Guide To Explore Best Restaurants in Seminyak

Indonesia offers many tourist destinations with millions of places to explore. Bali is one of the most popular. Offers many activities during your stay in Bali. You can enjoy the sunrise in Sanur area, a row of beaches along Jimbaran area, Uluwatu. For culinary lovers, Seminyak is just the right place to spoil your tongue. Clubbing? Bar? No need to move from Seminyak, because you can get all the satisfaction there.

3 days on vacation and stay in Seminyak area? You will feel the time off is so fast. Utilizing a holiday in Bali by exploring up to the corners of the Seminyak area is the right answer. Many of the best restaurants in Seminyak, ranging from local to international food. All restaurants in Seminyak has its own cuisine and enjoyment. It’s time for you to explore Seminyak area.


Start your breakfast at Sisterfields, one of Bali’s Seminyak restaurants filled with Australian tourists. This is a happening place for foreign tourists especially coming from Australia. You can try the recommendation menu that is sisterfield breakfast with the contents of eggs, bacon, bread. Or if you want to try other, pancake or smoothie bowls can be the right choice.

Sea Vu Play

If you are not satisfied and want to try another dish, you can go to Sea Vu Play. Pizza with a variety of toppings can satisfy you. Ice cream & sorbet can be a dessert. Many more appetizers, main menu and more are offered by Sea Vu play. Restaurants in Seminyak is designed with a unique theme and you can enjoy while relaxing. At night you can come back to enjoy Dj, drinks, and dance while spending the night.

Motel Mexicola

Mexicola one of the best restaurants in Seminyak for you Mexican food lovers or who want to try it. As the evening approaches, you will see the mexicola frenzy. Each corner is designed with different themes so it looks unique.

Bali always gives many impressions and pleasant memories. Many more best restaurants in Seminyak you can visit like Biku, Sarong, or Taco. Bali activities will not make you bored and even your holiday will feel less.

A Rustic Bungalow: Spreading the Warmth of Nature

When you are thinking about a home holiday, you are thinking about a resort close to nature. It could be in the middle of the green. It could be in a walking distance from the shore. When other villas are catching up with modernistic style, a rustic decor can radiate warmth and brings out the natural beauty of the house.

As holiday home promotes relaxation and airy feeling, a modernized rustic decor will breathe fresher air and simpler living to its dwellers. Using lots of natural textures and earthy colors, living feels more organic and grounded, and it’s easy to find peace inside the home.

What’s Best Time to Incorporate Rustic Decor?

While essentially rustic decor can be incorporated anywhere, the heavy element of exposed woods and natural color make it best for villas sitting on the hillside, mountain, Highland, or lakeside. Could you imagine looking to lines of dark pines across a lake from your large window, beautifully framed by dark ebony wood?

Let It Bare

The best way to strengthen your rustic decor is by keeping paint polish to a minimum. Let the house’s column, doors, and window pane show its natural color of the wood. Similarly, you can choose furniture made of raw materials and not cover it with colorful painting. A rustic decor means that you can see every detail of the furniture. Every wood strokes, every grain, and each slightly different colors matters. This way, you can identify kind of woods that are making up each furniture as separate and individual pieces.

Adding Highlight Color

You can limits colorful ornaments to two or three items, such as contemporary table lamp, as highlights of the room. When decorating, keep it mind to maintain the contemporary rustic style through all elements that make up the room.

Painting the Walls

As walls could make up to 50% of the house, it’s important to decide the color of the walls to maintain the cohesive rustic style. White walls will always be all-time favorite, as it’s excellent to pull out the great contrast to the natural colors. However, you can always play with other colors to add more in-depth characters to your rustic villa. While bright colors like pink, radiant blue, or grass green are clearly off, muted tones like rich mud brown, pine green, or deep dark blue can blend very well and strengthen the presence of nature. Whatever paint you choose, keep in mind to balance it with some white and lighter color to lighten it up.

