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Defining Success In Building Your Own Business

Everyone who decide to start their career path in business must have their own drive or force. Simply to say, every individual ha their own reason and motivation as why they choose to start and build their own business instead of having steady monthly income by working for others. Some people may choose to do so because they want to build their own wealth. Some may want to become their own boss. There are also those who aim for a long-term success. 

Successful business and its definition

Every individual has their own journey in building their own career including entrepreneurs. Some people achieve their success through endless hardwork while others may just get lucky. Success definition in business is not only about money. You can define your own success and make yourself happy and satisfied with what you achieve. 

The success of business is often seen as financial. However, it is actually only the surface. You may earn high profit from running your own business. However, you can only feel so much if your time for family and yourself is almost none to existence. Therefore, things that drive you to run successful business can decide your happiness and goals in general. The best driver for success is love. Even if it sounds cheesy or too much, it is true that love is the biggest drive, force, motivation, reason, whatever you call it. 

When you see a business grow skyrocketing impressively, the most often reason is not leadership-oriented. The founders are not the only one who drive the success of their business. Instead, it is the people who carry it out and love what they do that contribute the most. When you run your own business and build your own team, you need love to make it a successful. When your team love what they do for your business, it is easier for your business to thrive. Therefore, always give your team learning opportunity to build their own skills and give them room to improve. Those are what contribute the most to your business.

As mentioned that love is important drive and force for successful business and life in general. Thus, you have to use it when you run your own business. Spreading love does matter and can give significant influence. You can show your love by building healthy and positive relationship with your workers or team members. When you love them sincerely, you care about them. You pay attention to what they need. When they feel loved and appreciated, they love what they do. They have their own motivation to help your business growth skyrocketing without being asked. 

Another important drive for your business success is efficiency. It is not only about the efficiency of your business operation but also about everyone involved. When you pay attention more to the efficiency, you know what to do to spend the time because every single second is valuable. You also work harder to find the system that can make your team work more efficiently. 

Beware of Frauds on Bali Real Estate Rental and Investment!

According to REI (Real Estate Indonesia), the growth of real estate in Bali is more significant than other cities in Indonesia, comparable to Jakarta and Surabaya. Bali Real Estate rental and investment take advantage of international tourists who decide to spend their day in Bali whether it’s temporary or permanent.

But because foreigners might be unfamiliar with the system and laws regarding the property in Indonesia, many fraud and scams had been committed by the local agents taking advantage of gullible people. These irresponsible individuals ended up causing a lot of trust issues within foreigners and local tourists alike.

Bali Real Estate Rental for your short and long term stay

How does the fraud work in Bali Real Estate Rental and Investment?  

There are many cases of deceit among property business, for example, there’s someone who got tricked into transferring DP about half of the property value before even surveying the place first. Based on Indonesian rules, every property no matter what type or kind must only have 5% DP before the buyer and owner can close the deal.

The suspects are really convincing while doing their “work”. So no matter how nice the agent might be when you’re about to purchasing or renting a property always be on your guard and pay attention to what they are saying. Not to be skeptical or anything, but it’s best to keep your distance first unless you really trust the person.

And the other thing that quite dangerous and popular among the Indonesian crime method is hypnotism. In Java, there’s a lot of scam and fraud cases by hypnotizing the target, the offender only needs to ask a couple of questions and suddenly the victim feels like doing anything to him/her. In Bali, this case is not really often happened, but stay vigilant in case someone finally resorts to using this method.

Advice to prevent being tricked

Find a trustworthy source every time you wanted to check out a real estate. Even buying things like electronic devices require careful research first let alone spending a large sum of money on properties. Check the background of the agent first or ask for a card to ensure that the person is legit.

Also don’t just blindly take bait from an offer that sounds suspicious. No matter how popular the growth of real estate in Bali, the property is not going to have a huge drop in price because of the huge demand. Small discounts or an extra gift may be normal but beware if someone offers property with price that way different from the market.

Taking interest in Bali real estate rental and investment is good, but you should be more careful while browsing for your preferred property. Indonesia might not be the country with the highest rate of crimes, but there’s still a lot of shady people out there looking for an opportunity to rob clueless buyers. Stay Safe!

Handling Arguments And Conflict While Running Your Business

In professional setting, interpersonal conflicts sometimes are inevitable. It is not the conflict you should pay attention more but how you can respond to them as a leader and colleague. It will affect how your employees perceive you as a leader. The way you handling conflict and disagreement at work affects your ability to think, lead, and work effectively. 

