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The Most Profitable Property Investments You Should Know

Property business keeps growing each year due to the demand in the market is getting higher. People are more and more interested to be involved and dip their hands in this investment. There are some of profitable property investments when it comes to real estate. Of course, the main reason why people get their hands on this business is to make money as much as possible. There are many strategies and calculation involved to run this business to become profitable. People even go for slow and steady step in the beginning in order to reach more stable income and high profit.

Check these 4 profitable property investments out

Profitable property investments

Before beginning to list down type of promising property investment, you need to keep in mind that no matter how profitable a business looks like, effort and hard work are still required. There are many things to consider before getting your hands in property business to calculate your steps. Therefore, you will be on the right path and make your investment profitable enough to make money as you expected. So here is the list:

1. Long-term traditional rental property

The first that goes to the list is none other than traditional rental property. When you find the best property and decide to invest in it, you can choose to rent it for long-term deal. Renting out your property is the best way to earn steady income either monthly or annually. When you earn money, you can save it to buy another property and rent it out. Thus, you will keep making money through it.

2. Short-term rentals (Airbnb rentals)

The next property investment which is pretty profitable is short term rentals or also known as Airbnb rentals. In this type of investment, you need to make thorough analysis to draw your expecting profit. Besides, you will need to check to the local regulations before deciding this investment. If you get everything right, the higher return is in your hand.

3. Fix and flips

The next profitable property investments are fix and flips. In this case, you will need to be able to find a property which is at low price and need minimum fixes. Sometimes, experience is what makes this type of property investment works. If you are able to do it right, you can sell your property in higher prices which earn you high profit.

4. Real estate wholesaling

Another type of property investment which is profitable is real estate wholesaling. This investment is applicable both for commercial or residential properties. This investment requires you to make a contract with property seller and assign it to a property buyer. However, you need to place higher price on it. Aside from being profitable, this investment also requires minimal amount in financing.

Those are some of promising property investments to consider before you start property business. You can choose which one of them is worth trying. However, make sure not to make a rash decision and think rationally. Property business plays logic instead of feeling so thorough estimation is what it needs to make you decide one of the profitable property investments to start with.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Property

Lots of people wonder whether it is wise to take a step into property business since it sounds like a high maintenance business. Most people who are involved in property business aim for steady income and profit to balance out their work and life. However, to think that investing in property will only let you steps in flowers is debatable. Sure, it’s profitable business and the amount of the profit to get sometimes is higher than what investor expected. However, it is wise enough to consider many things before swimming into this business properly and that’s what this is going to.

Consideration to think before investing in property

Investing in property

The career in property business is not only about how you own a portfolio of fancy house or penthouse. Some people start with being an estate agent or involving in repossession or auction major. Just like other type of business, property business has its own criteria on how it’s going and supposed to work. So make sure you check on the elements below before you start investing your money on property business.

  • Firstly, you should consider the surroundings of the house. Make sure that it brings good balance of homeowners and private tenants. Therefore, the prices of house and the price of rental are affordable.
  • Next, set your target profile so you know exactly your marketplace. You can target students, local housing allowance, or working professionals. This will help you decide what kind of house you should invest in.
  • You might as well check the price range as well as purchasing budget of your property. Before doing so, you need to determine to rent your property as a single let or multi let. This will influence what rental yield you should set before investing in property.
  • There is a potential for capital growth. To deal with this, you need to make a simple research by checking supply of properties. In this research you should find out the correlation between the properties and the potential of demand and increasing population. The higher the demand, the higher the potential for capital growth is.
  • Property business also has its risks and not all plan is going to work your way. Therefore, you always need to make a backup plan. This is exit strategy of your property business. Therefore, no matter what changes or problem happen, they won’t deter you or make you back off.
  • You need to consider the potential to add value. This type of potential will lead you to earn higher return. This will work when you can add value to your property with refurbishment. In short sentence, you need to cleverly plan your budget and strategy.

Since property is your asset, you need to be wise before investing into one of them. Thus, consider the elements mentioned above so that you buy the right property which worth your money and effort. Therefore, you will be able to gain profit as you expect or even more. Investing in property isn’t a child’s play so logical thinking is required.

Need A Digital Agency In Bali? You May Need To Read This

Bali is not just a paradise for many tourists around the world for its unique cultures, foods and drinks, beautiful nature or simply the hospitality of the people. But it also has been a dream place for the business owners for running their services or selling products. And I am pretty sure that marketing of the business is never a new term for many of us. But wait until you hear about the digital agency for planning your campaign, optimize your social medias, make your business website, etc. And what the best thing could happen when running the business while working with the needed one digital agency in Bali?

