses. Although each of you might also capable to have one.

A double hammock itself will discourages you to have an extra baggage so your traveling will be as light as it could get and still ensure you to move comfortably.

But I will admitted that when two of us sleeping in a double hammock, it might need sometimes to find the best position than each of us using the single hammock. But, you know, like any other experiences, I think that it also worth to have one.

I am thinking about using a double hammock in a camping group. Could you imagine how exciting it would be?

5 Tips For Your Komodo Trip In The Next Holiday

Komodo Trip – So you are now planning for your next holiday, aren’t you? Have you been thinking about visiting the Komodo Island before? If not, you’d better gathering all the needed informations right away. But as a brief for your “a dream comes true” vacation, I’ll let you know about the tips that might be included into your plan.

Komodo trip when traveling

Since the Komodo Island located in Indonesia especially at the West Manggarai regency, you will be pampered with various of adventures. As part of Komodo National Park and also included into the Flores Islands that famous with their komodo dragons or the biggest lizards on earth, you are likely not only will be experience the ancient species on their original habitat, but also the colourful and exotic underwater life. From some mesmerized beaches to the lush and green hills as well.

5 Tips For Your Komodo Trip

Dealing with the ancient Komodo dragons, surely it will be really different than spending your holiday at anywhere else since you need to treat yourself and also the lizards a different way. So the tips for your Komodo trip basically not only to help you to get the most out of your adventure, but also make yourself safe and secure.

1. When to visit?

Choosing the right time is not enough, you need the best one or two so you are really get the ultimate Komodo trip beyond your imagination. I am talking about the month(s) anyway. The only one question is, what to expect when you are at Komodo Island?

Komodo trip best time to visit

Mostly, from April to June, it is not a wavy season. In many chance, the sea is clear and also calm. The land is also beautifully green. So if you are interesting especially in exploring the marine life plus a mesmerizing landscape, this first range of months will be recommended.

If you are planning your Komodo trip in July to August, make sure you are patient enough because the island will be full of tourists. In any words, you may say that it is the high season of the tourism. But if you really need to traveling in this season, make sure to plan your visit very well. Especially when dealing with flight, accommodation and surely the budget.

Almost the same with the first range of month, from September to November is also recommended if you love diving and curious about the chance for the wildlife marine. You will probably meet the whale sharks, sperm whales, mantas and many other beautiful and rare species.

While in January to February you might not have a holiday after the new year, it is also could be avoided because the monsoon is coming. No wonder that many of the tour or travel agencies take a rest for awhile. Yeah, it is better to keep safe than selling the Komodo trip that has high and more risks.

2. Special for the ladies: Your menstrual cycle is matter

Not only for your health but also really to keep you SAFE in your Komodo trip. Why?

Komodo dragon is not only as an ancient animal. Not only rare to be found. It is also one of the wild beast that could smell blood in the distance of more than 10 miles. Yes, you are reading it right. Many have been inform that the distance even up to 12 miles. So if you really need to get the Komodo trip, I suggest you to keep that in mind. Always.

It is worried that the blood will becomes the trigger for the animal instinct where the dragons will be so aggressive. Another important thing you need to be remembered is this komodo is also a carnivore as well. You know well how all of that are related each other, right?

3. The tour operator will be used

When planning to visit the Komodo Island, you are also have a really high chance that you’ll getting close or even landed on the other islands. Not only one but you could explore some of the existed islands. That’s why choosing the right tour operator for your Komodo trip is also important.

One of the best way to enjoy the islands surely by sailing to them with safe, big, and a good designed boat. And to that issue, you could trust your Komodo trip to Hello Flores to get an ultimate liveaboard experience.

They have for about 8 boats that you could choose for yourself. And also helping you in making your own itinerary since there are some of beautiful islands and their destinations and attractions that are unfortunate to be missed. The boats are well-designed as well and inspired by the traditional Phinisi boat to make sure your Komodo trip will really be authentic.

4. If you are chased by the Komodo dragons

I really hope that you are safe in your Komodo trip, but when things going out of your control, you may need to know how to deal with it. Especially when you think that the komodo will likely to chase you.

The first anticipate thing to be done is keep on trekking in a group and never compromise with that because the animal mostly will attack the alone one. Also, never getting yourself far from the komodo’s ranger (you may say he/she is the tour guide) because they are have been well-practiced and equipped with various type of tools to survive.

If you are in condition that required you to runaway and this biggest lizard seems chasing on you, you could and should run in zigzag pattern instead going straight forward.

Komodo trip - running in zigzag pattern

Then try to find a shelter and if possible, never climbing up the tree since the Komodo also has that ability. But to be frankly, the dragons that could climb the tree mostly dominated by the small one.

5. Do not light a fire

If you are smoking, then you need to stop it when visiting Komodo Island. it is because you might pay your visit in dry season where almost all of the area are vulnerable to the fire hazards. Beside that, there are more things to do than light a fire.

All of the 5 tips above hopefully will help your Komodo trip one day. Although still written by combining the general and the specific tips, I still hope you will find them all useful.