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Keeping Your Business Under Control

It is true that starting and running a business needs a thorough plan and well-thought strategies. From when the idea was born to the execution, it takes time. Not to mention that even with all the preparation and plan, you will still face various obstacles and challenges. Sometimes, those can make you feel like you lose control over your business leaving you confused of what to do. It is common for entrepreneurs and business owners alike to experience something like that. However, it is something you can deal with. 

When your business is out of control

Is is possible for you to feel like your business is currently out of control. However, it is something you can deal with if you know where to start. What you have to pay attention to during this moment is to improve interaction and engagement between all your stakeholders including customers, investors, and employees. 

Sometime, negative forces come out of nowhere. This situation can lead you to lose control over important matters of your business. Thus, you need to deal with it immediately. First, you have to pay attention on how you onboard with new employees. Make sure that you infuse them with your pro-customer passion from the beginning. That way, your employees will be on the same page as you. Keep in mind that building strong relationship with loyal customers requires lots of effort which cannot be done by you only. 

Loyal customers are hard to come by especially with how competitive business has become today. If customers feel unsatisfied with certain brand, they will not hesitate to choose another brand they consider better. Thus, make sure your employees know the priority of building positive relationship with customers. Make sure that your employees know how to treat every customer and how to deliver excellent customer service. However, don’t forget to appreciate your employees when they do a great job in doing their task. Keep in mind that improving your engagement with customer as well as employees in the key to take the control back. 

It is great idea to invest in customer-service training. Even if your employees have good intention, it won’t work if they don’t have proper skill to deliver excellent customer service. That’s why the idea of training is great. Keep in mind that your employees have to face different customers with different personalities and demands. If they are well-trained, they know what to do to face any situation. At least, they have basic knowledge of what to do even when they face the unexpected. 

Do not be shy to innovate. Your business needs to grow and level up. The reason why you feel out of control lately maybe because you let your business to be left behind. Therefore, make sure that you business is future-oriented. Keep in mind that your customer’s expectation also keep changing and not standing still. Embrace innovation so that your business will always keep up with customer’s demand and expectation.

Your Go-To Guide When Staying in Seminyak Villas

Taking a vacation is no longer a luxury for many people. It has now made its way to become a necessity. In addition to being a way to release stress and disconnect yourself from daily activities, there are plenty other benefits you gain from visiting a new destination. Bali, among other tourist destinations in Indonesia, remains being the prime destination for many travelers both domestic and international. Seminyak is still the place chosen by many travelers to spend their days and nights in.

Seminyak villas with outdoor private pool

Why Staying in Seminyak Villas?

When it comes to deciding a place to stay, some may choose hotels over villas. However, staying in Seminyak villas can give you a brand-new experience. And it is definitely a good one. Instead of sharing the building with whole other travelers, staying in villas gives you a more luxurious experience because you get to occupy the whole villa for yourself. The swimming pool is only yours to enjoy. You get to lay down by the pool under the Bali sun whenever you desire. Most Seminyak villas offer different mesmerizing views—beachfront and glorious sunset, for example, which can elevate your vacation experience. It does not get any fancier than that.

Full-on Entertainment

Picking Seminyak villas as your destination for your next vacation will not bring any regret because everything is available in the area. Many travelers never stop coming and visiting Seminyak solely for that reason. It is as if the area had never gone to sleep. You can be awake at 7 am and find a cup of coffee and sourdough in nearby coffee shops. It will not take you long because they are located at a walking distance from your villa. A lot of restaurants are also available for you to choose to have lunch in. Been intrigued to taste authentic Balinese cuisine? The options of local restaurants are everywhere. Watching the sun sets in a beach club is a fun activity to do in the afternoon. While sipping a glass of orange juice or your favorite cocktail, you can unwind on the daybed to the music serenading the sundown.

Easy Access to Everywhere

Being strategically located in between Kuta and Canggu makes your stay in Seminyak villas a fun and easy time whenever you want to go everywhere. Even your access to and from the airport is only about 20 minutes away. Besides going to tourist attractions nearby, you can opt for other destinations. Beautiful rice terraces are open for public visit for about an hour driving. Learning more about Balinese culture by visiting museums or art galleries is another option to make your vacation more fun. You can also get an access to visit Hindu temples in Bali since most of which are available for a visit.