Dealing with arguments in professional setting

Your team consists of different individual with different thinking and personality. Thus, disagreements are bound to happen eventually. However, it is important to handle disagreement properly to not lead it into long lasting issue within professional setting. It is worse if disagreement at work turns into personal conflict. 

Even when you are the leader, your team members may not always agree with our opinion. Different opinions can lead to serious conflict if you don’t address it properly and quickly. It is also important to remind yourself that you cannot just force the others to see from your point of view. Learning how to manage emotions especially during disagreements or small conflict is important. Thus, you emotion won’t take over the control to respond. 

It is often that emotion makes people want to act impulsively without thinking of the consequences. This is something you need to avoid especially when you are a leader and leading your team. This behavior will only put your business at risk because the harmony within your team will be disrupted. It is a must to keep reminding yourself that your action affects greatly to others. It affects how the others perceive you as a person and a leader. 

One of the most important ways to do to deal with conflict or disagreement at work is to be mindful. It is not easy because being mindful means you stay calm while still being in touch with what is happening around you at the moment. Mindfulness is not about being detached from the reality. It means you are still connected to it but you are in stable state to think clearly. When you are being mindful in handling conflict, you will not judge harshly and emotionally. You will take your time to assess the situation and take the best decision to solve the problems. 

Practicing mindfulness is not that simple because there are stress triggers coming to you in many forms at any time. Being mindful all the time is almost inhumane as well. However, you will become better at it if you keep practicing. When you are used to become mindful in any situation, it will easier for you to see the right focus from the best point of view. You can also prevent further conflict and minimize the potential damage. 

Leading people while running your business is not an easy task to accomplish. Time will show you how far you have become. Experiences will help you gain wisdom. Constantly learning to improve yourself and bringing positive influence around you will not only help you to become a successful entrepreneur but also a better person. 

3 Things People Expect When Looking for a Luxury Villas Bali

It’s not news anymore that demand for a villa in Bali is way higher than any other place in Indonesia, Jakarta. Some people even willing to abandon their life in the city just to enjoy a second home on the island of gods Bali doesn’t matter how many it will cost them.

But what exactly makes villa in Bali so luxurious that attracts people so much? Here are a few things that people hopelessly search for every luxury villas Bali.

luxury villas bali for a great holiday experience

A touch of culture beautifies every luxury villas Bali

The Natural View

Jakarta or Surabaya might be famous for its advanced buildings and glamour lifestyle, but living in the middle of a busy city can be frustrating for the mind, especially after a hard day’s work. This frustration can turn into stress if one didn’t relax their brain once in a while.

Bali offers an escape to those people who have a busy schedule and forced to work tirelessly every day. Even now, most of the area on the island is still uninhabited and there’s plenty of forests, rice fields, and beaches all around.

Real estate developer takes advantage of this and starts to build residences far from the crowds, and close to the natural source like ocean and forest. Makes people who own the villa can feel a great feeling of being surrounded by mother nature, something that they wouldn’t get in the big city.

The Classic Balinese Architecture

Bali is really famous for its culture. From its strong religion from the locals, who often have unique ceremonies to their beautiful handmade art like paintings, bags, and carvings. This tradition also influences their style of house architecture, which ended up having their own style.

A villa with modern design is nice and all, but you can experience those luxuries anywhere else like hotels and apartments. Especially to people who live in the main city, there’s not exactly anything new for them to see.

Those villas with traditional Balinese design are what people seek. Nothing like wooden ceilings and pillars with beautiful carvings decorated with traditional paintings and wall art filled your villa interior. Most luxury villa in Bali adapts the traditional design to tempt not only foreigners but also local tourists.

The Local Food

Like every region in Indonesia, Bali, of course, has its own iconic food that makes people lining up just to have a taste. Babi guling, Ayam Betutu and Sate plecing are just a few tourist’s favorites that often served on many restaurants in Bali.

Those dishes are of course can be served with a more professional approach in every luxury villas Bali. When you rent or own a fancy villa, usually it comes with the staff including the chef who will serve you exclusive Bali’s traditional food to satisfy your appetite. It’s one of the aspects that people look for as well.    

Luxury villas Bali offers a different experience than any other place 

Well, they may be a bit more reasons that make villas in Bali so appealing to tourists, but most of them are subjective depends on each person. Meanwhile, those three points are the main reason why people would invest quite a fortune to be able to own a private residence in Bali. Another popular reason is probably the amount of expert tattoo artists available in Bali, try checking out their work sometimes!.

