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Real Estate Market Price vs Selling Value at a Glance

Fair market value is a price that a seller and a buyer would agree on according to a few basic notion that involves knowing essential facts of the market state as well as a value of the house at a given time.

The house’s value and price may not reflect the current real estate market price, and vice versa.

Real Estate Market Price vs Selling Value

Conversely, what a seller and a buyer agree on may not reflect the house’s value nor the current market price.

Several factors may influence this. Thus, commonly, a listing achieved a fair market value if it fulfills three conditions which are; the transaction is “at arm’s length”, both parties are not under pressure, and both sellers and buyers are knowledgeable of the current market state.

Transaction is at arm’s length

Buying from family members or a close friend, for example, is not transaction that is done at arm’s length. The close relation more often than not, greatly influence the price of the house.

Buying a house from a complete stranger is different from buying the house from your aunt, for instance.

Both parties are not under pressure

There are certain pressure that may influence the closing of a deal. Some of the most common one is if the seller is under pressure of selling the house fast because of a relocation.

There is also a case when the buyer is pressed for a purchase, or if the buyer has no idea about the market price.

Both are knowledgeable of the market

Parties involved in selling the real estate have a fair idea of how the market is fairing at the moment of their communication or transaction.

Ideally, both parties would be knowledgeable of the market in the area, or have access to accurate information. This is a bit difficult for buyers to access, however, not impossible.

It can be done by enlisting the help of neighborhood specialist. Doing research by yourself also often proved to be fruitful.

Appraisal value

The appraisal value depends on several factors, in which the appraisal is done by a licensed appraiser, commonly from an appraisal management company. The most important things are commonly the most basic ones that are affixed to the house.

An appraiser would also compare the price with at least 3 houses recently sold in the area.

Market conditions

When the market is “hot” the price would typically be higher. And would continue to remain so for as long as the market remain “heated”. When the market is “cold” the price would commonly decrease.

The low price of the house during the depressed period reflects the current pricing and not the future value of the house when the buyer decides to resell, and the opposite applies.

Relaxing In the Best Double Hammock at the End of the Day

Find the best double hammock can be easily with the internet, but there are still many of us who don’t need it. It can’t be wrong if you don’t have to get one, but the first main thing to think about it is that it’s not only for traveling.

Best double hammock for relaxing at the end of the day

Many have also bought the best double hammock especially for traveling, for example, camping at the forest or else. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you are simply have no time with your closest friend for going out for days, you can still earn the advantages of the best double hammock even if you are using it at home. You know I am right about this.

Camping shouldn’t always leaving your house completely. I mean, it can be possible for making your home yard as your own camping ground.

You can still experience a bit of being at outdoor, a small piece of an adventurous feeling while camping at your backyard. Joking around with your best mate, barbecuing, drinking coke, and at the end of the day, you guys can find yourselves relaxing in the best double hammock you have setup before.

Double hammock seems like intended for those who want to re-establish intimacy, become closer with the person they need in this life both physically and mentally. For those who are the office guys, you may still got times for your best colleague, your kindness neighbor, your beloved one or your family members. So that, invite one for a short-time camping and make conversations.

I know it may sounds even better if you are in couple, with the one you love, your husband or wife for years. Talking about your life and children and all the future plans you have to be achieved together.

And you can really do it and enjoy that moment even at your backyard, like REAL!
When it comes down to it, by the end of the day we usually are tiring. No matter what we have done before, something exhausting or exhilarating, it doesn’t matter. We need to end the day with something that are peaceful, relaxing, forget about all of the troubles and work’s responsibilities, anything.

You need to close your eyes for a moment, kick out the stress, get your tense muscles melt away, just anything for clearing your mind and recovering your body. And sleeping in the best double hammock can help you with those kind of things.

There may other things you can do besides that, but there’s not much better ways that could beat how your hammock will treats you. The next thing you will experience is the best part, what is better than lying with someone right next to you? The important one you are really care about.

It is more than just a camping hammock. Actually, even more than just relaxing in whatever best double hammock brand you have got before. It is the two-person swinging parachute fabric for your best way to end your day of anything.