Top Business Risks You Should Be Cautious Of

Regardless of what your business is, risks are always there ready to challenge you. There are risks that can be avoided or prevented. Some of them can be minimized or reduced. There are also business risks that are manageable to deal with. Risk management is part of essentials in order to build successful business. In every decision you make for your business, there is always risk you need to calculate. However, there are also global business risks you should be cautious of today. 

Business risks to be alerted with

Some risks are hidden and some are so clear to identify. Regardless, risk management is important factor to be successful in running your business. Data collection, analysis, extraction and execution are important processes in managing risks. And here are the most alerted business risks you should be aware of today:

Changes in economy are not something new but those can cause major risks for your business. The recovery of the global economy is predicted to be modest this year. However, it is still followed by risks of a downturn. It is important for you to monitor economic changes and see the effects they cause to your own business. The changes in economy often cause various global issues such as unemployment, income inequality, debt, and more. Those influence consumer behavior which affect your business. 

Cyberattacks are also risks you should not underestimate especially when our business involves technology. There are many factors that contribute to the lack of cyber resilience such as IT failure, human errors, etc. Data breach is the most common cyber attack experienced by various businesses regardless of the industry. It is important for you to start creating recovery plan to maximize your business cyber security. 

Natural disasters are also part of most alerted risks for business. You must aware of various natural disaster currently happening in various parts of the world today such as bushfires in Australia. Aside from fire, heatwave is also one of the most dangerous natural disaster you should be cautious of. Your business is not only affected by the economic changes because climate risk also plays huge role in causing costly damage. You have to start paying more attention to taking wise decision about your business location and supply chains design. 

Politics also play huge role in increasing your business risks. Politic affects our lives in general. It can cause many issues such as instability in economy. Everything related to politics including election, scandals, controversy, campaigns, affect business flows. Not to mention that changes in regulations also affect the business. It may affect differently depending on the level of the business. 

Another risk that potentially affect business is human struggle. Your business still involves human regardless of how advanced the technology has become today. However, they are still human no matter what. They experience struggles in life that affect their productivity at work. There are many issues people have to deal with. One of the most damaging issues is mental health. It is reported to be the main cause of missed work days. 

Bali Holiday Villas Guide: All About the Swimming Pool

I mentioned in my previous article that a villa without a swimming pool is like a car without a radio. It can work, but definitely missing out a lot. That’s why every Bali holiday villas are always included with a gorgeous swimming pool to complement the villa. But do you know that there are many kinds of swimming pool types that each villa offers the buyer?

Bali holiday villas with a perfect pool

Picking Bali Holiday Villas

Depending on your preference for the swimming pool, it can affect your decision on which villa in Bali that you wanted to invest in. Whether you wanted the aesthetically pleasing one or the budget one, it totally up to you to decide. To help you know a bit better about swimming pool types, here are some of the types that usually build in villa:

Architecture Pool

Probably the most common one among luxury villas, the architecture pool is made at the same time as the house. The design of the pool is following the house architecture and has the same structure and material as well. The pool is designed in the same layout with the house by the architect so the end result would be amazing,

Recreational Pool

A standard swimming pool that you can find on a normal house, a recreational pool can be shaped like the classic rectangular design, circle, oval or even the free from one where it doesn’t follow any geometric pattern. This swimming pool usually has an additional slide or dive trampoline on the side.

Infinity Pool

Speaking of aesthetically pleasing, this kind of pool is definitely taking the top spot for the best one. An infinity pool or also sometimes be called a vanishing edge pool is a pool with a clear glass used as the edge to make an illusion of the water is spilling from the pool. You can find this type of pool in 4 or 5-star hotels that are built on the top floors to enjoy the view.      

Indoor Pool

Basically a recreational pool but built inside the walls. This pool can be useful in bad weather where it’s not possible to go out.  Aside from that, the indoor pool is also simpler when it comes to maintenance. They are easier to clean because the pool is not exposed to the outdoors, and also easier to maintain the heating because the temperature is kept within the room.

Natural Pool

This pool is built to resemble a pond or river, in order to make the pool area look natural. Natural pools usually surrounded by large smooth rocks and trees with a small waterfall came from a huge stone formation. But while it looks like a lake from the outside, the inside of the pool is still equipped with standard pool tools. This kind of pool is suitable for those who enjoy a natural theme for their home.   

