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Staying in Style: Living in the Luxury Villas at Seminyak – Bali

Every humans are different each other, so are the travellers when choosing the accommodation for their stay. If you have been in Bali before, you should have known that the accommodation options are vary. You can stay in a simple and minimalist hotel up to the luxury and comfortable villas. If you are required the best place to find the best luxury villas, Seminyak area will be one of the top three area to live in.

One of the villa’s provider you need to know is that the Hu’u Villas Bali where you can choose various of the luxury villas Seminyak as you need. You can get the one bedroom loft up to the dozens of the bedrooms as you want. Yet, it still has some limitations just like any other villa providers, but this villa is better than the others. I am not saying this is only the best one, many are alike, but they are too special not to be reserved.

For that, let me show you a simple example from the luxury villas Seminyak which is the One Bedroom Loft.

Luxury Villas Seminyak - the Bedroom On The Loft

The above luxury villas Seminyak has the bedroom on its loft, meaning that it is the better way to enjoy the view and the atmosphere in Bali on the second (higher) floor. Right under your bedroom at outside, there is the private pool that is better to make the weather not too hot in the room. Not to mention that all the villas are provided with the AC, too.

Have fun and enjoy your time in that pool after a long day activities you have done. The perfect way to recovering your energy in a fun way.

The above image is actually have been spoken the thousand of words to me. It is not just the image software processing, but the real definition of the luxury villas Seminyak along with the minimalist design both interior and exterior of the building.

“But a hotel room is cheaper!” You said. You may are right, but when comparing it with all the amenities and services of this luxury one bedroom villas at Seminyak, hotel room won’t be a choice for any longer. Moreover, where the hotel in Bali with such beautiful and luxury design and the private pool as its amenities? Start finding it out but you may have many options. Even, you will end up paying more than staying in the villa.

The real way to staying in style is by making the reservation of this luxury villas Seminyak. Either you will choose the one bedroom loft, 2, 3 or even more bedroom possibilities.

Although you can stay here just by yourself, I think that it is recommended that you are checking in as the couple or making it as your main accommodation priority when travelling with your family, friends and even your work colleagues to experience the warm of togetherness.

If you need to find the other spots or destinations out of this luxury villas around Seminyak area, you can go to the beaches that will takes only some minutes by walking, restaurant or the bar that the villa has been provides, and many more. Apparently, your travelling is not only supported  by this luxury Seminyak villas but also all the good things at Seminyak area itself.

The Importance of Education in Real Estate Business

Running a successful real estate investment is not an easy feat. You need to do your due diligence and being consistent to work hard. Three important elements which can help you gain success in real estate business are systems, coaching, and education.

Logically, education is like a foundation needed in every aspect. It is not surprising that it hold important role in real estate investment as well.

Investing is promising yet challenging. Education is not the only one factor which can help you reach the top. However, education as a foundation will help reducing the costs as well as risks related to the investment.

Education and real estate investment

The importance of education in real estate business

Education to know and learn more about real estate investment doesn’t have to be all formal. You can learn from various sources. There numerous programs, courses, and couching for online education regarding to real estate investment. This can help you to get started and choose the right steps.

This type of education is suitable for those who have no much time to spend for traditional setting-like education which requires fixed schedule. Online education also provides more options for you to choose the topics and courses you want to learn specifically.

To get educated, you can do it yourself or trained by others through proper coaching. There are many sources of knowledge to get as technology today is supported almost everything. You can watch videos from YouTube to gain more knowledge about real estate investment or to build some courage to get started.

Then, you can also opt for online coaching to get educated. This way, you will be guided to the right path in real estate investment and property industry. Online coaching gives you benefits since they provide observation, accountability, encouragement, as well as inspiration. Those are awfully beneficial for you as a beginner in investing.

In your attempt to get proper real estate education, it is important to find the right resources especially when you choose online education. There are many resources which can mislead you from having the proper education. When you find the right resources, you will earn the right information, tools, and plan to get started.