Install Fireplace When Appropriate

When your villa sits in the middle of the highlands, where the temperature can be very cool at night, a fireplace will be the only thing that completes your life and the rustic decor itself. A fireplace is made up of all natural elements; the firewood stocks, the rocks that keep logs of firewood in places, and the bricks, which all radiates warmth and closeness to nature. Of course, this won’t be necessary if your villa is located within beach resort area, and you have more than enough warmth from the radiating sun.

Rustic is no longer intimidating. With the right styling, this new rustic can be your best place to dwell for a lifetime.

Why Renting Apartment is A Reasonable Option When You Are Staying Long term

When you are traveling for more than a month, costs for a stay can be higher when you are renting a room which rent rates count on a daily basis. The reason for long-term stay can be varied from leisure to business, but the need will usually be the same: overall cheaper price and better experience. Long-term travelers have two option of stay, renting a villa per year or go for apartments. While you can be assured that the two are fully furnished, a villa usually comes with private pool, vast space, and generally more complete facilities, thus the higher prices. When a villa exceeds your budget or feels too large to live alone, the apartment can be a choice.

Here’s the reason why you might want to stay in the apartment for a long time travel:

You Got the Privacy You Need

Once in a while, maybe you won’t mind to mingle with other tourists who are staying in the same hotel as you. You will share breakfast in the same room, and the rest is just confined to your room with limited access to everything. Well, with only bed and bathroom, what else can you do?

Generally, a hotel is meant for sleeping, not for a living. When you are staying for a long time, you will want to do your usual routine in a much flexible way, such as making your own cup of coffee in the morning or decide at what time you gonna have to breakfast without being forced to stick on hotel schedule. Privacy doesn’t always meant secrecy, it’s living independently like the way you want to live.

More Room for Everything

An apartment usually grant you more rooms to do daily stuff other than sleeping, featuring kitchen, dining table, working space, living room, even to guest room. Being able to move to different room for different activities will make you feel more like at home, living in a less formal setting.

You Can Cook Your Own Meal

Dining in various restaurants and cafes is great while you are in vacation, but it can grow old pretty quickly when you are staying for a long time. Plus, it can rapidly dries out your wallet in no time. Having your own kitchen will be very practical at this time, as it means lots of money are saved for meal costs. You can cook a simple meal for breakfast or recreating your favorite food from home. Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar need.

You Can Do Your Own Laundry

Some apartments are equipped with laundry machine, and this is a another huge saving costs for sure. Cost of laundry at hotel can pay a decent meal, so an opportunity to do your own laundry can be a huge benefit.

Traveling in a long time means that you’ll soon leave the touristy habits and going back to your usual self. Maintaining independent life at reasonable cost is important, especially when you are going with groups or children where living costs can double due to food, laundry, and basic necessities. Apartment can tackle this easily, plus giving you a more settled place that you can call (temporary) home.

From Tassels to Rattan Bags: 5 Fashion Items On The Rise

Back in the nineties, when someone comes to Bali you can safely assume that they will come back with a bunch of sarong in rainbow colors, Barong T-shirt, wooden accessories, and bamboo-made miniature of surfing board. Out from the traditional ethics, there is a time when Bintang singlets sits as the favorite shopping list.

From Tassels to Rattan Bags: 5 Fashion Items On The Rise

The trend, nowadays, has rapidly changed. Heavily associated with its beach life, Bali has drawn designers from all countries to open their shops and introduce uber chic international street wear to compliment the Island’s laid back lifestyle. Local designers has quickly adapt this kind of fashion, and now this easy, sophisticated style has become the norm. Observing from the most popular street fashion we’ve seen, here’s 5 fashion item in Bali that’s raising popularity.