Choose Wisely!

Okay, so that was some type of the pools that are built alongside the villa. We can see that each of the pools has a unique design that makes your swimming experience better. Next time you want to browse for Bali holiday villas, don’t forget to check out the pool as well!

Listening To Your Customers To Build Strong Relationship

Building a successful business doesn’t happen in a day. It may take years before you see the result of your effort to establish your business securely. One of the most important keys for successful business is the customers. They play huge role to the success of your business because no matter how hard your efforts are, they won’t work if you don’t gain any customers. Your business revenue also depend on them more or less. Therefore, it is essential to put more effort to build long-term positive relationship with your customers. The first step to do so is to listen to them. 

The right ways to listen to your customers

It can be said that attracting new customers is challenging but what’s more complex is to nurture the relationship to have somehow long lasting bond. One of the first important steps to take is to listen to your customers. By listening to them, you will have better understanding of what they need. Thus, you have idea of what to do to meet their expectation. 

In business, negotiating, communicating, and selling are parts of the process to grow. However, those won’t work without effective communication. And one of the keys for effective communication is the willingness to listen not only to speak. There is higher risk to create misunderstanding through poor communication especially when you fail to listen to your customers. When you take your time listening to your customers, you will know what they are thinking. You will figure out what they need and want. 

Listening is an effective tactic to reveal the real intent of what your customers have. This is also one of the strategies in persuasive marketing. Thus, there is no need to force your prospects to buy your products. When you listen to them, you find out their problems. Then, you can offer the best  product of your brand that can help solve their problems. This will be appreciated by the customers because your main purpose is to help them not manipulate them with transactional approach. 

Make sure that you listen attentively. Pay attention to every words your prospects utter. Do not pretend to listen but be genuine. Try to see the problems through their perspectives. This way, you will gain better understanding. Show your empathy to ensure them that you genuinely care. You have to be intense but stay in friendly line. Make sure that your gesture is not intimidating or imposing. Show friendly and easy gestures to make them easier to open up to you. 

Summarize what you understand from the discussion. You can repeat and rewind what the others have delivered to you. Make sure to not making any judgement or personal interpretation. The main purpose is to let them know that you understand the message they try to convey. Encourage your customers to share their thoughts more until they don’t have any left to say. Then, you can offer what you can do to help their problems. 

4 Remarkable Ubud Villas For Short and Long Vacations

This is something fun enjoying a quiet vacation with the surrounding natural scenery. It is also one of the reasons why many tourists love Ubud and often visit repeatedly. The scenery and atmosphere of Ubud are very popular throughout the world. Being 35 kilometers from the airport the international airport takes you on a short trip to see the crowds and activities of residents along the direction of Ubud. One that attracts tourists is the row of Ubud villas with super luxurious facilities and spectacular views. No doubt many tourists decide on vacation in Ubud to get the peace and comfort of a vacation. Some recommended Ubud villas that are perfect for your short or long vacation.

Traditional Ubud villas with spacious land

Traditional Ubud villas

What is the estimated budget that you have to prepare to stay in a five-star hotel with family for a long time? The price will be fantastic and make your wallet thin. Ubud villas lead you to a better solution for an economical and enjoyable vacation. Ubud offers traditional villa accommodation with spacious land with a variety of luxurious and complete facilities ranging from cable tv, Wifi, heating, dining area, kitchen to the gazebo. Or if you are retired and want to enjoy the old days in peace, then Ubud is the perfect place.

Relaxing villa with rice paddies view

relaxing Ubud villas with rice paddies view

The villa is surrounded by rice paddle views and is perfect for your vacation. There are times when someone has to pay more to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a calm. You don’t have to pay a fortune to get peace in Ubud. Ubud villas bring you to enjoy unforgettable views and a holiday atmosphere surrounded by a rice paddle view. You can enjoy the fun with your family with a private swimming pool, garden, and the availability of internet connection, living room, dining room, and others.

2 bedrooms sustainable concept villa

Sustainable concept Ubud villas

If most family vacations require lots of bedrooms, a 2 bedroom villa will be perfect for a small family or honeymoon couple. A villa with a continuous concert in a tenant area in Ubud is the right choice. The villa with a sustainable concept offers a spacious living room, beautiful garden, and stunning rice field views.