By being educated in real estate investment, you will also be able to decide the best goals to set either personal or financial goals. For better result, you can choose coaching program which provides you one-on-one coaching. Thus, you will be given exclusive access to live training events as well.

It is also important to navigate your education space regarding to real estate navigating, you need to determine first what your goal is. People consider real estate education to earn license and others simply to establish or further education. By deciding your goals, it will be easier to find the right tools to help you get started with the education.

Make sure to choose wisely the education space so that what you earn will help you gain more knowledge and prove your skill in real estate investment. Finding reliable sources online is a must thing to do to educate yourself.

New Dimension of Relaxation With the Parachute Hammock

We are tiring everyday because of sitting hours at the office from the morning to the afternoon, not to mention if we are also working overtime regularly in a week. Later, some of us are also experiencing the back pain because of that. You are the one who really know how many times you are exercising in a week. If you are also even never spend your time for that, then you will need more times for stretching and relaxing your body. You can buy the expensive electric massage chair for that, but there is actually another fun, interesting, and affordable way to get better. It is to use the parachute hammock.

Parachute hammock for the new dimension of relaxation

For many people, the parachute hammock is usually being used while travelling or camping. It is the lightweight gear with only around 500 g in its weight or less. The hanging gear that allowing the travellers or campers to sleep up on the air wherever spots they are in love with.

If you aren’t really the one that is travelling occasionally, you can still get the parachute hammock to help your health condition. You can’t only used it at the outdoors but you are 100% possible to uses it inside your house. Be it the bedroom or living room. As long as you can set it up, nothing can stop you for using it.

An American Chiropractic Association (ACA) had been republished what the United State Bone and Joint Initiative (2018) found which was “back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year—that’s two work days for every full-time worker in the country.”

That is a massive work hours lost that you may just realised and surely will affect the productivity of the offices or companies. Today, another statistic is telling us that the low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Not to mention that 80% of adults are estimated to experience the back injury in their lifetime. What the facts! But those what they were saying and more related scientific discoveries that will blowing our mind.

You and me are possible to experience the back pain for various level of injury. And if you are the office employee like me, it is time to considering what next to do about this. The first option comes to my mind is the usage of the parachute hammock.

With only around $60 or even less, we can then use the parachute hammock as the healing tool rather than as the camping tool knowing that as the office employee, we haven’t much times for travelling.

If you are the one that always using the desktop or laptop at the house for working, you can always possible to make the parachute hammock as the main alternative to your chair. You can also think about using it as your own bed for some times since it will really great for your body. And sleeping in a hammock is actually the first and the only thing you can do to start your healing and recovering.

Nothing else to do but laying down and start closing your eyes inside the hammock. You are only need to find where to set it up and then find your best position in it. Then, healing will automatic started right after you are laying your head down.

Parachute hammock has been proven to help people with insomnia and back pain. If you are wondering around about how could people will get a better sleep in a curvy-shaped position, you will be surprised when you try it for yourself.

I realised that there’s still less of the researches about the parachute hammock how it magically can slowly heal and then get rid off the insomnia, back pains, etc. But even the experts have been using it for awhile and recommending it to the others. From the baby, adults to the older people are welcome in using it.

Either you will have to enjoy the free time and experience the relaxation while reading the favorite book or for health purpose, you can get both of the benefits while sleeping or resting inside the parachute hammock.

Pretty much affordable and fun way to relax your body after work. You can also using it for years so you will keep on relaxing for many times.

It doesn’t matter what you are working or what the types of work you are getting, if you are tiring for many times, try to heal yourself without medicines first. You may get healthy as soon as possible and you can always feels the same for some times. That’s what the parachute hammock is possible to do for you. The new dimension of relaxation and getting healthier every single day.

Most Common Questions Coming from Real Estate Investors

In real estate industry, there are frequent questions asked by investors. Those questions are not only questions because they can benefits investors to improve their skills to run their real estate business.

Some of most common questions coming from real estate investors

It is actually good for investors to ask some questions either they are questions that certainly almost everyone has or they are type of questions in which investors are afraid to ask. However, the goal to become successful investors should motivate them to overcome their fear and ask any questions they think are important to know. Besides, there are always answer for every questions. The most important thing is not to ask question but to find the right answer.