Digital agency Bali

A digital agency could handle many things such as mentioned above. It also has the close relationship for doing the digital marketing since the online users are highly increasing, whether using any type of notebooks or mobile phones. So that, now the business owners or marketing staffs are facing the new kind of competition which is how to expand their brand awareness, selling more products and services to increase the revenue, etc. And the new thing is, all of them should be reached online. And that’s why the digital agency take position in-between the company with their potential customers.

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Any digital agency, including existed in Bali is expected to offer your business to has a website, dealing with SEO, SMO (Social Media Optimization), and some other stuffs to improve the visibility of your business over the web. Those are quite complicated, take times and need the professionals to get them done. And the digital agency has its own specialist to make sure that your business medias will get the good performance as expected.

Have you been trying the digital agency in Bali before? I mean, using the services from various agencies will give your business some benefits. Two of them are could help you in choose which are working in various internet or online strategies and also help in managing your website and social medias.

Contact or simply passing by at office where your chosen digital agency in Bali right away to know more about all I have informed above related to your services or products so that you know what exactly your business needs to do and achieve.

If any problems are occurring related to digital solutions for your business, visit one of best digital agency Bali, and talk to the experts or specialists. You might be surprised why not doing that earlier. Happy working and enjoying your days while at Bali.

How To Make Property Business Plan

Property business plan is needed if you want to achieve long-term success. Actually, no matter what kind of business or investment you’re doing, a plan is always needed. It’s a basic key to achieve the goal in the first place. If you think property investment is a promising business, you need to make one through and solid plan so that your investment is going to be worth it.

Make property business plan

Property business plan and how it works

Lots of people argue on what kind of plan that is ideal as property business plan. They try to create ‘essay of pages’ consisted of chart, index, and numbers. However, it’s not always the case though. The best plan is the clear and solid one, meaning that it should be simple enough to understand and memorize. The plan should contain fact and strategies that will help you make the right decision. To make the best plan, you need to know first where you are in the current situation. Then, you need to determine where to go or how far the goal is. Only then, you can find out and create the best actions to achieve the goals you set.

Starting point – This is where you are and how you start. In this phase of plan, you should be thorough of all information such as the budget you’re willing to invest in property. You need to calculate based on how much savings you have, and how you’re going to spend it in the future. Next, this phase also include the availability of the time to invest whether it’s weekly, monthly, etc. Then, you need to recognize your own knowledge as well as skills that will be helpful in building your property investment.

Where to go – In the next phase of property business plan is know where to go or set the goal. Since you’ve known your starting point, you need to set your destination. Every individual involved in business must have set their own goal such as earning stable monthly income within two years of property investment. This goal setting help you to improve your investment. In this phase, you need to calculate and manage your finance to make it clear where you’re standing now. Then, you can make estimation in your thought of where and when you will achieve your goal.

Strategy making – The next phase is to create the best strategy. You’ve known where to start and where to go. So you need to know how to go from your starting to the destination. Recommended and basic strategy is to buy properties which gives you at least 10% ROI then you just need to wait for it. If you’re willing to make another promising strategy, you can go for advanced strategy where you buy properties at discount, turn them into HMOs, use Flippinf properties strategies.

However, you need to make clear calculation of every moves you’re going to take. Estimate each strategy and its risks so you can make the best backup plan if it doesn’t work your way. That’s how you make a solid property business plan works.

What You Need To Do Before Open Up Your Villa for Rent


The best thing from owning a home holiday is that you can turn your property into your own holiday-fund source, at any times you are not using the villa for a personal vacation. Lucky for us, technology nowadays allows even the most newbie landlord to choose a suitable platform for their villa advertisement and navigate easily in accommodation and hospitality market. Before jumping on the water, however, pay attention to this basic preparation to ensure your villa renting business run smoothly.

Mark the Calendar For Yourself

What’s the use of owning a pretty coastal villa if you cannot enjoy it for relaxing weekend gateway? What if your mom suddenly comes for a week to the town and asked for a stay at your gorgeous house? To prevent the business interfering with your personal matters, block some weekends when you’ll likely spend the day at the villa, minimum a month prior the dates.

A Double for Everything

Sheets and pillowcases of the bed need regular change, especially during peak holiday season when your villa welcome guests for almost every day. Buy a double for everything, so you the housekeeper can change them right away when the used is being laundered. This common housekeeping regulation should apply to curtains, tablecloth covers, and most household items including cutlery and tumblers.