Creating Impactful Brand Message To Gain More Attention To Your Business

There are many ways in which you can deliver your brand message to catch the audience’s attention. There are many digital platforms you can also take advantage of to deliver your brand message. However, deliver a brand message doesn’t guarantee the success of catching the attention you want to your business. What you need is not mediocre, easily forgotten message but more unique, clear, and impactful. 

Creating Impactful Brand Message To Gain More Attention To Your Business

Creating powerful brand message

Delivering powerful brand message is essential to boost your business and let it known by wide audience. You could sell high quality product or service but they won’t catch the attention of the audience if you lack of powerful brand message. It is important to create a message that can connect your brand with the audience. Thus, your business can play in a bigger league. 

Know how to decide your goal and be objective

First thing first, you have to know and decide your goal or objective. You should know what kind of impression you want from the audience, what do you want them to do after they come across your message. Your message should hint clear action you want from audience. There are many goals you can decide but choose the one that benefits your business the most. For example, you want your customer to make a call once they come across your message. Or, you want the audience to have the urge to buy your products/services you are offering. It is your choice to decide. 

Have your own style in your messaging

Creating Impactful Brand Message To Gain More Attention To Your Business

It is better if you have your own style in your messaging. Keep in mind that you are not the only brand trying to catch the audience’s attention. Choose unique messaging style that can reflect and represent your brand well. It can help the audience to distinguish you from your competitors. It is even better if you choose messaging style that can resonate with your target audience. One of the most important points of messaging style is the tone. Make sure that the tone you choose can stimulate emotional connection with your audience. 

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Don’t create message in transactional tone

Make sure that you not create a message in transactional tone. What better to do is to incorporate your brand message with storytelling tactics. It is an effective strategy to convey your message. Storytelling tactic is also a great way to engage more with your audience. In your storytelling, it is important to highlight the role of your customer instead of your business. Deliver authentic story that shows your empathy with your audience. This opens more opportunity to create long-term, deeper connection with your target audience.

Varied formats for wider audiences

Deliver the message in various formats to reach wider scale of audience. Keep in mind that your audience consists of different kind of people. Generalize them is not a wise choice. Thus, you should opt to deliver the message in different formats whether it’s in video, audio, blog, and other. Also, choose relevant, multiple channels to help you deliver the message. Among all those formats, video is the most impactful one to catch the audience’s attention today. 

Building Relationship Of Global Business Successfully

With how technology keeps advancing these days, it is possible for your business to grow globally. You can sell and buy globally regardless of your business’s size. The distance nowadays is the least concern of how business works. Everything is more possible thanks to tech that has been advanced in various fields including logistics, communication, and e-commerce. However, it is also important to remember that the tools for communication may be easy to use but building the relationship within global business is not. It requires more than advanced tools or devices to work and last.

The process of building global business relationship 

The process of building global relationship can be more challenging than you thought. The advanced tech will be your least concern because there are other factors which are just as important such as commitment and appreciation. Remember that every country has their own culture which results in different tradition, language, ways of doing business, speed, etiquette, etc. Those are relatable to how you build global business relationship. 

When you are willing to do your business globally, you need to be dedicated and committed. The process of building the relationship itself can be hard even if it is possible. You have to put your effort in the process. Getting to know people you are doing your business with is necessary. Therefore, you have better understanding of them and how their own culture and tradition affect them in doing business. Understanding each other is the most ideal thing to d to build solid global business relationship. The goal is to build professional relationship that lasts in the long run. 

Working with international partners means you have to build the relationship well. There are many factors to build it successfully. The relationship you build should be based on understanding and trust. As mentioned earlier that understanding each other is essential for global business relationship to work successfully. To do that, you have to be willing to spare time and learn or get to know each other including the culture and traditions. Deeper understanding of each other can help avoid unnecessary misunderstanding or arguments. 

Trust is the key of building solid and long-term global business relationship. You may have customers or partners who are from different countries. There might be some problems occur. Dealing with international customers or partners require you to be apply more patience. It is also important to build your communication with an open mind. 

Keep in mind that there are differences in between you. Therefore, misunderstanding is quite common. There is no need to be defensive over something. Instead, listen with an open mind and build your curiosity. Thus, you get to know the real problems and how you can figure out the solution To avoid any further troubles that can jeopardize your relationship with your international partners or customers, make sure to lead with truth while avoid generalization. Share legitimate concerns with each other and that’s how you lead by truth. Do not blindly jump into negative assumptions.