Passive Solar Houses Design for a Better Living

Passive solar home design have been something that gets a lot of media attention. However, the practice itself is something that the ancient people have been applying to construct their dwellings.

Solar houses design for better living

Passive solar houses are very efficient in its energy saving construct. If energy-saving is something that has been on your mind in your home construction endeavor, then the concept of passive solar houses are something you could start with.

The passive solar design is in-line with the building’s climates, sites, and materials in order to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

Passive solar houses that are well-designed could dramatically reduces the energy used in heating and cooling the house through its energy efficiency strategies by incorporating and maximizing the solar energy usage in mind.

Make sure to choose your architect and constructors well; those who are trained or experienced when it comes to energy-efficiency. Having a home energy audit or a home energy assessment is an excellent start in building this important first step to constructing passive solar home design.

Keep the function of each room in mind

It is important to keep in mind each function of the room when constructing your house with passive solar design. Frequently used rooms ideally should receive a good amount of sunlight.

Examples of frequently used rooms could greatly differ from person to person or family to family, but two most common ones are living rooms and kitchens.

The most common practice in the US allows rooms that face South to receive the most sunlight during winter, but with proper overhangs, there is little direct sun and heat that seep into the house during the warmer months. The same should be kept in mind for bedrooms, patios, garage, laundry room, and others

Windows Orientation

Windows that are properly oriented contribute so much in the temperature regulation of houses.

Windows or other building installation that collect solar energy typically face true south within 30 degrees, while not shaded by other buildings on the high morning until afternoon.

Install overhangs on windows that face south to prevent sunlight from directly hitting the sun and overheating the room.

Distribution Mechanism

Back to elementary school’s basics, the heat from the solar energy collected by the house can be transferred through conduction, convection, and radiation. Fans and blowers may help distribute heat, therefore, installing fans can be super useful during the warmer days.

You might also want to apply lighter colors as opposed to darker ones because darker colors absorb more heat.

Thermal Mass

Thermal mass commonly consisted of stone, concrete, brick, and tiles. They absorb heat both from the solar energy during the summer days, while during the colder months they absorb heat from the warmer air in the house.

Do your research and consult professionals in choosing your thermal mass that best suit your needs.

Roof Overhangs

The roof overhangs are simple, yet a very important factor when it comes to provide a cover during the summer. It is especially important to construct roof overhangs in the South of the house.

Why Portable Parachute Hammock Is Important?

The ability of the goods to be easily carried and moved in comfort is important when you are traveling. The farther you go, the more times you will spend at the road. And that will be really exhausting when your luggage are heavy. Nowadays, one of the popular travel gear you can bring is the portable parachute hammock.

If you need to travel to the destination where there is not even one of the accommodation existed, then you can always makes the hammock made of parachute nylon as your choice.

Portable parachute hammock is important for traveling

Think about if you want to be at outdoors such as for hiking, sleeping at the beach with the roar of the waves, or going out with your friends for camping at the spot you have agreed to be visited, surely you will need one gear or tool for sleeping. Laying down your head on the white sands of the beach may sounds a good idea, but you may won’t do it the whole night.

At least, getting the portable parachute hammock will be easier than ever. You can also use the light tent, but since the lightweight hammock is only around hundreds of kg in weight, let’s leave the first option. Using the tent even the lightweight one is also possible, but then you have to bring more gears and weights in your backpack.

Using the portable parachute hammock is more reasonable to me and maybe you as well because of its simplicity. You will only need to fold it neatly like your clothes and put it in your bag along with its hooks and ropes.

No more other things you need for your parachute hammock if you are required for the simple one. I mean, that will useful when in good weather. If the weather is good at the night, not in rainy season, then you shouldn’t bring the hammock camping tarp or the underquilt for getting warmer inside the hammock.

With the portable parachute hammock, you don’t have to spend more money on your vacation. Not only because it is possible as your own portable accommodation, but also to avoid to rent one or some of the travel accessories. When you are going to the beach, sometimes many of the services are offering us to rent like a bean bag for getting more comfort.