A Photo of Every Room

Don’t let your decorating effort go into waste. After some busy rental season, it’s not uncommon to find changes in decoration and misplaced accessories throughout the room. Take a portrait of every room and, if possible, details of every nook and cranny as a guide of the housekeeper to rearrange the room.

Keep Glassware Away

An accident can happen anytime. Your special-chosen wine glasses and colorful ceramic cutlery can break anytime in the hand of clumsy guests or rowdy children. Replace your delicate glassware with more durable materials. Take a look at hand-carved Bali wooden kitchen utensil which will add more character to your villa as well as provide long durability. You can also opt for stylish melamine or acrylic which will last longer in the kitchen.

Insurance and Deposits

You might need to ask for a deposit for guest, and the deposit value can be double up for a long-term stay. Deposit money is very useful to cover any damage or loss items occurred during a guest’s stay and prevent you from huge financial loss. You can return the deposit money back to the guest if, upon check-out checking, your housekeeper find everything in place. It’s also important to sort out insurance to protect your property and make sure content of the insurance know your intention.

Take Your Own Confined Space

You’ll most likely go back to your home holiday from time to time and enjoy some time there. It can be troublesome to keep bringing back belongings and a car packed with holiday bicycle or surfboard. After all, you own the villa, and you have the full right to put your belonging there. Build a personal storage to keep items you’d like to use during your stay, but are hidden from the renters.

Increase Popularity of Your Villa with Instagrammable-Design Tips

Sure, owning a coastal villa in Bali is nice. Especially when your gorgeous home holiday can be a source of income. But so are hundreds of other villas, too. Bali has undoubtedly significant growth to hospitality. Each year, dozens of new hotels, villa, guesthouse, and apartment raised on the island. This means tighter competition for the hospitality industry, and that includes your villa, too. Though stream of vacationers run steady, you still need extra effort to turn their eyes to your villa.

These days, mainstream advertising will not let you reach wider and more potential audience. You need to get along with the trends. And that current, hugely beneficial trend is Instagram. This platform is just perfect to consistently show visually appealing decoration of your villa and lure the eyes of a traveler. What’s more, it encourages guests to take gorgeous photos of your villa and create cost-effective, chain publication. Villa owners, it’s time for a serious redesign.

Coastal Decoration

People come to Bali to enjoy it coastal vibes. Create special beach vibes through accessories and decoration to make guest really feel like every day is a beach day. You can adapt strong nautical theme with all the stripes, anchor, lighthouse, and other iconic symbols. For authentic beach-y feeling, choose basic white and beige color, and add depth with driftwood or bright color for accent.  Alternately, you can bring home tropical fun by incorporating bold, bright, and vibrant color with sandy coloured wall which represent color of the flowers and plant that naturally grow in that environment.

A Chic Wall

A self portrait with photogenic wall as the backdrop is what people love. It add great character to the humble portrait. Assigned one of the wall at your villa and put your imagination to decorate. You can be creative like sticking a bunch of shells in organised pattern, at one bright yellow wall to create 3D wallpaper, seaside style. Arranged postcards or pictures at a wall also make eye-catching graphic. Be creative!

Plenty of Natural Light with Stylish Window Pane

Do you know how important lighting is to make a good photo? No one likes to snap a picture inside  a gloomy room, it’s not visually appealing. Natural light is the best, so be generous with windows and doors. Install big, lined up windows in the wall to allow as much as light inside, rolling doors, or even glass doors. Make after-dark photos possible too with creative lighting and trendy hanging lamps design.

A Room to Another World

Want to make the photograph game into the next level? Create themed rooms where you can assign exceptional theme to the room. Instead of constant design throughout the house, give surprise with a twist of modern pirate bathroom with rowboat-shaped bathtub, yacht-like guest room, or lush tropical porch. It will encourage guests to explore the room and take as many photos as possible, as they are given different experience at each. Just be careful to not going overboard and maintain harmonious, connected vibes.

Maintain Order and Cleanliness

It’s easy to get carried on when you are decorating the house. Know when to stop. There’s no need to add ottoman if the room has occupied with large set of sofas and rugs. Completing a theme with matching item is fun, but having too much will make your villa looks cramped. A spacious room will not only bring relaxation to the guests, but also look pleasing in the eye.

Bringing the Nautical Fun Inside Your Oceanfront Villa

What’s the best from owning a villa in Bali? You’ll easily feel like vacationing on eternal holiday, just by staying idyll inside the house. Bali is identical with its coastal lifestyle, particularly if your villa sits on the hip beach town on south-east area.