List of the most common and frequent questions asked by real estate investors

The experts in real estate investing always say that asking question is a good start. Asking many questions means you have more chances to improve your career and skill. Real estate investing field is a huge deal. That is why it is always right to ask some important questions before anything else. Here are some questions often pop up from investor’s mind:

  1. How important is license for an investor? This is frequent question asked by investor especially the beginners. There are actually advantage and disadvantage of being licensed agent. In one side, you will be able to close huge deals which earn you larger profit. You will also obtain larger network channel. On the other side though, being licensed agent is not easy to acquire since you need to invest your energy, time, and money for practice. Thus, it is the matter of individual’s goals.
  2. What is the most effective marketing strategy? For new investors, it takes time to see whether or not the strategy used to earn profitable deals works. It can also be overwhelming since there are many different kinds of strategy in this industry. However, it is recommended to use direct mail campaign for beginners since it’s more manageable for new investors. You can track the results of your campaign in which will help you to find the right market you will focus on.
  3. How to generate leads to close a deal? Closing the first deal does matter for new investors. It is a huge achievement no matter how small the profit is. It is because generating leads which can earn a deal is not easy and needs hard work. There are many strategies to apply such as using social media as marketing tool, creating website which contains content marketing, etc. You need to give clear information about your brand, service, and qualities.
  4. How to make the right brand for my business? Branding is indeed important in every business. That is why choosing a name as a brand is supposed to be selective. Your business brand should represent your identity, philosophy and service you offer to the customers. There is no need to rush in creating your brand. Pick the name carefully since it is kind of permanent for your business.

Who To Contact For Taking Your Wedding Photos In Bali?

Who doesn’t want to get marry in Bali? I know that there are many of the other beautiful and exotic countries and cities in this world for undergoing the happily wedding, but I am sure that Bali is also as the one that are dreamed by some people. At that wonderful moment, it is a common thing that the couple will find their own wedding photographers to capture all the beautiful moments. If you still wondering around about the photographers, I’ll tell you who you can contact for that special moment.

When thinking about the great images with unique concept, you will then do some online researches about the photographers that you will hired. You will scrolling down and clicking on some sites to see their portfolios. That’s a good start to find the one you need. But you can also doing it in different way. You can’t only searching for your Bali wedding photoshoot’s photographer, but you need to find the photography studio for that.

Find the Bali wedding photoshoot in a photography studio

Not many of the photographers are getting their own studio, but surely that the ones who are working in a studio will be the great photographer without any doubt. Experiences are all that I am talking about. I am not saying that they who don’t work in a studio is not the professional ones. Nope! But, they who are working indoor and outdoor for taking the pictures will be the photographers that I want to hire. I think that you have got it, right?

Finding the studio photography in Bali is also easy. You can find them through the search engines or from social medias. The professional one will be great in their social media portfolios and many times displayed uniquely.

Even, such the other cities in the world, there are also many of the Bali wedding photoshoot that the photographers are only focusing on that industry niche. It’s hard to see their other photograph concepts but a bunch of the wedding ceremonials, clothes and cultures and more.

For the photography studio itself that you can visit to talk about your Bali wedding photoshoot, I would like to introduce you about the Le Studio, managed by Kesato & Co. Located at Seminyak (Jl, Plawa) the studio is really easy to find.

It is the photography studio that the photographers have been experienced in many fields, industries and cross-country and you are also able to hired them for your wedding photo shoot in Bali. Simply get in touch with the team by e-mail at or directly visit the site.

What you can get for using the services for your wedding photoshoot? Since the studio is also offering the various services such as photography editing and even for the video production, you can also use both of services for more better memorable event. Get a package and simply negotiating or asking the studio operator to send you the proposal. You have came to the right place to find the photographers.

Be aware that Bali is also full of the amateur photographers that are also offering some photograpy services in professional ways such as building the site for the business, making a great online portfolios so the couples will hired them and many more. In fact, the results are sometimes not as you have imagined before. The worst cases are, you will never get your money back and no images at all. You are scammed.