Although I will also recommend you to use it, but you won’t rent it everytime when being at the beach, right? Give your parachute camping hammock a try if possible. Takes it anywhere during your travel, you may will find the best and unexpected spot you have never thought before.

And it can be the best way to enjoy your travel as well.

With its lightweight so you can reduce the backpack weight on your shoulders and its portability, the parachute nylon of your travel hammock somehow is a bit of a camping wonder. It can transforms the way you will look especially at camping and also the traveling itself as a whole or in general.

If you are agree with me about the importances of a portable parachute hammock as explained above, hope you can gladly share this article.

How to Build Effective Communication in Property Business

Communication is the key in every success including in property business. By applying effective communication in property business, the risk of getting failure can be minimized. Communication is not only about how you deliver message through words.

Build an effective communication in property business

There are many things you can do to create effective communication. Manner is important element you need to convey message effectively. No matter how long you talk, you won’t deliver the right message without applying the right manners.

People like to think that only extrovert person can carry out effective communication. However, even introvert person can learn to carry effective communication by taking note on important points to emphasize the message and goals.

5 Tips to make effective communication in property business

Even if you were not born with excellent communication skill, you can still learn it through many ways. Property business is not only for social butterflies. There are many ways to learn how to carry out communication effectively even when your personality tends to be in introvert side.

Here are some tips for you to make effective communication:

1. Tell about the benefits your clients will get

In business, benefit is the goal. To carry out effective communication, you need to clearly offer the benefit your client will gain by working with you.

No matter how flower your words are if you don’t offer the real benefit for them then it will result in nothing. Make sure you highlight your strong point without downgrading your competitors. Just focus on informing your strength and benefits they will get once they work with you.

2. How you will communicate with the client?

The manner you carry while communicating is important. It is highly recommended that you choose conversational-type communication. There are many ways to communicate such as via email, phone calls, text, etc.

The reason why you should choose this style is to build comfort and trust with your clients. People will gladly work with someone they feel comfortable with. You can make small talk instead of jumping out directly towards business conversation.

3. Talk less, listen more!

Effective communication in property business will work if it is carried out in two ways. Therefore, you need to learn how to listen to others. By listening tentatively with what others say, you will know what they want exactly.

Communication is not dominating others. It is about finding the goals which benefit both parties.

4. Deliver your messages clearly

Instead of boasting around your past records, it will be more effective to explain and educate others while communicating. Thus, your clients will be able to identify your message and what they really get into.

By explaining elaborately, you will avoid any doubt from your clients. Choose the right wording so what you say can be understood easily.

5. Be more specific and persuasive

Being specific and persuasive is important to create effective communication. You can give specific time when you want to hear their response of what you propose. This will help you to convince your clients to believe what you say and make decision you expect them to.

This is a great strategy to create effective communication in property business because you gently push them to make decision instead of force them.

Bali web agency and travel businesses is a perfect match

A Great Match Between Bali Web Agency and Traveling Business

Bali web agency is needed especially to make your online business or simply just to increase the visibility of your company to your customers. If your business or company have a website, you can apply a number of methods and strategies to reach the targets you want.

What you will earn from a website? It should have advantages. Getting more sales, improve your business brand, more of distributors of your products or customers keep on using your services, many hotel reservations and much more. You have chances, the big one, to be achieved with only by own a website.

Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, and more of the big cities in Indonesia is a big chance for doing business. But without a website, it means that you have wasted a lot of potential customers around Indonesia or even globally.

Bali web agency and travel businesses is a perfect match

Internet usage as well as the users are getting higher every years. Later, it creates a chance for ever businessman in the world. It also have provided many of the “blue ocean” markets where there are still not many people are competing. So that, you can be the authority in your industry in almost no time.

Bali as part of the world’s top tourist destinations is visited by various people from various countries. They were coming to travel for several days, weeks and even months. Among them, there are some travelers that decided to work in Bali. Traveling and working in here somehow is hard to separate. You can still have fun without worry to lose more of your money. There are many ways to get the Dollars back.

