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Little Things That Make Guests Feel Like Home At Your Villa

Renting your villa into staying accommodation from guests all around the world can be a truly rewarding experience. Your villa will be destination for travelers, who are wandering far from their home and looking for a little comfort during their holiday. Your villa could be chosen for its luxurious decor, facilities, or the right ambience that just click with guest’s heart.

As villa owner, however, you need to go extra mile to make your visitors feel like at home the moment they step their feet. Think about affordable luxury that you can insert to your villa. It doesn’t have to be extravagant interior like 5-star hotel has. Sometimes, a little greenery among cushy sofa with matching simple decoration can create a little oasis for that luxurious relaxation.

Providing the best experience for guests might consume a lot of budget, but it can guarantee guests’ satisfaction that of course, boost good reviews among other travelers! Here’re what you can do to inject delightful homeyness to your villa.

A Warm Welcome

What does a house has to make you feel like home? It’s connection. You can build connection between guests and your villa with a warm, welcoming message. Not only from friendly greetings from your staff, but also in form of homey welcome board and personalized little booklet where guests can feel like they are directly talking to you.

Write unique welcome that represent you personally, put some brief history of your villa (or a made -up little tales, that works too!), interesting thing about the property or the location, along with wifi passwords and emergency numbers. Not all villas have this kind of thing, so it will make your guests feel especially connected and add special character to your villa among others.

Boost of Bed

Good bedding is a must for every holiday accommodation. The city is a strange place for your visitors, and comfortable bed is the first thing they want after wandering around town, settle some affairs, and unwind from the day. Make quality rest a priority, and invest on some good spring mattress, some sheet of quality linens, mattress topper, and of course, plenty of squishy pillows. It’s a good idea to stack some different pillows in term of size and softness in one of the rack, so guests can choose the comfiest pillow according to their preference or physical condition.

Domestic Decor

A villa commence less formal ambience than hotels, and that’s what make it more appealing. Give adequate domestic touch to decorations and supplies to bring more laid back and localized experience for our guests. You can replace the standard stark-white dining equipments with colorful, quirky ceramics. Provide some salt, pepper, and local ingredients in homey container. A warm rug under the sofa and little plants on the table can make the room feel less rigid and more lively.

Additional Amenities

Most of the times, accommodation lodging neglect little things that are actually necessary to our daily life. Your guests won’t bring a laundry basket along with them, for example, and having one at their room will be very handful. You can also complement the drawer with small brush, straighteners, and couple of hair elastics. These little things are what make the guests surprised with joy and feel super pampered, and make their whole staying experience super enjoyable.

Reasons Why Bali Villas Investment Is Highly Profitable

The instruments most interested investors for a short-term or long-term property. Investment opportunities in many countries, especially destination countries are an increasingly wide tourism destination. Bali is one of the best tropical islands that provide fresh air for investors.

Many considerations before investing Bali villas. Need to know, the benefits of investing related to the development of investment in related areas. Consider and look for climate information on investment conditions in Bali. Bali bomb tragedy that ever happened to make the property business climate in Bali decreased drastically.

However, the award of an American magazine has revived the property business in Bali. Increased property prices could reach 30%, especially in some strategic locations. If you can find a good and safe location then the value of an investment will be more profitable.

No doubt that Bali is getting crowded. Tourist arrivals are getting higher, foreign workers are working more and more. Not to mention those who came to try their luck and work in Bali. Bali is getting crowded with tourist arrivals and requires a lot of comfortable accommodation.  

Strong Business Property Climate

Based on the property consultant’s report, the number of property prices experienced improved stability up to 25%. The increase is expected to continue for the next 2-5 years. Judging from the statistics, land prices have experienced a drastic surge. Some areas such as Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Pecatu, Nusa Dua and surrounding areas have increased 400% after the crisis.

Increasing Residential Villa

In 2007 the hotel and villa occupancy rate reached 60.58% with the length of stay of foreign and domestic tourists reached 3.34 days. The level of achievement this year is not as high as before the Bali bombing tragedy. At least Bali has risen and improved the quality and number of tourist arrivals. This could be one of the reasons why Bali villas investment provides a high profit.

Number of Increasing Foreign Tourists

The arrival of foreign and local tourists is increasing. Some positive reviews from diving magazines have brought Bali’s name as one of the best diving destinations. This provides the advantage of increasing the demand for occupancy, whether hotel or villa.The short-term or long-term investment of Bali villas is appropriate when the Balinese economy is getting stretched and profitable for you.

3 Types of Alternative Accommodation Your Villa Can Actually Do

Do you know that your villa saves greater potential than it is? Usually, a villa serves two general purposes; as a private home holiday for the owner or a source of income by renting it as luxurious accommodation.

A villa actually can be very flexible as a profit maker for its owners rather than operating it as it is. With lots of creativity, you can turn your estate into another type of popular lodging alternatives for travelers.