Bali is a place for everyone and each year is visited by many foreigners. You will also need to compete with the Chinese photographers, they are so many in Bali and most of the time their photoshoot services including for wedding occasion is so cheap than the others. That’s pretty much a worst news for the other photographers in the same business.

But let’s forget about it. I know that you are smart for finding your own photographer. And I believe that the studio is one of the trustworthy place to find the professional photographers for your wedding.

Natural Stones for Your Environmentally Respectful Properties

Natural stones offer numerous benefits that simply shine compared to other materials. Not to mention, it is literally made of the earth—once buried deep, or formed in the surface of the earth. It’s been known that the costs associated with building houses from stones is far outweighs by the benefits of these houses as well as the efficiency that these house demonstrate. Conventional buildings often require more energy and water resources, which makes them inefficient and the opposite of cost effective. The usage of stones in your buildings when used right can help you address important issues of environment and efficiency.

Natural Stones for Your Environmentally Respectful Properties

Stones pass the test of time

Stone buildings are often a reminder of ancient civilizations. This is partly due to stone dwellings have been a part of the human history since the dawn of time. Down from megalithic period of prehistory, the existence of stones have been as close as it can get to human civilization.

There are numerous surviving buildings to this day—most of them are made out of stones.

Some popular examples include pyramids. A lot of stones are known to be heat resistance, and even under extreme weather conditions, stones take millennia to change appearance.


Stones are extremely durable

One of the most durable materials for any construction, be it buildings or furnitures, is undoubtedly stones. Stones, made out of molten rocks, some formed deep within the earth, is arguably the very thing that made Earth itself. There are plenty examples that can be witnessed in everyday lives where stone buildings survive. Stones lasts for generations, and simply put, stones are symbol of longevity.


Stones are low maintenance

It requires effort to make a permanent stain on a stone. The dense materials that made up the surface of stones make it difficult for stains to stay. Cleaning stones are generally very easy and usually require no more than a bit of soap water. Because of its durability, stones also require very little maintenance in terms of repair. Stones are also famous for being the solution to low maintenance kitchen countertops. A lot of stone countertops are non props as well as scratch resistant, making it a highly durable item that would last possibly for multiple generations.


Stones are great thermal mass

While stones are arguably not the best insulator, because of the pure mass of stones,

Both heavy and dense, stone is arguably the best thermal mass from natural sources.

Used in the right, strategic way, stones greatly help with maintaining comfortable temperature for your interior all year long.


With good insulation on the outside, the thermal mass brought upon by stones will absorb heat during the time the sun is out, and release the heat in a gradual manner, so a sudden drop in temperature inside your house is not something for you to worry about

The strategic placing of the thermal mass provided by these stones should also be well thought out. Putting thermal mass near a source of heat such as the fireplace is a good example. Another thing to note is to avoid putting stones on poorly insulated areas.


What A Trip with Komodo Liveaboard Budget Looks Like

With no doubt, the ultimate, best way to travel through islands of Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo, Flores is by liveaboard ships. Any other way, and you would miss out the greatest treasures this archipelago has to offer. But let’s face it. Your dream to travel to this frontier of the world can take a heavy toll. All the plane tickets, hotels, extra transportations, to meal expenses that you need to pay. And that’s before the liveaboard itself. A true trip to the jewel of Flores would come with an exorbitant price tag. And taking Komodo liveaboard budget is one way to avoid turning this trip into the most expensive trip in your whole travelling journey.

What A Trip with Komodo Liveaboard Budget Looks Like

Yes. You can do the Komodo—Labuan Bajo on budget. The key is finding a budget friendly Komodo liveaboard without forsaking the comforts. If you don’t need gourmet food and are willing to share your cabin with fellow passenger, you’re all set.

But how’s life onboard a low-priced liveaboard, you asked?

Shared Komodo Liveaboard Budget Accommodation

Unless you are travelling with a companion, you will most definitely be paired up with a stranger onboard. Value liveaboard often have bunkbeds for two to three persons in each cabins designated for single backpackers from all around the world. Master cabin with queen bed usually reserved for couples and is charged for higher price than the regular one. For extra safety, you can always request your companion candidates, though. Like only female travelers or traveler with no kids.