How to Determine Bali Villas for Rent Value?

Do you plan to rent or lease a villa? With the increasing demand in the market for villas and real estate in Bali, it’s no wonder so many people are interested to take part in the business. And leasing or renting is less complicated than freehold sell, given how you still retain the ownership of the property. That’s why there are more Bali villas for rent rather than sell.

Bali villas for rent with a private pool

But then comes a question, how do I figure out the value of my property? It’s not something that you can easily compare with other property because there’s a lot of factors that affect how much it’s worth. But do not worry, as we are here to help you determine your property value to make sure you get the most profit from renting it.

Check the market for similar Bali villas for rent

Consulting the market would be the very first thing to do when you are clueless about the price of something. Seeing other villas rate can at least give you a price range about how much you will charge your tenant. It can also give you a sight on what aspect of your villa should be highlighted. Make sure you understand the strength of each Bali villas for rent that will attract people to take an interest.   

Where is it located?

Location is one of the key things that makes whether a property can be popular among buyers or not. A strategic location means easier access to many places, which is really helpful when you are planning to stay for a long time. For villas, beachside or near the forest are the most sought location, villa located in the center of the city tends to be less popular among foreigners due to the noise. But fellow Indonesian tourists might like it because it’s close to the market.

What does the villa offer?

The building and the facility is usually the second thing that people consider before investing in a villa. Unlike a house, people don’t really prioritize looking for a villa with multiple floors. Especially in Bali, where there are not many tall buildings around because of the cultural restrictions. The main attraction of the villa is the lounge and the outdoor areas. Most of the time, a villa with a comfortable bed, a cozy lounge, a garden, and a swimming pool is enough to guarantee a high price.

How is villa maintenance?

After checking the location and facilities, potential tenants usually ask the condition of the building. Doesn’t matter how luxurious the villa is, if the owner is neglecting the maintenance of the villa, it will affect negatively on the property value. So, try to keep your villa in check every day. Clean the rooms, garden and swimming pool, then check the condition of the appliances and lighting. You will need your villa to be in its best condition when you are showing it to your tenant.

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Leading Your Business Without Acting Like A Boss

Starting and running your own business gives you more responsibilities. You are responsible to your entire business including the workforce and teamwork. Even if you don’t have co-founder, you still have to build and manage a team to help you reach your goals. Leading a a business to grow it positively is not easy. In fact, it is very challenging that not many people succeed to do it. Business is also a complex world where many things can happen unexpectedly even when you have already made the precautions. When you run your business, you need leadership skills and qualities in you. However, don’t mistaken it with superiority complex. You are the boss but you don’t have to act like one to run successful business. 

Leading Your Business Without Acting Like A Boss

Leading successful business

Leadership is important element in business. Different leadership’s perspectives lead to different outcomes. Every business owners apply their own approaches to leadership. Some of them focus on creating clear walls between employer and employee. Meanwhile, there are also those who focus on teamwork and collaboration. It is highly recommended for you to apply the later. It has many benefits to your business growth and productivity in general. 

Collaborative approaches

By using collaborative approaches, you are able to open a learning atmosphere within workplace. Besides, it is more suitable and effective for millennial environment like we are living today. This approach allows you to provide more flexibility through open workplaces. As the leader, you are the one who set the goals. However, you have to make yourself available and approachable for giving advice and guidance. Collaborative approach is effective to build successful team that can reach your business goals wonderfully. 

Being more approachable

Leading Your Business Without Acting Like A Boss

Acting like a boss means you only know how to order things to your team members. It makes you unapproachable and missed the opportunities to learn something essentials withing the workplace. Therefore, collaborative approaches are more beneficial. this way, you create learning atmosphere within your workplace. You promote continued learning which benefits everyone including yourself. By acting like a leader and not a boss, you create more opportunities to share knowledge. You have something to learn from leading your team. Meanwhile, you team members also have more opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. As the result, the operation so your business will become more productive. It helps boost your business significantly. 

Hear out opinions

When you lead your business by acting like a boss, you tend to close any opportunities for your team member to voice out their opinions. It will only disadvantage your business. Keep in mind that diverse perspective is needed t build successful business. It helps to create more alternatives to solve problems. Therefore, you should open more opportunities for your team members to give their opinions. It won’t make you look any less. It may result in more creative ideas. Make yourself available to your team members. You can eve conduct regular brainstorm sessions. Not to mention that this approach can help strengthen the bond between you and your team members. 