The guesthouse is a popular alternative for many travelers. It’s cheaper, friendlier, and gives travelers more touching experiences. They can interact with owners, make friends with other travelers, and are made to feel like home.

What’s an originally living room can be turned into half-waiting room and receptionist? Bedrooms should have been built with bathroom inside, so your guests can maintain their privacy into maximum. Your kitchen and dining room will be there the guests have their breakfasts, so it’s wise to ditch the large table and set some sets of smaller tables with chairs instead.  


A hostel is largely favorite among backpackers, budget travelers, and college students traveling in groups. Rather than an individual room, hostels feature bunk bed, sharing communal rooms, and even shared bathrooms. But again, backpackers come to hostels to meet with another backpackers from all around the world.

One bedroom, if large enough, can cater 6-8 guests with bunk beds. Don’t force to install more bunk beds, your guests don’t want to feel packed. Equipped your hostels with lockers where guest can safely store their belongings. Roll out rugs and some small sofas inside the bedroom where guests can chill and enjoy talking to each other.

As normal hostels can be quite boring, it’s time to step up further and amp up into a boutique hostel, where hostels meet luxury. It might be a little bit pricier than normal hostels, but curated hostels can make a whole different experience for your guests. Chic doors, flat TVs, and rooftop jacuzzi/ cafes can be installed when you are turning your villa into hostels which will pleasant your guests and boost the promotion.


A homestay is essentially similar to a guesthouse, only that the owner actually stay at the house and personally greet their guests. If you have lived in your villa and yet it feels empty to you, then it’s time to set up a homestay. Many homestay owners think of setting up this kind of accommodation business as bonus income, as you will gain profit when there are guests and will not really suffer from a loss in a low season.

Travelers love it as it gives them a chance to live with the locals and have authentic experience f the city they are visiting. There’s a touch of home when they are away from home. That’s why you should not ditch your fridge, television, plates, and any other personal belonging.

Just add modern amenities that they can use for daily such as coffee maker, kettle, small bath equipment, and of course, wifi. If you are living under the same roof with your guests, be sure to keep away jewelry and valuable goods to somewhere safe, and give the guests lock for their bedroom to ensure safety.

5 Major Factors to Consider Before Landing An Apartment for Investment

The apartment can be your first step of investing in the property business, practically for the youth. In fact, bright youth has started their path in the property by buying an apartment and rent it to college students or enlist it in various online accommodation sites. Depend on the class, apartment rent rate is commonly lower than house rent rate of the same class, attracting a bigger crowd in the market.

Before you take the plunge and sign the paper, you need to know other factors that will influence the likability of your apartment.

property bali

Location of Your Apartment

The closer you are to the heart of the city, the better. Considering that most of the apartment dwellers in Indonesia are workers, very few of them will be willing to live in the outskirt. As capital growth tends to dense on the city, most offices and colleges are located in this area, and your tenants will want to live around.

What’s Around?

Access is one of the major selling points of an apartment. Access to tolls, malls, and public facilities are extremely important in metropolitan cities. Make sure you can read lifestyles for your upcoming tenants. Apartment in holiday island, for example, should be easily accessible from attraction such as beaches, shops, or restaurants. Generally, your apartment unit should be close to public facilities. People want to have easy stay, they don’t have to travel far to do grocery shopping, going to pray, or commuting. Think like tenants, will you want to live in an apartment with such neighborhood?

How Long It Has Been Around

Knowing the history of the apartment that you are going to buy is really beneficial. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money just to have weak, old apartment, don’t you? At any time, choose an apartment that has only been raised in current years. The building is newer and there’s fewer need for renovation. You’ll also want to know how long your unit has been on the market to give you ideas how marketable the apartment is.


What kind of facilities offered in that apartment? At least, your apartment should have proper facilities, as it will count as a major consideration for your future tenants. A communal garden and swimming pool will be great for families and tired dwellers who want to get away from the noisy city. Some luxurious apartment even has a rooftop garden for maximum relaxation of the dwellers. It will be nicer if the apartment also has a gym with special membership, where tenants don’t need to go to another gym to work out.


Some apartment is offered fully furnished to promote easy living, as moving can be especially exhausting. Tenants could come only with their basic necessities and have their bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even TV cables ready for them. Some apartment owners, however, know that room for personal touch is important, so they leave the apartment only half-furnished or totally empty with, of course, considerably lower price. Study your target market to decide whether you need to complete it with full furniture or not. College students, mid-20 workers, or businessman looking for temporary housing might want the fully furnished unit, while family might want to fill up the unit according to the need of their children.

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5 Business You Can Start In Bali

Building a business in Bali is just like living in leisure island while generating steady source of income. Flowing tourists in all seasons flourish business, which is the reasons why the south part of the island, the busiest tourist hub, is huddled with hundreds of hotels, entertainments, and all kind of shops.