Modern villa with remarkable rice paddies view

Modern Ubud villas with a private pool

Ubud is often described as an area with a simplicity amidst the soothing views of the rice fields. There are many Ubud villas that offer a variety of concepts and one of them is a modern concept villa. Most modern concept villas are equipped with various facilities such as a private swimming pool, garden, a security post, gazebo, spacious living room, internet connection, cable tv, and others. There are many Ubud villas with various concepts that certainly provide many accommodation options for your vacation.

Protecting Your Business From Cyber Attacks

There are many kinds of risks your business face including cyber attacks. Improving your business’s cyber security is essential because the threats are real. There are so many malicious actors working behind and ready to launch their attacks for their own benefits. However, eliminating all the threats entirely is impossible. What you can do is keep improving your cyber security to give maximum protection for your business. Your strategies may improve but those malicious actors can easily adapt. Thus, the risks are persistent. 

Maximizing your business cyber security

It is hard for any business today to avoid online or digital intervention because they are such supporting source for your business to run smoothly. The value and data of business is being migrated online. However, the risk of cyber attack is also real which put your business information and processes at higher risk of being breached. 

You have to put lots of effort to thoroughly protect your business from cyber attacks. You can do it by doing some research as well as survey to know the latest security threats in the market. You also need to define your cyber security goals then evaluate the projects requirements to be able to identify what needs to be done properly. The cyber security goals you set should be measurable by metrics. 

The next effort you can do to improve your business cyber security is by evaluating the bandwidth of your employees. This have to be done to identify timeline, milestone, as well as project staffing needs. To do this properly, you may have to use realistic approach of the cyber security. You can also plan for open lines communication during the implementation of this project. Thus, you may have to encourage and ensure all stakeholders agree with the plan. This project can help you a lot in finding out valuable information including your staff utilization as well as the current skills level of your employees.

Assist your business with cyber security assessment to know exactly your business current situation. This assessment is also important to perform to see if it’s ready to protect your business properly and optimally. There have been many that created specialized cyber security assessment tools. This helps a lot to assess the skills of your staffs against your business goals. Therefore, you can get better understanding of their skills levels and you can figure out what to be done for the training. The training should result in every employee to meet the overall goal. Using tools to automate the process is more efficient and accurate. 

You need trained staff to work for your cyber security. They are the one you trust to handle information regarding to your security projects. Their competency can determine the success of the projects. You can also encourage your staffs to follow the training by giving them some motivation such as promotion or career mobility. Then, it is also an important step to apply a culture of cyber security by making cyber security practices a part of the routine of your business processes.

Good Property Bali: Should I Rent or Purchase a Property?

As a tourist island with beautiful nature, the real estate business is one of the most growing businesses in Bali. The desire to invest in a property is getting stronger for people each year, hoping that they would get a great living experience in Bali. But when it comes to property, most are going to tear between renting or buying it. Naturally owning a good property Bali is the best option, but there are some factors that make leasing a better approach.

good property Bali, a great way to investment

Investing Good Property Bali

An investment is a big deal, especially when it comes to an expensive subject like properties. That’s why anyone should really think it through first before making a decision. With that being said, even though buying a property might be the best choice to make, renting or leasing can be a good alternative depending on the situation. Here are some of the factors that may influence your decision!

Your budget

Start with the most influential aspect, your budget should be your number one priority for consideration. When the money is tight, it may be unwise to spend it all to purchase a property, as you may need additional costs for managing it. Renting can come in handy to secure a good place in Bali at a reasonable cost.

Your length of staying  

Since Bali is a tourist island, most people probably only stay for like a couple of months or a year. Purchasing a property is certainly a bad option if you are the type of person that moves around a lot, especially when you are not sure whether you are going to come back to Bali or not in the future.

Your maintenance

Owning a good property Bali for yourself is good, but you are responsible for the maintenance of the whole facilities. And you probably already figured out that the better your facility is, the more expensive your maintenance cost is going to be. While on the other hand, when you are renting a property your landlord is still the one responsible for the maintenance. Depending on the property, the landlord might charge you a little or moderate fee for the maintenance, but it’s still better than doing it yourself.        

Both purchasing and renting good property Bali has its ups and downs. With several factors mentioned above, hopefully you have a clearer view of your decision in the future. Another thing to add is make sure you are checking for the market price first before you invest in property. It’s not hurt to take precautions because there are many frauds in the property business.