Rattan Bag

The hip is everywhere! Start form mid 2017, round rattan bag made its entrance traveller’s street style. Sometimes called as basket bag, this woven rattan container comes in round shape (the most popular one), square, and even cylinder. They are available mostly at local street market, hanging in all shapes and sizes, but today posh designers have starts their own version of rattan bag. Bringing out instant holiday mood at anywhere the carrier stands, this rattan bag is iconic to modern beach style.


Tassels to laid back living is like fruits to your salad. It create an instant fun atmosphere, especially  when you are heading of to sunny paradise. Tassels are highly versatile; they are everywhere from earrings, necklace, to sun dresses and tunic. Considerably popular during the ‘70s, tassels are making a huge comeback these years. It’s still a favorite among holiday goers which instantly pop up playful images. Even as simply as adorning your rattan bag with few tassels can make up the whole look. From Boho to preppier style, tassels is the ultimate way to strengthen laid back style.

Fringe Sandals

To complete a perfect beach style, colorful flat sandals is a must. Even better when your sandals features cute fringes that will move playfully as you walk along the streets. They are perfect for a foot-selfie-over-the-beach, too! Sandals and flip flops are perfect for walking in long distance and provide enough air flow to your feet. For those comforts, sandals will never go out of style. Don’t be afraid to choose sandals with elaborate, colorful decoration; the more, the merrier!

Sun Dresses

The sunny day won’t be complete without a bright, flowing sundresses. If fabulous sun dresses used to be limited to designers shops, now you can find the cheaper one—at local art markets. Sun dresses are usually made from cotton and linens to keep your body off the heat. For more extra protection, choose brightly colored or white sundresses that will reflect the sunlight.


Jumping in popularity, almost any clothing shops down in Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu are selling playful jumpsuit in various colors. Jumpsuit is ridiculously cute with its tropical patterns, turning their wearers to be effortlessly chic babes. Lightweight and highly versatile, jumpsuit can easily be on the go from leisure walk on the beach to fancy dinner at limestone cliff restaurant.

Buying Furnitures and Homeware of Your Style in Bali

If IKEA is a thing over the seas, then you have incredible options of homeware and furniture shopping in Bali. Independent homeware shops with awe-inspiring twists are just few meters away along the main street of Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu. These creative hands even fill up Kerobokan streets and lining up the main road towards Tegalalang village. While the shops may be less fancier than what you’ve seen in Seminyak, the goods are tantamount.

Buying Furnitures and Homeware of Your Style in Bali

Do you get that eerie vibes that you feel upon entering a furniture shops? Almost dreamy and otherworldly, you will find that those unique looking piece are magnetic to your eyes. If you dont have a strong heart, you’ll end up with a bunch of unique furnitures that fancy as itself, but completely irrelevant to even complement each other.

So, decide what your style, and see what’s available at the market?

If You Are Looking for: Sleek and Minimalist Design

If you think Bali is all about traditional and wood appliance, you haven’t see the modernity of this island. Continuous growth of modern hospitality, presence of designers from all nations, and exposure of latest trend from the internet inspire locals designers to adapt minimalism.

Sleek designs, often displaying natural color of woods or natural color blocks, are the main feature of this kind of design. Furniture shops with minimalist approach are often found around upscaled area, such as Seminyak and Sanur.

Where to shops:

Living Karma, Jl. Petingenget no 47 Kerobokan, Badung, Bali

Kim Soo Home, Jl. Kayu Aya No. 21 & Jl. Sunset Road

ZAPPdesign, Jl. Mertasari 96, Kerobokan, North Kuta

If You Are Looking For: Rustic and Contemporary Furniture

Rustic decor and Bali combined, and you’ll got feeling of living in a villa all year long. Colorful cushions, unique tables, chairs, and drawers, and wood decoration in all designs you might never imagine are available for your choice. From polished to aged-surface style, lots of eclectic home decor will gives off a totally different vibes in the neighborhood!

Where to shops:

Bungalow Living, Jl. Pantai Berawa 35A, Canggu

Eclectik Asia, Jl Raya Monkey Forest, Ubud