Buffet Meals

There’s no such thing as personalized, gourmet food for each served in fanciful plating. Meals in budget liveaboard are always in buffet style, but by no means less delicious. There will always be rice, veggies, meat, and seafood delight in every serving. With the limitation of staffs, no one will serve it in your table—you need to feed your own. Sometimes you might even asked help to prepare the dishes, but hey, that’s a good opportunity to get closer with everyone! Nutrition is not something to be worry about. Some of the best deal Komodo budget liveaboard hired professional chefs who know what they are doing.

Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

In luxurious dive boats, you might be entitled with private balcony where you’ll spend the whole afternoon by your own. A Komodo budget liveaboard might have a room for that. However, it has a number of communal space where everyone chill out on the free time. The tight quarters somehow evokes a sense of camaraderie between passengers, which make them feel close. Some travelers even make a lasting friendship from liveaboard journey, even when the trip has long passed!

Hidden Fees

Fees should be the one you want to put a close attention to. Sometimes a Komodo diving liveaboard can be so cheap as they cross the price of additional services off the tags. You might have to pay separately for the National Park entrance fee, Nitrox, and diving equipment rental. Alcohol is not free and will be charged either straight on the bar on by the end to the trip.

So, do you think Komodo liveaboard budget is for you?

Benefits of Video Marketing for Property Business

Benefits of video marketing for property business

There are many marketing strategies you can use in order to deliver the best campaign which can lead potential clients. Thus, you can converse leads to deals successfully. With the advancement of technology, it is time for you to be more open-minded and take advantage of it. You can use advanced technology to promote your business in the most effective ways such as using video marketing idea. Well, video marketing is not only created to promote property business. Lots of businesses now use video marketing since people are more interested in animated motion campaign. Video marketing is not only for seasoned property business owner to use. For millennial investors, this can be a great idea to try as well.

Video marketing benefits for building property business

The reason why property business owners start using video marketing as their strategy is because it is beneficial. Here are some benefits of using video marketing for your property business:

  1. Video can attract more viewers which mean you have higher potential to draw more potential leads. Video is attractive visual which can make people drawn to it. The visualization is animated which make it more interesting to see and realer. Thus, people like video more than pictures.
  2. You don’t need to spend much money in making video marketing. There is no urgency to use expensive and fancy equipment. The most important thing is the content of the video and how to make a content that can deliver the message effectively. You can make simple video using your smartphone. If the content can reach viewers and potential customers, then you can earn potential leads to be converted into profitable deals.
  3. Video marketing has larger scale in target market. Video is more accessible. If you make campaign only by delivering letters, you have limited market scale. With video marketing, everyone can access and the higher the potential to earn as many leads as possible. People can access video anytime and anywhere today. Thus, there won’t be any issue with target scale.
  4. There is no rule that limits you from making or deciding the content of the video. You can use your creativity to the fullest in order to make high quality video marketing. You can make your own concept to reach your target using your ideas.

To make the most effective video marketing, you don’t need to worry too much about the equipment. It is true that high-tech equipment can results in high quality visualization. However, that is not the main thing in video marketing. The content and message are most important elements you need to consider. Besides, you can always use application that can be downloaded online to your PC or smartphone. If you have no skill in making video, you can always learn from online. There is no need to pursue formal education in film. Just make sure you know the basic of video making such as lighting, blocking, angle, etc. Make sure that you have a thorough plan before making the video.

Magnificent Experiences Through Komodo Sailing Trip

Exploration is usually becomes part of our adventure. Sometimes, we are thinking that we have to discovery things through traveling we are taking. To satisfy the thirst of finding the magnificent experiences, I’d like to offer you the Komodo sailing trip.

Komodo sailing trip package is perfect for magnificent experiences and adventures

If you are looking for the sea adventure and visiting some of the islands in that excursion, then the Komodo sailing trip package is right for you. Not one island, but 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 islands and even more if you want. And, how can’t I called this as the magnificent experiences when you are also about to see the Komodo dragon to feel more adventurous.