In fact, it is no secret that many citizens of other countries then have successful businesses in Bali. Most are engaged in industries that support the world of local tourism such as building hotels and villas, restaurants, cafes and bars, nightclubs, so as to build or support the new destinations that has not existed before either natural or the artificial tourism.

The above facts are involved many of the people (local, domestic and foreign travelers), and that will be a great amount of markets that you can target. Your business has a chance to be seen and accessed by many of the people in Bali. The best way to reach them all is by build your own business website.

I know that you don’t have either the knowledge or the required skills and experiences to make the best website you have imagined. Therefore, you should use website services from agencies that have years of experience.

What make you will feel better is, the Bali web agency is easy to find and hire. Even there is an agency that has been served their clients from around the world. Not only for business owner in Bali, but literally asked them to build a website for the clients around the world.

If you are confusing about how to start asking about the website, you can simply tells the agency about the industry your business in. After that, you may be asked whether the site will be the online shop or e-commerce, company profile, for the organization in your company, a blog for your business, etc. You can also ask the agency first abut the type of website you’d like to make, but it should relevant to your goal and target you want to achieve.

Let’s say your main goal is selling more products as an reseller or dropshiper, then make an online shop sounds better to me. You can also build a blog for that where you can start sell the products while posting other related contents and referring them to your main landing page.

Most of the digital agency including where the Bali web agency is existing will not only build you a better website, but will also help you in preparing the initial contents. Either about the basic company information, or even can be a guide for visitors to find out more about the products you are offering them.

The website agency will also ask you about the website platform you will use. You can choose to build it with CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Wix, and of course the most popular one which is WordPress. If you have no idea about them all, I would like to suggest you for using WordPress. You should also being explained about it by the agency you are talking with since choosing the platform is also important.

Using an agency particularly the Bali web agency can be a priority for the business owners at the same location. It is because they will have more knowledge not only in building your site but also when preparing the contents that are relevant and unique.
Your business may also be given specific advice on how the digital marketing works since a digital agency usually has its own marketing team.

So, take advantages of the opportunities for increasing the value of your business and company with the Bali web agency that you trust. The sooner you make the decision, the easier it will be to analyze the progress of the decisions you have made.

Real Estate Business Risk Investors Might Face

Real Estate Business Risk Investors Might Face

Running a business is challenging but also promising. The promise of profit is what makes people feel so giddy about it. However, risks are part of it that cannot be avoided. If you are running a property business, you might as well need to know about real estate business risk. Real estate business keeps growing every year and makes people put more hopes about the prospect of gaining more profit. However, running a business without talking about the risks is impossible. In every step we take, we know that there is always a risk or two no matter how certain we are with the step we take. In real estate business though, the risks are visible but also preventable.


Real estate business risks you are supposed to know


The risk of being failed in maintaining real estate business is always there. Most investors should know that fails property business is such a disaster especially when it comes to commercial property. The money you put in is not one or two dollar. There are many things you will lose if you fail running the business properly. Thus, it’s better to be prepared with the risks so you can come up with better plan to build your real estate business. Here are some risks you need to prevent:


  • Credit is the risk you need to tackle when it comes to property business. You need to be aware of tighter credit because it influences commercial vacancy rates as well. It means that you need to get rid off of this threat to avoid downfall when the economic downturns happening. Planning your financial from the beginning can help prevent you from this credit crunch.
  • Next real estate business risk is changing demographic. This risk comes from the fact that population is aging and urbanizing. It affects the dynamic as well as the market works. This risk leads to ne changes in market behavior and demand. This risk is quite hard to handle because dynamic change is unavoidable. The solution to catch up is to be flexible and avoid being static.
  • Market fluctuation and global economic are also risk you are supposed to know. Real estate industry has long become global industry. It means that the risk of global market fluctuation is there. You need to be aware to keep monitoring capital flows as well as the growth of business expansion. Those will help you to know exactly where you stand and what you need to do to fit in the global market and avoid extreme fluctuation.
  • Sustainability also comes as one of the risk in real estate industry. You must be aware of the green movement which demands for more sustainable operation in building real estate. Operating real estate business in sustainable ways to support green movement is of course for good. However, this real estate business risk also demands you to think harder about how to it properly so you still get profit and keep the world green at the same time.