5 Business You Can Start In Bali

Growing up with tourism business, Bali might not be capable of providing right climate for start up business, which sits on the current trend. While apps and tech development rise plentifully at metropolitan cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, or Surabaya, it might not work very well on this island. Bali on the other hand, is an oasis for hospitality and lifestyle business.

If you are keen to start a business at the heart of this holiday destination, here are 5 ideas that you might want to try.

Accommodation Rent

From a single room of Air BnB to a whole luxurious villa, a place to stay will always be on demand. Tourists are coming from numerous backgrounds and needs. Some of them brings along the whole family and need a large bungalow to be privately used for themselves. Some of them are just armed with their backpacks, and a single room (or even, a bed) is just what they need.

For a starter, try running a villa for rent or guesthouse rather than going all out with hotel, unless you have adequate experience beforehand. Running a small scale accommodation gives you  chance to test the waters and learn what’s best for your business without risking much. And when it comes to low-season, you can always use your villa for yourself—or renting it at considerably lower price for your relatives.

Restaurant Supplier

Forget cafes and fancy restaurants. Every month, a new restaurant is opened—and some are closed forever. It is true that a need for delicacy is always high, but so is the competition. If you are interested in this business, a restaurant supplier can be your best choice. You can be a food and beverage suppliers, who distribute meat, cheese, vegetables and fruits, or even coffee beans. Another option, you can open a wholesale retail selling kitchen and dining equipments, such as serving plates, colorful ceramics dinnerware, wide range of cups and mugs, to tableware sets. Hotel and restaurant owners will be looking for you, and they will always buy in bulk for their business.


With the blooms of hotel, villas, cafes, and restaurant, comes a huge need of furnitures. Bonus point if your furniture have distinct style that sets you apart from other furniture shops and make your shop easier to recognize. Just like fashion, furniture is always driven by style and trends. Chair sets heavily infused with beach style, for example, will be perfect for most beach-side restaurants or seafront hotels and villas, while a fusion of modern and rustic furniture can give a fresh breathe to a cafe.

Designer Shops

What is holiday without shopping? While in holiday, a good outfit is an important feature during traveler’s tropical gateway. You can count on travelers’ never ending desire to own a new pair of cute summer outfit, a major favorite in this sunny island. As people are always find a reason to shop, opening a clothing or jewelry shops with your distinct style is definitely a good idea.

Purchasing a Villa for Property Rental: 3 Primary Things You Need to Consider

Purchasing a villa in tropical island, such as Bali, is a wise decision for investment. Buying property, however, will be one of the biggest spending in your life, that’s why you need to take a very careful approach before jumping to the water.

Purchasing a Villa for Property Rental: 3 Primary Things You Need to Consider

While management is vital to turn your holiday home into money-making machine, the condition of your villa at initial purchase itself plays a huge part to contribute profits. Concept of how you will market your villa will also determine the right villa to purchase. Indeed, some points need to be taken into account before you decide to land a villa for investment.

Choose Prime Location

Undeniably, location will be the first thing to check before you even choose which villa to buy. A tropical island like Bali itself has several touristy destination, mainly due to the beaches, that grows into popular tourist hubs.

Know that in Bali, one location might have distinct characteristic than each other, and it has quite heavy influence to the demography of tourists that stay in such location. Seminyak, for example, is heavily associated with upper-class lifestyle and more segmented than Kuta, which is heavily popular among first-timer vacationer & party goers, and is quite cramped with all kinds of accommodation, or Canggu, which is known for its hipster and hobo lifestyle. These beach hubs, however, totally sits in different spectrum than Ubud, which is located among forests and rice terrain, and favored for a much calmer holiday with a touch of tranquility and spirituality.

Your property should be located in the heart if these popular tourist hubs, or at least stands very near to one. Being close to the main attraction will make your property more appealing, even outside the holiday seasons. If possible, choose a villa within walking distance from public restaurant, shopping centre, pub, and the most important, mini markets and ATM machine for guests’ basic amenities.

Overlooking Views

Closely related with location, a stunning view will increase desirability of your villa. You can boost your sale value up to 2-3 times with addictive scenery that’s easily accessible from bedroom or living room area. This is a view your guest cannot have back home, so a chance to indulge in this kind of eye-refreshment is always desirable. Think of villa overlooking the ocean, rice paddies, or mountainous terrain—surely an unbeatable value that will raise your booking potential.

Size of Property

Decide from early on, which type accommodation you are going to provide. Are you going to buy enormous villa with four to six bedrooms that will fit a whole extended family? Or are you going to focus on honeymooners and couples who are looking for smaller, more private villa?

Honeymooners tends to prioritize view and luxurious experience for their once-in-a-life-time celebration of marriage, while extended family (or group vacationers) put the possibility of being together as a group at their number one lists. A villa that focus on couples and honeymooners can expect steady booking at all time of the year. In the other side, you might want to wait until golden opportunity, such as long weekends and school holidays, to get group vacationers book your villa. Huge villas, however, are less in quantity than smaller accommodation in the market, which means less tight competition for villa owners.