Controllable Mistakes You Can Avoid For More Successful Business

The success of business doesn’t rely on a single factor. In fact, it is a combination of resources and decision making. Of course, there are unexpected obstacles that you may face in the middle of your journey. However, they rarely affect your business significantly especially if you have made thorough preparations. It is possible for your business to suddenly just because of one action but it is very rare. It needs big thing to affect that much. Meanwhile, there are things you can control to avoid predictable mistakes. By knowing what they are and how to avoid them, you can increase your business success rates. 

Controllable Mistakes You Can Avoid For More Successful Business

Controllable mistakes to avoid to increase business

Decision making affect your business greatly. Therefore, it is important to not rush your decision-making process. At least, don’t make decision out of pressure. Making bad decisions are inevitable sometimes. However, there are controllable mistakes you can predict and avoid to help build your business grow. 

Scale the business too early

It is one of the most common mistakes that are actually avoidable and controllable. It is easier for entrepreneurs to feel like they have achieved success. They feel like their business grow in relatively fast pace. However, don’t get too excited when it happens to your business. Premature growth can be a threat for your business instead. Therefore, it is better to build solid foundation even if it takes years before planning to scale your business. 

Short-term success

Controllable Mistakes You Can Avoid For More Successful Business

Just like early business scale, another controllable mistakes is short-term success. Don’t rely on a short-term success because it won’t take your business anywhere further. It is true that short-terms goals are also important. However, you can also break them down into small achievable milestones. Creating a product or service that is going to last is your priority. Selling your first products to customers can be done quite easily. The most challenging part is to make it long lasting. Keep in mind to focus your business goals on longevity.  

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Hiring under-qualified talents because they cost cheaper

It is a mistake you can actually avoid. It is true that you should use your business finance as wise as possible. Being considerate against business expense can help your business sustain longer. However, it doesn’t mean you hire under-qualified talents. There are many costly risks you are going to face by doing so including costly mistakes, miscommunication, redevelopment, etc. Not only those risks can cost you money, they also can cost your precious time.

Focusing on something you are not familiar with

To start a business, it is highly suggested to choose something to focus on based on your interest or problems. Doing so, you will be able to create the right solution or products. For example, don’t force yourself to start a business of car repair if you know nothing about it. It will only put you in difficult situation. Challenges are good to help you grow. However, pick the right battle for you. 

The Importance of Effective Communication in Business

Communication is important aspect in life including in business. Without communication, you cannot deliver what you offer and you cannot understand what your customers need. However, communication needs to be built not only between sellers and buyers, it is also important to maintain good communication in the team.

Effective communication is a goal you need to achieve when you run a business no matter how small your business is. It will help you to get the bottom line that you expected from the start.

Effective communication in helping business to grow

It is undebatable that communication is crucial for business to grow. However, building and maintaining effective communication is not as easy as it sounds. Being a great communicator is a great challenge. However, it is worth it because you can use it as a way to be ahead of your competitors. When your business can compete healthily, it proves that you have better opportunity to make your business big.

Importance of effective communication for business

Effective communication is important to build a good, reliable team. You see, running business is already challenging. Managing business is even more challenging because you need to keep everything flows systematically. You cannot do it on your own.

You need a reliable team to help you managing your business efficiently. However, it won’t happen if you and your team cannot maintain good communication in the workplace.

Through effective communication, you can deliver every responsibility and inform how to perform it.

Effective communication is crucial to avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings. Working in team is great but it increases the chance of misunderstanding and conflict.

Thus, it is important to build and maintain effective communication when honest and open communication is there to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This way, problems can be solved without conflict because every individual respect and understand each other.

Effective communication is a great way to accommodate differences in opinion. Running a business is not easy. There are many challenges including when the idea is needed to be delivered.

There must be a clash somewhere during a discussion because every individual has different perspective which leads to different opinion. If there is no effective way to communicate and mediate the differences, the problems will arise and jeopardize professional relationship in your business.

Effective communication is not only needed by your team but also customers.

You need it to know what your customers want. Communication is not about expressing your thoughts but also listening to others. When you are willing to listen to your customers, you will gain benefit from it such as better understanding of the demand of the market precisely.

Effective communication with your customers means you should communicate politely, attentively, and immediately.

It is not easy to become a great communicator but it is not an impossible thing to achieve. Besides, it can help you achieving more in your business.

When you are able to communicate well, you will have better opportunities to understand more the market, how to build connection, and how to excel at particular work.