Five Quiet Beaches Around Komodo Island

Komodo Island and its surrounding is just magical. Separated by the Flores Sea from the main island Flores, this small island is the last sanctuary of the dragons. Komodo and Rinca are the only place in this world where Komodo dragons roam free in the world. Yet, the islands is not just about the dragons. Series of remote islands in Komodo National Park are few of the best-kept hidden gems of Indonesia. Plenty of sugary beaches line up the coastal border, most of them are left pristine and untouched.

Five Quiet Beaches Around Komodo Island

If Bali’s beaches start to feel too crowded for you, it’s time to fly to Komodo. Here are five gorgeous beaches in Komodo Island that live up as the epitome of Neverland.

1. Pink Beach of Komodo Island

Who can resist the temptation of Pink Beach? Rare and beautiful, Pink beach is one of the best place to visit during a travel to Komodo Island. The one in Padar is the most famous one, but luckily we have quite a few blushing shore around. Thanks to the presence of red coloured corals along the National Park. When it breaks off, it get swept to nearby shores, resulting in some rosy-tinted beaches in the area.

2. Pink Beach of Mawan Island

If the Pink Beach in Komodo and Padar doesn’t really meet your expectation, head to Mawan. This small island is just a stone throw from Komodo Island. The pink sands here are truly vibrant with the best hue! At the other side of the island, you can find sugary white beach that blends seamlessly with turquoise water. Mawan is alive with small fishing villages. It means you can find humble shelter and a pitcher of fresh coconut in the island.

3. Pretty in White in Seraya Island

The Seraya Kecil, which famously known as just Seraya island, have one of the most serene beach around Komodo Island. The charming small island calls independent travelers to marvel along its empty shore. Under the sun, the white beach is gleaming, line in contrast with the tranquil ocean. The calm water, rich marine life under the waves, and high visibility make it perfect for snorkelling too. Bring your beer from the boat. It’s time to chill in resort of nature.

4. Kanawa

Crazy. Blue. Water. That’s what you’ll find in Kanawa’s beaches. The beaches are, needless to say, white and pristine. But the water will left you in awe. The turquoise water is high in visibility, showing house reef right beyond the offshore. Walking along the shore gonna give you plenty of delightful surprise. Almost anywhere along the beach, you will find sea stars, fragments of corals, and other sea critters chilling in the calm water.

Lies beyond the beach, Kanawa is full of healthy marine life. Even snorkelers can meet school pf fishes, see turtles, and reef sharks at any given day. Some dolphins often come to greet stunned travelers!

5. All You Have is Beach—Manta Point/ Makassar

Famous as a spot where manta rays regularly pass through, the Manta Point keep its own hidden beaches. Rise just next to Manta Point is Taka Makassar, a tiny island consist entirely of beach. A stunning, crescent-shape white sandbar sits in the middle of open blue sea. Taka Makassar is the dreamiest beach of all. Sunbathing in the soft sand is not only thing you can do in the sandbar. As the surrounding water is super calm and shallow, anybody can just float in the water! Hands down, the otherworldly Taka Makassar is definitely the best beach to visit around Komodo Island.

Things to Know About Interest Rates and Property Value

Interest rates and property value are two things which cannot be separated when it comes to property business. There are many aspects in property business you need to understand to the fullest. Each element in property business is connected to each other.

Interest rates and property value

Thus, there is no way you can miss one of the elements because it means you will miss important part you need to pay attention to.

Building your property business requires lots of efforts. That is why people often say that property investment is like a battlefield where you are forced to build your own strength if you want to gain steady business and promising profit.

Interest rates and property connection

Most investors especially the new ones are often intimidating by the flow of interest rates. The impact of interest rates influences the future flow cash. There is a moment when potential rising interest rates put investors on edge situation.