Living just minutes away from the sea means your home holiday is the best place to install seaside home living style with nautical accessories. Light and washed-out colors are popular to bring out coastal vibes, and they work very well with a blend of tropical and marine elements to evoke a subtle sense of adventure inside a peaceful residence.

A Swing

Swing away your stress from reality by hanging one or two rope swings at your backyard. If nautical looks are your goal, then stick to a simple plank and ropes types of swing. The simple ropes bring great effect to remind you of living in a ship.

Sling Chairs

Does your villa have a pool inside? Well, most of the seaside villa has one, and if you do have too, then it’s the time for our classic outdoor sling chair to show up on your patio. They are great for relaxing on a sunny day, and they come in great color, beach style.

Beach Umbrella

What is sling chair without a canopy to shield you from the sun? Enhance the touch of the sea with sun umbrellas above your sling chairs set in the patio. Washed white and colorful stripes usually dominate the design, which is good to remind you of classy beach clubs on the coastal line.

Marine-Themed Flags

Drifting a few sails away from the coastal lifestyle, swiftly insert a life sailor with this little marine-themed flags. They are great to hang above the kid’s room, between the beds, or just above lounging sofas in the living room. They come in a variety of designs, from the early 20th-century signal flags to the modern one. You can even put the name and logo of your villa to the flags to add more personal touch and of course, strengthen your villa’s brand.

Anchor Wall Hooks

Everyone needs something to hook on the wall, be it for jackets, playful beach hat. or simply some keys. While hanging affair can be quite a mess, why not make it pretty with anchor-shaped wall hooks that can double as eye-catching decor? The good news is, they usually come in set marine items, such as a boat, lighthouse, to hut plaque, to add more nautical character to the wall.

Stripes of Blue

Ah, the classic. A nautical-themed villa won’t get complete without abundant of white walls and lits, lots of stripes. By the way, do you know that you can illuminate the waves by painting stripes to the wall and the floor, consisting several shades of blue that make up the stripes? Surround the room with blue, including the window panels, then lay white-washed carpets with matching sofas on top of it to create an illusion that you are sitting in the middle of the sea.

Elements of the Boat

There’s nothing better than adding some elements of the boat to finish off your nautical setup. Decorate the wall with a hanging tire—and paint the name of your villa on it—wooden paddle, wooden anchor, or any other marine element. Get wild!

Making Your Villa Instagram Worthy and Gain Popularity

The traveler today have changed. As we are growing more and more digital, capturing moments—and for many, this is a priority. Taking aesthetic pictures and selfies presentable to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media is just as important as having a good holiday.

While the buzz of this lifestyle has just been growing stronger and stronger every day, you can definitely capitalize this selfie craze to gain wider exposure, reach an extensive potential market, and of course, increase booking inquiries. All thanks to aesthetic decorations which supports the selfie craze. When you’ve designed it right, the savvy millennials are just more than happy to spread the word.

So, how can you utilize Instagram for the benefit of your villa?

Gorgeous Interior Designs and Decoration

The gorgeous decor is a winner, every time. They are pleasing in the eye, draw immediate attention and boost photo-taking desire. Social media users love to feature stunning architecture or decoration—with or without themselves in the photo—as it draws likes and engagement from fellow digital dwellers. Create a photogenic environment for delicate snapping and maximize theme of your villa there. If you own a seaside villa in Bali, for example, you can strengthen the coastal theme by adding stripes, nautical accessories, and infuse calming vacation vibes to increase attraction. Visitors are compelled to impress people with their wonderful holiday, and if your villa can support it, the popularity is already at your hand.

Own Your Instagram

Your social media account will determine your presence and likability among customers in the digital world. These days, people love to check hotel and villa’s photos before deciding whether they will spend a night there or not. Many other times, our digital customer happens to stumble into a stunning villa which stole their heart through someone’s photos, so make sure your villa own an account to allow other tag you at their post. Owning a professional account also allow more room for digital marketing maneuver, which will definitely help to promote your villa.

Craft Special Hashtags

Our digital fellas love to play with hashtags! Get creative and craft your special hashtags that will make your villa stand out more. Display this hashtags at your every post, and encourage visitors to use this hashtags in their posts.

Create Campaign

Use your authentic hashtags to create a campaign, so visitors will be more compelled to use it. You can host a hashtags contest, where you can offer an appealing reward—such as a free night stay or a voucher—for the best photos or the most impressive story featuring the hashtags. You can also host selfie contest through the villa for an extended period of time, and give prizes to the winners.