Being part of the Komodo National Park at Flores, Indonesia, the Komodo sailing trip package will delivering you to some of the big islands such as Komodo Island, Padar, and Rinca. You can also included the other small islands into your itineraries and then talk to the travel agent you’d like to reserves.

Meet the Komodo Dragons on the island is always the main attraction even though you are living aboard. It is one of the rarest experience you can get. Nowhere else you could possible to see the dragons but at the Komodo Natioanl Park area. Most of the islands you are about to visit can be considered as empty. There are not much of the residents and sometimes, you can say that there are some of the uninhabited islands.

That will be great to exploring more because you won’t be disturbed by the crowd. But, since you will be at the original habitat of the dragons, hired the local guide that called as the “ranger” is really important to keep you safe.

Today, there are thousands of the dragons are living. Although they aren’t in only one island, we never know how much exactly their number. The dragons can be so dangerous especially when they are hungry, so you have to be more careful even though you are the experienced travelers.

Komodo sailing trip around the national park islands will also be the luxury leisure you are wished for. You will be at the open sea or between the islands. You can also enjoy the tasty food and drink on the deck to make the sailing even better. That will be a great thing to experience when the sun is setting or when the bright night full of the stars.

In the morning and sometimes noon, you can also enjoy the sunbathing on the deck or at the pink beach if you like. You may also want to dive deep into the beautiful coral reefs or simply watching the dolphins on the deck if you are in luck.

There are many things to experience through your exploration with the Komodo sailing trip package. There are also many of the package providers, so your traveling may also be more affordable. You can choose to takes the package provided by the local travel agent, the foreigners with the same business.

Those above magnificent experiences can be get with only the Komodo National Park sailing trip package. Don’t be hesitating if you could only have a full-day of traveling there, because it will be even more than what you have worried before. Don’t forget to bring along your partners to have more fun.

Closing the Best Deal with the Right Strategies in Property Business

Closing the deals for your property business is hard-achieving. Generating promising real estate leads is not something you can do overnight, it requires lots of hard work in the process. It is not only the best skill you need to have but also the right strategies.

Closing the best deal strategies in property business

Building skills and finding the most effective strategies can take years. Some investors may succeed faster or vice versa. There is no accurate calculation on how long until you reach your best skill in closing deals because there are many elements needed to be involved in the process.

Successful investors sometimes make decision to go in different path unlike the others. Instead of going with basic methods, they choose unconventional strategies in order to generate more leads for their property business. This is not unheard of and there is no fault if you do so.

Finding the right strategies to close as many deals as possible

Before implementing any strategy, it is also important for you to know that there is difference of marketing strategy between sellers and buyers in property business.

Where you stand decides the types of strategy you need to implement in your property investment. As mentioned earlier that there is no absolute rule or procedure in which you can successfully build your property business and close many deals. Every individual has their own way and skill to help them through.

However, the following tips can be a general view to lead you finding the right strategies to generate many potential and promising leads for your property business:

  1. The first tip is that you need to consider business auditing. This aims to build solid foundation for the sake of your business management. Using this procedure, you will be able to evaluate accurately your performance. This way, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of the strategies you implement. You will know how many contacts that can potentially generate leads and how many of them have resulted positively. This can be called as tracking. Thus, you know exactly how far your progress is.
  2. The next tip is to building the network. Growing network is not an easy feat. It requires little more hard work by sacrificing your time. It is important to build professional relationship whenever you have a chance. You can build your network by joining local property business club, attending real estate related seminars, etc. In building your network, it is best not to set any limit. You can expand your network to larger community so that your network will be solid and large. It is also important for you to share mutual relationship in maintaining your network.
  3. In generating leads, some may say that the quantity is more promising then quality. However, you need to think otherwise. Make sure that your marketing strategies have clear target in the market. Make sure that your message is clearly delivered through the campaigns you made via your marketing strategies. This will help you to earn as many leads as possible for your property business.