This is how affected property value by the rise of interest rates. The change in interest rates is not without reason there are many factors which can influence interest rates flow such as Federal Reserve, bond demand, inflation, and bond supply.

The impact of interest rates flow is direct to the property value. Therefore, lots of investors always pay their attention on the fluctuation.

When interest rate rises, the value of any future cash flow automatically decreases. As the result, the value of any asset also becomes lower including your property value. When interest rates get higher and higher, you and other investors automatically demand a higher return. As the result, property becomes less appealing regardless of the type.

To get to know interest rates and property value better, you should understand the factor why interest rate inflates first. It is a must if you want to take the right strategies to prevent your property value from decreasing.

Your future cash flow needs to be steady in order to maintain your property business. Of course, the inflation of interest rates is not the end of the world.

However, you will struggle more if you cannot find the right solution. Stabilized prices of property value are what investors want.

Aside from the impact of interest rate inflation to your property value, it can also be used as parameter when you decide to invest in property.

When the possibility of rising interest rate is more visible, you need to consider your investment properly. You need to keep in mind that interest rates affect capital flows.

The way it influences property value is quite complex because it is driven by many factors.

The best start to understand more about interest rates, capital flow, and financing rates, as well as how they affect property values, you need to learn more about income approach of real estate value.

The more you understand about that aspect, the more chance you get to build your business successfully regardless of the interest rate change. That’s what you need to know about interest rates and property value.

Lightweight Hiking Hammock is Make Sense to Bring

So, you do love hiking, don’t you? And if you are travelling so much and love doing some fun and adventurous activities, then you may have heard and also bought the lightweight hiking hammock before, right?

Hammock makes a lot of senses to me when bringing it on my next hiking schedule. But mostly, not only we could takes it to the mountain but also to bearly anywhere you want. Name the places or spots such as beach, hill, park, front yard, bedroom, anywhere.

Surely i can’t mention all of the points as above because that would really need a lot of times.

If you have been hiked a mountain before, you will know that most of the trails have an abundance of trees since the first time we are stepping our foot into the forest or after an hour of walking. The point is, big chance we will easily find the trees while hiking. And it sounds like a good news to me and maybe most of the hikers as well because my own lightweight hiking hammock can be very easy to setup.

Lightweight hiking hammock is make sense to bring

It is also helpful for us because we don’t have to bring the hammock’s stand that may add weights to our luggage. So that I usually considering that bringing the parachute hammock while camping is make senses although there few laws which prohibit hammocking.

Hiking a mountain is not only full of the freshness things or as if feeling that your body is experiencing something that feels healthier and a marvellous landscape view, but also comes with the dangerous you may face. I don’t want to make you afraid about hiking, but there’s no wrong in reminds you about anything that possible to happen.

You have known that in the jungle, you will meet various of animals. From the small and venomous of Goliath Bird Eater Tarantula Spider to the wild boar, coyote, and the big size of bears. They can coming at you while sleeping or chasing on you for some reasons, and hope you are ready for that, although i hope it will never happen to you.

Still, we are talking about the probability where it might happening. So that, if you are sleeping inside your lightweight hiking hammock, especially you have brought accessory like the mosquito net for covering you from the small animals or insects, then you can be safer than before. So that when you need to run faster, the hammock you have took can’t be burden you a lot of weights.

For one or some reasons, I know that hammock itself is not that perfect and none of the perfect products in the world made inside the manufacturer. Nope. So, it has also the disadvantage especially when comparing your hiking hammock with the tent or a tarp. One of the obvious problem with the hammock is its spacious although you can get the single, double size up to mammock size that enough for even more than 5 person. Still, its space can’t beat what the tent or tarp has.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to left your parachute hammock at your home and decided to bring the tent. It’s not the point. It is still make any senses where there are many of the benefits you can get from it such as its lightweight, save more space in your backpack, durable, portable and many more.

So put yourself together and using the lightweight hammock for your next hiking schedule although you have to sleep like a banana.