Feature Guest’s Photos

People love to get noticed by a brand they love, and your gorgeous villa is no exception. Featuring the best photos of your visitors is another small rewards you can give to them, and keep the engagement high at the same time. This small gesture also shows that you care with your guests, which will result in more and more good photos of your villa being uploaded by future guests. Voila, you’ve establish your popularity in the digital world!

Why Do People Like To Stay In Seminyak Villas That Much?

If you ask and look for the most trendy, popular and fun area in Bali then the answer is Seminyak. Rows of luxury villas, hotels, first-class luxury restaurants are offered just for your convenience. Not only convenience but also a place of shopping and luxurious spa. In fact, Seminyak has turned into an elite area for foreign tourists relaxing or partying.

But you do not worry because Seminyak gives you the opportunity to get cheap villas. Many offer Seminyak villas either by the pool or without the swimming pool. Choice of bedrooms ranging from 3-8 bedrooms. Seminyak is not just for the rich. However, the facilities and services at more upscale Seminyak area compared to other areas in Bali.

Pampered in Seminyak

When you decide to stay in Seminyak villas, what do you imagine? Luxury services like in 5-star hotels? Complete facilities like 5-star hotels? When talking about luxury holidays, does not mean you have to spend a high cost.

There are many offerings for you to enjoy the holiday comfortably and certainly cost-effective. Seminyak villas are one of your cost-effective ways. The facilities you will get, private pool, internet connection, or cable tv. Other services beyond the rental price you can get rental car deals or guides to tourist attractions.

Many other things that make people interested in staying at Villa Seminyak Bali. You are easy to reach many interesting places. You just walk to reach the beach, close to restaurants, bars, shopping, spa, nightclub and more. Various foods from different countries are ready to satisfy your hunger.  

There is nothing you can not get in Seminyak. All the simplicity, luxury can be found in Seminyak area. Seminyak villas with luxurious facilities and affordable prices can provide the comfort of your vacation.  Whatever makes your holiday fun, you can do in Seminyak. That is the reason why people love to stay and look for Seminyak villas that much.

Little Things That Make Guests Feel Like Home At Your Villa

Renting your villa into staying accommodation from guests all around the world can be a truly rewarding experience. Your villa will be destination for travelers, who are wandering far from their home and looking for a little comfort during their holiday. Your villa could be chosen for its luxurious decor, facilities, or the right ambience that just click with guest’s heart.

As villa owner, however, you need to go extra mile to make your visitors feel like at home the moment they step their feet. Think about affordable luxury that you can insert to your villa. It doesn’t have to be extravagant interior like 5-star hotel has. Sometimes, a little greenery among cushy sofa with matching simple decoration can create a little oasis for that luxurious relaxation.

Providing the best experience for guests might consume a lot of budget, but it can guarantee guests’ satisfaction that of course, boost good reviews among other travelers! Here’re what you can do to inject delightful homeyness to your villa.

A Warm Welcome

What does a house has to make you feel like home? It’s connection. You can build connection between guests and your villa with a warm, welcoming message. Not only from friendly greetings from your staff, but also in form of homey welcome board and personalized little booklet where guests can feel like they are directly talking to you.

Write unique welcome that represent you personally, put some brief history of your villa (or a made -up little tales, that works too!), interesting thing about the property or the location, along with wifi passwords and emergency numbers. Not all villas have this kind of thing, so it will make your guests feel especially connected and add special character to your villa among others.

Boost of Bed

Good bedding is a must for every holiday accommodation. The city is a strange place for your visitors, and comfortable bed is the first thing they want after wandering around town, settle some affairs, and unwind from the day. Make quality rest a priority, and invest on some good spring mattress, some sheet of quality linens, mattress topper, and of course, plenty of squishy pillows. It’s a good idea to stack some different pillows in term of size and softness in one of the rack, so guests can choose the comfiest pillow according to their preference or physical condition.

Domestic Decor

A villa commence less formal ambience than hotels, and that’s what make it more appealing. Give adequate domestic touch to decorations and supplies to bring more laid back and localized experience for our guests. You can replace the standard stark-white dining equipments with colorful, quirky ceramics. Provide some salt, pepper, and local ingredients in homey container. A warm rug under the sofa and little plants on the table can make the room feel less rigid and more lively.

Additional Amenities

Most of the times, accommodation lodging neglect little things that are actually necessary to our daily life. Your guests won’t bring a laundry basket along with them, for example, and having one at their room will be very handful. You can also complement the drawer with small brush, straighteners, and couple of hair elastics. These little things are what make the guests surprised with joy and feel super pampered, and make their whole staying experience super enjoyable.