Defining Success In Building Your Own Business

Everyone who decide to start their career path in business must have their own drive or force. Simply to say, every individual ha their own reason and motivation as why they choose to start and build their own business instead of having steady monthly income by working for others. Some people may choose to do so because they want to build their own wealth. Some may want to become their own boss. There are also those who aim for a long-term success. 

Successful business and its definition

Every individual has their own journey in building their own career including entrepreneurs. Some people achieve their success through endless hardwork while others may just get lucky. Success definition in business is not only about money. You can define your own success and make yourself happy and satisfied with what you achieve. 

The success of business is often seen as financial. However, it is actually only the surface. You may earn high profit from running your own business. However, you can only feel so much if your time for family and yourself is almost none to existence. Therefore, things that drive you to run successful business can decide your happiness and goals in general. The best driver for success is love. Even if it sounds cheesy or too much, it is true that love is the biggest drive, force, motivation, reason, whatever you call it. 

When you see a business grow skyrocketing impressively, the most often reason is not leadership-oriented. The founders are not the only one who drive the success of their business. Instead, it is the people who carry it out and love what they do that contribute the most. When you run your own business and build your own team, you need love to make it a successful. When your team love what they do for your business, it is easier for your business to thrive. Therefore, always give your team learning opportunity to build their own skills and give them room to improve. Those are what contribute the most to your business.

As mentioned that love is important drive and force for successful business and life in general. Thus, you have to use it when you run your own business. Spreading love does matter and can give significant influence. You can show your love by building healthy and positive relationship with your workers or team members. When you love them sincerely, you care about them. You pay attention to what they need. When they feel loved and appreciated, they love what they do. They have their own motivation to help your business growth skyrocketing without being asked. 

Another important drive for your business success is efficiency. It is not only about the efficiency of your business operation but also about everyone involved. When you pay attention more to the efficiency, you know what to do to spend the time because every single second is valuable. You also work harder to find the system that can make your team work more efficiently. 

Beware of Frauds on Bali Real Estate Rental and Investment!

According to REI (Real Estate Indonesia), the growth of real estate in Bali is more significant than other cities in Indonesia, comparable to Jakarta and Surabaya. Bali Real Estate rental and investment take advantage of international tourists who decide to spend their day in Bali whether it’s temporary or permanent.

But because foreigners might be unfamiliar with the system and laws regarding the property in Indonesia, many fraud and scams had been committed by the local agents taking advantage of gullible people. These irresponsible individuals ended up causing a lot of trust issues within foreigners and local tourists alike.

Bali Real Estate Rental for your short and long term stay

How does the fraud work in Bali Real Estate Rental and Investment?  

There are many cases of deceit among property business, for example, there’s someone who got tricked into transferring DP about half of the property value before even surveying the place first. Based on Indonesian rules, every property no matter what type or kind must only have 5% DP before the buyer and owner can close the deal.

The suspects are really convincing while doing their “work”. So no matter how nice the agent might be when you’re about to purchasing or renting a property always be on your guard and pay attention to what they are saying. Not to be skeptical or anything, but it’s best to keep your distance first unless you really trust the person.

And the other thing that quite dangerous and popular among the Indonesian crime method is hypnotism. In Java, there’s a lot of scam and fraud cases by hypnotizing the target, the offender only needs to ask a couple of questions and suddenly the victim feels like doing anything to him/her. In Bali, this case is not really often happened, but stay vigilant in case someone finally resorts to using this method.

Advice to prevent being tricked

Find a trustworthy source every time you wanted to check out a real estate. Even buying things like electronic devices require careful research first let alone spending a large sum of money on properties. Check the background of the agent first or ask for a card to ensure that the person is legit.

Also don’t just blindly take bait from an offer that sounds suspicious. No matter how popular the growth of real estate in Bali, the property is not going to have a huge drop in price because of the huge demand. Small discounts or an extra gift may be normal but beware if someone offers property with price that way different from the market.

Taking interest in Bali real estate rental and investment is good, but you should be more careful while browsing for your preferred property. Indonesia might not be the country with the highest rate of crimes, but there’s still a lot of shady people out there looking for an opportunity to rob clueless buyers. Stay Safe!